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Paloma of La Dolce Vita invited me to be a part of her Ten Things I Can’t Live Without series!  I’m thrilled to be featured on her blog!  My list is rather random…

1. my family

2. Dankso clogs

3. my camera (Canon 450D Rebel xSi)

4. Eight O’Clock Coffee (currently drinking the 1/2 caf version)

5. Fresh  High Noon FaceglowHesperides Eau de Parfum

6. seagrass rugs bound in leather

7. Orange Glo 4-in-1 Wood Floor Cleaner (I have oak floors and this stuff works great)

8. Linnea Designs Calendars

9. LL Bean Tote Bags

10. Sharpie Pens

For more on why I love these things… check out La Dolce Vita!!!


  1. Thank you so much for participating in the series, Erika! Your list is so fun and I meant every word I said about you. :) xoxo

  2. I love #1. Have some of #2′s, asking for #3 for Christmas ;) xo

  3. We have oak and pine floors (original!) in our new home and I have been looking for a good polish – will definitely be trying Orange Glo – thanks for the tip!

    PS: That sweet baby of yours is darling!

  4. I LOOOOVE my danskos!!! arent’ they the best?! Thanks soooo much for your comment Ericka. You really are so talented in many ways, and I don’t know if you realize just how much you inspire! Thanks again!

  5. It is so fun to hear more details about our fellow blogger friends!! I just listed some on my site as well!

  6. Popping in from La Dolce Vita – Nice to meet you.
    Now I must be off to explore this wonderful place.

  7. Ha – I comment on Anna’s comment . . . . no nice cameras for you deary . . . . unless you vow to not let the fabulous four toughy touch!

    Great list E – though thanks to you my HEATED MATTRESS PAD is top o the list!

  8. Oh loved hearing about all of your favorite things! Number one has to be my favorite. I can’t believe she is already 13 weeks old. Time flies!

  9. Wow. How fun I think I’ll do one too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh! I’ve been wondering about Fresh Face Glow. Is it really as good as I’ve heard?

  11. I read this post on yours. And then I did go and read it on hers. And then I came back to write on yours. I’m feeling a little creepy at this point.

    Love the blog {as always} & love your little “must-have” list. Someday I would like a super cute baby & a camera just like yours {I know not of the same importance}. OH! And hardwood floors so that I can use orange-glo.

    Merry Christmas Season Erika!

  12. That is the most beautiful picture of Sloane. Just gorgeous. I feel so hip & cool because three of my favorite things (8,9,10) made your list! I so enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas!

  13. How fun! You have such a cool blog. I don’t have my own blog as I am way behind times, but thought it would be fun to scrapbook 10 of favs. But how do you get the white background for all your items? Did you crop each item in photoshop???

  14. I love that you said you love Orange Glo! I’m totally addicted to that stuff! Oh and I’m totally addicted to my #1 which is the same as your #1~ ;-)

  15. Oh I LOVE sharpie pens…I know I have a dozen or more floating all over my house and office!!!

  16. I love sharpie pens too-there great!

  17. i hopped on the sharpie pen train per your recommendation and i’m never gettin’ off! love them! my hubsy is in georgia with the national guard and right now our only communication is through snail mail. sharpie pens have kept my letters legible when my hand is about to fall off from detailing our crazy days to him! thanks for the recommendation!

    oh…and i love that 4-in-1 stuff too!

  18. ooh, i love love love fresh products!


  19. Ha, this list is so random and great! I love Linnea Designs calendars too. I always want to do something creative with the months past but never have… They are too great to hide! xoRH

  20. What a fun list… especially #1!

  21. 1. i too am a pen snob.
    2. i do like the new sharpie pens. however, does that little ridge toward the bottom dig into your finger when you write? that is my only complaint.
    3. your little darling is so sweet.

  22. great list! i love #1, have to try #2 & #7, want #3 & #6, need #9, and am addicted to #10.

  23. I am right there with you on several of your selections:

    1. for sure (my own, of course)

    2. I’m up to three pairs of Dansko clogs: red, oiled brown, and black. I live in these shoes.

    4. …is all my husband will drink (the whole bean variety), which is good because it’s often BOGO at Publix and super-cheap at Target.

    9. I got my first tote in high school just because I loved the ones all of my teachers had…nerd alert!

    10. I’m in the throes of hand-writing my list of 75+ Christmas cards and ONLY a Sharpie will do!


  24. Love #3, #4 and #10. These are some great items you have on your list! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I like that you list is quirky enough to be real! I look forward to trying the fresh scent… ummm citrus… and will definitely share your favorites with my friends!

  26. Love this!

  27. Great Picks!! I specifically bought Linnea Designs to have them framed. The crab legs make me long for summer time. :)

  28. Love my dansko clogs and my Fresh fragrance. Good to know about the wood floor care. And I’ll add the camera to my wish list for when Baby C arrives! -Brooke

  29. I love the fresh-lemon sugar. I just bought a bottle for my husband to give me in my stocking!

  30. Erika,
    My Mom has had a Linnea calendar for eons. Its been such a mainstay, propped up there on her kitchen counter that sometimes I don’t even think about it. It has always made me happy.

  31. Yes, I would be opening up your medicine cabinet and taking a look-see to see what tickles your whiskers…! Great picks.

  32. Hi Erika,
    I love your list! It is so practical and fun. I came across your blog because I was debating on doing blue and white ikat curtains in my DR and I found the ikat cafe curtains that you hung in your kitchen (which are almost the same fabric) – it really helped me make up my mind and I am so happy with how mine look!
    Thanks for inspiring me!
    p.s. where did you find the dansko clogs in olive?

  33. Dansko is the best! My mom called them recently to see if they could repair the sole on a pair from 4 years ago; they sent her a brand new pair! How great is that!

  34. Oh yes, I love my 9 and 10. Want the camera and just bought some black danskos the other day. Not sure if they look to worky though. Hadn’t seen the green yet and now thinking about exchanging them.Do you have black? What do you think???

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