Good morning from the Midwest. (BTW, I love the Midwest.)  How about I interrupt my Italy recap with some randomness?

That gray dress I was wearing in the pictures in the last post is on sale.  If you want it you can snag one here.  A few people have asked about it… so there you have it.

Here at Urban Grace Interiors ’tis the season to travel.  Now Allison is on vacation, a well-deserved vacation.  And she took her mom with her!  How nice is that?  She’s in Savannah, Georgia staying at The Avia… doesn’t this look like fun:

I’ve not been to Savannah, but it’s on my list. Allison, I hope you and your mom are having lots of fun!!

Happy Friday!!

back in action

Hello….??  Anyone there?  It’s a wonder this blog didn’t just dry up and disappear in my absence.  Apologies.

That picture above is Darby, on the left – at the gate in Rome when we left on Monday.  And on the right – on a park bench outside our local airport 26 hours later.  Exhausted and sleep deprived and waiting for our ride.

Together Darby and I had a wonderful time in Italy.  And we had a great birthday weekend with our friends before we left.  And now… well, now it’s back to reality.

And back to my precious baby and baby-daddy who I missed soooo much!

In Italy Darby took the “real” photos, all I had was my phone… but regardless, here’s a little recap.

Before we left we spent the weekend here at the beach with our brother Chris.  I know.  He’s not really our brother.  But he might as well be.  He and his wife Katie came and we ate and beached and ate and beached and then we ate again.  It was delightful.  And I simply cannot wait to see them again.  And my friend from college, Laurin, she was in town too so we visited with her as well.  It was a perfect little weekend full of those I love a whole lot.

Then Darby and I went to Italy.  Where we ate and beached and ate and ate and drank wine and ate and drank little coffees.  And saw sights that made my heart beat really fast and soaked it all in.  And lounged.  And drank hot tea.  And laughed.  And battled a sore throat.  And slept in really comfortable beds.  And visited.  And delighted it in all so very much.

Alright, I’ll post more pictures later… I’m about to fall over from exhaustion.  My heart is so full, but my body is so tired.  My alarm is set for 4:30am because tomorrow I’m off again to check on a out-of-town project… be back soon!!!

let the festivities begin

Hello friends.

As I mentioned my birthday is fast approaching.  It’s on Sunday. (Feel free to send money.  Or flowers.  Or cake. ;) )

This evening we will jump start the weekend.  My most favorite people on this earth are coming to visit!  A vacation for them, a staycation for us.  It will be lots of fun… that is certain.  Darby and Justin.  (That’s my twin sister and her husband, in case you are new around here.)  And Chris and Katie.  Chris is like the brother Darby and I never had.  We will spend the weekend floating on rafts, enjoying the beach, eating, and being merry.  (There might be some dancing too.)

When our weekend guests leave on Sunday, I will be repacking my bags.  Because my wombmate and I are going to Italy.  She’s already packed.  I told her to bring her leash so I don’t lose her.  She doesn’t get out all that often and I hope she doesn’t wander off.

If anyone is curious… I still roll my ankle out like I’m doing in that photo above (I’m on the left).  I’ll probably be pushing  a walker one day and look back at this picture and think “darn! i shouldn’t have done that!”  I know I’m getting older… but I’m pretty sure that I had a total meltdown that Easter morning over that outfit.  I did not want to wear it.  I can sort of sense it in that toothless smile I’m sporting. Darby was the angel… she probably loved that itchy sweater outfit.

We still have those tiny LLBean tote bags.

Again, look at Darby… snuggled up with Donald.. and I’m thinking ‘get me out of here and get your arm off of me!’ He’s touching my collarbone.  No one touches my collarbone!

Again, sweet Darby.  Me, I broke that rice-filled fake rose open and was a little worried I might be in trouble.

There is no one I’d rather celebrate and experience Italy with than my precious sister.  To say that I am excited is an understatement.  Erin will be our gracious host and she has been filling our inboxes with emails like this:

So just to give you a preview of what’s to come; there will be sandy, sunny beach filled days. Lunches of the freshest fish eating with our feet practically in the water followed by homemade cakes and sweets that will blow your mind. So pack some bathing wear, tankinis welcome ;-)There will be lazy days on the front porch looking out at the sea waiting for our homemade pizza from our wood burning outdoor oven. So pack some comfy lazy day outfits. There can be a glorious walk/hike up a hill which I did yesterday. Not as hard as it sounds and when I say glorious I mean it. Can’t wait to show you… so pack a pair of comfy running shoes. There will be walks in vineyards, museums, small cobbled streets. Coffees in cafes, strolls through parks, dinner party at a friends house which is sort of kind of chic, not fancy per se, but cocktail party chic, so pack a cute little dress and a pair of heels! There will be all of this and much more!!! Can’t wait!!

I don’t know what does for you… but for me it causes heart palpitations.

I might be back with a recap of the weekend festivities or I might disappear for awhile.  Regardless of when I resurface I can assure you I will be enjoying my vacation immensely!!!

Peace, love, and birthday candles!