vertical gardening?

Snagging material from other bloggers is not my favorite thing to do… but Brown Turtleneck Sweater is one of my favorite blogs.  Brittnye who writes the blog always inspires… her posts are short and always leave me wanting more.

Yesterday she posted this image:

Bts smith and hawken garden 

Smith & Hawken's Large Vertical Garden… I'm very intrigued. 



  1. Thanks for sharing my friend. I will have to look into one or two!

  2. says:

    TOo funny! I was just in the process of snagging this for my own blog too!;-) I have never seen anything like it, and honestly can’t imagine how it works… especially as they mention on the site that it’s also adapt for indoor gardening???? I think it looks amazing, but could you really use it to grow veggies?

  3. Aren’t they incredible?? I was drooling over it when I found her post & now get to see it again. How hard do you think that would be to do??

  4. very cool!

  5. Very interesting and perfect for those who don’t have a yard.

  6. I want one!!!! Or two! Or three!

  7. I love this. This may be just what I was looking for to fill in our back wall!

  8. I love that. What’s it called when you grow a tree on a wall? It’s basically a half tree grown on a wall…very cool. I want to grow a ginko like that in front of this house we’re looking at.

  9. Oh my goodness- LOVE THIS!!!

  10. Among the snow drifts and the sub-zero temps.~ I am longing for something lush and green inside. And fresh herbs- even better.
    Thank you for a bit of spring!

  11. Ooh, Erika! E-mail me and I will send you a crazy version that I saw of this in Spain last summer.

  12. Gorgeous. I do think it would be my luck that any and all watering efforts would result in a puddle of water on the floor. ;)

  13. that’s slick. i’m excited to learn about brown turtleneck and can’t wait to check it out!

  14. ok – finally an idea that might just keep the bunnies out!
    I have e-mailed this to the “gardener”, I mean husband – perhaps he will consider this instead of trying to kill the bunnies all summer long . . . .

  15. Isn’t it great? I’m obsessed now! You’re such a sweetie, Erika!

  16. If you havent already, check out Patrick Blanc’s work- its amazing!

  17. velvet and linen says:

    I love seeing a new idea!
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. What a cool idea! Love Smith & Hawken…

  19. Okay, I am going to have to blame you, Erika, for me losing sleep. I LOVE this thing and feel as a florist, it might just be my duty to add a couple of these into my new remodel. LOVE them, and I thank you anyways, …… so tired……… wink.

  20. I keep coming back to look at these they are so cool. I’m so not a gardener and wouldn’t even attempt to do these but they sure look cool.

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