mexican sage


  1. okay, I saw that all over CA a few months ago and loved it. someone told me it was salvia, but the salvia in my garden shop looking nothing like that. good to know!

    yours is SO pretty and I’m glad you are home to enjoy it, too. hope you have a great weekend with the little one!

  2. happy friday to you too! love that bright purple color! hope you’re enjoying your little one! (and getting some sleep too!)

  3. ahhh, you are settling into mama life quite nicely. careful, it can get really comfy quick and you’ll never want to leave. that happened to me! enjoy those sweet moments with your baby!!


  5. So lovely, Erika! We had a sweet little garden at the previous house. The “new” house has nary a flower :[ I hope it isn’t too long before the DIY moves outdoors and I can get a few perennials in :)

    Thanks for sharing the pics!


  6. It must be so refreshing to have extended time home, away from work, as a new mommy! loving the blog updates!

  7. Oh gosh, if you ever get a chance (haha right? life just got a bit more busy) to post on the best way to take care of them please do. I tried and tried one year to baby one of these and it died but…oh how beautiful!

  8. E- GORGEOUS! so glad you are home and enjoying it! That is what you should be doing. xo

  9. Love it! enjoy your beautiful liitle baby:)

  10. I am so happy for you.

  11. Is it OK to tell you I was glad to see a new post but so disappointed to NOT see sweet Sloane…..:)
    Happy for you – that Sloane is so perfect, that you are so blessed, that you are enjoying being a new momma, and that we can still connect -even is it is miles away :)
    Happy Friday!!!

  12. Good times. I see the butterfly weed in the left picture…do you have any monarch catapillers on it, or eggs? Monarchs love that stuff, will eat it, leaving only the stalks. Someday soon you’ll be able to walk your baby girl through the garden and show her the life cycle of butterflies!

  13. looks beautiful

  14. We have a lot of russian sage in our yard. I love the look, smell and color….don’t love the bees.

  15. I love you. but you cannot be serious that you posted a picture of your sage and not of your sloane. i’m depressed now. i will only allow this one slip up. next time, i will come and take her (probably from darby) and kiss her and put you on bloggy friendship probation!

    love ya. hope you are resting when she is!

  16. o.k. we’ve given you your 9 months to gestate and we’ve given you your almost 3 weeks to adjust to a newborn—get it in gear. The blogosphere is longing for updates on a daily basis. We will be in your neck of the woods in a few weeks. We want to hire you in the next year—-please tell me you’rere not retiring. I strongly believe that a really good momma is a really good career woman–just MORE human. I have a delightful guest room with pak n play and unlimited babysitting. Hugs!

  17. So nice to meet you in person Erica. You have one gorgeous baby girl! Can’t wait to get home and work on some of her photos :)

  18. Woooo, I am loving the pop of colour. So pretty! Thanks for sharing. Hope your sweet family is feeling well.

  19. Hope this Monday is a good one! I want to mention a book that I thought you might enjoy! “Interior Desecrations: Hideous Homes from the Horrible ’70s” by James Lileks. You can look it up on Amazon. Funny Book! His website is, there is so much funny stuff there! Enjoy!

  20. She is just precious and you look ridiculously good for having just had her! Just searched your website and found what I’ve been searching for for a week! The walnut “little whales” wallpaper. Putting it in my daughter’s bathroom next week. Thanks!

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