radio silence

Breaking the radio silence.  Life is still moving, despite this blog standing still.  I have nothing thrilling to share.  Earlier this week Jenny reminded methat I still love Deborah Needleman’s apartment…

Some other random items of interest from my world:  Sloane loves Gillian Welch. I love The Avett Brothers (thanks to The Estate of Things (who not only love interiors, but music too) I enjoyed this video earlier this week).  When I get home from work Sloane and I often dance til dinnertime.  Our very favorite song to dance to is Wagon Wheel.  Rock me momma.  Truth is, as of lately this Momma has been working a lot, and there’s just not much left over at the end of the day for the blog.  I hate it, but it is reality. 

Might I entice you to stick around through this dry spell with some camera phone pictures?  Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Last weekend one of my very best friends came into town for the weekend.   We were given tickets to a wine auction and it was delightful.  We forgot to eat lunch,  and I feel quite certain that by the time we left that beautiful antipasto tray was clear of every last morsel. 

Can you believe this man (below) was in my backseat?  I cannot. 

Allison is employee of the month, because she sends me emails like this:

Deanna, you win client of the month.  She sent a box of gelato this week.

Baby of the century… (her father dressed her and her shirt is indeed on backwards)

That one (above) is quite old, blooms are now gone.  Regardless I do love my Red Bud tree. 

If you are still reading… love you for it.

dream jobs

Jenna Lyons will be on Oprah today.  Should be interesting.  Glad we have cable tv at the office, we’ll be tuning in!

(thank you La Dolce Vita)

i love my sister.

I wish we were next-door neighbors.  We may (or may not) be identical (never been tested).  She has a couple of inches on me… so I got on my tiptoes for this one below and she thought I was being stupid.  She’s never been the shorter one, so she’s not allowed to have an opinion on my tiptoe action.  I thought it was great.  Sloane was indifferent on the matter.

A spontaneous trip to visit her was just what I needed.  She is so dang hilarious, I nearly wet my pants everytime we are together.

When I get there she immediately goes into “let’s get out of here” mode.  I suspect this is par for the course for any off-duty mother of three. 

So, where do we go on our big adventure?  Pedicures? No.  Shopping? No.  Movies?  No.

She wanted to take me to a used car lot.  (I mentioned that maybe a newer car was in the cards for me.)  Here are two she picked out:

Both would turn heads.  I can’t decide if I want to be sporty or tough?  I still haven’t picked one yet, but must admit the ”Big @ss rollback” is tempting.

We stopped for pizza, then she wanted a snowcone.  After the snowcone, we headed home.  It was an eventful evening.  On the way home she brought her car to a screeching halt. ”Did you see that!?” she exclaimed.  Me: “those gas lanterns?” Her: “no that trash pile!”.  Me: “back up”. 

She threw it in reverse… then she hopped out to inspect:

My creative brain never stops.  Not even on weekends.  While she dug, I dreamt up a couple of suitable designs:

Please note the Mickey Mouse shirt.  She said she put it on just for Sloane!  Yeah right.  I don’t believe it.  I imagine she arrived at that outfit by sleeping in that t-shirt the night before and then got busy with her babies, and then… end of story.  Outfit!  She wears it well.  You can barely see it, but it reads “This is my happy shirt!”

She quickly looked both ways.  Coast was clear! 

I believe it was at this point she looked at me and said “put your d-a-m-n phone down and help me load this thing up!”

I’m still not even sure what it was she scored.  A box on wheels with short little handles.  A rolling toy box? A decorative wheelbarrow? A planter?

I hope you all have a Darby in your life.  There is no doubt that she is the coolest person ever.  Heart of gold and not afraid of digging through someone’s trash.  My kind of girl.