studio b camera phone event

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!?  Want to make sure you all know about Studio B‘s annual New Year’s camera phone event… there are awesome prizes this year! All you have to do is snap a camera phone picture between midnight New Year’s Eve through midnight on New Year’s Day… and email it to: scoop(at)studiobthebeach(dot)com

inside scoop

Hello friends… let’s keep rolling with Marla’s house.  You may recall we styled her dining area for a recent feature.  If you missed that post you can catch it HERE.  I received many questions and I hate to leave you all hanging, so here it goes…

(a) Paintings came from my living room… I hauled them down to Marla’s for the shoot.  It’s actually a triptych… one painting was left in my house by it’s lonesome.  I painted them.

(b) I bought two Pier 1 wreaths and took one apart and stuffed it’s berry branches into the other wreath so it would be more full… then I painted with gold metallic spray paint.

(c) Dining chairs purchased at a local store that was going out of business.  They were cheap. They are usually in our design studio around the conference table.  Marla ended up buying these slipcovered chairs (4 of them for the sides of the table) and then bought two of these wicker chairs that are a very pretty gray color for the ends of the table.  It looks great!

(d) Mercantile Dining Table.  You can order through us if you are interested.  It’s zinc and very cool.

(e) Candelabra is discontinued.  Wisteria used to carry these.

(f) Slipcovered ottoman/bench… similar.

(g) Bounded seagrass rug from Fibreworks.

{Not tagged: The gallery lights over the paintings Marla purchased from us. Her rustic console tables beneath the paintings are from Wisteria. The seagrass baskets that are on the bottom shelf of those console tables came from Target (this but rectangular shape).}

(a) Green goblets came from my kitchen… I cannot remember where I found them.

(b) We made the table runner out of excess ticking stripe fabric we had in stock.

(c) Gold chargers I found after Christmas a few years ago for half off the original price.

(d) Silver flatware provided by a friend of mine, thank you Kelly.

(e) My china… inherited from my great grandmother it is Noritake, Green Bay.

{Not tagged: the flowers are Mexican Sage from my backyard.  The teeny, tiny glass vases came from Target – sold in a small set of 4.  My favorite. Bundled with the silverware with twin is Rosemary from my garden.  The white hemstitch napkins came from Crate & Barrel.}

The Makings of a Kitchen!

Hey Everyone! It’s me, Marla! It was so fun to read all the compliments and questions about my kitchen in the HGTV Holiday post, but way too hard to reply to everyone individually. I thought I would sneak on to Erika’s blog and post the 411 for you guys. She is working on a post on the specifics related to the dining area as it was styled for the HGTV photos… that will be a later this week.  As far as this post is concerned please note NO styling or tidying up was done before shooting these images. Here we go!

Let’s start on the right side. The range side. Here is what it looked like originally:

Erika designed the kitchen to have upper cabinets, but our budget was tight so at the last minute we opted for open shelves instead. We have a huge walk in pantry so I knew that it would be easy to find a place to hide all the unsightly stuff that lurks in the kitchen cabinets. As you can see in the drawing we also planned to have tile with an interesting variation over the range. (No, I did not plan to have stars of david over my range-Erika is just funny like that!) In the end, a friend of Shane’s who owns a masonry company, offered us the brick+labor at a price we could not refuse so we went with it. Here is how it looks now:

On the window side of the room, Erika suggested we change the original plans to include three large windows and it was a GREAT decision! One of my favorite things about the kitchen, for sure!A current shot of those windows:

We decided to change the kitchen windows to casements and we are so glad we did.  Another favorite thing about our kitchen design is the use of large, deep, full extension drawers on the bottom vs. cabinets. We find it so much easier to fill and organize them with tupperware, kidsware, paper ware etc.  I picked up the knobs and pulls at our local Home Depot.

The countertops are custom concrete by NEOCRETE. I worked closely with Tammy to make sure the color mix was perfect for coordinating with the rest of the room. I was adamant that I wanted the edges of the concrete to be rough finished and not perfectly smooth and I love how they came out.

Another decision when working with concrete is how much “motion” or texture you want to have. I like a little, Shane likes a lot. We met in the middle.

The lights over the three windows are  boston functionals and the one over the island is the Reeves large antique brass pendant. Both are available through Urban Grace.

The light over the range is from Kathleen’s Kottage on Hwy 331. It is a reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, whatever you want to call it, Marine Light. My electrician was able to rewire it and make it work perfect!

The main faucet is from

The flooring is 6 inch Walnut.

The brick is old chicago brick and they went over it with extra mortar rubbed over top. Color is off in this picture but you get the idea.

Fridge is Frigidaire Commercial Freezerless Fridge. (We have a full size freezer in the pantry).

Range is Jen Air downdraft.

Stools are

I have no idea what else you could possibly want to know. Go forth. Have a very Merry Christmas. Give Thanks. Be Joyful.