the birth story

Hello faithful blog readers.  I’ve been a tad preoccupied these past few days… when I’m not snorgling the precious face of my baby, my very productive milk glands are running my life.  I’ve already been fighting mastitis which brings fever and flu like symptoms… and trying to figure this new mommy thing out while feeling rough is, well… rough.  Each day gets easier and each day I fall further in love with my precious little girl.  I didn’t know I could love someone so much.  

Before I forget the events of Sloane’s Birth Day I must get them in writing.  I contemplated not sharing these details, as they are precious to me and Chance and are a part of our private life that we could easily keep to ourselves.  However, you have been so supportive and blogging is a part of my life too… so I have decided to share. 

First, I need to thank you… I was blessed when I finally found time to read the comments on the posts that Marla put up while I was in the hospital.   The labor and delivery went so smoothly because I was covered in prayer.  I was nervous about labor and delivery… but when I got to the hospital a peace came over me that only could have been from above.  I’ve spent ten months praying for the day that my daughter would arrive, and the Lord answered my prayers… I am so very thankful.

last Tuesday {09-08-09} – day before the Birth Day

I worked all morning.  In fact, worked the entire 9 months + 3.5 weeks of this pregnancy… perhaps it made time go quicker?  So, I went to work Tuesday morning - I worked my fanny off up until the last email was sent and I got in the car and went to my doctor’s appointment.  At my doctor’s appointment I was given the option: keep the induction that is scheduled for the following day (ie- check into the hospital that afteroon (in about an hour and a half)) or wait it out and go into labor on my own.  No pressure. 

My mom and sister both had successful inductions… I was 39.5 weeks pregnant, a tiny bit dilated, and 60% effaced.

Mom and Daddy Boy were both in town (expecting to meet their 4th grandchild) and so after my appointment Chance and I went to Panera to meet them for lunch.  I had one hour to decide whether to keep the induction and call my doctor.  I was mentally ready.  My cervix wasn’t cooperating but I knew that the good Lord would protect me and I didn’t want to wait.   

There was no time to waste.  I called the doctor and told her we would be at the hospital in an  hour and a half.   My bag was packed but Chance’s was not.  While he packed I laid on our bed with the terrihuahuas (usually not allowed)… they played while I pondered how drastically my life was about to change.  Chance took some pictures…


nellandpais in bed

After we put our bags in the car Dad took some of us in front of our house. 


We kissed the dogs and were gone.  We pulled up to the hospital and unloaded our bags.  The hospital is new and it is great!!  Here it is.. Family Birth Center is on the far left side in the photo below.


We got to our room Labor Delivery Room #2…


The dress was Darby’s (a hand-me-down that I have just about worn out)… Darby also wore it the day she went to the hospital to have John Martin… if you wanna compare our bellies.

Within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital we had signed some paperwork the IV was in and I was in a gown in the bed…

from allyson

To further dilate my cervix they gave me Cervadil… and then it was a waiting game.  Some friends came to visit and from my bed I took their picture.

tues night visitors

Chance’s bed was made up and we watched Flipping Out on Bravo (see it above on top right corner of screen on the tv)… thanks to Ambien I fell off into la-la land.

last Wednesday {09-09-09} – the Birth Day – coolest birth date ever (I’ll admit it was a little bit of the deciding factor in going through with the induction)

I took a journal to the hospital with intentions of documenting the day.  When the contractions kicked in the journal was the last thing on my mind.  Chance handed it to me in the middle of a contraction and I almost used it as a weapon.  Before leaving the hospital I asked Lisa (my wonderful nurse) to jot down the specifics of the birth day from my chart… I’m so glad I did… here it is.

5:30am – Rise and shine.  Nurse checked my cervix- 1 cm.  I cried because obviously the Cervadil did not work, well it softened my cervix and I was more effaced but not dilated much.

6:50am – Dr.Graham (my doctor who I really, really like) comes by to check on me and decides to try another medication to kick start labor… and let me tell you- it worked.

8:30am – I’m antsy to get out of the bed and walk.  Contractions kick in.  Chance and I make 3 or 4 laps around the labor and delivery floor.  I have to stop and breathe through contractions. 

8:58am – We got back to our room.  Contractions are getting intense.  Nurse Lisa (who is wonderful and delivered her baby in this same room 5 months prior) suggests getting in the tub… sounds good.  Want to see more of the Family Birth Place wing of the hospital: here ya go.  The tub felt great, the contractions did not.  Here’s the tub I labored in for an hour and a half…


9:30am – In-Laws arrive at hospital.  Chance visits with them.  They are the only family who saw me prior to the epidural… labor kicked in fast and I was in no state to make phone calls to tell my family to come to the hospital.  Chance and his parents chatted in our room while I screamed in the tub and tried to breathe through contractions.  Marlaoffered to document the birth.  This would have been a great time to tell her it was time for her to come to the hospital.  She called while I was in the tub and I told Chance to hang up, I needed him, to call her back.  We forgot to call her back.  I hate this.  By the time she arrived to document the birth I was already epiduraled up.  Sorry Marla!  She still caught the important action, not to worry.

10:00am - Out of tub, back in the bed.  Totally miserable. 

10:13am – 1.5 cm dilated.  Crying.

10:28am – Nubain thru IV for pain.  Helped minimally.

10:45am – Chance decides it’s a good idea to get out the new camcorder we bought the night before.  He video tapes a contraction…  I politely ask him to stop.

11:00am – 4cm.  Dr. Graham arrives, she is so wonderful and patient.  I know she has an office full of patients, yet she spends over an hour with me while I am in intense labor.  She suggests I sit on the ball (you know those yoga balls)… she rubs my back and tells me to breathe and all that good stuff.  She wants to break my water, but the Nurse Anesthetist is on his way…  I ask if she can wait to break my water after epidural.  She agrees.  Shaking uncontrollably, Doctor says it’s okay, just a sign of labor.  Teeth chattering.  Hoping I don’t chip a tooth.

11:40am – Nurse Anesthetist Ruben (my new best friend) comes to give epidural.  I sit on edge of bed… Dr. Graham holds me.  I have 3 intense contractions while the epidural is being administered.  Once it is in… relief within three minutes.  Hats off to everyone who has ever given birth without an epidural. 

12:13pm – water broken

12:47pm – 6.5cm dilated.  Shaking uncontrollably, now worse because of epidural I guess? 

1:00pm – Zofran for nausea (I don’t really remember this).   No need for pitocin, this baby is on her way and faster than I anticipated!


1:20pm – Marla arrives at hospital.  From here on out all the black and white pictures were taken by her.  She is an amazing friend and what a blessing that she was willing to do this for me.  Marla, I owe you BIG time! 

My family also arrived at some point around this time.




I packed lots of candy and snacks for family and friends.  Morgan and Paige were loving it!!


Paige told my mom last week that she wanted my baby.  She wants to be a mommy when she grows up.  She was so excited about the birth day. 


This is the point in the process where Chance thought it would be appropriate to show everyone the video footage of a pre-epidural contraction…


Lisa needed to take my temperature, but I was putting on my makeup…





These special labor and delivery beds make amazing transformations… they even come with a makeup bag shelf!



I think those contractions would classify as ‘off the chart’…


Doctor arrives!  We love her!!!


2:11pm – 8 cm dilated!


Paige telling Doctor she wants to be a Mommy one day!


When Darby and  I were born Daddy Boy stole the metz scissors that he cut our umbilical cords with… he is so proud of them.  He used them in the rehearsal dinner toasts at both our weddings, and then they were used to cut Morgan, Paige, and John Martin’s umbilical cords… and of course they were sterilized and on hand for Chance to use to cut Sloane’s umbilical cord.



Not sure what Mom was telling us in this photo… but probably something about how she delivered us without an epidural…


When I packed my hospital bag I made sure to bring some baby pictures of me and Chance.  Here’s one of me and Darby…


Chance and his parents… Beba (whose maiden name is Sloane’s middle name) & Papa!





3:39pm – 9.5cm dilated.



4:24pm – 10cm dilated!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The umbilical cord cutters… again…


4:31pm – Chance, Darby, Marla, Lisa (nurse), Teressa (nurse), and Doctor Graham are all ready for the action… PUSHING BEGINS. 

Marla and Darby fed me ice chips and Chance just kept telling me I was doing a great job.  I have to jump ahead for a second.  My husband has been very supportive throughout this whole pregnancy.  When the doctor would tell me to “push, push, push”, “hold your breath and push”, “chin down”, “focus”, and “get mad, push hard”, all that  good stuff… well, apparently Chance was pushing too.  Bless his heart he got a bloody nose from holding his breath and pushing.  I’m just glad he wasn’t pushing in his bottom, we might have a weird situation.  He also had a moment where he put on the oxygen mask, glad Marla caught it on camera…IMG_5427

I think it’d be safe to say he was more nervous than I was!




Darby was really excited… we were getting close to meeting Sloane at this point…


At this point I think I was telling myself “people do this everyday” and ”I can do this”…IMG_5450

5:30pm – DELIVERY!



Chance cut the cord with DaddyBoy’s stolen Metz Scissors…







 The rest of our stay in the hospital was sweet, precious time.  Sloane slept in one of those rolly carts, it stayed parked beside my bed… thankful it had lucite (clear) side walls, because this was the view from my bed (I took this picture below)…

view from my bedWe snuggled our baby and stared at her with awe and gratitude.  We prayed for her and thanked the good Lord for her.


Our friends and family visited.  Our wonderful nurses took care of us and our baby. 



Sloane, your Mommasissy (Darby) couldn’t wait to get her lips on your precious face… glad Marla captured a moment so sweet.


We checked out 48 hours after delivery and have been at home savoring every sweet second of this new season of our lives.  Sloane is a very good baby and we are so grateful.  The terrihuahuas are adjusting well!  My precious Mom has been helping us and we are so appreciative… we have laughed a lot and been enjoying our time together.  Friends have been showering us with meals (and sweet treats) and that has also been such a blessing. 

When we were in the hospital my mom gave me a note with scripture verses to encourage me, one of which was: Philipans 4:19- And my God will meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.  Our needs in this season of life have been met and for that we are eternally grateful.  Praise the Lord!   

Thank you for all your love and support! 


[please don't use my personal photos without permission, thanks!]


  1. What a beautiful and precious keepsake….thanks for allowing us to share in it! Very wise to write it all out now…the days and years pass quickly by. May the Lord bless you and keep you and shower you with many blessings. Congratulations!

  2. i love how you have this day documented with details like the clock……you did an amazing job. congratulations. your baby is precious!

  3. Erika – I could not even finish reading your post I am CRYING so hard….so precious and sweet. I feel blessed that you chose to share such an intimate moment with us!! Marla and Darby (and you) are so talented and those photographs are priceless!!
    Sloane is precious….praise God….from Whom all blessings flow.
    Much love

  4. Hi Erika, I have been a follower for a little while now, but haven’t commented until now. I write this with tears streaming down my face! I always get mushy when babies are born! I have 3 precious little ones of my own (ages 4, 3 and 1) and I can relate to how wonderful the birth of an amazing new little life is. Congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful new little girl. She is absolutely gorgeous. I am sure that you are just loving being able to shower her with all of the love you have in your heart. And how incredible that you got it all captured by the amazing Marla…the pics are to die for! Absolutely fantastic. You’re so blessed! Best wishes! :)

  5. Hey girl,
    I am a friend of Darby’s. My little girl, Isabella was also born on 09-09-09 (induction as well.) I LOVE the date! She was born at 6:30 (just an hour later.)
    Congrats, I am sure you are loving her!

  6. yes there is a fine line between “to post or not to post” but i sure am glad you did. :) and the pic that brought tears to my eyes? the one where darby is rubbing your feet! sloane is perfect and you will be SO thankful you wrote it all down. God Bless you, chance, and your little miracle!

    ps. mastitis is the WORST…but i dont think i have to tell you that!

  7. I began tearing up in paragraph 1 and was in full cry mode by the end. Thank you for sharing your sweet birthing story. The pictures really make all the difference. So very many Congratulations to you and your family.

  8. E- You’ve got me in tears!!! I am so happy for you all and Sloane is beautiful. 10:45 made me laugh!!! sending big hugs to you. xoox

  9. So precious! I also have a sister named Morgan. So weird and funny that you have a Paige and Morgan in your family as well.

    Sloane is beautiful! What precious memories you have of that special birthday!

  10. Oh wow…tears here, too! Thank you so much for sharing these precious moments with us. It is a privilege to pray for your sweet family.

  11. How lovely of you to share the beautiful story of your daughter’s birthday. You and your family are so very blessed! Congratulations on becoming parents and may the Lord continue to bless you richly!

  12. Lovely lovely pictures and story. So glad Sloane is a healthy baby and beautiful at that too.

  13. Thanks for sharing everything with us – you have some amazing, amazing pics (I want Marla at my next delivery!). So glad L&D was so smooth; thank God for epidurals! Sloane is a beauty – hope you’re getting some rest!


  14. what a beautiful, beautiful birth story. You will be so grateful that you have this. the photographs, you and your baby girl are all stunning. congratulations!

  15. What an amazing and perfectly designed baby!

  16. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us. Your sweet daughter is so precious! I love all her hair! I’m pregnant now with our third child and seeing your pictures and reading your birth story makes me soooo excited to have my own newborn again. It is a sweet, sweet time. Enjoy it because it goes by so fast!

    If you’re curious, I found your blog through your sister’s blog (which I can’t even remember now how I found hers!!) and have been reading both of your blogs for months now. I love both of your blogs and I’ve missed reading yours over this last week or so. I’m glad you all are doing well and adjusting to a family of three.

  17. This post was just beautiful and I’m sure Sloane will treasure it one day. How neat for her to be able to look back at her birthday. I adored all of the pictures that went with it too…Thanks so much for sharing.
    PS My mother had my sister and I without and epidural and it just amazes me. I thought it was just the most wonderful thing in the whole world. With my first, I thought-I’ll see how far I can get (not very far), and then with my second, as soon as my IV was hooked up, I told the nurse I was ready for the epidural at any time (my water had broken and I hadn’t even had a contraction yet)
    Hope you are getting enough sleep and enjoying this time with your new daughter!

  18. Erika – Congratulations!! Sloane is such a blessing and so incredibly beautiful. I love your blog and I’m so glad you decided to share. The bond you have with your sister is amazing and Sloane is so lucky to have such great women to look up to. I wish you and Chance nothing but happiness and blissful moments with your new best friend.

  19. Hannah Jackson says:

    God bless you all! Thank you for sharing your birth story with your readers- we really appreciate it! Isn’t motherhood such an amazing gift? I’m so happy for you and your family!

  20. I think it is great that you documented this day for Sloane to see in the future! It looks like everything went perfectly. Congratulations! Also, as someone without kids, but very close to being ready for them~this really makes me think I can do this too! Enjoy your time as a new mom!!

  21. thank you so much for sharing such a special moment in your life. i felt goosebumps reading your birth story, and started getting flashbacks of my own. and wow…the scissors!!!!! my oh my is that so awesome! sloane is one lucky girl!!!! and of course, you and chance are truly blessed. hope you are getting some rest! xo grace

  22. My husband worked in santa rosa beach for a short time and we had to turn right next to the hospital to go to their rental house! How neat! Sloane is precious and I love the head full of hair!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story with us, including all of these absolutely amazing photographs. Congratulations! I couldn’t be any happier for you! Sloane is such a beautiful baby!

  24. Megan Shropshire says:

    What an incredible tribute to a day that changed your lives forever…thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! Those pictures are amazing! Congratulations, Erika! I hope you are all well!

  25. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures and all of the details that come with them! I got chills once you finally arrived at delivery. You worked so hard to get there!

    FYI – My daughter weighted the exact same amount as sweet Sloane. :)

  26. What sweet photos…congrats! It cracks me up that Chance gave himself a bloody nose…he must’ve really gotten into it. My husband and I really need to make a photographer friend before we start having babies :)

  27. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blessing!! I laughed out loud about Chance’s bloody nose…then my husband wanted to know what was funny and he laughed out loud too. You guys are truly blessed!! When we have a baby, I hope our birth story goes as smoothly as yours did!

  28. I have been anticipating this post for days. I am so excited for you and your family. God has blessed you with such a precious and beautiful new life. Your documentation is absolutley breathtaking. There is nothing like witnessing the miracle of bringing a life into this world. It will never get old to me. Congradulations and thanks for letting us share in this most precious time of your life!

  29. Just Beautiful! You brought tears to my eyes… I’m so happy for you and Chance.

    By the way, I am one of your silent readers… Love love your and your sister’s blogs.

  30. Erika, I stalk your blog via your sister’s blog…which I also enjoy stalking. I love hearing a birth story…thank you so much for sharing yours. I got teary reading and seeing all the sweet details. Good luck!

  31. Ack – I’m crying! I always cry when I read or hear birth stories – they are just so miraculous. Thank you for sharing Sloane’s precious story… The pictures are incredible! What a beautiful way to always remember the details of her special day. :)

  32. Thank you for sharing these precious memories with us. Although we’ve never met “officially”, I find myself tearing up at your miracle. There are no better memories or happier moments than when you get to finally meet that perfect soul that was growing inside of you. Enjoy this time! Much love, Sarah

  33. Oh, Erika thanks for sharing your story….precious pictures!! I couldn’t help but to have some tears! Your story is told so well and exactly how and what feelings are being felt! Hope you are adjusting well! Best wishes! ashley watterson lynch

  34. That’s the most precious post :) DaddyBoy had me crying by the front porch picture! I’m so glad things are going well. You cracked me up with the makeup pics and I love that you had baby pictures with you! {I’ll have to remember that!} Can’t wait to see y’all~ xoxo

  35. Oh what a beautiful story. It brought a few tears. Thanks so much for sharing this precious moment.

  36. Thank you for sharing. There is nothing more special than hearing about a wonderful new child being brought into this world.

  37. Thank you so much for sharing! This beautiful baby story brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on your lovely baby girl!

  38. It all moves me to tears! You are so BLESSED, to have such a wonderful family and support system. It is so awesome to see! Thanks so much for posting. =)

  39. those are fabulous pictures.

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It gives me goose bumps! She is adorable and you are indeed blessed.

  41. I had a baby boy on June 10th. I too got a serious case of mastitis – just keep going and it will get better. I really thought after 3 weeks of horrible pain I was going to throw in the towel. The antibiotics weren’t helping much for some reason, but finally it passed and I’m glad I was able to bear with it.

    Love all the pictures you have to document the birth. And trust me it is true what they say, your baby will be big before you know it!!

  42. add me to the list of snifflers who got teary at this post…And the list of those who compulsively checked for updates. Thank you for such a bright and uplifting story. Blessings to you all.

  43. erika, what a precious, precious post. thank you for sharing with such depth!!

    i laughed out loud when i read about chance’s bloody nose…my father in law came home from the hospital with hemorrhoids after matt’s sister was born. :)

    praise the Lord for little sloane and a healthy mama, too!

  44. Been stalking for awhile … loved, loved, loved Sloane’s birth story. Is it crazy that I am in tears right now? In a few years she will ask you REPEATEDLY to share her birth story with her … my girl knew it better than I did! She is 13 now and it is still one of the greatest days of my life … totally etched in my memory forever. Praying for you and your sweet girl … and knowing that God has a great and mighty plan for her life. Enjoy these days … they are exhausting, but, oh, so sweet!

  45. What a beautiful story!! I have never heard anyone describe the Birth Day of their children. Thank you for sharing these special moments. You have definitely got me baby crazy. I want to have one right now!!! :) Enjoy your time with Sloan.

  46. I’m so touched you shared your precious story with us – I’ve got a lump in my throat as I type this – probably hormones on my part ;)
    I can’t get over how unbelievably calm and beautiful you look – you made it look easy!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  47. What an amazing post! Congratulations. Your baby is precious. I wish you and your family all the best.

  48. What a beautiful memoir of your precious gift from above. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us! I loved hearing about your day and also relived mine:) Sloane is a gorgeous baby and is so very blessed to have been born into a family with faith. God bless you! Looking forward to watching Sloane grow!

  49. Erika, thank you so much for sharing with your blog family. As I write this there are tears of happiness in my eyes, and I know that many of your faithful readers feel the same. I am so happy for you and your family.

  50. Absolutely beautiful. Frequent reader, first time commenter (I think)!

    Love the story and photos! My mom delivered me without an epidural and loves to share that with everyone in the room usually right before I get mine! I’m about to deliver baby #4 and each experience is as precious and perfect as the first! There is nothing like seeing your baby for the first time and watching your darling husband melt before your very eyes! I’ve literally watched him fall in love each time. I look forward to watching it again, because it makes me fall in love with him even more!

    You have one adorable family! And I wish you all the best! Sloane is beautiful and perfect in every way!


  51. SPEECHLESS!!! Love you! xxxx

  52. thanks so much for sharing that wonderful story — i started tearing up there towards the end. it’s just such an amazing thing, having a baby! we’re thinking about you guys…

  53. ya’ll are the cutest..that made me cry for joy and i don’t even know you!
    congrats on your adorable blessing!

  54. I am BAWLING! This was SO wonderful… what an awesome thing for you to share such a private moment! I can understand your fullness and joy… and remember this joy only multiplies!!! Congratulations- so fun sharing with you! Love your mother’s special message to you too!
    xxooo + blessings!

  55. Hi Erica -
    I have been following your blog for some time and I love it! I am so happy for you. Reading about your birth experience made me think of mine and it was the best day of my life. You are going to love being a mommy. Congratulations, she is beautiful.

  56. absolutely beautiful! I am in tears. Thank you for sharing such a personal and amazing time for you and your family. Just perfect! Bless you and your new adorable addition!

  57. What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing. I was all choked up at the end. It’s so wonderful that your family could be there to welcome Sloane, too!

  58. How absolutely perfect is this account? Thank you so much for deciding to share it! I loved every second of it! I adopted my daughter so as I sit here reading I find myself wishing I had had this and…..being grateful I didn’t! (3 contractions while a needle is shoved in your spine?…yeesh! I can’t even handle period cramps without a bath and 10 advil!) :-) Now if only my sissy (a life’s design) would hurry up and get preggers so I can be the mommasissy for her special day. If it’s even half as wonderful as your special moments, it’ll be a lifetime of memories! Congratulations to you and new daddy Chance and new auntie Darby! Many prayers for the sleepless nights to come….those I did have….LOL!

  59. Thank you so much for sharing your birth story. It brought back sweet memories and made me smile. The fact that your dad stole those scissors and they have been used to cut all of your cords, is one of the best family traditions every. Sloane is absolutely beautiful and that picture Darby took is priceless.

    I always tell my friends, that especially your first child, is very nerve wracking for your husband. He is so excited to see his child, but his wife is in pain and is working so hard. My husband kept dropping my leg during my contractions to touch my face. The fact that Chance needed your oxygen speaks volumes for him as a husband and a daddy. You are very blessed.

    Rest and enjoy your quiet time getting to know your new one.

  60. What a wonderful birth story! This caption made me laugh out loud: “Not sure what Mom was telling us in this photo… but probably something about how she delivered us without an epidural…”

    I found your blog through your sister’s and I have enjoyed following your pregnancy and the decorating of the nursery. I have a two year old little boy. This makes me want to have another baby real soon! Have fun with your sweet girl. She will grow up faster than you could ever imagine.

  61. erika, what a wonderful, wonderful story! congratulations. thank you for sharing such a personal day for you and your family. love how chance dons his baseball cap for delivery! pam

  62. A truly beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your life. God Bless you all.

  63. Tears of joy, Erika, tears of joy. Kudos to you for being able to put together such a well thought out post with negative sleep and a precious new babe. You’ve been on my mind and my heart so much and I’ve been praying for you. You all are so precious. I love the scripture your mom gave you. How very true and evident.
    BTW-George has a tele-interview with Pensacola firm Wed at 5:15!! Pray for us! Will keep you posted love.
    My biggest hug,

  64. She is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the sweet info of your day.

  65. Congratulations to you and Chance…what a beautiful family of 3 you have! I found your (and your sister’s)blog through a friend-of-a-friends and I so glad I did. Thank you for sharing such a special event with the internets…soooo beautiful and sweet. Wishing you, Chance, and Sloane all the best!

  66. what a precious story! thank the Lord for His sweet provision!

  67. What a beautiful story to share! I know Darby through Justin (grew up with him), and love both of your blogs. No children yet for us, but your delivery photo (img_5457) is absolutely beautiful and full of emotion….Marla should win some sort of award for capturing such a perfect moment. It brought tears to my eyes! Also, thanks for the scripture you shared from your mom – it’s funny how sometimes you are meant to read something at certain moment, and mine is very different from yours – but it is what I needed to read! Congratulations and enjoy your sweet family.
    Laura Whatley Fragoso

  68. What a wonderful post! My son will be a year old on Saturday and this brought back the wonderful memories of my labor. No matter how much pain you are in, it’s such an amazing experience…..the best day of my life!
    Thank you for sharing.
    This makes me want to have another baby!!

  69. i am a lurker but decided to pop out of hiding to say congratulations. She is beauty-ful. Motherhood is amazing. Every emotion felt is magnified and your heart will ache with love you never knew before. Soak every moment up and breath it in.

  70. What an amazing story. I am glad you were surrounded by your loved ones and that Marla captured it all for you so beautifully. You were covered in prayer too.


  71. Erika, I think this might just be my first time commenting on your blog. I cried through this whole story-thank you so much for sharing the pictures and story with this pregnant girl who cannot wait to meet her own little one!! May God bless your precious baby girl and your whole family.

  72. THANK YOU so much for sharing your day. Ah! I’m in tears. It makes me so excited for the day that I can become a mother, even though I am quite a few years away. But I do love these stories… sometimes it seems like there is just bad news in the world and then you see this and you realize there is so much good, too. Really, thank you for sharing. It’s just beautiful.

    on a less sappy note – you look simply GORGEOUS in all those pictures! Seriously, wow.

  73. Thank you for sharing and well worth the wait – brilliant idea to have your birth documented, so much is forgotten so quickly – I was induced once (one natural labor and one c-section) but the ball was the best!!! She is a beautiful baby and I am so glad you are all doing well. I have also had mastitits and it is awful but nurse through it if you can, it will get easier and it a precious time that only you and Sloane can share, well, Chance too! And BTW, what you and Darby have is absolutely beautiful I am so envious, I have always wanted a sister! Blessings to you – too cool with scissors!!!

  74. Hello. I am speechless… I love it all. I love you, I love Chance, I love Sloane, I love Marla, I love Mom, I love DaddyBoy, I love my 3 scallywags… it’s just the most fun story I’ve ever read and it’s surreal to think I was actually there for all of it. Your comment about Mom was hilarious. Stinkin’ hilarious… and what is equally hilarious is the look on my face in that picture and the one Marla took of me while you were in active labor. Hilarious. Ok, kiss Sloaney Bologna for me. Glad your back to blogging. Step it up and don’t be such a strager around the blogosphere you’re acting like you’ve just had a baby or something! :) Love you!!! Love you Sloaney… love forever and ever, Amen. Momma Sissy II

  75. erika — what a sweet, sweet, sweet birth story. i am crying with joy and praise. you continue to be in my prayers. enjoy these precious moments … xoxo

  76. Thank you so much for sharing! That is so beautiful and you are so lucky to have such amazing documentation of that day. Asking the nurse to jot down the details is a fantastic idea (and one I may use someday when I become a mommy!). I think a new trend should be bringing in a professional photographer to document the day.

  77. LizStallworth says:

    Blog stalker here, crying and smiling at the same time! What an amazing story documented with pictures that are breathtaking! Congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful baby daughter!

  78. You have me in tears! CONGRATULATIONS! May the Lord bless you and keep you and shine down upon you as you learn to be parents. I just loved this birth story…ahhh!

  79. I’m coming out of “stalkerville” to let you know what an absolutley beautiful story that is. Thank you so much for sharing it with your faithful blog readers. Congratulations!

  80. I’m coming out of “stalkerville” to let you know what an absolutely beautiful story that is. Thank you so much for sharing it with your faithful blog readers. Congratulations!

  81. thank you for sharing, just wonderful!

  82. I’ve been waiting for this!! I’m getting ready to go in on Saturday for my own induction if my baby girl doesn’t arrive before then… I so enjoyed reading your birth story – I hope that’s not too odd. Those are some precious pictures and I wish Marla could come and document my own birth story! Hope you’re able to get some rest and that the breastfeeding gets easier….my first was unable to breastfeed and so I pumped for about a month and gave up – I know I’m not going to be able to breastfeed with this one because of medical reasons, but I’m determined to pump! It’s definitely not an easy thing but you can do it! and if it’s just not working out your sweet little girl will be just fine :)

  83. My daughter saw the photos of me holding up eight fingers (like your photo above) and proclaimed “That’s how many babies mommy wants!” She was way too young to explain the whole dilation thing at the time. Now, she’s 9 years old and still thinks that after having 4 kids, we still aren’t finished until we hit “8!”

  84. erika, your birth story is so beautiful to read and see! thank you so much for sharing it. i love the verse your mom gave you. Praise the Lord for Sloane and many blessings for your new family of 3 {+2}! we can’t wait to hear from you again!

  85. Thank you for sharing. It was absolutely beautiful just like you, your daughter and your family!!! All the best.

  86. Sloane is so beautiful! I’m so happy for you and Chance! Marla’s photos are breathtaking, they literally made me tear up! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  87. G Aunt Vicky says:

    Chance and Erika, thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Being so far away made me feel so close to you guys. Needless to say…our namesake is beautiful. I must say you were one of the prettiest mothers to be I have ever seen and what a handsome man by your side! I can’t wait to see you all in November. We love you…MUCH!

  88. Ashley Williams says:

    PRECIOUS! How neat to have all that documented! So glad y’all are doing so well! Allyson and I have talked about how you and Chance seemed like such naturals, and how we were both freaking out about a new baby. You seemed to have it all under control! Love you so much! I loved seeing you! I’d like to come kiss that sweet baby’s face soon! Love you, E!

  89. What a beautiful story and documentary. So happy for you that you are surrounded by such wonderful friends and family. It takes a village, they say, and your village looks to be an amzing crew. Congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed you taking us along for the ride.

  90. Erika, she is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful keepsake to have all this documented, and the photos are beautiful. I know you love her like crazy. Many blessings to your family and this new addition. :)

  91. Delurking…
    What a beautiful story. Congratulations to both of you. Sloane is a very lucky baby girl to have you for her mommy.

  92. I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I’ve been putzing around on the computer. I was so excited to see your post! The photos (and the baby, of course!!!) are gorgeous. A million congrats and praises for your sweet baby girl! :) I’ve already been getting the baby bug with some new births in our church this week – this post certainly adds to that :) What a tremendous blessing, Erika. Praise God.

    (who’s done that whole labor thing 4x and, although truly does want another baby, wishes the labor part could just sort of be skipped over… now you understand!)

  93. Erika, I somehow missed the post that you’d changed your blog address. I kept checking my google reader for an update – when I didn’t see one, I was so concerned that something might be wrong with the baby that I emailed your sister to find out if you were all okay! What a beautiful child, and a beautiful story. All the best to you guys. It sounds like you’re so happy!

  94. i meant to add this to my earlier comment, but your house is amazing! i’m dying to see more!!!!!!

  95. Such beautiful story…made me cry! Blessings on your family!
    Oh, beautiful baby girls, nothing like them!

  96. Congratulations again and thanks for sharing your story! She is beautiful!

  97. Mona Evanochko says:

    Such a beautiful birth story, a joy to read about and to see in the wonderful pictures, through your friend Marla (I joined she and Shane’s newsletter some time ago) and I have followed your blog (and Darby’s for some time now). I learned about your blogs through my daughters, Melise and Megan. Thank you for sharing your story with us, I to have a video of all 3 of my children being born, (Like your mother, I was one of those natural birth mom’s, I loved the picture of you girls with your mother. Thank you for taking your hat off to us, haha), I know you will love having documented this most special moment in your life, as a personal keepsake. Congratulations, much Love, and many blessings to you and your sweet family. PS…I am praying for you to get through the mastitis, it to will pass (talk to a lactation consultant), the nursing is something else that will bring you wonderful memories, and special moments.

  98. what a wonderful story! so sweet! I am so happy everything went so wonderfully – thank God for Epidurals – that what I say! Have a happy and healthy and full life with your baby – you’re in for the best days of your life.

  99. Erika,thank you so much for sharing this with us.So just brought back how amazing an experience birth actually is.You did great!She is so beautiful.Sending love and prayers.

  100. Erika- I am sitting here at work crying reading this beautiful story!! The pictures are amazing…. and priceless! Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy each and every moment with Sloane .. time will fly by and tehy grow up fast! Congrats!

  101. Erika
    So wonderful to see this precious baby! I love her head full of dark hair– Marla captured everything so wonderfully–Kuddos to you for nursing through mastitis- I had it with our third child and used to cry when I knew a feeding was coming up – it passes and I was so glad I stuck with it-

  102. What an amazing and beautiful story. I am 7 months pregnant and I found myself feeling all emotional whilst reading your wonderful story – I cannot wait to meet our little one too (we don’t even know girl or boy – we’ve crazily kept it a surprise!).

    I am so thrilled for you and Chance and I just know that your beautiful daughter, Sloane, will be blessed with all the love and happiness in the world.


  103. What a beautiful baby…..Such precious memories….. Savor every moment!!!
    Abundant blessings! Hugs~

    PS….Tell your sweet daddy that bringing his “famous” scissors along is priceless! I love that….what a memory!!!!!

  104. erika!!! the photos + the journal are so beautiful. thank you for sharing it, and best wishes to you + chance and baby sloane (plus the whole family. let’s face it sloane came into the world surrounded by a whole lot of love.)

  105. You are truly amazing and will be such a loving Mom. You and Chance are so lucky to first- have one another and second- to be so blessed with this perfect daughter. Your story is very personal~ Thank you for sharing something so special and intimate.
    I continue to keep your family in my prayers.

  106. wow! i am in awe of your post {really more in awe of the Lord through your post}… thank you for sharing b/c it was a blessing to read. congratulations! :)

  107. Thank you for sharing – I’ve been checking back since the day she was born. What a sweet story! Of course, I love the first few pictures of the doggies!

  108. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and special day. I think my favorite pictures are the ones immediately after Sloane was born. There is nothing like seeing your baby for the very first time, and nothing better than the joy that shines from a new mother’s face.

    Enjoy your sweet bundle and the even sweeter new family time.

  109. Okay, I’m crying at work. Co-workers think I’m weird, but I don’t care. Your story is glorious and I am so grateful that you shared it with us. She is beautiful and I’m so proud of you! See you soon! Love, 61

  110. wow! that picture where Sloane had JUST come out and you were reaching toward her in excitement was AWESOME! Marla did an amazing job and I am so excited for you and your family:)

  111. Thank you so much for sharing!! Birth stories are my favorite stories of all time :) i’m a bit addicted to having them myself! How lucky you are to have it so well documented (through photography). And what a blessing – best wishes to you both!

  112. Erika- Your life is so precious. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and congrats on being a new mommie.

  113. thank you for sharing the story and beautiful photographs! What a beautiful family!

  114. thank you so much for sharing. i feel so encouraged by your experience!

  115. Becky Brodbeck says:

    Oh, Erika. She is so precious! Thank you for sharing your story-it brought tears to my eyes! God is so faithful!What a precious miracle! Love you!

  116. Thank you so much for sharing. That was a beautiful story. I love the scissors part. Enjoy your new bundle. She is beautiful!!!!!

  117. That you so much for sharing this! I don’t think my husband and I are ready for a kid yet, but after looking at your pictures I totally thought “I want to have a baby!” haha Your pictures truly show what an amazing experience it must be!

  118. Absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn’t help but tear up! I have checking daily for updates and so happy everything went well. Thanks so much for sharing!

  119. Wow! Thanks for sharing all of the amazing pictures and your story. Sloane is beautiful!! Congrats on your new little blessing!

  120. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it with us all! I had to take a time out and look away from my computer periodically while reading it because I couldn’t stop crying! What a great testament of your faith and love. Praise the Lord for such a sweet blessing!

  121. Brought tears to my eyes. It is one of the most incredible gifts God gave us, even though the pain is awful. You looked gorgeous too. Thank you for sharing such a precious moment.

  122. Kimberly Wells says:

    Tears are flowing out right now for you! So so happy for you. Thank you for sharing! Miss Sloane is extremely blessed to have you and Chance and the rest of your family to love her. Love to you all.

  123. What a wonderful story and captured so beautifully. Sloane is beautiful!!

  124. I am so happy for ya’ll! i have tears in my eyes at the picture of your sister kissing your child. I can’t wait to see more updates! Enjoy this time, slow down and take it all in!

  125. Katie Stork says:

    What a beautiful birth story! It is amazing to hear others stories of the day their first child is born. Thank you for sharing. I now only wish I would have wrote down all the major events that happend on the day my first daughter was born.

  126. I have tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful and blessed family. Thank you for sharing with us!

  127. What a beautiful record of one of the most important days of your life! I have to laugh at the makeup picture, though! My friends and family teased me because I was asking for my lipstick right before Matthew was born! Hey, I wanted to look good for the pictures! Enjoy this time with that precious angel!

  128. Congratulations Erika! I’m so excited for your little family. I love keeping up with you on your blog!

  129. She is so precious and what a sweet, special day! I read Darby’s blog and we prayed for you all day! I claim my two children’s birth days have been the best days of my life…time literally stood still as the angels surrounded them and they descended straight from heaven, as we welcomed them with love…I know the angels were with you, also! Bless your sweet family! Mandy

  130. I am moved beyond words reading your story and viewing all of the happy photos. Bless your new family and kiss that baby a million times a day for all of us out here. Praise God for such a blessing.

  131. I have been so anxious about your drop off the blogging radar. NOW I SEE WHY! It must have taken you forever to create this amazing post. Thank you thank you for sharing with us :) So excited for this new beginning for your little family!

  132. I’m so glad you decided to share this day with us! It was so sweet and you captured it beautifully! Sloane is just precious!

  133. You have written with eloquence and evidence of pure joy. Congratulations and many blessings!

  134. Thank you for sharing such sweet moments. She is so beautiful!

  135. What a beautiful day for you and your family! Enjoy every single minute with your girl, the minutes pass so quickly, they grow so fast and it is these memories that will always make you smile. ~Thanks for sharing!

  136. Erika, thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment in your life. Your eloquence reminds me that yes, people do this every day and there is a great beauty in giving birth. I will have to come back and re-read this if I ever get pregnant. Thank you and much love to your little family.

  137. Dear Erika – how incredibly generous you are to share your special baby story with us. Although my youngest is 14, it brings back that sweet time when they are so precious and new to you and you get to know this little miracle. Enjoy this time with your baby, and thank you for the amazing pictures, what a beautiful family you have. All the best!

  138. Thanks for sharing. I think the picture of Chance holding his little darling sums it up perfectly. His hat says, “Life is Good”. Yes, isn’t it! Congrats.

  139. Dianne Rainer says:

    A very loving pictorial. I shed a few tears of joy and thanksgiving,

  140. Oh my! Such a beautiful baby girl and such wonderful birth day pictures! I am weeping as I write, feeling how blessed you and Chance are, with Sloane in all her precious perfectness! My prayers for all of you continue!

  141. What a beautiful birth story. Thank you for sharing!
    Marla captured some precious moments.
    Keep your chin up girl (sounds like you are doing a fab job in your new role).
    Congratulations to you & Chance (what a husband!) & Sloane.\

  142. Thank you for sharing this! You know what’s funny – I started to hold my breath a few times too. Congratulations! Sloane is beautiful.

  143. Sara (Widman) Rife says:

    Erika, Congratulations! This story brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you and your BEAUTIFUL family!

  144. Those pictures are amazing!!! I am so glad everything went well! Sloane is precious!!

  145. crying… crying some more. I want to have another baby right now.

    love you and so glad you guys are all doing well. Try not to miss a moment!!! My big boy can already reach the piano keys while standing up. It. Will. FLY.

  146. I am so glad you shared your story; it moved me to tears! The pictures are beautiful! Cherish this magical time…

  147. thank you for sharing that with us, e! how exciting. i’m already all happy tears. just gorgeous.

  148. Now I am in tears! It truly is the most precious day your life will ever see! Unless you have another…. and then you will have two, or three, or four most precious days!
    As a mom of 3 I love to tell my kids the stories of the days they were born. I cry everytime! There is no greater blessing here on earth than to be called Mom.
    God Bless you Erika!

  149. Wishing you and your beautiful family wonderful days and happy memories. The way you recounted your experience was amazing and sweet. I am sure your clients are missing you, but don’t go back to work too soon… You only get this chance once.

  150. Ahh! Crying my eyes out! Thanks so much for sharing your story- so sweet and captured so well. This is really encouraging to me as I have about 6+ weeks until my due date! You made it- proud of you! Praying for you guys.

  151. Congratulations to you and Chance! Sloane is just gorgeous and I love her name. Thank you for sharing your birth story and oictures with us. Looking forward to many more posts on the little lady. :)

  152. Ah! So many comments, so little space. Love the story, love the birthing center, love the pictures, love the baby! I am so happy for you guys – and can “recently” relate to almost every aspect of this blog. We had very similar experiences, friend! Hang in there…these first few weeks are rough, but she will come around. The pain will diminish and sleep will return. The Lord is faithful to provide for us mothers!! Congratulations to you both!

  153. Wow – you all look so beautiful! The pictures are so amazing, you are going to treasure those in years to come.

    Congratulations – great work! Hope all is going well on the home front.

  154. Thank you for sharing such an incredible event!!! Praise the Lord for a healthy baby and delivery! :) What a beautiful baby!!!

  155. i am crying… this is beautiful.
    what a support team you have erika – you are blessed. thank you for sharing!

  156. SO SO SWEET!! I am crying so hard I can’t even read what I’m typing, so I hope this makes sense :)She is beautiful, and I a want to thank you a million times for sharing what you did with us! I cant wait to see more pictures of her!!

  157. Erika, thanks for sharing your sweet story. Your baby is so precious!!! I had mastitis twice and the flu like symptons are the worst, espcially hard to handle when you are so tired. Hang in there! God Bless, Lauren L.

  158. Oh my gosh…I have never written on a blog before but this was an amazing entry! I am so thrilled for you and your family. He is beautiful!!! I have a randmon question, but I am obsessed with your pink dress that you wore into the hospital. Where can I get that and who made it? Congratulations again-what a wonderful and amazing story!

  159. that just brought tears to my eyes…thanks for sharing your personal story w/ all of your blogging friends. she is beautiful.

  160. oh e! i am so glad you decided to share this with us. it brought a tear (or two…) to my eye. i am so grateful for Sloane’s safe arrival and beautiful life that she is just getting oriented to. you seem to be taking it all in as deliberately as possible. good for you! i reeeeaaaaallllllllly hope to see y’all soon! xx

  161. What a beautiful day!!! This post made me tear up—you are so very blessed! Congratulations, Sloane is gorgeous!!! :)

  162. What a wonderful story and precious baby girl! I’m glad motherhood is going well and you are enjoying every moment with Sloane. Sounds like a blessed delivery and lots of prayers you get better soon…

  163. The picture of Darby rubbing your feet for you…. beautiful. A sister’s love is so special.

  164. What a wonderful post. Beautiful all round. Thanks for sharing such private moments with your blog fans.

  165. Erika, I’ve been a reader of your blog for sometime now (randomly happend upon it) and your posting is absolutely amazing. I am 6 mos. pregnant now and I hope my delivery and the entire experience is as wonderful and your’s was. Your new daughter is beautiful. Congrats on the beginning of your new lives together!

  166. Amazing documentation of Sloane’s birth! Wow. She is gorgeous and what a blessed little baby girl to have her entrance into the world documented and cherised! Thanks for sharing! I just love it when people have babies and love a good birth story!

  167. If you make it down to my comment, in all of your free time, I want you to know that this post brought tears to my eyes. Being only one week away from my own delivery I was touched by your comments. Your strong faith in God brings a sense of peace over me as well. Knowing that He will calm my nerves and be there. You have such a wonderful, loving family. And thanks for sharing all of this with us. I feel like I’m watching a pregame tape for my own delivery, although I have a c-section scheduled. Congratulations to you sweet Erika!

  168. Blessings!!!! Amazing birth story, amazing new mother, amazing family with an amazing new angel. I’m a blog-fan who’s praying for you all, especially for ease of nursing in these next few weeks! Won’t be long, you’ll be a pro, and all the early day woes (mastitis included) will be a thing of the past. Drink your water, new momma, and get some rest! Love in Him!! Amanda

  169. Darby -delurking to tell you congrats!! the pics are awesome. You are going to be SO glad that you have that timeline one day.

    As one of three girls (my little sister is Adriane Ohly) .. .my FAVORITE picture and caption is the one of you and Darby with your mom … ya’ll looking at her – and you saying something about her not having an epidural.

    I laughed. SO HARD. at that. that is so me, Adriane, and my sister Gretchen.

    anyway … congrats! she is beautiful just like you.


  170. Heather Brady says:

    Thought I’d mention that there was another blog baby on my feedlist 09-17-09 at Smitten Kitchen, and it’s a boy :) Congratulations, btw, the second one is easier – this from someone who was in labor 34 hours with her first.

  171. Congratulations! What a wonderful story to share. Thank you! Sloane is gorgeous! By the way, I am certain that the stylists for Pottery Barn read your blog…..check out the new issue…. your friend, Annemarie, will see a dead-ringer for her Captain’s House, decorated for the holidays :)

  172. Thank you for sharing Sloane’s birth story. It brought tears to my eyes. The photos are fantastic.

  173. Thanks for sharing! What beautiful pictures! Congratulations! You have a beautiful little girl :)

  174. So very happy for you! God bless!

    marcia in TX

  175. She is precious! So happy to hear that everything went well. Sloane is the cutest thing ever!

  176. I didn’t think it would be possible to create beautiful pictures in a hospital delivery room but some how you and your family managed to do just that. What an incredible journey, and now the new one begins. Congratulations.

  177. Erika, I am new to your blog, but I just want to tell you how amazing I already think it is! I swear I was destined to come across it at the right time, as I just found out we are pregnant this past weekend. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful story and photography. Your most recent posting made me cry, laugh and count my blessings even more than I already have. I am officially over the moon with excitement now! Your baby girl is absolutely perfect and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

  178. Thank you for sharing your story! It was a great reminder of God’s love and grace. The pictures are so beautiful, and Sloane will be so excited to see them some day. Congrats again to you and Chance!

  179. Erika,
    What a lovely post…this will your best of all time! Praise the Lord for his love and faithfulness! It’s been a blessing reading about your pregnancy and now to see the birth documented so beautifully. Thank you for sharing such a sacred time in your lives. Take Good Care!

  180. What a beautiful post! It brought back so many memories of my son’s birth. Thank you for sharing it with us. God bless you and your family. She is beautiful!

  181. What a beautiful compilation of photos and words to share such a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing!

  182. WELL DONE, TEAM!!!!! (Besides the heroic delivery.) I mean, talk about perfect documentation of The First Baby of Design!! I see a gorgeous Birth Day Photobook in her future? The photos are amazing – love the dark, b+w newbie-newborn and medical shots, Marla. And the STORY that goes along with it? It brings back so many happy memories for me! I read it with my children today and they LOVED it too – they remember lots of the highlights from Nora’s arrival. Print that stuff out for her baby book, before it’s lost in the blogosphere…Please snorgle her for me!!

  183. Congratulations mama! You did it!! So glad to hear everything is going well! Thanks for sharing the story! Can’t wait to see more pictures of your little lady!

  184. shireen wright says:

    Erika, I read EVERY word….GREAT capture of the birth story! I loved every bit of it! I enjoyed all the pics, too. Sloane is precious, as I’m sure you are well aware. :)
    Proud of you for enduring that labor…wow!
    Love to you all!!!

  185. I had my daughter 13 yeas ago and this post bought every moment into starling focus once again. I laughed, I cried and couldn’t help but wish it was me all over again.

    Congratulations, you have MANY, MANY happy moments coming in the future. Relish and cherish each and every one…I’m thrilled for you both.

  186. So happy that your precious angel has arrived. She’s perfectly beautiful. I stumbled upon you through a series of other blogs — Selena was asking for prayers for Chance at the time. Well, I jumped on that bandwagon, following closely and stumbled upon Darcy. I was so happy all worked out well and then I was sucked right in to your worlds… and now feel like a proud and relieved aunt (hope I don’t sound like a stalker!!!) You so eloquently and sweetly share your journeys (and decorating inspirations!). Anyway, my words of wisdom are to always remember to enjoy each and every day with your little family. My daughter, Hannah Grace, is 9 years old and everynight after I kiss her good night I still tell her that she is the answer to our prayers and we thank God for her every day….I’ve no doubt you will find the same to be true of Miss Sloane. …..

  187. What a wonderful story to have captured for yall! And so neat to have everything written down by your nurse! Sloane is absolutely beautiful and I teared up as I read your post and looked at all the pictures. The memories of the births of my three children(not that long ago!)came flooding back to me. The gift of life is truly a blessing from the Lord and I am so glad that start of baby Sloane’s life has been such a blessing to yall! Congrats and enjoy that sweet baby girl!

  188. That was the sweetest post ever! Thanks for sharing the details of your special day. The 3 of you make a beautiful family!

  189. This brought sweet tears to my eyes. What a wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing such a personal part of your lives. Enjoy this time – eat her up!

  190. lindsey ozier says:

    hmm! i love it! i love it all! thanks for sharing such a precious story. so glad sloane is here and doing well! may she always know how loved she is!

  191. What gorgeous documentation of such a glorious day! Your little baby is bee-utiful! (I love that you and your sister share a name for the other’s children to call her, so sweet!) (I also love more that your daddyboy stole the hospital’s scissors!) Congratulations!

  192. Thank you for sharing this amazing birth story. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. He is awesome! What a beautiful gift your daughter is:) I’ll pray for your recovery & healing during this time.

  193. How wonderful of you to share Sloane’s birth story. Now you have it documented, in words and pictures… a precious thing to share with Sloane when she’s older! Wishing you many sleep-filled nights and happy days from here on in!

  194. Oooh thank you Erika for sharing this glorious day with us! I love the tradition that your dad has started with the scissors. Very symbolic! THANK YOU…. THANK YOU…

  195. "Auntie" Dana & "Uncle" Bill says:

    It is definately answered prayer! And the journey only gets better and more dear. What a beautiful little family. We can’t wait to meet Sloane! Thanks for sharing her birth day. Hugs all around!

  196. Tara McClendon says:

    Wow. That’s all I can come up with right now and couldn’t type anything else if I could because I can’t see the computer screen through the tears. That was the most precious post I’ve ever read! Congrats and give your sweet baby girl a smooch from me!!

  197. Wow, your story brought back so many wonderful memories of my own labor and delivery. I can say wonderful now because somehow the miserable labor pains have disappeared from my memory (I like to think that’s God’s way of allowing us to have more children!). Thank you for sharing your story and you’ll be so glad you documented it later. She is so precious! Enjoy every minute!!

  198. Christy Arendale says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful birth story for such a beautiful little girl:) Melts my heart. May she never remember a day that she does not know the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior and friend!

  199. Erika, thank you so much for sharing all of that. A truly beautiful story! I have been praying for your and Sloane’s health and LOVE reading all about the occurrences of your sweet family!

  200. Thanks for sharing Erika. Sloane is precious! You, Chance and Sloane are so very lucky. Congratulations!

  201. i had to blog about this story! its so sweet! congratulations!

  202. This was the sweetest post of all time, brought tears to my eyes. Your little babe is such a doll! Congratulations!!!

  203. I have tears in my eyes after reading this beautiful post! Congratulations on your sweet family and all the precious pictures you have to document your very special day.

  204. Erika,
    Glad I stopped in to visit the blog today. The birth story was fantastic, glad you shared. Marla is a great friend, how about those pictures!?!

  205. Wonderful, inspiring, lovely.

    I’m talking about the fabric on your headboard of course!

    Just kidding… or am I?

    Sloane is gorgeous. You are such a fabulous, strong lady. Best wishes to you and your sweet, sweet family during this special time. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    [Seriously, who makes that fabric?]

  206. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing this with all of us! God bless you and your family!

  207. Ok, I am a twin too, so I read both yours and Darby’s blogs with great fascination. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you two looking at her (the one where you said she was probably telling you about having both of you w/o an epidural) … I too was raised by a super mom (that nursed two babies from one breast for 16 months b/c one stayed clogged the whole time, etc., etc., you get the picture) and I love her so dearly for it, but have probably given her that look more times than I care to admit!

    Blessings to your family.

  208. What a beautiful post and story! Thank you so much for sharing and CONGRATS on your precious and adorable little blessing!

  209. Thank you for sharing your personnal day with us, great pictures…your daughter will love seeing this post later in life. How cool are the metz scissors your dad kept, amazing…
    Bless Chance for helping you to the point of a bleeding nose, so cute…(my hubby almost passed out on top of me with one of my girls) Anyway, many blessings to you and your sweet family.
    Regards, Carol Ann x

  210. Wow…seriously what a beautiful story. Awesome, awesome pictures and an adorable baby. By the way, I LOVE the name!!!

  211. Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story! I’m also a new mom and one of the things I have found during these first couple months is that sharing our experiences, good and bad, with other moms makes the experience all the more rich and lets us know we are not alone. And that is something we REALLY need to know sometimes! Enjoy these precious first few weeks and beyond. My little boy is 10 weeks old now, and it just keeps getting better and better!

  212. You dont know me, I dont know you, but I have been following your blog for months. (I found you as a link from other design blogs) The internet didnt even EXIST when I had my kids, but thankfully epidurals did! It is so nice to hear your story, and read about someone who appreciates, and acknowledges the power of prayer. By the way, when you have kids, you will pray alot more… me on this one. Blessings to you and your family.

  213. Jennifer Gibbs says:

    Precious!! Thank you for sharing. I love you and your sister’s blogs. You girls are so talented. I have been following you two for awhile now and have just now posted a comment. I made my husband look at the birth story photos as we hope to have a baby as soon as it is in God’s plans. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Sloane is very precious. Love her name too.

  214. I read your sisters blog from time to time (I’m a lurker there), and now I will be reading yours! I love your post – today was the first time I’ve dropped in. Sloane is absolutely beautiful – she has gorgeous hair like my two girls! I’ll be praying for your first few weeks. :)

  215. loved this post, erika! so glad you shared. what a PRECIOUS baby girl and family the Lord has given you! xo

  216. thank you, thank you for sharing such private, precious details with us! i love every picture and detailed account of this special day!!

  217. Thank you so much for sharing your very special and personal moments with us. You are truly blessed with wonderful family and friends. All of the pictures are just precious. Hope you are doing well too.

  218. Sally Wheat says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL and I’m so happy for you and Chance. Can’t wait to see more!

  219. This is my favorite post ever!! It is SO PRECIOUS to hear your thoughts as you went through sweet Sloane’s birthday! WHAT A TREMENDOUS BLESSING!! Oh the Lord is good and so I thank the Lord!! Cannot wait to raise our babies together!! I love you more than I could tell you!!

  220. Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us. What a blessing. Beautiful pictures!

  221. Congratulations!! This was one of the most fabulous posts ever!! Definitely brought tears to my eyes!! She is beautiful, and I LOVE her name!!

  222. I am new here. I have a great friend who is a blog stalker :) and I click on her links all the time. Needless to say, congratulations on your new addition.
    I am curious as to the lens/ camera you used during your labor pictures. YOur photography is great. I have the passion, just not the time. I am looking to make more time for it and would love to add a lens to my “collection”.
    Hope you are doing well and getting sleep when you can! Enjoy every minute. And it looks like you are!

  223. Those pictures are amazing-something you will cherish forever! Sloan is BEAUTIFUL just like her mother. Girl, you looked amazing during the entire birthing process!!!

  224. these photos are beautiful! sloane is gorgeous! congrats!!!!!
    what an amazing post–thank you for sharing!

  225. these photos are amazing. sloane is gorgeous. congrats!
    what a beautiful post..thank you for sharing!

  226. That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

  227. Beautiful bible verse but it’s Philipians 4:19 not Ephesians. Thanks for a lovely, funny, and charming Birth Story. God Bless.

  228. Okay, found your blog last night and am looking back at some older posts since I have a few minutes. I don’t know you from Adam, but I have tears! These are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. I know you are incredibly busy these days, but if you have a quick minute, I would love to know what kind of camera you have. I’m pretty sure, it’s the subjects, and not just the camera that make these pics so beautiful!!!

  229. Renee Smith says:

    Oh my goodness! I just read your sister’s blog of John’s birth, and I’m having a MAJOR sob-fest on my couch. I just found out that I’m expecting my second, and your family is so beautiful. I love the B&W pictures idea… some of the color ones from my first delivery are less than flattering.

    Anyway, I’m a mess crying, and you guys are so lovely! Beautiful babies! I also have to say that you are a saint to have so many people in the delivery room with you (but if I had a sister who already had some babies, I suppose she’d be my number 1 in the delivery room!) God bless you guys!


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