The Nursery Diaries :: Chapter 3

We had a very full weekend.  Lots of fun times with overnight guests, family, and friends.  A boat ride, a little beach, little pool, a lot of food, and some ice cream.  And in the nursery department: crib and chair assembly.  Roman shade install.  All crib linens and draperies measured for and designed, fabrics pre-washed, ironed and ready to send out to seamstress.

Pandp in the ikea chair

As I noted yesterday the chair doesn’t rock… I know what you are thinking- strike 2 on the nursery.  (Strike 1 being the paint mistake I noted in Chapter 1.)  If you knew what I’m juggling right now you’d wonder how I even find time to breathe… much less work on something other than ‘work’.  For those of you who want to revel in my error (ha!)… I’ve attached a photo of the chair, painted and assembled.  Thing is, it looks great.  Love the look actually, just not functional… if you want to rock.  The terriers like it.

The painters brought back the crib and the chair at 8:00 sharp on Saturday morning.  These painters are the best.  I’ve worked with a lot of painters, but Bobby & Brian are the best ever.  If you are local and need a painter – email me – I’ll give you their info.  They refused to let us pay them for painting.  They painted the crib, the chair, and the walls of the nursery and attached bathroom… for free.  Thank you Lord again for generous people!  And get this… they are hilarious.  I’m sure 2 men think a gold crib is a little weird… I don’t blame them.  But they went to Wal-mart and bought a pair of baby shoes and painted them gold too, as a gift for the baby.  I’m not sure if it was meant to be funny, but I have never laughed so hard in all my life.  I told them they were very “Michael Jackson-ish” and that I loved them.

Gold shoes

They’ll be perfectly hilarious on the bookshelf!

Crib assembly

Daddy assembled the crib… I don’t know what I’d do without a husband who loves to create, build, assemble, design, etc.  We started early Saturday morning before our company arrived.

Almost done

While Daddy worked on the crib, Mommy assembled the Ikea chair.  It will stay put in the nursery until the new one arrives.  I do love the pique cushion covers that are on it… originally planned to cover them, but they are nice.  Here’s the new swivel glider chair that’s coming from Lee.  It is slipcovered in a washable fabric that is the same color as the walls (not the white shown below).  I’m still humbled and blown away by the generosity of such a gift.

The new chair


I was going to show you other fabrics… but I forgot to photograph them… so I’ll save that for next chapter.


  1. I love the crib. I would have NEVER thought I would like it gold. But, I do!!!!

  2. Frances Haines says:

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting a stylish nursery…I lucked out with our firstborn…my sister was redoing her house and gave me her old Eames lounge and ottoman…it turned out to be the best baby rocking chair and the arms were the perfect height for resting my elbow while nursing! We have always gotten comments on that “baby rocker”…and Mama could put her feet up while soothing/feeding baby!!
    Mary Frances

  3. Erika, I must say again those shoes are absolutely the funniest things I’ve ever seen! I know we laughed really REALLY hard about them this weekend and seeing them again now makes me laugh all over again! I love them! I think you should name your baby Michaela Jacksonia Powell. Perfect! I’ll monogram something for her now.

  4. love the crib, I think it looks great in gold!

  5. Ooooh…the gold crib is smashing. And the little gold shosies? Perfection!

  6. Christy says:

    While I only know you through your blog, I have to say I am sure the generousity goes both ways. It sounds like they all think very highly of you & you must be as lovely a person as you sound to have such special people around you & your beautiful soon to be baby.
    Love the gold shoes btw. That is hilarious! I almost wished I lived nearby to use those fantastic painters. :)
    Best wishes

  7. I’m so disappointed to hear that the Ikea rocker doesn’t actually rock! I thought it would be a great solution to my own rocker-woes. I live in a country that has not yet adopted the notion that a rocker can be functional AND stylish, and I thought this was my perfect and affordable answer…
    I also must confess that I never really loved that style crib (forgive me) UNTIL I saw it in gold – it just looks like it’s made for that shade! Wonderful job!
    Your nursery progress makes me excited – I’m 4 months along and can’t wait to start on mine!
    Congrats, and keep it coming!!

  8. Just started reading your blog! I love the gold crib and can’t wait to see your design for the nursery. The gold shoes are hysterical!!

  9. Alcea Alba says:

    Everything is lookin’ good! Those shoes are too funny. Love the wall color, crib color, all of it. Also, glad to hear you’ve found some excellent painters. Isn’t it the best thing to find wonderful crafts people/artisans to tackle a project to perfection?

  10. LOVE the gold shoes! Hysterical! I know it is all going to come together and look great.

  11. Hey there Erica! I am really new to blogging but I just started my own blog and so I have been doing some well…blogging research I guess you would say. A friend of mine turned me onto yours and I have really enjoyed reading!
    Congrats on your pregnancy and kudos on the gold crib….LOVE IT! I am designer in Charleston and it looks like we share a lot of the same passions. Check mine out and let me know if you want to “link up” (is that the correct termanology???)
    I look forward to seeing the completed nursery!

  12. So excited to see the finished product. Good painters truly are worth their weight in gold! In this case it really does apply!

  13. What wonderful painters! How sweet of them to do it for you for FREE??? Ok….I need their contact information….I’m thinking I could fly them here and have them paint for free cheaper than I could hire a local painter! :-)
    PS……that gold crib??? FABULOUS!!! Who would have ever thought?

  14. She shoes are crazy cute! How fun!!!

  15. Speaking from experience…the middle of the night feedings that turn into little naps for mommy will be so much more comfy in an upholstered chair:)

  16. I have always loved Jenny Lind cribs, they’re so sweet. Now in gold sweet and sassy at the same time. J’adore!

  17. Looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You are moving right along now! Impressive!! p.s. Don’t you remember the tradition of bronzing baby’s first shoes? Parents (like mine) would send the worn baby shoes off to some service and they would come back – dunked in something, stiff and shiny, mounted with a little plaque? Surely that was the hilarious painters’ idea! Too funny. Love the crib – especially the little scallop bottom!

  18. Love the gold crib! You’ve got some fabulous painters, definitely to envy! I too looked at the rocker for my son Henry’s room and felt the same way…it just doesn’t rock (you got to really dig those feet into the floor if you want it to move). I ended up getting something else. But I did end up buying that same line of furniture (two chairs and the love seat) from IKEA for my outdoor living space (had to treat it) and it looked great! Now the love seat has been stained and is living in my sons playroom! For furniture at such a steal, they have treated us well! Can’t wait to see the next chapter!! YAY FABRIC, bring it on… I drool over textiles.

  19. You have to take a picture of the baby with them on! Too hilarious!

  20. I love the crib and the chair will be fine as long as you don’t mind the not rocking part. Loving the gold shoes

  21. catherine says:

    i love the upholstered rocker. does lee sell them direct or is it to the trade only?

  22. I love it all, but I love the shoes the most. creative!

  23. I’ve always wanted to paint a nursery gray! I think it looks so good with pastel colors!!! In fact, I just got butterflies in my stomach thinking about those colors together…. is that bad?
    I’m a designer in Nashville and just recently went out on my own- and I totally understand the “no room to breathe” part. I am thankful for work but this business can definitely become draining.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire me… I can’t wait to see what else is going in your baby girl’s room!
    Rachel H

  24. The crib is stunning!

  25. Can’t wait to see the fabrics. The little golden shoes remind me of the golden eggs in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

  26. A testimony to you and Chance–workers that are honored to give you their time as a gift and clients that want to blanket you with joy. Happy Baby!

  27. Gold crib = A-MAZING!
    I honestly can’t imagine how you juggle all that you do! I love that your clients bless you for it!
    You and your sister need to team up for a ‘how to be fabulous and domestic’ book.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  28. I love your selection of the gold paint, and those shoes are the best… what a great touch! Can’t wait to see the fabrics you chose!

  29. OH I’m so glad to see gold shoes! They’ll match the room perfectly! You’re such a wonderful designer~ ;-)

  30. I’m loving this room! Can’t wait to see it all come together with that amazing talent of yours!

  31. I love this!

  32. Loving the nursery Erika! Could you please tell me how to go about getting the custom bedding for the crib. It would help me out SO much. Thanks!

  33. Can I ask a crazy question? In choosing paint, did you have to get a special kind? I only ask because I know that kids can start to gnaw on the crib railings when they’re teething, so I just wondered if you had to get a special kind of paint or avoid any kind in particular? I’m almost 5 months and am starting to think of getting my nursery together, but I guess I have a lot of questions first!
    I absolutely love what you’ve done – it’s perfect!

  34. In love with the little gold shoes….sigh… so sweet. -e

  35. Christina K. says:

    I am so delighted that I stumbled across this post. I have always told my parents that I want my old crib (looks exactly like yours) for my children one day. I love the gold paint, looks amazing & I can’t wait to see the finished nursery!

  36. love the jenny lind crib…such a classic!

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