Town & Country

Do you subscribe?  Have you seen it lately?  Stephen Drucker (previously the editor at House Beautiful) is now at Town & Country... and I think it shows.  Louisa (she’s one of those blue tags on our client map; and in the “out of town sneak peek” post she’s the mother of the golden retriever and the blue ottoman) emailed me a few weeks ago and said “have you seen November Town & Country?  Sloane’s Oscar de la Renta nursery fabric is in it!?”

Of course I scurried off to Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy.  Here’s the spread… and yes, I photographed it… too big for the scanner.

That green patina’d lamp below is delicious…

The walls of the Library are upholstered in the Oscar de la Renta fabric I used in Sloane’s nursery.  The designer (Markham Roberts) calls it “chic soundproofing”, I’d say so. Here’s a close-up of the fabric (this image below is Sloane’s crib skirt… this is not from Town & Country, however if they wanted to come photograph it, they are more than welcome to do so.

I think t he kitchen was worthy of more coverage… sorry it’s a little blurry, it was a small photograph… small photographs are hard to photograph.

LOVE this shot of the children on that beautiful sofa reading their books.  And the large ticking stripe ottoman… and the lamps… it’s all so good.  I zoomed in for you…

Hey pretty girl, where’d you get your dress?  I sure do like it.

This house belongs to Cosima Von Bulow Pavoncelli and was designed by Markham Roberts, photographed by Francesco Lagnese. The article, by William Norwich, is as interesting as the interiors.

I’m drawn to this house because of the layers… layers and layers.  So hard to get a project to this point…  a point I call “finished”.  I guess a project is never truly finished, but this one looks complete.  You never know, the stylist might have added all the lifestyle stuff, but it sure doesn’t appear that way.  The home looks lived in, inviting, and like it is thoroughly enjoyed.


Yesterday morning I woke very early so I decided to walk down to the bay to see if I could catch the sunrise.  I caught it alright; and it was nothing short of spectacular.

a kitchen before and after

Elizabeth and her family live in Lexington, Kentucky.  She emailed about a year ago and said can you help me?  And attached these photos.

We helped.  Poor Elizabeth was without a kitchen for a very long time.  She had us on speed dial and we (I say “we”, it was mostly Allison) offered design and moral support for Elizabeth during this renovation.  We’ve never set foot in Elizabeth’s house.  All of this work was done via email and phone.  There were times of panic (Elizabeth, I hope you can laugh now)… the faucet was back-ordered, should she wait for it, or should she reselect?  The cabinet guy goofed on the door style, but he made it right.  The lights, we ended up ordering two chandeliers and played a lot of “hold this up and send us a picture”.  And at the very end of it all, Elizabeth decided she wanted tongue and groove pine on the ceiling.  The kitchen was completed and then the ceiling work began.  I know she was stressed out.

Living without a kitchen for a long period of time is total insanity.  You don’t realize how much you appreciate your kitchen until it’s gone.  Elizabeth did dishes in her bathroom sink for months.  I think in the end she would agree… it was all worth it.

[All photos were taken by Elizabeth, she's pretty darn good with a camera! Thanks Elizabeth!]