10 Miscellaneous Items

1. Our intern has landed.  Her name is Anne Scott.  That’s a double name.  She’s awesome.  I haven’t taken her picture (yet) so here she is from Facebook… we are so glad to have her!

2. My baby is cutting two teeth.  Everyday I think “what happened to my little baby?”.  She’s turning into a big girl.  She knows how to clap and wave.  Melt my heart.

3. I have the best team of people @ Urban Grace anyone could ever ask for.  Paula, Allison, Joan and Anne Scott are four of the hardest-working, caring, funny, and dynamic people I know… what a blessing.  We go to lunch to celebrate their awesomeness every couple of months.  We are due for this celebration again.  Mimosas included.

4. Sloaney went to the pool for the first time.  She wasn’t so sure about all that water. But she eventually warmed up to it and now loves it.

5.  Chance’s 36th Birthday was celebrated.  Together we sat and enjoyed this view.  This is why it’s hard for me to pick a vacation spot, I do live in paradise.  And if BP doesn’t get that oil stopped I’m gonna have a heart attack.

6.  My Giant Cactus Zinnias are in bloom and they are the happiest little things.  Sloane and I have a garden tour every morning.  We pause often to talk about colors, flowers, dragonflies, etc.

7. Marla took Sloane’s 9 month pictures this week.  Ummmm…..yum.  Those eyes… they are blue in some light, green in other light, and on occasion look brown.  We love you Marla, thanks for photographing us!!!

8.  My birthday is coming up.  In preparation I have purchased sugar crystal sprinkles to adorn the top of the sugar cookies I plan to bake and then eat in celebration!  Is it lame to make yourself cookies for your birthday?  I think not.

9. I was up all night with scared terriers.  Storms are really scary when you are small and black and white and spotty dottied.

10. Sloane wore her new cover-up to the beach this weekend.  I’m not sure who was more excited about it – me or her?


  1. Tara L. says:

    you sure do live in pardise! i also just introduced our 10 month old to the pool. she loves the spray grounds the best.

  2. You are one lucky girl, to be surrounded by all that beauty!

  3. jessica says:

    loved your list erika. what fun! my your little one is growing up fast! she is just as beautiful as you are! happy birthday and happy summer!!

  4. Catherine says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. She could not get any cuter or happier!!

  5. Candace Horner says:

    Love love love the Sloane pics, and the watermelon barrett?? too cute. She is such a bundle!! Your beach is so beautiful, hopefully you won’t be in danger from the spill. I love my morning visit to my flower garden as well, I love chatting to them…. Happy Upcoming B’Day!!

  6. great re-cap. sloane is a cutie!

  7. She is adorable! My husbands eyes are very similar in color as Sloan’s and I love having him try on different color shirts to see what color his eyes change to.

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to pick a vacation spot–I don’t think I’d leave either if I had a house by the beach!

  8. The last picture, are you kidding me! Beautiful!
    Hope that BP gives you your birthday present early!

  9. I bought the exact same cover up for my one year old Madelyn and she totally out-styled me over Memorial Day weekend :)
    Love love the new pics of Sloane- she is just stunning!

  10. Marla’s pictures are Bee-u-T-full! We are down the road in P’cola and I am SO WITH YOU regarding BP/Oil/Getting their * together!

  11. Its not lame to bake cookies for yourself on your birthday , I bake a two tiered cake for mine you can see it here http://chriskauffman.blogspot.com/2010/02/i-did-it-i-really-did-it.html
    Happy upcoming birthday , your daughter is so adorable ,its funny you being a twin your sister kids and yours look so different , I love that , my mom had four of us two light blonde two dark haired kids.

  12. LOVE Sloane’s pictures absolutely beautiful!!!

  13. Erika,

    Your little girl is beautiful!!! I love your blog as well as Darby’s!!! They make me smile every time I read them! I don’t think we ever met at Auburn, but I am married to Brian Harris (real tall :) Anyway, just wanted to say hello!

  14. That last picture is a framer. 100% for sure!

  15. Oh my goodness! Sloan is such a BEAUTY (as is her mommy). Loved the little “catch up”. What a sweet post. : D

  16. Seriously…can Sloane be the spokesperson for Baby Amore? People would buy ANYTHING with a baby that cute working the camera!!!

  17. Love you and your baby! You are beautiful and so is she! Can’t wait to celebrate with you and eat all the cookies you make. I certainly don’t think it’s lame to make yourself cookies, besides you could always pretend like your making them for me!? I’d gladly accept!! I love you, glad you’re up and running!!

  18. Oh and Anne Scott she sure is beautiful too! :) Y’all have fun over lunch and mimosas, when will this be? Can I come?!

  19. What a blessed life! Happy (early) birthday Erika!

  20. Sloane is the cutest ever!!! you too!! Great pics!! Marla ROCKS!

  21. Your daughter is SO pretty. I want her (in a non-weird way). You and Sloane are some of the most GORGEOUS faces I’ve ever seen!

  22. Anne Scott is the greatest! I am friends with her and Auburn and she has been SO excited about working with you! Send her my love. She is the best! also… Love your work, your blog, and your sister! yall are so cute!

  23. she is TOO CUTE! and I have been baking my own cake/cookies since we got married. what’s up with that?!

    and yes, COME ON BP. sheesh.

  24. what a blessed life! you really do live in paradise. how lucky are you to have that view everyday!?

    oh, and sloane! she just gets cuter and cuter each time you let us “see” her. i believe i spy her wearing bella bliss outfit (the one with the basket), which is my favorite children’s line! the marla pics are awesome, but i believe the last one is my favorites!

    i can’t imagine how much fun your new intern will have. i know there is A LOT of hard work behind the scenes but i can’t imagine how much fun it’d be to come to work everyday and look at beautiful fabrics, furniture, etc! sounds like a blast!

  25. Just a gentle warning: baby cutting teeth = melancholy about their rapid growth = second baby. Just sayin’. ;)

    Umm, I think we’d all like to work for you. Mimosas? My kind of workplace.

    Happy birthday to all of you!

  26. I’ve been thinking about ya’ll with the news saying the oil is approaching the FL panhandle. I hope your little slice of paradise is spared.
    Saw the other pics of you and Sloane on FB, and they are beyond precious! I think we all need a little (or a lot) of Marla in our lives!

  27. 1. I want to go to that beach. Amazing.
    2. Those photos by Marla are darling.
    3. Sloane is beautiful.

  28. Sloane is precious! We had that adorable bluebird clippy in the last picture but lost it at some point in time. I tried to replicate it but mine just wasn’t as cute! I love the watermelon one too!

  29. LOVE the pictures of Sloane – she just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I still see lots of you in her but after last week’s post I can definitely see a strong resemblance to her daddy as well. And I’m not a design student, though if I could turn back time I would be, but I would love to be your intern. Your work is amazing! Anne Scott is a lucky girl!

  30. Those pictures are incredible. I would have a hard time going on vacation if I lived there too. What a wonderful problem to have!

  31. Chrissy says:

    I showed my 9 month old son, Barrett, your little Sloane and, judging by the huge smile that formed on his little face, I think he has a crush. She is so sweet! I love the pics.

  32. Sloane is such a cutie and very well dressed:) We are heading down to the Gulf in August. I can’t wait!

  33. colleen says:

    I have never posted a comment before, even though I’m so impressed and inspired by your design skills. But that picture of your daughter in the float is just hysterical. That made me laugh out loud and I don’t even know her! TOO adorable!!! What a great moment to capture on camera.

  34. Is Sloane’s coverup from Target? If so, I almost bought one for my little girl. So cute. She’s really beautiful and has great hair!!

  35. Oh man, the Marla pictures are adorable!! Could Sloane be any cuter? And you do already live in paradise, wow!

  36. great pictures! how will you celebrate dad’s day???

  37. What beach is that?!?!? We are going to Orlando this summer and want to do a beach too. What do you recommend? How is Palm Coast?

  38. i just love this post.
    sloane is the most precious little thing!
    and i love lists.

    perfect. love the update on your life!!!

  39. What lovely update on your life! Sloane is beautiful – it’s crazy how fast babies grow! We were also up for a couple hours the other night due to our 55lb collie hopping right up into our bed in fear of the thunder outside!

  40. Oh Erika! Loved the Sloane update…gosh I wish her and Mallory could be playdates. I had to laugh because we are cutting teeth too and she had her first pool dip over the weekend. Our girls are growing up way too fast!

  41. I LOVE the face Sloane is making in the pool. So cute!

  42. Your heart and spirit shine through in your posts. That is why I read them–for this inner beauty. Thank you for sharing!

  43. Those photos are ADORABLE!

  44. Sloane is so adorable! Love the photos!
    Penelop & Paisley are adorable too. And they look so clean & shiny! How do you keep them that way?! Rufus looks like a hot muddy-pawed mess compared to your two!

  45. WOW… Sloan is growing so fast … SOOOO adorable! Love all the photos.. the 2 of you girls are wonderful! You continue to be an inspiration with your passion for your family and your work!


  46. oh my! what a beautiful, beautiful baby. that hair!! You look fab, as always, too. :) I’m guessing that’s santa rosa? grayton? we go there every summer. ahhh, to live there. so lucky, you are! Happy Birthday Erika’s hubby!! (ps, can you share where you get Sloane’s hair barrettes? thanks!)

  47. Wow what a beautiful place!
    Sloane just gets cuter and cuter! Teeth! I can’t believe it, I think these babies just need to stop growing up!! I love her clips and her dress in the basket where did you get them!?
    It’s not lame to make yourself cookies, I usually make myself a cake :)

  48. love love love everything about this post … lots of fun updates and the photos are to die for! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!

  49. The pictures of Sloane are beautiful! She is just adorable, I love seeing pics of Sloane and her momma. :)

  50. Loved this post & all its randomness. Sloane is seriously the most beautiful baby!!! Happy early birthday! :o) Hope the whole month is just fantastic.

  51. Gotta be Grayton. We just left WC Saturday and I ran on that beach several mornings. Ahhh…what a gorgeous place to live! I’m already having withdrawals. You ARE blessed. Not only to live in paradise, but with all the other precious gifts God has given you! I enjoy your blog, and Darby’s too!

  52. Justine says:

    I found your blog through your sisters blog.Those photos of your daughter are beautiful…where did you get that cute dress from?

  53. Michele says:

    You do live in paradise- lucky girl. I love all the pictures of you and your precious baby girl! My baby girl is 9, so I’m thinking 9 months is tiny. Enjoy!

  54. I love your blog. The pictures are great. My daughter is about a month older then Sloane, and when you put pictures of Sloane up she reads the blog with me and giggles at the “baby”. It’s so cute.. a blog for both me and my girl.. :)

  55. How is she 9 mos already? It seems like she was just born? She is precious. The Terriuahas are quite adorable too.

  56. oh boy, do these pictures make my heart happy! sloane looks lovely and so do you! my zinnias just bloomed as well..and I have california poppies coming up.

  57. I loved all your photos today. What city, area do you live? Looks great! I love the beach.

  58. Two things: I love double names (Anne Scott) and your little girl is precious. That’s all. :)

  59. I just needed to tell you that I’ve decided that Sloane looks like a little lady, and it makes me smile every time I see her. Happy 9 months to Sloane, and happy almost birthday to you!

  60. Isn’t the oil spill just awful?! It makes me cringe!


  61. You know I love Sloney!!! She is the cutest… you are gorgeous too :-) You inspire me!

  62. What an adorable cover-up!! I want one in my size!

  63. My baby boy was born the day after Sloane. He was introduced to the water last weekend and loved it. He and his older brother, who is 3, had a blast together! :) Sloane is a beauty!

  64. I totally support your plan to bake yourself/devour sugar cookies in honor of your birthday. In fact, feel free to eat some icing right out of the can too! Woot!

  65. Desiree says:

    All very adorable, and Love your glasses!

  66. Erika–she is such a pretty little girl! Happy 9 months Sloane! Marla took the best photos, they look amazing as always.

  67. Susan Gordon says:

    Your baby is so cute. She does make me ache just a bit for my long ago days as a mom to two little girls. On the plus side, mine grew up and left home (as they should), and I got a fabulous birthday dinner recently on vacation in Capetown, South Africa with my wonderful husband of many years toasting me with a glass of terrific local wine. We ate outside on the harbor watching night fall over Table Mountain — far, far from my New Jersey home. It was quite beautiful. But, sometimes, I wish I could have just one hour with my daughers as little girls. Have a very happy birthday.


  68. Erika, you should have posted a warning sign on this post. Too much cuteness for your readers at one time. Glad to see your
    dawgters doing fine. Beautiful family, best wishes for a Happy
    Birthday. BTW in one of Pioneer Woman’s posts about her wedding she mentions two wedding guests named Erica and Chance — could that be you two?
    Best wishes, B

  69. erika, sloane is so cute-great pictures!

  70. love, love, love those pictures… what a doll baby!

  71. You both look beautiful! I’m also jealous of your beach and I live in Southern California! Happy Birthday. I’m thinking of making sugar cookies myself in August as a new tradition. Thank you for the idea.

  72. Oh my gosh- Could I please borrow your intern, your gardening skills, your beachside location, a friend like Marla who you will appreciate for the rest of your life because of photos like these, and your precious baby (seriously)… ?

  73. such a cutie! and I bet your intern was really surprised to her FB pic on your blog. I went on a mission trip last year and the leader of the trip put a “get to know you” slide show and used my FB pic. I just happened to have my husband in my profile pic that week instead of myself.

  74. With the oil thing – we are all so helpless! Such a frustrating situation. Beautiful photos – I need a camera like yours.

  75. Is it weird to say that a >1yearold looks like they have a great personality?? I just love her spunk and joie! I can’t wait till she starts talking, she seems like she could hold some pretty great convos!

  76. Sloanie is 9 months?! She looks so damn cute, Erika! Teething sucks, doesn’t it? Devon has the two bottom ones now, too, and bedtime has been TOUGH. You look gorgeous, btw!

  77. Love the pictures! Sloaney Balogna is too cute for words!

  78. That last picture of you and Sloane is precious and I love that watermelon berrett:) Happy Early B-day!

  79. I am so jealous that your baby loves the water. My 15 month old screams and wants out of our pool immediately. What’s the secret? Love the giant Zinnias.

  80. I love those little bows Sloane is wearing. Would you mind sharing where you got those?

  81. Desiree says:

    Hope you don’t mind me asking where your sunglasses were from? I have trouble finding this style in a decent size. thanks!

  82. My goodness Erika, you’re daughter is beyond gorgeous! I just discovered you a few weeks ago and am working my way back from the old to present… my, how she’s grown.. :-)

  83. oh i love that last pic of you beautiful girls. like, i love it so much i want to frame it and have it my house. but that would be weird. unless i pretend you are my sister. hmmm…

  84. Love the pics!!
    I have pics of Cade’s first trip to the beach. He was almost 1, and screamed and cried! Bad mommy – I thought it was hilarious. Glad to have those pics. Connor is much more laid back, so not so many crazy funny pics of him…

  85. erica – your pictures are beautiful. sloane is a cutie. i cannot believe she and my hannah (also born 09.09.09) were 9 months yesterday. we just cut 3 teeth at one time on top. poor babies!

  86. Love your blog. I came across it through Rachel Berry Halvorson in Nashville (Nest Egg). You are very talented! Great inspiration. Your baby is also precious!

  87. I love the last picture on your blog…of you and Sloane…I need to know what type of camera/software you have….absolutely beautiful

  88. I love the last picture on your blog…of you and Sloane…I need to know what type of camera/software you have….absolutely beautiful

  89. I am a total photography snob and those are priceless!

  90. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this
    blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or
    if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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