don’t go chasing waterfalls

A few weeks ago Marla tried to twist my arm into going to Colorado.  I told her I would think about it.  I’m pretty safe.  I like to plan ahead.  I’m a schedules and lists type.  A little Type A? Perhaps.  But a few weeks passed by and I kept thinking about it… and my thoughts eventually turned from “you really shouldn’t go, you have a lot on your plate right now” to “why not,  it’s just a few days“  so I checked flights and they were cheap, so I booked.  Marla already had a car and hotel… all I needed was my plane ticket.  So generous of her to let me crash her party.  I was quite proud of myself for being spontaneous.  I needed a break.  My creativity has taken a beating lately, and nothing really inspires me like traveling.

As you probably already know, Marla is a professional photographer.  An excellent one.  And she has a sidekick, her brilliant assistant, Brittany.  Brittany is a dream assistant.  Here she is:

She drove us around, she had already researched all the best restaurants, she knew the maps, the sightseeing, the parks, pretty much everything we needed to know… Brittany already knew.  She is not only beautiful, but kind and caring and talented (she’s a photographer) too!  Marla had three or four photography sessions booked so they were there for work.  Me, well, I was there to totally check-out from reality.  And I was successful.  If you are a fellow schedules and lists type (Type A sounds so harsh) you know that it is challenging.  Well, I did a pretty good job.  I rode in the backseat.  Did zero research and just let the fun fall out in front of me.  I did a decent amount of backseat driving, but I couldn’t help it.  I don’t ride well.  And come on, being up in the clouds on mountain roads is enough to make a blind person nervous.

We hiked, we ate, we hiked, we ate, we laughed, we shopped, we laughed some more.  We met some real characters.  Like Doc (below).

We spent an evening with Marla’s friend, Denver photographer, Laura Siebert (who is phenomenal) and took pictures on a rolling hill at sunset.  Here’s a beautiful picture of Marla, I’m not sure if Laura or Brittany took it?  Thanks for letting me be a third wheel Marla!!!

We laughed a lot.  I’m pretty sure Marla (aka “Left Eye”) sang “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” all weekend long.  Did we hear it on the car radio?  Or is she just secretly the biggest TLC fan ever known?  I’m not quite sure.  I’m also not quite sure how many hints I have to drop about that bracelet (see Marla’s bracelet)… I really would like to have one.

One of Marla’s photo sessions was at the Denver Botanical Gardens.  While they worked I wandered around like a kid in a candy store.  Hello little squirrel.

I liked you Colorado.  I hope to come back and see you again real soon.  And thanks to Marla and Brittany for inviting me to join them on their little adventure!  A spontaneous break is good for the soul.

Monday morning miscellany

Something I don’t say often enough… thanks for reading and for your comments!  To answer a few of your questions…

Painting Cabinets and updates on my kitchen project:

How to paint your cabinets varies depending on your wood species, but in my case the cabinet doors are maple.  They are European (frameless, no face frame shows) meaning a majority of what you see in my kitchen is covered with door and drawer fronts.  I am having the doors and drawers sprayed (matte lacquer) by a cabinet shop.  The bodies/boxes of the cabinets will be brushed (and smooth foam roller rolled) by my favorite painters in the world, Bryan & Bobby.  They went back and forth on whether they would use an oil based or latex based paint, I guess I’ll know when they show up at my door.  (I’ll let you know.)  Half my kitchen had green stained maple cabinets and the other side had clear stained maple cabinets.  The kitchen is much too small for two different finishes and it has always driven me crazy.  I’ve never tired of the green, I just never liked the clear maple.  So, I’m going with green paint on all cabinets.  I like green.  I thought about gray, I thought about white, I thought about a gray-green, but really I just gotta stick with what I love… and that’s green.  My counters are 2cm Uba Tuba granite.  It isn’t what I would have picked.  Would I love to have something else?  Yes.  But I’m leaving it.  If I had a money tree I’d have new countertops.

I’ll do a full post once this little project is completed, but here’s a photo I took after some serious crowbar work yesterday.  We couldn’t get those false drawer fronts in front of the sink to come off, so they (cabinet shop) will spray lacquer those in place.  The taped up cardboard are my paint samples, I bought a quart of “Dried Thyme” & “Rosemary”, I liked the darker “Rosemary”.  This wall is where we removed two wall cabinets and ripped out the soffit and will be adding T&G (tongue and groove) vertical wall panel (it will be painted white) and open shelves.  We’ll add recessed lights (and under-cabinet lights beneath the lower shelf) and obviously patch the ceiling.  I wonder what my engineer was thinking about at this moment…

A couple of you asked about my watch:

Michael Kors Jet Set in “horn” I almost returned it, glad I didn’t.  (My husband thought it was a bit too fancy for me, but it’s growing on him.)  The ‘horn’ band looks kinda like onyx… I love.

Someone asked about my Toms:

Mine are Ash.  I love them.  Sloaney mentioned she’d like the pink sparkly (seen above)  Tiny Toms for her birthday.  {DaddyBoy, you asked.  There you have it, a hint.}  I really like these and these too.  Surely you all know by now, but for every pair you buy they give a pair to a child in need.  And they are comfortable.

Sambo Mockbee: (no one asked about this, but I want to tell you)

Carol (Sambo Mockbee’s daughter) graduated in Interior Design with me from Auburn University.  Her father, along with D.K. Ruth, started a program for Auburn Architecture students- Rural Studio.  It takes the students out of the classroom and into the field.  They design and then actually build their designs for very deserving people in desperate need of shelter in West Alabama.  It is a big deal.  Auburn University is very proud of Sambo Mockbee.  He passed away our junior of college but his legacy lives on.  Carol’s brother-in-law has been making a documentary “Citizen Architect” on Sambo and the Rural Studio of Auburn University.  It will air this evening on PBS, so if that video trailer above interests you be sure to tune in tonight!  I think you will all be encouraged by the compassion behind the Rural Studio.


Mornin’.  Have I mentioned that my photographer friend Marla Carter is building a house right down the road from where I live?  Well she is.  And her house is fantastic!  I went over last night to check out her concrete countertops and appliances.  (We’ll do a real post once the house is completed.)  She has this very large hallway full of windows, which allows awesome light to pour in… making for a pretty good place to take pictures.  I had my camera (which is way less sophisticated than her camera, but she managed) and Marla snapped this one of me and my Bologna Sandwich.  The little girl will be ONE in about two weeks and will be walking any day!

In other news… I decided a couple of days ago that my kitchen really needs a facelift.  So, I called a couple of my cabinet guys to discuss painting my cabinets and within 48 hours one of them called to tell me he was on his way to take down my doors and drawers.  I guess that means I’m redoing my kitchen.  Now, don’t get too excited… this is a low-budget spruce-up.  What we really need to do is win the lottery, then create an addition off the back of our house to triple the size of the kitchen.  I can reach the sink, the dishwasher, the oven, and the fridge all from one central point in the kitchen.  It’s small, y’all.  Real small.  So my cabinet guy came yesterday and now I’m left with a naked kitchen and a somewhat dangerous fun zone for a crawling baby.  I may have forgotten to discuss this idea with my husband, so when he came home for lunch he was a little shocked at the state of our kitchen. I’m painting all the cabinets Sherwin Williams “Rosemary”, which seemed fitting for a kitchen, and adding vertical T&G wall paneling and open shelves on one side of the kitchen.  I’d show you a progress picture, but really… it’s a disaster.  I’ll keep you in the loop on this one… hopefully I won’t end up in divorce court over it.

Happy weekend friends!