Wheat stalk

TGIF blogger friends!!!!!!!!  Long week anyone?  My baby bump is big, making work (and climbing stairs) ever more difficult with each new day.  That's okay, as my sister says "that baby is easier to care for in the belly than she is when she comes out"… so I'm hanging in there!  

It's not new news, but in my opinion the best thing in blogland today… Joni's post on Sally Wheat.  Yes, round 2 stalking.  It's gotten even better than it was last time.




Pooch in chair 

I'm sure a lot of you read Cote de Texas, but for those of you who don't… you are missing out.  Joni has the most in-depth and informative design-related posts in all of blogland.  Thank you Joni for always inspiring, and thank you Sally for sharing your world with us!  

PS: I also thoroughly enjoyed Joni's post on Seagrass Rugs last week. 


  1. that kitchen! that plate wall! i’m in love ….. just the thing to get me through a rainy afternoon.

  2. wow, do i get the honor of the first comment? that’s what i get for being bored at work! i loved the wheat’s kitchen and wood floors…

  3. If my chippendales (done in imperial trellis) turn out HALF as gorgeous as Sally Wheat’s chair, I’ll be ONE HAPPY GAL!!

  4. Frances Haines says:

    This is one of the coolest homes I have seen in a long time! I live in Houston, and see a lot of cookie cutter homes with the “Houston” look of linen slipcovers, seagrass,monochromatic decor that can slide into bland and boring…this home shows you can be chic, sophisticated AND fresh, modern and of the moment…loved the bedrooms and the kitchen lighting and plate wall were pure eye candy! Those fabulous chairs were such a contrast to the vintage furnishings and the shutters hiding the TV and the retro portraits…WOW…you can have it all…but not too much!!
    Mary Frances

  5. I have to say that your blog is one of the best ones I have seen. Blooming in the South posted a link to your blog today and said that it is a must see-I totally agree!! Your nursery is going to be picture perfect and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

  6. I love the Seagrass idea…never thought of using that. Thanks for sharing!
    I love, love your blog. Good luck with your new baby girl. I can’t wait to see the finished nursery…sure it is going to be gorgeous!

  7. Wow!!!!! I am humbled and a little blushy. Thank you girl, I love this!!!! You are way too kind to me.
    Thank you and get some rest. btw – I don’t agree with your sister. The hard time is now, a newborn is easy (especially if you breast feed in bed, haha!!!!) When they turn 16, then you have troubles.
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Erika! I want you to see a painting I’m giving away on my blog! One of your previous fans won one of my other ones!!! Anyway, check out the painting “Blessings”. Might be a beautiful nursery painting!!! hinthint!

  9. I left a comment on Joni’s blog yesterday that I actually began reading her blog because of your earlier post on the Wheat’s home. So thanks for introducing me to her blog, both of you are two of my most favorite bloggers. Now if we could just get Sally Wheat to blog so I could get a taste of her style a bit more often…

  10. Sally Wheat says:

    Thank you so much, Erika. I’m so honored that you like my house! Your blog and your work are amazing by the way. And yes, I have to agree that the easiest time is now, so enjoy these last full nights of sleep while you can!
    Sally Wheat

  11. I love how Sally infused her incredible home with a “hip” and “sassy”
    touches! Loved it before and I love it now and that Joni can stalk all she wants….she brings good to us in every post!

  12. Ceri Hoover says:

    Love Love Love this house!! The portrait wall is amazing and I can’t get the screen in the “before” living room pic out of my brain. What a great piece! Please keep stalking and posting pics of the changes Sally Wheat makes. What an inspiration…

  13. I love that she calls it Wheat Stalking! My husband like to walk & stalk homes in our neighborhood that we like! We use our dogs as an excuse…

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