The Nursery Diaries :: Chapter 5

In case you missed Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

This is Chapter 5… titled CRIB BEDDING

This is the camera phone edition… my apologies. 

Disclaimer: I do not sew.  I send everything out to a seamstress.  If you are looking for a seamstress in your area – try the phone book or google, and as strange as this may sound – I would check references.  A good seamstress is hard to come by.   I do spend hours estimating yardage and drawing up the details of the items that are being sewn up… but I'd hate to lead you astray and make you think I did this handiwork pictured below.  I did design it, but I did not sew it.

The cribskirt:

Normal bedskirts are made with a deck (the part of the bedskirt that is sandwiched between your mattress and boxsprings)… and they are 4 sided (foot of bed, two sides (the length of the bed), and a deck).  However, a usual bedskirt is not on a bed that needs to be dropped/lowered every few months.  A crib is a different story.  I've done cribskirts a few different ways in the past, but decided that this system is the most logical.

Three individual sides that tie to the spring system.  One of the long sides of my crib is against the wall, omitting the need for a 4th side (it'll be hidden against the wall anyway).  I like a skirt to "kiss" the floor… not be dangling up in mid-air.  Nothing against dangling up in mid-air, it's just not my look.  SO… each side of the crib skirt is a separate panel, and as you lower the coil/spring system and mattress you can tie the skirt a little further up up the spring deck so your look will be consistent (your skirt can kiss the floor still, regardless of your mattress height).  I had mine black-out lined… the weight of the lining makes it stay in place better, and just works better for the flat panel style of my skirt panels.  Had the style been gathered or ruffled, I would not have used black-out lining, probably wouldn't have used any lining at all actually.

Tie the cribskirt on 

Here I am hunched over the crib tying the skirt panels to the spring system.  Friend was watching and thought you readers would appreciate an action shot.  I couldn't reach the side panels as my belly wouldn't allow me to get close enough. 

Photosmcphone 001 

See the ties?  See the rust on the spring system?  I wish it wasn't there.  Remember it was my crib and has been in my grandmother's cellar for years. One Saturday afternoon I hooked a wire brush to Chance's drill and tried to get the rust off and gave up after nearly injuring myself.  I don't think it will pose a threat as it is not accessible from anyplace the baby would ever be.

Photosmcphone 003 

Another shot of how the skirt panel tied on.

 Photosmcphone 005

The bumper pads:

I am aware that there is risk, danger, and warranted concern about bumper pads, will take them out of the crib when the little girl is of an age when they become a danger.  There are mesh/breathable bumpers out there, and while they aren't as cute, they are safer.  Thank you for being concerned about the well-being of my daughter, I would never want to do anything that might potentially harm her.   

The ties, boxing, and welt cord are the stripe I mentioned I had installed on the diagonal.  The ties are each  23" long before being looped into a bow.  I wanted big bows, so I had to have long ties.  I've never been into bows, but they seemed right.  The cotton ivory fabric (bumper face) is just some extra that was in my "stash", I prewashed it and shrunk it… so when she vomits and poops on it I won't have a stroke.  I will likely handwash them when necessary.  The bumper covers are slipcovers (zipped on bottom), removable with cushions beneath.   

Photo bumper

In this photo below the end bumpers weren't set in place yet… they rest square between the long side bumpers.



I wasn't alone in this endeavor, I had a friend and my husband helping me.  Friend tied the bows… said her grandmother taught her how, she nailed it.  So much so that I untied the bows I made and had her re-tie them.  I need a lesson in bow-tying.

Next chapter I will show you the draperies, they went up this very same night.  It's coming together!  The new chair should be here this week or next. 

To answer some questions:

The paint on the crib is Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics, as I pointed out in Chapter 2. I had the crib stripped and primed and then painted (they sprayed it).  The paint can is not in front of me, but I am guessing that it is latex paint… the website simply says "interior finish".  There is not a clear top coat on it, the paint finish is very nice (remember, I told you I had great painters) and it wasn't necessary… plus I didn't want it to be a glossy finish, it's already gold for goodness sake. 

"When she chews on the crib" comments/questions… I have the plastic rail protector that covers the side rails- they are just ugly and I will wait until this becomes an issue to put them on.  

The Oscar de la Renta fabric: to my knowledge it is discontinued.  I have searched endlessly since I bought it 3+ years ago and have not been able to find it again.

The stripe on the bumpers is Artmark Fabric – Jigsaw Stripe in color "Petal"… nothing fancy, just turned on diagonal (in my opinion) makes it so much more interesting!


  1. Michele says:

    It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. i love all the safety disclaimers. you just need to do what works for you. love all the bedding. can’t wait to see the whole room.

  3. You are such an engineer with the crib skirt! I’ve never seen it done before but I love it!
    And as always, your fabric/colors/design is gorgeous! Your little girl will be so lucky to inherit her mom’s good taste.

  4. It is so lovely! I love the chapters, keeps me wanting more!
    I hear you about the peanut gallery re bumpers and reused items. When showing my girlfriend our nursery she called the crib a “sids machine.” Awesome.

  5. Erika, this is sooooo beautiful! I was always frustrated by the constant shifting of the crib skirt each time I had to wash my kids bedding. Your idea is brilliant! I am hoping to have a third baby soon, and I might try to replicate what you did with your crib skirt. I love the bumpers. I love the fabric on the diagonal. Everything is so beautiful.

  6. Looks fabulous! As a mother of a 13 month old I have learned to ignore everyone and do what you want for you and your baby! I had to switch to the mesh liners b/c my baby slept with her face completely smushed up against the pad as soon as she could roll over. I wasn’t happy about losing the cute pads and going to plain white mesh but they don’t look so bad with her decor and peace of mind is worth a lot! However with your access to a great seamstress you could probaby have her sew cute trim if you needed over existing or make them from scratch. And my baby is worse than a new puppy about chewing especially on her crib rails or one side in particular. She is also a pro at undoing child proofing! I saw an Etsy seller featured on a blog that sold cute quilted like covers for crib rails that tie or snap. You are so creative I know you don’t need advice but I wish I had known about the covers before spending time and money on plastic. Also they make a great place to rest your head late at night when standing over the crib, patting baby’s back trying to get her to go back to sleep!

  7. Don’t you love comments from people a/b things you don’t ask about?! I’ve used bumpers w/ both girls. In fact, I have a shot of Audrey fast asleep (around 6 mo) with the bumper over her head; it was hilarious and she is fine. I think the “danger” is when they are too little to move themselves around. I would ignore people and do what you want. :)
    The nursery is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see the final pics when it’s all put together. Btw, you may balk at this b/c some people don’t like to “hide” the crib sheet – but may I suggest “The Ultimate Crib Sheet?” You can get them @ Babies R Us. Basically, when baby has a huge explosion and gets it all over the bed, rather than do the work of taking everything off, you just take off this top protective sheet and throw in washer. It’s been a lifesaver for me, though I’m sure your designer instincts will kick in and think it hideous – it’s just plain white w/ snaps. :)

  8. I love the crib skirt idea…love it!!!
    Oh, and your seamstress??? EXCELLENT work! The piping and the bumper material match up perfectly! Great job. Look forward to seeing the draperies!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I am DYING over how gorgeous this is. I think it is the first nursery I have seen (and I have hunted high and low for inspiration) that feels feminine without being old fashioned. Your take is so fresh. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.
    In the vein of things you didn’t ask about, I thought I would suggest making the little darling a coordinating sleep sack with some of the leftover fabric. My mom made one for my now two year old and it has been a lifesaver!
    Can’t wait to see the curtains and more pictures!

  10. Thank you so much for all the details on the cribskirt! I’m getting ready to make a cribskirt since I couldn’t find one I liked that matched my crib set – and I had never heard of making 3 separate panels and tying them on…but that is genius! A lot easier than what I was going to do. I love her crib and the bedding and it’s looking so good!! I think it’s funny that you put up disclaimers – I guess you have to though since I’m sure everyone loves to give you their expert opinion ;) Can’t wait to see the draperies!

  11. Gorgeous! You are so smart on the crib skirt.

  12. The fabrics are so pretty together Erika! I can’t wait to see the finished pics. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Everything looks fabulous! What a dreamy nursery!!! You totally should patent that crib skirt design!!!

  14. Wow, it looks awesome! I love the combination!

  15. Love, Love, Love, Love it!!!! Can’t wait to see it in person! I’ll have to come by on the next work trip. . . XOXOXO

  16. She will be safe and sound and snug as a bug. It looks terrific. Can’t wait for there to be a baby in that crib!

  17. MaryBeth says:

    Wow everything is really coming together. I would have got a bed in a bag from babies r us (haha) It must be so nice to have such talent. Also when I was little we didn’t even have carseats or seatbelts, I wonder how we ever made it to adulthood without all the safety stuff. Live and let live. xo, MB

  18. It looks perfect! Love your clever idea for the skirt- I will have to file that idea away.

  19. This nursery is fantastic! It looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see more.

  20. Oh my goodness! That is so beautiful! I love it! You are going to have one unique, stylish baby girl. And I think it’s so sweet that the crib used to be yours.

  21. Angela in WA says:

    One lucky baby!!! Looks great.

  22. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. You, Erika, are beyond talented!!!
    Can’t wait to see everything together!

  23. diana glynn says:

    This is going to be one lucky little girl!! A gorgeous room and wonderful parents. Absolutely beautiful Erika.

  24. beautiful! such a gorgeous combo, and creative thinking with the skirt…

  25. FWIW, my babies’ crib remained pristine — they slept in a co-sleeper (“the Sidecar”) until they were big enough to sleep in the bed with us. [Huge mistake, BTW, but that's another story.] Anyway, the crib was always lovely to behold, as is yours.

  26. Love the nursery. The safety disclaimers crack me up. I’ve been suprised at the things that are actually dangerous. Love the bumper pad. The biggest problem I’ve had is changing the sheets on a crib. Its such a pain.

  27. um…pure genius that attaching the bedskirt to the springs so it can stay the same length. that has always bothered me. plus, when you start snatching a mattress out of a crib to change the sheet, the whole bedskirt comes off. soooo frustrating. i’m a little mad that you didn’t have kids at the same time i did and that i’m done. and i have been searching high and low for a valance to go with the panels in little girl’s room. last week the thought came to me…”hello? rip the back panel off of the crib skirt. no one will ever know, and you know it is a pattern you like and the perfect colors–even though it will be a little matchy matchy…i can deal.” yep, all that in one thought lol!!
    it looks great. and the rust will clearly just serve to build up her immunity. it’s why i don’t dust.

  28. This is just gorgeous! You have lovely taste. I had some sheets made using this idea where the main part of the sheet zips onto an undersheet, and it has been a lifesaver since it’s such a pain to take off the bumper, etc. every time you change the linens. Take a look and if you like it, just have your seamstress make you some. I’ve LOVED mine:

  29. So, so beautiful!

  30. Everything is coming along and looks beautiful! I cant wait to see Chapter 6!!

  31. It is beautiful! I especially love the bumper – looks so thick an soft! How did you make it so thick? Did you use regular bumper pad foam? I’m in the process of making bumpers now and I haven’t found anything that thick!
    Great job!

  32. So I’m wondering if it’s a little odd that I want my room to mimic a newborns….and I’m also thinking you need to start manufacturing some UG cribsheets sista!

  33. Frances Haines says:

    I agree with everyone that the crib skirt design is wonderful AND practical, but slipcovering the bumperpads is GENIUS!!!
    Mary Frances

  34. Loooveee it!
    The fabrics are divine.
    When you have your lil’ one you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. I left my bumper on the crib and all three of mine were fine.

  35. It looks fabulous – I’ve said this before, but I love the combo of patterns!

  36. Love the bedding & can’t wait to see the final reveal. The room is beautiful from what I can see. Love the bumper idea, I am not a fan of the floating bumper & like the “kiss the floor” version much better!
    PS. FWIW, I used a bumper with my son until I changed it to a toddler bed. He also never chewed on his crib.

  37. So lovely…even though I’ve just had a few glimpses, this is already one of my favorite nurseries ever! Good work.
    Re: unsolicited advice. I have two littles, ages 3 and 10 months. Yes, sometimes there are busybodies and safety nazis that are obnoxious. But I’ve found that most adivce, whether unsolicited or not, came from people who truly cared about me and my children, and I take it with a smile rather than getting offended. Some advice I take to heart, some I ignore, but I try and remember that most of it is offered with the best of intentions.

  38. So perfect – elegant, not over the top – that I want to cry (you know, in a good way!)
    I guess when you’re at the level of blogstress that you are, people feel free to comment or question anything. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for just wanting to be helpful, but seriously? “Dangerous” crib bumpers (yes, I’ve read all the scary stories, too) Chewing on the rails? I was prepared with the plastic covers, too – never needed them. I just wish everyone would stop being so PARANOID. We survived, right?
    Sorry for the rant…just hate that you have to defend your nursery choices – sheesh!

  39. What beautiful bedding – wonderful job! Can’t wait to see the hwole room fnished!
    Thanks for answering the question about the paint/chewing on the rails. I didn’t even know they made plastic rail protectors for cribs (can you tell it’s my first baby?) – I guess I need to catch up. That’s a great idea. I, like you, had someone ‘reminding’ me about all the dangers of this and that and the paint issue came up, so I’m thankful for your tip.
    Wonderful job!

  40. Sarah F. says:

    I have just started reading your blog and love it. The kitchens you designed and shared ont he blog amazed me. I shared the blog with my husband and we refer to you as the “Kitchen Lady” or “the Woman with the Amazing Kitchens”… anyway, I haven’t had a baby but I am in the “information gathering stage” because we hope to start next year. I love the way this nursery is turning out and I am so appreciative that you are willing to share your process and results. We are all so lucky.
    I chuckled about the safety warnings. I am not pregnant and have no experience with that type meddling, but my first thought was that you should set up a temporary email account for you blog so unsolicited comments and advice don’t fill your everyday inbox… your clients, family and friends can use your old account and the blog commenters who want to annoy you can have their own in box!! You can log in occassionlly or just ignore it for a bit! Give yourself a gift. Enjoy the blog process and free yourself from the peanut gallery and worrying about them. Okay, so I just gave you unsolicited advice and I don’t even have children! Oh dear!
    I love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  41. I have enjoyed seeing the nursey come together. I love all your ideas. Genius on the crib skirt issue!

  42. this looks so good! I need to find a good seamstress in Birmingham. I keep saying I’m going to learn to sew, but really?
    I’m filing this all away for future knowledge as — I’m sure you’ve noticed — most of the off-the-rack baby bedding is just … weird.

  43. I love it all – beautiful job!
    The crib skirt system is brilliant. I fought with my crib skirt for years! I also LOVE the box shape of the bumper pad.
    I’ll be checking back to see the drapes!! Can’t wait.
    Take care!

  44. Right there with you… love the crib skirts that kiss the ground. Sweet dreams for your little angel! I love it!

  45. the bumpers i made for bennetts crib look exactly like that! {i mean in shape and construction, but in boy fabric} they have been great bc they were never “poofy” enough for him to bury his face in them, they stand upright so he couldnt use them as a pillow {which scares me about some bumpers and little babies}, and i have thoroughly enjoyed the size of them {he is 19 months and they are still in his crib}. and actually is wasnt until this month that he discovered that he can stand on them, so NOW is the time to take them out!
    beautiful erika!

  46. love love love!!! I made Finn and Shands’s bed skirts the same way, gota have that skirt kissin the ground!

  47. You don’t need another person to tell you how ingenious the crib skirt is, but I’ll do it anyway. Genius and beautiful too.

  48. Love it! Isn’t it all too exciting!

  49. Sister, It looks awesome!! You are so talented!!

  50. taylor brown says:

    love it! i want to climb in that crib right now and take a nap!

  51. Ridiculously amazing. Am in awe. And your shower was INSANE! Lucky lady!

  52. i love the crib skirt idea; so clever! everything looks so lovely!

  53. It looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  54. Mandy Scales says:

    Nice work! I have 3 little ones & just retired the crib…wish I had known about that clever skirt trick! I had all mine custom made & was constantly tucking that silly thing up as I lowered the crib. Ties….genius…
    Oh, and my bumpers stayed in the crib for the entire 2 years and never posed a problem. I’m not a safety freak though… I also lucked up and never had pee, poop, or vomit on them either!?? I wish you that same luck :) Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  55. It’s beautiful. All of the fabrics look terrific together and I love seeing the room come together. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the bedskirt and the striped ties. You have done a fantastic job! :)

  56. Neither of my boys have chewed on the crib rail. Mind you once mine were awake, they were out of the crib and playing, so I don’t know when they would have had the chance to. As someone else mentioned there are some tie on or snap on quilted rail covers which are much prettier than the plastic covers.

  57. The bedding is gorgeous! I love all the patterns. Just get used to the unsolicited advice. It doesn’t get any better once the baby arrives. Other mothers can be so judgemental sometimes. It used to drive me crazy and still does sometimes. Everyone has an opinion and lots of people think they are experts. Just remember that you know what’s best for you and your family.

  58. erika, your crib bedding is fantastic! i love it! you are going to have one very stylish baby girl!

  59. Wow oh wow — it’s even better than I could’ve imagined!

  60. Love your fabric choices because they aren’t trendy. They are beautiful, unique and best of all your own. Love your blog too. I ready it every week and if I have time almost daily!!

  61. Erika – love your blog and reading about you and your sister as I am the mother of twin girls. Just noticed your Oscar de la Renta fabric for the crib bedskirt. I have a few yards of this fabric if you are interested. I love it but have grown out of it. Let me know.

  62. OOHHH, the anticipation builds for the reveal of this room! I know I can’t wait. I LOVE the bedding and the crib!

  63. looks great! i think that’s an awesome idea for the bed skirt. oh, and great work from your seamstress. i can’t sew a lick but my g-mother can and she taught me what to look for in fabrics and clothes like matching up the seams, lines, etc.
    can’t wait to see the rest

  64. Its been a long time since I stopped by and Im so excited to hear youre pregnant! And with a little girl! Congrats!

  65. catherine says:

    i’m 20 weeks pregnant, and must have gotten so inspired by that bed skirt that i got all excited that my baby gave his first real, hard core kick! now that’s the sign of powerful design…. the whole nursery really is beautiful, though. tasteful, elegant and feminine while being thoroughly unique and not over-the-top. can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  66. I knew nothing of the set up of a crib until I read your post. The crib looks lovely, and is so well thought out. I was kept in the bottom drawer of a cupboard when I was born (seriously) so your daughter, I can assure you, will love all the time and effort you spent in making sure everything was ready for her.
    It really is lovely Erika.

  67. I am a regular at Elements of Style and just started reading your blog recently. I had to let you know that I also have a very old painted metal crib for my daughter, Ruby, which is 21 years old and borrowed from my neighbor. It has rusty springs too, that look just like yours and my favorite part about them is the fact that they make the greatest noise when she jumps on her mattress or runs from side to side in her crib now. Besides her calls for mommy and daddy, we always know she is awake with the noisy springs!

  68. Love it E! It’s a rainy afternoon in the mountains and I just wanted a quick peek on my favorite blog to see if there was a nursery installment. xo

  69. i absolutely love it, erika! you are a true creative genius! i cannot wait to see the whole room. so talented and what a blessed little girl, in so many ways.

  70. The crib looks gorge so far. Love the way you’ve built on colors and patterns and the gold….delish!! Sadly, I won’t get a chance to do this again, but looking at this crib makes me weep a litte inside. I miss my four “babies” being real babies.

    Ok found this bumble bee moblie on ETSY! It is already sold but I think she takes special orders!! :)

  72. I just can’t get over that darling striped fabric. The bedding looks so wonderful! I can’t wait to see the rest of the room.

  73. Gorgeous! My kids had exactly the same crib (well not exactly, theirs was plain old walnut brown, not gold). And now for some more unsolicited safety info from a complete stranger….My first baby had beautiful box bumpers (not squishy), similar to yours. Despite having positioned the mattress to the lowest level as she grew, in one day she learned how to pull herself up, use the firm bumper as a step, and threw herself over the side! But then again, my sweet girl tuned into a climber. We later started referring to her as “spider woman” after she scaled a 4′ chain link fence at 14 months, with the intention of flinging herself into a neighbors yard, (dont worry, I was standing right there, hopefully you wont have that problem)… Having learned my lesson, my two boys that followed had very skinny bumpers that collapsed if you stepped on them.

  74. I LOVE your fabric choices, and I especially love the fabrics paired with the gold paint! Wonderful!
    If you are still worried about the rust on the spring system, you could always spray on a light coat of rustoleum and that would seal the rust in.

  75. OMGoodness. the rail protectors, the bumpers…no wonder I don’t have kids (well, that and the fact there is no boyfriend/husband/father in the picture) So much to know!

  76. i realize it’s been said a few times in previous comments, but seriously, are people really giving you safety advice? my three boys slept with very puffy bumpers AND a mini down comforter with duvet cover and turned out wonderfully. a friend came in to our nursery once and commented that maybe her son would sleep a little better if his crib was a little cozier. obviously, keep your little one safe, but for goodness sake. your nursery is beautiful and i can’t wait to see it as it progresses.

  77. The bedding is dreamy! I can’t wait to see the post in another year when she poops during naptime, takes off her diaper, and “paints.” Hopefully this won’t happen, but if it does, it must be honestly posted! I had custom everything for my first, but by the 5th, it was white cotton from Kmart that could be bleached and boiled!

  78. Beautiful!
    And such a bummer that you have to spend your blog time defending your choices (bumpers, paint, etc. etc.). You’re doing fine (like you care what I think!) and just ignore the “helpful” people.

  79. It’s SO beautiful. You made gorgeous choices and I’m re-engineering my crib skirt to work like yours!
    I made a quilted rail cover for my crib after my daughter started waking up from naps with paint chips in her eyelashes and elsewhere. The style wouldn’t fit with your nursery, but, it’s been really practical, is washable, reversible, and MUCH better than the plastic things:

  80. Simply stunning. I love the color scheme and gilded crib. darling.
    I am designing a girl’s room and have included a coral color as well. love it!

  81. I’m new to your blog and can’t get enough! What a classy, beautiful and absolutely perfect crib. Love the combo of the polka dots/stripes/pink & floral print.

  82. i loooove the way you designed your crib skirt. i made mine go to the floor too and had to safety pin it up under the mattress when i lowered the bed. your tie idea is genius! i will definately steal your idea for my next baby! also, my two kids kept their bumper for 2+ years each with no trouble. i’m so glad because the bumper was my favorite part! beautiful, beautiful nursery!

  83. You should patent that cribskirt Erika.

  84. Sallie Lewis says:

    Hello! I’m Mary Rosenbaum’s mom and she told me to look at your way of doing crib skirts! Great idea. Just wanted to share one that a friend told me about. I do exactly like you with only three sides and each an individual piece. I just use a piece of crinoline (the stiff piece in the top of drapes and is really cheap) across the top of the fabric and lining edges and just stitch it on and then glue gun it down to the frame. Just pull up and move when the crib mattress is dropped and glue again. Just takes a little bit of glue in a few places. Working on Mary’s skirt today! Blessings to you and your little one! Sallie Lewis

  85. Hey! just happened across your beautiful bloga and love all the photos and your decorating style! Love the nursery design. Just in case no one mentioned this, besure you check the spray paint used on the crib for metal of any kind. a lot of metallic paints use copper for coloring and can be very dangerous if babies ingest them, like if she licks or bites on the crib. sorry i just wanted to be sure you knew. i’m a doctor and artist so i notice this stuff!

  86. Trisha Troutz says:


    I love your blog and your sister’s. Thanks for sharing so much of your talent and life. It is beautiful. I am an Interior Designer as well and am pregnant and working on the nursery. Can you tell me what you used to get your bumper so full and “box” shaped? I love your ideas on the skirt! Thanks again!

  87. I am expecting in January and your design of the bumper and crib skirt is so helpful!!! Do you possibly have the measurements that you gave your seamstress? Would you make any changes now that you have used this design for the past year? Thanks so much for your help :)

  88. Do you have some details on how you cut the fabric and the ties for the crib skirt. I love this idea and am making it for my first grandbaby. Our daughter is super excited because this finally takes care of her concern for the crib skirt hanging way up off the ground.


  89. Hi Erica! I am working on my own crib skirt and I was wondering how much fabric you needed to make the skirt. I love the idea of tying the skirt on so I can change the the height as we change the crib. Thanks for thinking ahead for me! If this is something you do not want to give out I totally understand.

  90. Lori Powell says:

    How thick are your bumper pads? I made bumper pads using 4x width of standard precut pads from the fabric store and the ends are too wide to fit between the long sides.

  91. We’re still looking for the stripped fabric on the bumper pad but in cream and beige. It is on the curtains in the dog/bathtub picture on another post. Let us know where to find the beige/cream stripped fabric. thanks, MM

  92. Mary Cottingham says:

    How many yards of fabric do you need for a 3-sided crib skirt like the one you used? My crib will be against a wall as well. Thanks for your help!

  93. Love that someone is thinking like me! I hate when the crib skirt is dragging on the floor completely or not touching at all…its annoying! I’ll be doing something like this FOR SURE!

  94. Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is accessible on web?

  95. love this! quick question… what did you use inside the bumper? thanks!!


  1. [...] bumper pad (not the mention that she’s working on a quilt!). ¬†We used a tip from Erika of Urban Grace (one of my favorites) and made the crib skirt so that it’s easily adjustable as we move the [...]

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