Many of you inquired about the print behind Allison (from the last post).  It is one of my favorites… I purchased it here.

the internet should go down more often

I don’t really mean that… because honestly we come unglued when it goes out.  But yesterday during the outage Allison turned up the Suzy Bogguss and kicked her organizational skills into high gear.  I wasn’t in the office yesterday, but I gasped (okay, really, I screamed very loud) when I saw what she did.

These little tags indicate how many yards we have of each of these fabrics.  Allison is beautiful, hilarious, very fun, brilliant, and talented to the nth degree!  I really cannot remember work-life before her and will do everything to keep her.  Even if it means rewarding her with White Z.  She likes good music too… and as of today, I’m giving her complete control of Pandora and iTunes.  Do you know how much fun we have?

Thank you Allison for all you do!!!  And next time the internet goes down, could you please tackle my desk? ;)

urban grace – to go

Did y’all know that this design show goes on the road?  We can bring you design, no matter where you live!  You just send us photos of your space, measurements, your inspiration, and we can make it happen!

It works out quite well… in fact, at the moment more of our projects are out of town, than in town.  It sure is fun designing and transforming houses we’ve never even set foot inside.  Some clients send us videos of their homes while others just send photos.  They almost always include a picture of their dogs… which always get printed out and taped to the front of their file. 

A kitchen project… long-distance… oh yes, it can and has been done.  The specifics on selections are ‘x’-ed out because these are real deal pages… and people have paid for these selections.  If you need help with a design project in your home, just email Allison (who has been with me for quite some time now, she is a total rockstar!  I need to make the official introduction: Allison, Blog World.  Blog World, Allison.  Shake hands, high-five.  I’ll work on a formal introduction, she is stellar.) Her email address is allison(at)urbangrace(dot)com… she can give you all the details on how our out-of-town projects work.  AND if you know any hot (nice) guys, she’s single. 

We always create a floor plan (even though I’m not showing them all here)… and so far we’ve been blessed with clients who are decent with a measuring tape.  Everything we select can be purchased online or through us. 

These pretty pdfs show up in our client’s inbox and physical fabric samples and other materials are mailed so they can actually touch and feel their selections.  It works out well and we enjoy doing it, so if you are interested, drop us a line!  You can fill out the form on the website or email Allison: allison(at)urbangrace(dot)com !