Those lights I posted on yesterday.  Do you wonder how it all comes together? 

When the idea came about I did a quick sketch to see if the architect and homeowner thought it might look good too.  So I shot over a quick email… it said “what do you think about adding a collection of lights over the buffet?  Not sure what kind or exactly how many… but here’s the idea:”


They all agreed… so then we fine tuned.  I selected the CX Designs Cristallo lights, I thought that they were not only beautiful but their scale (in a collection) worked best for the space.  And then I did the best I could to draw them to scale in the elevation…  CX-designs-lighting-layout

Then we made it official…


Over the dining table nearby hangs the Cellula Chandelier and I really felt they all worked well together.  This is a more contemporary house and it has been fun working a tad outside my comfort zone.  cellula

So, back to the pendants.  Of course JTE needed to be updated so we sent him revised electrical plan (unlike this shown below his was dimensioned so he knew exactly how to space the lights):


And… one more shot of the finished product (thanks Christine!)

lights on ceiling copyc

And… someone requested a picture of my girl… she’s working with me today… since she has a social security number we’ve put her on payroll and now she is the Executive Lighting Selector in our office.  Can you tell?

bologna copy


  1. Erika – it is really terrific looking. Shows that there is way more to it than having a “good eye.” Though I feel Sloane is well on her way.

  2. Love those lights. It’s amazing how things like this come into place. I’m sure it’s tons of work, but the finished product is great. See you guys soon!

  3. She is gorgeous!

  4. i looked up those lights as soon as you posted them and then unfortunately saw the price tag soon thereafter. not that i realistically thought those beauties could ever be in my budget but a girl can dream right.

    very neat to se the inside world of design! thanks for sharing with us. oh oh and little sloane too!

  5. The fixtures are gorgeous! It’s interesting to learn about the technical design process. Your lighting selector has definite style!!

  6. looks fabulous! great job and beautiful baby!

  7. Oh my gosh gorgeous! My next house will NOT be 200 years old so that I can have fantastic contemporary lighting like THAT!

  8. beautiful! kind of like Christmas ornaments to enjoy all year. and that Sloane — what a little honey!

  9. ahhh, there’s that cutie! i bet she’ll be a future designer like her momma too:)

  10. I really love those lights! Its gorgeous! I want that please!

    And thanks so much for sharing baby sloane with us. She is such a pretty little baby! (And have I mentioned how much I adore that name? Cause I do!)

  11. I know the lights are supposed to be the star, but I just can’t take my eyes off of Sloaney! What a doll she is! Merry Christmas to all of you.

  12. Hey friend!! I LOVE the lights! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I know the entire house is! Sloane is a little honey!! Her Christmas card was fantastic! You are oh so talented friend!! I hope y’all have a great weekend!!

  13. so cool to see it all, how you draw out your designs.
    again, I love the lights.
    Your little lady looks like she’s having a blast with lights too.
    have a great weekend.

  14. I love seeing how all this works— and I’m amazed at the “technical” side of your job. Is that all taught in a design program, or did you have to learn as you went?

  15. I think the lights are really cool. Good idea.

  16. So much more to it than picking out pretty pillows, huh?! I work for a developer who builds high end loft apartments and I get to coordinate everything between construction and our interior designer……….I love everything about it (except the fact that without fail, construction always seems to be working on the previous set of plans!).

    I get so frustrated when people think Interior Designers just pick out pretty things! In my opinion, you are more or less architects with great style and forethought! It amazes me all that our ID can do!!!

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your drawings and the process you go through for a design idea like those lights. They are gorgeous! I love seeing how other designers do things behind the scenes!

    Your daughter is beautiful as well!

  18. She’s precious! Love the hanging toys on the light :)

  19. Ok…You officially have THE best looking lighting director this side of….well Mars!

    I’m still so gaga over those lights! Would love to see the whole space!

  20. I’m so glad you posted this. Because as soon as I saw the beautiful picture you posted yesterday I immediately thought of all the tiny steps it took to get to that point. I thought- “if ONLY people knew how long that probably took her to figure out.” It’s not just picking lights and hiring an electrician- it’s SO much more. So, GOOD JOB! for the end product and for all of the little steps in between!
    And your baby is adorable!!

  21. Hi Erika, I’ve never left a comment on any blog and whilst I read a lot of blogs, yours is the one that I always check in on. I have so much respect for your talent and work ethic especially after reading your post about working for free. (How I hear you!) I’m currently studying Interior Design (been a kitchen and bathroom designer for years and years) and I’m at the stage where I need to buy a CAD program. Drawing plans and perspectives by hand when you’ve got two small children is eating into my time with them far too much! Do you have any tips?
    You really seem to be doing really well working and being a new Mum. I know how you feel – I ended up starting a massive project when my daughter was only 4 weeks old. It wasn’t planned at all and so she came with me for the most part and I worked whilst she slept at night. It was tough though. Congratulations too – Sloane is gorgeous!
    Take care, Kim

  22. Its wonderful to read about your design and thought process. Thanks for the insight! Can I ask when you positioned the lights did you specifically consider how the light patterns would play on the ceiling? Since you staggered the lights, the effect is wonderful, you get to appreciate each pattern individually. I wouldn’t have thought about that so your post is a great reminder to me to think about the reflection of the shade when picking out and placing a light fixture!

    Looks like Sloane has inherited her mother’s eye. She did a great job picking out these lights!

  23. love the photo looking up at the ceiling. fab lighting.


  24. What a neat, insightful post, thanks! And what a beautiful baby!

  25. I rarely (ok, never) use the word “covet”….however, I think it applies in this case. sigh.

  26. The lights are probably my favorite thing you have ever posted….except for that precious baby girl! You are blessed!

  27. Love you, those lights, and your work!!!

  28. Oh…. and of course the baby too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Love the lighting and so appreciate all the work behind the scenes. “Never let ‘em see you sweat” is my motto. I think Sloane is well on her way to becoming Employee of the Month.

  30. erika, the pendants are beautiful! i love how they reflect off of the ceiling!

  31. I’m really digging the lights, but what really caught my eye was your new employee. She is a cutie and growing!! Happy Holidays my friend! xo

  32. hey erika. just wanted to let you know that i linked you and your sister’s blogs in the little mention i made of you on my blog today. i had meant to do it earlier but ran out of time.
    the nutcracker was awesome!!! can’t wait for you to take sloane one day soon. i cried. can u believe it???
    anyway..i will def post pics of my pom poms for all to see!!

  33. Fabulous light idea!! It looks so great!! Your newest employee is the cutiest ever!

  34. Hello – That lighting is the coolest thing I have seen in a while! I love it! Also, I have loved the Cellula light forever, but as a college student couldn’t afford it… until I found out that Z Gallerie has a pretty good knock-off. Yippee! So, for those who have DWR taste on a college student budget, I would definitely check it out!

  35. I thought the pendants had melted my heart…until I saw the pic of Sloane – such a cutie patootie! ;)

  36. I LOVE the look, but I have always hated the “glare” of “bare” light bulbs. Is there any type of bulb you would recommend that would address this problem, you know besides using a dimmer???

  37. Gorgeous lights. They are such a visual statement all grouped together like that. Love it!

  38. I like seeing your design process like this…thank you for sharing that. The final result looks beautiful, too. It’s funny because Sloane and Devon are so close in age and they really do resemble one another, too. Devon’s title is Assistant Stylist at Feather Report, btw. She’s getting quite good at piecing together outfits ;)

  39. Our Little Morgan has that same toy! (I think its supposed to make noise, but ours doesnt.) Merry Christmas, from a blog friend,

  40. Your work is so beautiful and is such and inspiration to me. Thanks for showing your technical drawings as well. I love to look at other designer’s planning stages and compare them to how I do my own. So many people don’t understand all that goes into the design process! There is definitely a lot more to it than just having a good eye!
    and…Sloan is gorgeous!

  41. I love seeing how a real legit beautiful design brain works. While I have the passion, I def do not have yo skeeeeels, love it!

  42. oh how fun to see a tiny bit of the process. I adore it and think you are so talented. And your daughter is, of course, precious!

  43. What a little bundle of love & joy! Happy Holidays!

  44. You are oh so talented! Love the lights! Think your newest employee is beautiful!

  45. Loved seeing your drawings and the process that goes along with the final beautiful result! Also, I hope Sloane will get a bonus for Christmas, she looks like she’s working pretty hard! (:

  46. amazing…. I love how it ‘dances’ on the ceiling!

  47. Shelly Windham says:

    Erika – I just had a few of the Cristallo pendants installed down a hallway at a client’s new home. As you know, they’re are beautiful! I love how they throw light all over the walls and ceilings. Sloane is quite a beauty, by the way. :)

  48. You are so amazing! I love reading your blog. Your new Lighting selector is a doll baby!

  49. My mouth dropped when I saw the lights. I love how creative that lighting is!

    Sloane is so precious! Girls are so much fun aren’t they?!

  50. How cool to see a behind the scenes look! And that girl of yours is precious!

  51. thanks for this post! so much goes into each detail and it was cool to see all the steps you took…just saw the christmas card pics too- very very cute!

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