Four friends and an HGTV photo shoot

A month or so ago HGTV invited us to participate in a photo shoot for their website, the storyline: using metallics this holiday season.  The deadline was tight, but with the help of my girls (Lauren and Allison) and of course you know it wouldn’t be a party without Marla Carter… (it would have been too easy for all four of us to get into the same photograph ;) ) we managed to pull it together.

Don’t let me mislead you, there were others involved in the making of this HGTV tablescape… but we were the key players. And Marla’s not-so furnished new house acted as our blank slate. I’m just going to let the photos tell the story…

The images above are compliments of my cellular telephone.  The images below are courtesy of Marla Carter’s Canon 5D Mark II.  Thank you Marla Carter.

You can see the story HERE.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

drumroll please……….

Hello friends.  To say that we enjoyed your blog comments last week would be an understatement.  Blogging usually feels very one-sided.  I talk to the world via the wide web and sometimes I hear back from you and sometimes I don’t.  Last week we got a glimpse into your lives and that was fantastic.  From the bottom of our hearts… thank you for participating.  You provided a lot of laughs and a lot of great ideas!


(Gina graciously offered us two more free stamps!)


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You know 2010 is almost over, right?  Well, we all need a cute calendar.  Linnea will always be my favorite.  So here we are…

The winner will receive one 2011 Linnea Designs poster wall calendar (11″ x 14″) gift pack… meaning it comes with a frame!  Mine hangs in my kitchen and I look so forward to changing it each month!

To win, simply leave a comment below and let us know… (feel free to answer all 3 questions, or whichever suits your fancy!)

A. Your favorite meal?

B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

C. Your dream job?

Paula: Anything with dark chocolate, garlic, or bacon (or all 3 combined) :: Franklin, Tennessee (with a second home in Napa)  :: Pastry Chef & Winery Owner

Lauren: Spaghetti and Meatballs :: Hawaii  :: Tiger Tamer

Allison: Homemade Mac & Cheese :: she wants to move to Montana and open a gas station, bait shop, and bbq joint (all in the gas station)… a one-stop shop (where she will sell her homemade mac & cheese because she makes the best in the world!).

Joan: Any French cuisine ordered with garlic :: Switzerland  ::  Accountant for celebrities

Me: Whataburger Taquito (egg, cheese, potato, bacon) :: Auburn, Alabama (or in the mountains in North Carolina) :: Master Gardener (with a huge greenhouse) and I would have a design business on the side taking on just one job at a time and I would teach children art lessons one afternoon a week (in my beautiful barn with a huge kitchen and stone fireplace and long, 14′ long, antique pine farmhouse tables). :)