put a ring on it


Just like my boyfriend Thom used in his lake house.

Ring pulls from SVB.

NYSD House

Do you click around NYSD House archives and drool on your keyboard?  I do.

Lisa Jackson’s portrait by Francesco Clemente is my favorite piece in her home.   

I also enjoy the art deco chandelier in her dark and mysterious dining room.  Recall seeing this in May 2006 Elle Decor?  I do.

The stacks and stacks of books… I can relate to this look.  I believe that there is no such thing as too many books.  (Mom, that house full is an exception.)

The intrigue behind NYSD is the raw and real-lifeness of the photos.  Minimal styling.  Weights weren’t moved from under the bench, and that delights me.  I like seeing how people really live… Selbyish

I even like seeing that window unit in the kitchen.  Not yet convinced on the ceiling fan with the light kit, but I might come around on that one.

The daughters room is real and pretty.  Don’t you wonder just how old this room’s little occupant is?

photography by Jeffrey Hirsch

greetings from the random corners of my brain

I just got out of the bathtub, where I enjoyed my March 2010 issue of Elle Decor.  If you don’t subscribe, you should.  They outdo themselves with each new issue.  {I started this post last night.  Incase anyone is wondering if I take baths in the morning.  I don’t.}

I also must share a secret, I’ve blogged about these before, back when no one read this blog but my dad and my sister.  I love these bath salts.  If you are anti-Walmart, you can get them from Amazon.   They smell soooooooo good… even if you aren’t stressed and tensioned.  Trust me. 

In other news, a client-friend wants to know what apps I have.  I was anti-iphone for awhile.   I think there are some things worthy of not being non-conformist about.  Was that a double negative?  I fought the urge to get an iphone for a very long time.  My phone before the iphone was of the Nextel Direct-Connect species.  Don’t worry I didn’t wear it on my belt or anything.  It was handy for talking with my contractor friends (and my sister who had one), but there came a time when I decided to see what all the iphone hype was about.  Now I don’t know how I lived without it. 

As they say, your iphone gets better with every new app.  I really don’t have many apps.  For that reason, I’m probably not the person who should be conducting a post on apps.  But I will. 

Here are a few of my apps:

Facebook – fulfills all my stalking needs.

SayWhere – helps me find Target in a town I’m not familiar with.

Scrabble - never lets me win, but I’m still playing.  (I do not play on facebook.  I do not play any games on Facebook.)

Wurdle – words that don’t exist actually exist in this one. Everyone is a winner!

Dragon Dictation- because on my way home from work I can tell my phone what I did all day – then send those words to Paula so I’m sure I get paid for what I do.  Also handy for long text messages when driving (when it is too dangerous to type).  Or if you have plump fingers, this might be handy for sending emails from the iphone.

Sound Hound(previously Midomi) – for when you hear that song you love and you can’t figure out who sings it.  (Similar to Shazam.)

Pandora - music.

C25K- (Couch to 5k) -  because I was planning run a 5k next month.  Unfortunately I haven’t gotten off the couch yet.

All Recipes Dinner Spinner – dinner wheel of fortune.

Kindle - probably not healthy for the eyes.

Shake It Photo- for polaroidish photos, you shake it like a polaroid picture.

iTranslate – for all your language translation needs.

Emoji – a client turned me onto this one.  Thanks Dana :) .

Now.  Back to Elle Decor.  I’m pretty sure if Nate Berkus wasn’t gay we’d be married.  In the afore mentioned Elle Decor check out the home he designed for Oprah’s executive producer.  (page 91)  I’ve suddenly been motivated to clean off my giant bulletin board.  I have always loved binder clips (all office supplies for that matter).  I get this from my dad (you may know him as DaddyBoy).  Forget a wallet or a money clip, he has always carried his money, credit cards, and license in a binder clip.  And the bills are all folded the same direction and not folded together, but individually and stacked perfectly within the clip, small bills on the outside.  {photo below by William Waldron}

Moving right along.  When I take control of the Netflix queue it results in documentaries in the mailbox.  My husband does not like this.  I can’t help myself.  Last weekend I watched Sally Mann What Remains.  And as a result I’ve decided that I want to live on a farm in Virginia, take pictures, and raise horses and alpacas.  My house is going to look like this:

Don’t worry when I get moved in, I’ll invite y’all over.  There will be music, and food, and lots of fun.  It will 65 degrees outside, no humidity, and the leaves will look just like those above.

If you’d like to tell me about your bath salts, your apps, your movie queue, your designer boyfriend (I also got dibs on Steven Gambrel and Thomas O’Brien), or your dream house you can do so in the comment section. 

Thank you!