You know 2010 is almost over, right?  Well, we all need a cute calendar.  Linnea will always be my favorite.  So here we are…

The winner will receive one 2011 Linnea Designs poster wall calendar (11″ x 14″) gift pack… meaning it comes with a frame!  Mine hangs in my kitchen and I look so forward to changing it each month!

To win, simply leave a comment below and let us know… (feel free to answer all 3 questions, or whichever suits your fancy!)

A. Your favorite meal?

B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

C. Your dream job?

Paula: Anything with dark chocolate, garlic, or bacon (or all 3 combined) :: Franklin, Tennessee (with a second home in Napa)  :: Pastry Chef & Winery Owner

Lauren: Spaghetti and Meatballs :: Hawaii  :: Tiger Tamer

Allison: Homemade Mac & Cheese :: she wants to move to Montana and open a gas station, bait shop, and bbq joint (all in the gas station)… a one-stop shop (where she will sell her homemade mac & cheese because she makes the best in the world!).

Joan: Any French cuisine ordered with garlic :: Switzerland  ::  Accountant for celebrities

Me: Whataburger Taquito (egg, cheese, potato, bacon) :: Auburn, Alabama (or in the mountains in North Carolina) :: Master Gardener (with a huge greenhouse) and I would have a design business on the side taking on just one job at a time and I would teach children art lessons one afternoon a week (in my beautiful barn with a huge kitchen and stone fireplace and long, 14′ long, antique pine farmhouse tables). :)


  1. Anything Italian an carby :: the house I live in right now, forever, but I’d add a parking spot :: part time momma, part time cupcake baker

  2. BLT with sweet tea (yum!): I’ve always wanted to live abroad in Europe…London or Paris?: Helping those in the military and their families.

  3. My mom’s meatloaf, Charlottesville, VA!

  4. My dad’s French pancakes
    Wilmington, North Carolina
    Bakery Owner: mostly cookies, cakes and brownies. We would also sell my friend Gina’s famous chicken salad.

  5. I would live in Hawaii,own a bake shop and teach dance, and i would eat pizza with pickles EVERYDAY!!!!

  6. oh, this is sooo sooo fun. Pasta. Italy, Paris and Colorado (I’d rotate every 4 months). Writer, artist, and yoga instructor.

  7. My dream job would be naming crayon colors for Crayola.

  8. a.) My dad’s grilling b.)Austin, Texas c.)running a puppy daycare! ;)

  9. anything mexican, I would live somewhere in the south on a plantation similar to Scarlett’s with a second home on the beach in Ponce Inlet, Fl, and my dream job is being an at home mommy with time to teach kids flag during the week.

  10. I’m weak when it comes to a Mexican meal. I hope to move back to Auburn, AL one day!! I wish someone would pay me to thrift! — Stores & yard sales. :) hehe

  11. Thanksgiving Dinner (Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy) :: where I live now – San Sebastian, Spain (but I would have a private jet so I could visit my family and friends and have them visit me whenever I please) :: Bakery Owner

  12. Spaghetti!, Huntsville, AL, anything artsy!

  13. A: baked beans with rice
    B: Savannah, GA
    C: food editor for a magazine

  14. This is so boring, but if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be in Birmingham, AL because that’s where the rest of my family (parents, grandparent, siblings) lives and I miss getting to just be in the same town as them and do the routine day-to-day things with my mom & sister!

  15. My italian grandmother’s lasagna!! I miss her so much.

  16. A: Grandmothers meatballs and mashed potatos; B: Forks, WA (lol Twilight fan!!!) Probaby anywhere where there is enough room to breathe and see the stars at night; C: I would be a invitation and party designer. I love the idea of creating beautiful places and events where there is love and happiness all around!

    Sounds perfect to me!

  17. Fun questions! …french onion soup/charleston, SC/art gallery curator.

  18. I would love to be eating mac’n cheese in Denver!! :)

  19. Italian food – especially good bread with oil & parmesan cheese :: Colorado Mountain home in the summer, Florida beach in the winter :: Invitation Dedigner & Art teacher

  20. A. Thanksgiving Dinner
    B. Auburn, AL or Blacksburg, VA or somewhere tropical
    C. Pediatric Spinal Deformity Surgeon

  21. Brie, sausage, caramelized onion and spinach omelet with home fries; a sprawling farm in Virginia (we live in Maine currently, I could do with warmer winters!; photographer, event planner, mom.

  22. 1. There are too many to list, with no real “favorite.” 2. A fictional place that looks and feels like Bora Bora for 9 months out of the year (spent part of our honeymoon there), but gets the beautiful fall colors that I grew up with in the northeast for the other 3 months. 3. I would name colors for catalogs, or crayons, or paint manufacturers. So instead of “light blue” it would be “pool” or “ocean mist” – etc…

  23. Kat Rosenbaum says:

    My favorite meal is probably taco night! So many ways to make then and they are always a hit! I would love to move back to Fort Collins, CO. Lived there for about three years and loved it. My dream job would be able to stay home with my little girl full time and take care of my hubby.

  24. Dream job – owning my own bakery!

  25. I love all things Mexican! And I’d live in South Africa!

  26. 1. Barbequed hamburger on huge soft toasted Italian rolls
    2. Chester, Nova Scotia, in a cottage by the water
    3. Pastry chef

  27. A. Your favorite meal
    crisp roast chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans

    B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
    In my house, only with all of my dream renovations already complete

    C. Your dream job?
    part time personal chef to a very generous, wealthy and fun person who gives me holidays, weekends, evenings and summers off

  28. Katie Canipe says:

    Italian… on a farm wayyy off in the country with lots of cows and miles and miles of mountains! As for my dream job, being a children’s fashion designer and making it big with my small children’s clothing buisness!!

  29. anything Italian or something sweet, I would live right here in Lancaster, PA farm country, pastry chef and own a bakery downtown Lancaster :)

  30. I’m excited for this calendar giveaway! For the questions: my favorite food is anything Mexican, I would pack up and move to the Amalfi Coast in Italy in a second and my dream job would be running my own business, like an Italian grocery store and deli!

  31. My favorite meal is goat cheese and sweet corn filled pasta from jct kitchen in atl.
    I’m boring, but I want to live where we live now…in Tallahassee, with my husband and little boy!
    I have my dream job of being a stay at home mom…it’s what I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. It ain’t easy, but I love it!

  32. Breakfast is my favorite meal. Huevos rancheros with a mimosa or brunch margarita. I will live anywhere in the world as long as my hubby and lil girl are with me. Working full time for the past 20 years has me longing to do something on a part time basis…anything. ;)

  33. Southern cooking or Italian: Sonoma California or Italy: I love my current job because I get to travel!

  34. soft tacos, Hawaii or Chicago, pastry chef

  35. Meal:Lefse with butter and sugar
    Dream Job: developing names for paint colors or designing book covers
    I would live in a small cottage in Norway on a fjord, wear a wool sweater and dansko clogs everyday!

  36. Meal: five guys burgers with fries. then creme brulee!

    live anywhere…on a farm about an hour north of Charlottesville, va.

  37. 1.filet oscar, baked potato, apsparagus, ceasar salad. 2. any beach on the FL panhandle 3. start a non-profit that creates measurable increases in the quality of life for underprivileged children.

  38. Anything Mexican!

  39. I would be a SAHM/photographer who eats corn nuggets from Niffer’s in Auburn, AL!

  40. I’m with Lauren, spaghetti and meatballs! I’ve always dreamed of living in North Carolina. It is so beautiful! And my dream job… I’d just have a big farm where I brought all of the animals that I rescued. Professional animal rescuer!

  41. A. Your favorite meal? – Hm. Black Bean Soup from Panera Bread with a cold chai. Or pizza. or a pancake breakfast with really good coffee.

    B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Iona, Scotland.

    C. Your dream job? Having a small stables teaching riding somewhere with rolling hills, deep green scenery, and enough mist and fog rolling around that it feels like Scotland. But enough sun and shine that I can appreciate the mist and fog.

  42. Grilled salmon, shrimp, and a baked sweet potato: Maui or Lake Tahoe: tough…toss up between renovating old houses or owning my own public health consulting firm.

  43. mashed potatoes, gravy optional; I’d love to live in so many places, I can’t pick even a handful!; dream job would be a travel and food writer and photographer, but I’d also love to have my own bookstore with a tiny cupcake/cake and coffee shop inside.

  44. Oh, love the calendar! Anything with lobster :: Definitely one of the beach communities on 30A…love them :: Be a Pure Barre instructor!

  45. Love This one! fried green or red tomato—Pinehurst, North Carolina—-professional photographer

  46. Charcuterie and wine; London; photographer

  47. Biscuits & gravy and fried apples from Cracker Barrel:: Austin, TX ::Photographer for National Geographic

  48. i would love to live in North Carolina but i would love it more if all my friends and fam lived there too…can that be part of the deal!?

  49. I’d be sitting at the seashore, eating penne alla vodka before hauling out my laptop from my beach bag to complete my latest children’s book. :-)

  50. kara and george hebert says:

    food: (me) anything italian (george) oysters rockafellar from antoine’s
    live: (me) the most charming authentic (no mcmansions) town with a quaint downtown, a farmers market, picket fences and beautiful landscape/outdoors/scenery, with friendly residents and it must be bicycle friendly. it could be in the south of france or anywhere in america, i don’t care.
    dream job: (me) anything creative – artist, designer of anything (clothing, interiors etc) (george) his life long dream is to own a little dive bar/restaurant
    joan – you are so funny! accountant! i love it!

  51. I love a “meat and three” made in any diner or best at home. If I could have a delicious white chocolate bread pudding with it that would be great too :) I live in Birmingham and LOVE it, but I could do with the Southern charm of Savannah…I love a huge Southern estate with all the updates that still have the vintage feel. I think if I could do anything, I would own a succcessful boutique and play with my daughter most of the day! Love the calender!

  52. Favorite meal: Cheesebuger followed by 1 or 2 coconut cupcakes
    Live anywhere: Rambling farm in Montana – big house, big garden, lots of kids and chickens.
    Job: running a bakery in barn..goes back to that cake obsession

  53. Any meal that my daddy would fix would be awesome..

  54. I love all food, but my favorite is mexican!! Yum! Yum! And I would love to live on the beaches in Spain!

  55. 1.) pizza (the worse for me the better, preferably cheese…a lot of cheese)
    2.) Italy- Florence or the amalfi coast.
    3.) national geographic photographer

  56. Shrimp and scallops from Flemings! Yummy! Would love to have a vacation home on the beach in Destin.

  57. -Bacon, Egg & Cheese Plate – scattered and covered ;)
    -Somewhere in the deep South where my children can grow roots
    -Children’s clothing shop & nursery design on he side

  58. Let’s see.

    My favorite meal? I would have to say Chicken Alfredo

    If I could live anywhere, where would you live? I would love to live in The Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee. Oh what a lovely area.*dreamy sigh* But Florida calls my name all the time.

    What is my dream job? I wish to be a successful and professional Photog

  59. A. Love swordfish but never eat it anymore, too endangered. So would have to be a BALT (bacon lettuce tomato sandwich – with avocado)B. Paris C. Landscape architect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. black beans and rice::i think i would choose the NC mountains or italy::own my own record label or a microbrewery

  61. 1. Memphis BBQ with homemade banana pudding
    2. Bath, England
    3. Travel and stay in awesome resorts and do TV or written reviews of them (Samanta Brown’s job, if you will)

  62. Alexa Snelleman says:

    Filet with a side of roasted broccoli, cheese course for desert.

    Don’t’ care where I live as long as my boys are with me. (husband and 1 yr old son)

    Junk shop owner. I would spend my time creating vignettes with odds and ends.

  63. Pizza, delicious!—-anywhere that gets 4 seasons —-Wedding Planner

  64. Fried chicken, and Nice, France!

  65. A. Favorite meal: It’s hard to pick because it really depends on my mood. Sometimes sushi, chips and guac, sometimes deep dish pizza.

    B. Favorite place to live: Charlotte, S.C.

    C. Dream Job: I’d like to plan parties, just on the side, and be a stay at home momma (when the time comes)

  66. Melissa Willard says:

    I would have to say my enchiladas…I would live in Italy and my dream job would be an author.

  67. My husband’s burgers & homemade sweet potato fries | Florence, Italy | to have my own shoppe

  68. For comfort food, I like a super tender roast beef (the kind that falls apart in chunks) with gravy and homemade mashed potatos, steamed green beans, and pie for dessert. This meal is such a bonus because it’s so good for your waistline ;)

    ~Jacci in Ohio

  69. I have traveled across the country and think I would still stay put right where I am-Charleston, SC. And to eat, I love greek—good olive oils, feta cheese, cucs & tomatoes…yum.

  70. Steamed lobster with butter and corn on the cob, The north fork of Long Island, NY, something where I can read, investigate and organize in the food, wine and design industries – haven’t found that job yet :-)!

  71. Anything Mexican – Anywhere on the beach – part time mom, part time doer of anything allowing me to be creative

  72. Prince Edward Island…or somewhere along the Pacific NW coast. ahhhhhhh

  73. My favorite meal is my mom’s homemade pizza followed by her famous chocolate cake! If I could live anywhere it would be wherever all my family could live in the same place and my dream job is just what I’m doing…being able to stay at home with my children.

  74. You need to make a graph to show us all the stats of your readers food cravings! Lots of Italian and Mexican!

  75. a) enchiladas
    b) love nashville or charleston

  76. Dream job? Gentle-woman farmer/rancher in Montana!

  77. Sarah Rogers says:

    I’d love to live in the Mountains… probably North Carolina. A girl can dream!

  78. pizza :: i love where i am now (opelika, al), but in a house in the historic district that’s been redone but still feels historic :: i’ve always wanted to own a bookstore in a historic home and each room would hold books that fit that room (kitchen-cookbooks, bedroom- romance, kid’s room- children’s books… you get the idea).

  79. Mary Feagley says:

    Dream meal-Thanksgiving! I love everything about it!

    Dream home-near a large city, like Chicago but in a cute Mayberry-type town

    Dream job–anything that would allow me to be creative; a real estate stager interior designer, etc.

  80. A. Big Blue Bagel!!!
    B. Pretty content here in Bham…
    C. Anything where I could stay at home and work in my pjs!

  81. Homemade chile rellenos :: Bozeman Montana :: operating/hosting a fly fishing lodge with my hubby

  82. Hi Erika. You are adorable! I recently found your blog and can’t get enough. Then I discover you have a twin! Too good to be true. These giveaways are also incredible. I am into the bread and roasted garlic or basil dipping oil these days. I could eat just that for a meal. I would live in Saratoga California with all the giant oak trees and gorgeous weather and close to the ocean. Dream Job would be your job. It looks so fun and I love to create. Just wish I were as talented as you!

  83. I LOVE July. I need this calendar! My answers: sushi, San Francisco, professional blogger. Thanks!

  84. Pizza, Oregon or Washington state, and a writer!

  85. My mother’s Sunday lunch (roast, mashed potatoes, corn off the cob…simply heaven)/the same place I’ve lived my entire life, Austin, TX–with a weekend home in the Hill Country near Fredericksburg/a professional baby-face snorgler :)

  86. I would love to live in Chicago–but not for too long because of those winters.

  87. I love chips, cheese dip, and a veggie burrito, I would live in Vancouver, and I would flip houses.

  88. 1. the perfect, flaky, chocolate croissant with a cappucino to go with it. 2. on a lake 3. i am living my dream job staying home with my children and homeschooling them (no, it’s not perfect) but i am no fool, i realize that this is a HUGE blessing to be home with my three wee ones.

  89. A. Your favorite meal? Chicken & Rice

    B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? On a small farm in Arkansas near my family.

    C. Your dream job? Exactly what I do now: Designer/Owner of Timeless Paper (www.timelesspaper.com)

  90. Jaime Schmidt says:

    Pretty much anything mexican especially if it involves beans!! I would live in Maui and dream job would be librarian or helping people get organized!

  91. Love this! Queijadas (Portuguese custard tarts), my town, Acushnet, MA OR San Francisco area, own my shop selling all things cute and write on the side, have babies and cook all day.

  92. linguine with fresh pesto sauce; Whitefish, MT; dental hygenist

  93. Meal…mom’s roast beef dinner with all the trimmings…especially the dark gravy…
    Live…very lucky to have moved recently to our dream locale…Laguna Beach!
    Job…I’m a former elementary school teacher, now stay at home mom, but I’d love to try being one of those bridal consultants, like on Say Yes to the Dress…just seems like fun and a great place to gossip:0

  94. favorite meal: meatballs, mashed potatos, sweet tea

    i would live on a farm in the mountains, GA,TN does not matter

    dream job: farmer

  95. Mac-n-Cheese, love living right here in Andalusia, AL, but 2nd choice would be Auburn!, dream job is stay at mom!!

  96. lizziefitz says:

    Moved to my dream place this year, Charleston!!!!! LOVE It!!

  97. Blueberry pancakes – Ogunquit, Maine (where there’s lots of blueberriess!) – Wallpaper designer/vineyard owner

  98. any meal with all of my family around my mom’s table; the caribbean, one in marketing that where I can work when I want to and vacation when I dont want to work

  99. Mom’s “Special” Spaghetti w/ crusty bread, caesar salad and a good Cab :: Vail, CO or Healdsburg, CA :: Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/B&B owner, operator and host!

  100. Sushi, on a beach, any beach!, I’d be a shopkeeper at my great little home goods store, by the beach of course, so I could walk or ride my bike to work everyday. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  101. grilled pizza, greece or italy, owning my own desgin business (or jenna lyons job;))

  102. Another great giveaway!

    My favorite meal is any one that invloves pasta!

  103. Ooooh…LOVE these calendars! I have to answer all three! My fav meal is probably homemade veggie pizza and a great salad with blue cheese dressing! YUM! If I could live anywhere it would be a toss up between Boston, Mass or NYC…only for a while though I could never leave the south forever! And my dream job would be a Textile/Fabric Designer!

  104. 1- I could NEVER narrow it down, but it would definitely be paired with a bottle (or 3) of amazing red wine. 2- Tuscan country side, just outside of Florence. 3- Owning a huge, beautiful piece of land where I could have a refuge/retreat for dogs and horses.

  105. hot chicken


    I’m an interior designer and I love it

  106. Japanese curry is so good. I love Boston with all my heart, and I’m studying to be an Interior Designer!

  107. 1. Wood-fire pizza with sausage and green olives with ice cold Coca-Cola (in a glass with ice and a straw)
    2. By the Puget Sound in Poulsbo, WA or near the U of A in Tucson, AZ, and of course I’d like a summer home in Clear Lake, IA.
    3. The newest host of All Things Considered on NPR.

  108. My, oh my, I love this calendar!
    1. This time of year it’s chili over rice with sliced apples (Honeycrisp, obviously) on the side
    2. I long for the mountains of Colorado.
    3. I’ll fill in at your dream job at the greenhouse and barn when you’re with design clients or home with the family. Dibs on teaching ceramics and I’ll bring some horses and teach riding!

  109. BLT club..yummy, Coast of NC (Edenton,Beaufort), Own an antique store.

  110. Chocolate cake (does that count as a meal?)
    English teacher for students who loved lit.

  111. Christmas morning breakfast (quiche, monkey bread, fruit salad!)…anywhere with a view…being a farmer with a gaggle of animals and big tractors and a big red barn.

  112. Anything breakfast! Most notably fluffy pancakes with syrup + crispy hashbrowns topped with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese/I’d like to live in a simple, charming little guest house behind the home of my grandparents in small town middle America/I would love to own a quirky home decor boutique

  113. eggplant Parmesan, denver, a stay at home mom (with no worries about income)

  114. favorite meal: chocolate chip pancakes :)

  115. Chicken Tender Salad from this local joint:: a cabin that I could run and hide with the hubs could be anywhere-don’t care:: Elementary art teacher.

  116. A) Fettucini Alfredo or Mac N cheese, depending. Or possibly some other noodles + cheese combo – I’m open for suggestions!

    B) Hawaii if I’m dreaming. London for real.

    C) Mommy (hopefully someday soon!) with a design business on the side. I like your idea of 1 client at a time :-) Pilates instructor would be fun too. Also children’s bookstore owner.

  117. Macaroni and cheese :: anywhere out in the country…or on the beach…or in the mountains – really anywhere other than a big city like Atlanta, which is where I currently live :: owner of a wine, cheese, & cured meat shop

  118. My favorite meal is believe or not…Turkey(white meat) and gravy with rice or stuffing ,can’t eat regular potatoes :( , sweet potatoes and any kind of pie for dessert. So…Thanksgiving is perfect for me!…on a lighter note give me a bowl of Chicken Noodle soup and some crackers and I’m happy!

  119. Anything my Gran makes :: Somewhere out in the “country” with beautiful scenery :: Own my own business that sells paper supplies, china, and all my other loves!

  120. My favorite meal is Sunday lunch at Zack’s in Slocomb, AL! De-lish!

  121. Greek salad, Maui or San Diego, open a high end bridal boutique with my sister.

  122. Larkburger with truffle fries and a milkshake :: Washington :: Working from home

  123. (1) Yummy Mexican food– and to be way too indulgent, a Chick-fil-A cookies and cream milkshake for dessert! (2)Some charming little university town located conveniently near a bustling metropolis (3) Getting paid to write, decorate, and bake!

  124. OOOO!!! I was wondering if you’d give one of these away! Love them!

    My favorite food at this very moment is steak (6 months preggo right now…it might change in the next hour), I dream about living in the mountains in Colorado (currently in Texas) and my dream job would be owning my own children’s clothing line!

    Great questions! :)

  125. i love mexican-all of it! could eat it everyday! would love to live at the beach somewhere…dream job-probably architect/designer

  126. a. Olexa’s buttercream cake
    b. Sun Valley, Idaho
    c. high school art teacher or stationery designer

  127. C. Schnuelle says:

    Mom’s roast beef and garden vegetables, with cornbread and sweet tea.
    Appalachian Mountains
    Textile Designer

  128. C. My dream job is… being the teacher that I am right now! (It just doesn’t pay like a dream job…)

  129. fav meal: warm crusty french bread and soup
    live anywhere: NYC
    dream job: to play with puppies!

  130. Anne Talbott Simmons says:

    * my mom’s cheese grits- yep, i would eat that as a meal! * Anchorage, KY * part time nurse/part time mama

  131. Curry chicken & cheddar quesadilla; Rockport, MA for the summer and Cape Town, South Africa for the US winter, and I have my dream job-teacher!

  132. sushi, anywhere my husband is (cheesey, i know, but he makes life fun) except alaska.

  133. New England Clam Chowder with a side ceasar salad; hawaii; my dream job would be to start my own non-profit working with children.

  134. Homemade Mac and cheese, somewhere beachy, party planner

  135. i would live on a little island near grand cayman. and i’d never wear shoes again!

  136. 1) My dad’s BBQ chicken, mom’s potato salad and baked beans that have been cooking all day. 2) I would love a beautiful cottage style house with LOTS of built-ins and character at the end of a tree lined drive way by a grove of pecan trees (with tree swings) for the kids to play under all nestled in the foothills of the NC or SC Mountains because the weather there feels like home. -Even though I LOVE to dream (because that can be just as much fun as the reality), what reminds me to be grateful for all I have right now is remembering that my “forever home” is with the Lord. 3) A designer with the Google Doodles team.

  137. Favorite Meal – fish taco at Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta. Would love to live in Tuscany and then I guess dream job might be to grow grapes/olive and make wine and oil.

  138. 1.fresh eggs, basil, thyme…anything from the garden mixed in.
    2.mandy’s cottage in the woods…(see delightful book by Julie Andrews, Mandy)
    3.Ephesians 2:10

  139. Lauren Wyatt says:

    sweet potatoe casserole with grand marnier (pecans not marshmallows)… Scotland. Edinburgh for most of the year, but also have a home in the Highlands… where I would be a professor of World War II History at the Univeristy of Edinburgh.

  140. 1) Big Mac, Fries, and a Coke – but this changes daily since I am prego! 2) Columbus, Georgia 3) to work in the Good Housekeeping lab – where they test products and give things the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”

  141. Anything that includes cream cheese and sugar, the lovliest village on the plains (Auburn, AL), and I would refinish and paint old furniture! WDE

  142. Anything that includes cream cheese and sugar, the lovliest village on the plains (Auburn, AL), and I would refinish and paint old furniture!

  143. Nachos with lots of cheese – somewhere sunny on the water – artist

  144. Favorite meal: Mom’s chicken and dumplings, Where I’d like to live: I really love Kentucky because most of my family and friends are here and it’s such a beautiful state, but N.C would be my pick with a 2nd home in San Francisco (love it there!)Dream job: I’d love to own Bella Bliss, a barkery for dogs, or a children’s party planning business (which I’m currently pursuing!) Great questions.

  145. a)Tex-Mex, either enchiladas, quesadillas or fajitas with a strawberry margarita
    b)We own some land just outside of our small town (in Texas). I’d build our dream home there in the middle of the large oak and pecan trees and be quite content. It’s idyllic.
    c)I’d remodel an old, historic home in my small town and have a bakery and tea room in it. I’d name it “Mockingbird Tea Room”

  146. I love thai food, would have a second home in Paris and my dream job is Ina Garten aka. Barefoot Contessa’s job as a well known cookbook author.

  147. Favorite Food = Grilled Steak and Shrimp Fajitas, made at home on a lazy summer evening (oh, and with a margarita on the side). :)

  148. my mom’s chicken poppyseed casserole :)
    just moved to Dallas and LOVING it!
    probably working at a little coffee shop- or getting to decorate one

  149. Anything made with bacon, onions and butter; the South of France; a product boutique cause Im a product junckie.

  150. creamed spinach and sweet potato caserole ** Austin, TX (or anywhere as long as I was down the street from mom and sister) ** pie shop owner

  151. I’d love to live in England. London during the week, and the Cotswolds on the weekends!

  152. ooooh, lovely calendar!!

    My favourite food would be the simple Candy Cane Ice Cream… by President’s Choice, available only around Christmas time and I’m not sure if you can get it outside of Canada.

    I would love to live in the UK for awhile… not permanently, I love my city!

    And dream job… I think I just started it… I became a mom on November 2nd and I finally feel like I am doing what I always was meant to, which is so nice!


  153. my favorite meal is fried catfish with LOTS of tarter sauce along with hushpuppies! my favorite place to live would be close to the deep blue sea! and my dream job would be coming up with opi nail polish names while sipping margaritas on the beach!

  154. Fave meal: I live to eat and there is no way I could ever pick a favorite!

    Live: San Diego, CA

    Job: Food critic-sampling the best cuisine in the country!

  155. Robin Grey says:

    Potatos – any way you make them.
    Augusta, GA – my home.
    Stay at Home Mom with a big budget.

  156. Changes depending on my mood..you can’t go wrong with French food though; I’d split my time between Bellingham, WA and someplace tropical; right now I’m happy to be a stay-at-home mom, but after my kiddos are all grown up: international restaurant critic (though I might need a better metabolism to make it a true dream job).

  157. Favorite meal: anything from Maestro 2300 in Auburn. I would definitely live in Jamaica! My dream job would be doing what I do now…and I’m a financial analyst/CPA. :-)

  158. Favorite meal: anything from Maestro 2300 in Auburn. I would definitely live in Jamaica! My dream job would be doing what I do now…and I’m a financial analyst/CPA.

  159. My grandmother’s spaghetti; London, England!

  160. sushi : san diego : psychologist/therapist :)

  161. nutella crepes, paris and an interior designer

  162. Love this calendar! My dream job would be something involving photography and old houses. So photographer/old house renovator would be my dream!

  163. homemade pizza with tomatoe sauce, fresh mozzerella, fresh basil, sauteed mushrooms, and kalamata olives :: I would have a home in the burbs (close to family) maybe right where we are now, and a smallish cozy cottage on the CT shore (with a sleeping loft, and redaing nooks here and there- and a barn on the property that could be my studio in the summer)- with a pellet stove, so it was year round :: I would have a mural painting/nursery design buissness, show my artwork, and do art therapy groups at local psyciatric hospitals on a per diem basis.

  164. Fresh seafood, big farm in Franklin, TN with second home on the north florida coast, wish someone would pay me to travel all over the world with my family:)

  165. Anything with cheese! NYC! Own my a store for my sister and i to sell our crafty things in.

  166. a) Sadly, I don’t have one.
    c) a spice buyer

  167. Mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie:: somewhere warm, sunny and safe from severe weather :: self-employed crafty/baking/cooking profession

  168. My favorite meal is definitely Ina Garten’s perfect roast chicken.
    I want to live near my family.
    My dream job? I don’t quite know yet…probably taking care of my family.

  169. Gnocchi or anything with white truffle oil (best if I can combine the two!) :: Hmm…somewhere sunny (top of mind today in rainy cold Seattle) :: Press Secretary!

  170. Thanksgiving Dinner, especially the cornbread dressing, would be wonderful in Carmel, CA!

  171. Tempura udon; Provence, France; full-time mom

  172. Favorite Meal: Steak, Baked Potato, and Salad; Favorite Place to Live: In a cabin on the river; Dream Job: Photographer

  173. Anything Italian. I’d love to have a second home in Carmel, CA or Tuscany. I’d also love to own a little boutique.

    @Allison, have you ever been to Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City? An awesome BBQ restaurant…in a gas station.

  174. Steak and artichoke; Cape Town, South Africa:: A food and spa critic, woot woot!!

  175. anything mexican; nashville; a photographer for national geographic

  176. Bread, Cheese, Olives, Tea:: I’d love a place in historic Beacon Hill, Boston MA:: the job I have now, Interior Design business owner…. I love it!

  177. a. i honestly LOVE thanksgiving dinner, and cannot wait for thursday!
    b. i love chicago, i could live there for a while.
    c. ice cream taste tester

  178. swensons, Switzerland, milk associate

  179. Candace Horner says:

    A: Blackened catfish fajitas with mango salsa; B: In a bungalow at the beach, it would have a deep porch with a swing; C: I would have a “finding” service for people looking for antiques! Mostly I would shop in my collection barns where I store all my (junk) treasures and when they run out I would go on (junking) antiqueing excursions in an old 50′s pickup truck and just pile it up!! I LOVE THE BIRD NEST IN THAT CALENDAR, I Saved that pic from last year’s post!!

  180. Brie and green apple crepes with my fella. Asheville, NC. Early Childhood classroom designer. Feel so happy just thinking about those three things :)

  181. sweet potato fries-a big plate: anywhere my family is: professional shopper!

  182. lasagna; close to family; my dream job is to be a full-time mommy! :)

  183. Tiramisu, Colorado, Boutique owner… or maybe pro shopper?!

  184. Stephanie M. says:

    Can a brownie with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce be a meal? :: In a quiet spot overlooking the California coast :: Baker and/or photographer

  185. I’d like to be a writer, living on a farm that’s situated on my own private island. It would be a mountainous island with cliffs down to the sandy white beaches. While there, I’d eat lots of Krispy Kreme “Hot Now” doughnuts that would probably have to be flown in to keep them hot and fresh. Every night, I’d drink margaritas and eat guacamole.

  186. Lots of favorite meals but one of the top is sushi from Dharma Blue::Charlottesville, VA, Charlotte, NC, OR Denver, CO::Old house renovator

  187. J Alexander Prime Rib Sandwich (today)
    Somewhere along the gulf coast or next door to my best friend.
    no idea of what my dream job is…maybe wedding planner or baker.

  188. (I think this is my first comment here!) – pizza :: south of France or close to DC, probably Charlotte, VA :: successful writer and designer.

  189. thin crust pizza, bucks county, Pennsylvania, throwing lots of parties for my friends and family

  190. Pad Thai. Damascus Va. B&B owner/operator

  191. Parmesan Shrimp Pasta. I would like on the Gulf Coast, with a part-time home in the Virgin Islands. And my dream job would be to be a SAHM part time while being a wedding design consultant a few days a week. :)

  192. a. hot pizza and a cold draft beer
    b. south end of portsmouth, nh
    c. i have my dream job! a stay at home momma…

    your giveaways are great, thanks so much!

  193. PB&J in Auburn, AL

  194. I love seafood. I have vacationed in the Bahamas and it was beautiful, so living there would be nice; however it would definately have to be located directly on the beach. I am a social worker now and love my job, but I would like to be a stay at home mom.

  195. Favorite meal: that is hard, but i think that a great steak is up there. Place to live: I would want to live just outside of a big city in a really cool town with sidewalks and wonderful restaurants and moderate temperatures. Job: Part time mama and actress :)

  196. 1. Boiled crawfish, hands down. 2. Italy 3. Animal Rescuer :)

  197. Hannah Fields says:

    My favorite meal is Ginger crusted salmon from Mitchel’s fish market in Louisville KY. Really, it is the best.
    If i could live anywhere I would live in Vermont. However, i would forgo my dream location to live close to my children.
    My dream job is to be a mother. I have four little ones so i can check that one off of my list.

    ps. love the calendar! Also, Erika I found a note you had written me in high school not long ago. you drew a picture of me as a bumble bee. Im thinking i was wearing a yellow and black shirt w a black jumper. I wish i could send you a copy of it. It was pretty funny and filled with all kinds of high school humor.

  198. carbonara- reminds me of my husband
    texas hill country
    winery owner

  199. French Onion Soup:Hawaii:Country Singer

  200. If I could live anywhere, it would be my old stomping grounds…the good ole plains of Auburn, AL! I mean who doesn’t love an orange and blue sunset every night?! If I could only talk my die hard Georgia fan husband into it…

  201. steamed artichokes dipped in melted butter, somewhere along the coast in Spain, and a horse trainer… apparently in Spain! :)

  202. I love Mongolian BBQ with tons of vegetables. I would live anywhere on a body of water with mild temperatures where I could be a fashion designer. Sigh. . .

  203. Anything Italian : New York City : Photographer

  204. Hmmm, I had great bourbon chicken over rice dish for lunch today that was really outta this world good.
    I would live wherever AHH is. No matter the place.
    A homemaker with 4-5 kids, and enough money that I was not financially stressed :)

  205. Liz McNeil says:

    Thanksgiving meal; Long to live at the beach and a own a makeup boutique that’s a cafe too. Caroline- I live in Blacksburg, VA! It is a lovely place!

  206. Mexican food! We live in AZ and the Mexican food here is amazing!

  207. A. Aji de Gallina – this Peruvian dish of shredded chicken breast in a spicy peanut and garlic sauce and served over no other rice but white. OMG, love.

    B. Florence, Italy.

    C. Travel writer

  208. My homeade lasagna with a greek salad and bread. or anything southern… In the states I would love to live in Alabama on a farm. Outside of the states I would absolutely love to live in Italy. I have always dreamed of having my own restaurant in my hometown :)

  209. Shrimp & chorizo paella; right where we live in the heart of DC.

  210. So fun!! Here goes… Mellow Mushroom or CPK bbq chicken pizza::Auburn, AL (lucky me! Also, you should go ahead and start packing!) or Highlands, NC::working in retail (with no nights or weekends) or back to finance and planning overseas trips for Crusade

  211. pizza, where I am now – Chicago (but with a house upgrade, and perhaps a second home on a lake or a beach), and a stay-at-home mom

  212. a)scallops b)the UK c)hmm, paid crafter – knitting, crochetting, needlepoint, sewing

  213. these questions have been so much fun to answer and view! thanks!
    A: amazing bread with fruit and cheese (and some dark chocolate thrown in for good measure)
    B: i want to still live in Utah but have the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever the mood strikes (i need “tickets on the fridge”) :)
    C: a writer

  214. a baguette, some chevre or camembert or other sort of yummy french cheese, red wine; I loved living in Paris, but would also love San Diego and could see myself living there–though I do LOVE Richmond and would have a hard time leaving! I would love for my main job to be blogging, crafting, helping people plan parties/celebrations–and being a child and family therapist on the side!

  215. Oatmeal…at any time of day…wierd, right?! (Did I mention that I’m pregnant?) :: Middle or East Tennessee :: Stay at home mommy with an antiques biz on the side

  216. Jennifer B says:

    Turkey from Pimentos; homemade Mac & Cheese; any beach; stay at home mom.

  217. Jennifer Boland says:

    MEAL: Definitely Barnabies Pepperoni Pizza, Tallahassee, FL
    PLACE: Manhattan! For now I’ll just settle for a long visit :-)

  218. amanda calton says:

    The most delicious loaf of crusty, french bread – warm, with butter. The whole thing.

    I would live somewhere with a craggy coast line: East coast, with a forest in my backyard, and salty air.

    My dream job is still exactly the same as it was when I was a child: I would be in the CIA, á la Valerie Plume, and I would travel the world as a woman of mystery, killing off evil warlords with my poison-tipped lipstick.

  219. Meredith Gibson says:

    I love Italian food so my favorite meal would definitely be Italian…maybe Pesto Gnocchi.

  220. FAVORITE MEAL: such a hard call….probably chips, salsa and a big bowl of tortilla soup with a “regular” coke!

    IF I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE: Probably Medford, OR. it’s a small town close to the california border. The weather is great and the scenery breathtaking. I’d live on some property in a cottage like farmhouse with a wrap around porch.

    DREAM JOB: I’m living the dream being a mom to my two sweet boys, luke and landry.

  221. if i could live anywhere, it would be beaufort, south carolina…in one of those gorgeous huge homes by the water, close to the “big chill” house. or hmm, maybe in that house. such a cute small town with loads of charm and a beach next door – love it!

  222. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal {turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, dressing, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese…mmmmm :: Kiawah Island, SC :: I always said that I would like to write travel guides, which would fulill both my love of travel and love of writing…but now that I’m a Mama I’m not so sure it would be my dream job anymore!

  223. Elizabeth L says:

    Fresh fish and shellfish of any kind, Seattle, WA and I’d love to run a nonprofit/foundation that provides opportunities for kids in music and the arts.

  224. chips & queso (Texas girl!) Cape Cod!!!(Harwich or Brewster, MA), would love own a book store, on the cape!!

  225. a. Lupi’s salad and bruschetta (Chattanooga, TN), b. Aspen, CO, c. stylist

  226. Pollo Mexicano from Jason’s Deli; I change my mind often… right now: a smallish, bike friendly town that’s a few hours outside of the big city either in the Midwest or the Northeast; a SAHM & a part-time college printmaking professor.

  227. Any meal someone else makes, on lots of beautiful acres almost anywhere, writer

  228. I’m a huge sandwich fan, all sandwiches :: I’m with you, mountains of North Carolina (where we were married) :: Professional horse rider

  229. Tortellini De Stefano (cheese tortellini with pink sauce and crispy prosciutto and provolone melted on top of it all)…Buenos Aires….personal shopper :)

  230. I actually love breakfast – maybe that’s the Scandinavian in me; fresh baked bread, ham, cheese, egg, coffee… what a perfect way to start the day! And if I could live anywhere, it would have to be somewhere in Italy. Ahh

  231. A. Homemade pasta with peas and prosciutto and parmesan
    B. Somewhere out West…maybe in Colorado?
    C. Winery owner or hiking guide…maybe both.

  232. Samantha B says:

    *any salad or sandwich that combines grilled chicken, fresh tomato, avocado and bacon

    *I am loving living in NW FL, but the Northwest would be great too

    *knitting for a living in a cozy studio in my backyard would be a dream come true

  233. 1. BLT and anything chocolate (but not together?). 2. somewhere in North Carolina…hopefully moving to Raleigh in the future :) 3. I’d love to own my own boutique someday selling my handmade items…

  234. Crabcakes – Charlottesville, VA (home of my alma mater) – writer for Travel + Leisure

  235. my mom’s extra cheesy lasagna with fresh, french bread, country hillside with family and friends close by, hmm… dream job. owning my own shop that I had to travel the world to buy things for…

  236. Mexican! On the beach in Seagrove, FL, owner of a childrens clothing store.

  237. Homemade mac and cheese, with a cheesy crunchy topping, with ketchup :: Sanibel Island, Florida :: and I’d have an animal rescue/rehab for dogs and cats, horses and other livestock…

  238. Fav. Meal—- a giant piece of Red Velvet Cake– nothing else:)
    If I could live anywhere— French Rivera
    Dream Job—- Backup singer for Jimmy Buffett— of course!!

  239. Grilled pizza & tacos de bistec (sp?)!

  240. 1. Breaded Veal with creamed spinach
    2. On Lake Michigan
    3. Current Job. Event Planner. Best job ever. I get to travel and take clients to the most awesome restaurants all over the country and the world. :) Happy Friday.

  241. Qdoba– anything from there!:: Florence, Italy or in the hills of Tuscany:: Book editor for a large publishing house in New York.

  242. - Crabcakes or scallops, (Or Taqueria Del Sol fried chicken tacos, fish tacos and chips and guac. Check it out the next time you are in the ATL.)
    - St. Simons Island, GA,
    - a darling children’s bookstore just like ” The Shoppe Around the Corner” in You’ve Got Mail.

  243. Homemade hamburgers fresh off the grill and homemade potato chips with blue cheese and old bay seasoning, compliments of my husband; our family farm in New Market, TN; would love to be a professional farmer and grow, sell and make organic meats,fruits, vegetables and flowers, in other words, Queen of the Farmer’s Market!

  244. Lindsey Hill says:

    1) Lobster with warm butter for dipping!
    2) Schramsberg Vineyard in Napa Valley (Calistoga, actually)
    3) I would love to have Samantha Brown’s job on the Travel Channel!

  245. My dream job would not be something I got paid for. My dream job would be me doing something to help children either without a family or just those in need. Still working on this and hoping to achieve it one day :)

  246. 1. Authentic Mexican Tacos and guacamole and then some ice cream.
    2. Charleston, SC
    3. Ice Cream store owner

  247. If I’m making it – anything which doesn’t involve chopping and cutting and more than 10 minutes of prep; If I’m eating it- gnocchi of just about any kind: San Francisco: Fundraising for my favorite charity.

  248. Food: Anything with pasta…or sushi. Tough call.
    Place: Anywhere near the ocean.
    Job: I’ve always wanted to own/run a Mailboxes Etc. UPS bought them all up, so it wouldn’t happen now. I love paper and packages and pens…so probobly to own an upscale stationary store/graphic design business.

  249. my favorite meal would be my granny’s sunday dinner: pot roast, corn, new potatoes, and corn bread.

    i would on a farm, somewhere warmer.

    and my dream job is to own my own boutique.

  250. My favorite meal would be chips and (white) cheese dip, a margarita, and tacos from my favorite cheap mexican place… I’d like to live in either Florence, Italy or Boulder, Colorado… and my dream job would be either to take over for Jenna Lyons (Creative Director at JCrew) or to expand my current teeny, tiny, newly created letterpress business.

  251. Any kind of pizza – Birmingham, AL – having a free ice cream truck

  252. a) any meal where good friends and family gather together.
    b) malibu, ca
    c) small cafe / wine bar / coffee shop owner (it would have a daycare in the back – so moms could come together and enjoy)

  253. meatball sub with lots of cheese and fritos on the side. Savannah, GA. bake cookies and cupcakes all day long.

  254. A. Top eye steak dinner from the steakhouse in Moulton, AL.
    B. London, England.
    C. Actor on Broadway.

  255. Fried catfish, New Orleans, LA and a FOX News anchor

  256. Favorite meal = Making seafood Paella and enjoying it with a glass of spicy red wine and a cute boy!

  257. Best meal: hot, juicy filet mignon with skinny french fries, creamed spinach and a glass of red wine!
    I would love to live in Fairhope, AL.
    Dream job: mom and kid’s birthday party planner (half way there)

  258. favorite meal: something Mexican with black beans, lime, and some really good guacamole….and a margarita!

  259. Laura Kirch says:

    A)I love pizza, hands down favorite meal. B) I honestly would live where I live-Seattle, it’s the best. Would love to give New York a whirl someday. C) Dream job is ironically Interior Designer…have degree, but started a family.

  260. a) Shrimp tacos b) the little town of Belmont, NC where I live now c) I would like to have the job of picking out songs for movie soundtracks!

  261. I LOVE veggie pizzas with a salad:: I would like to live somewhere in north Alabama or Georgia where there are more mountains/hills than there are in Jackson, MS (I would also prefer that my family move there with me :)) :: and my dream job would be my current job (NICU nurse), but with 8 hour shifts and no weekends or holidays!!

  262. That first complete salad that can be made when the garden starts producing in late June. Right where I am. Being a photographer that’s paid to take pictures of things and candid moments.

  263. A. Anything Mexican, B. London, C. Still trying to figure it out

    I would love to add a fun calendar to my office cube.

  264. Susan Harris says:

    1- anything mexican! 2- on any beach 3- would love to open an antique store in an old house with a big front porch filled with rocking chairs and a greenhouse where I would grow/sell orchids! ahhhhh!

  265. Favorite meal, hands down, is the Veggie Burger from Houstons ( in Atl); with a plain baked potato with honey mustard on the side. Diet Coke to drink. Yum!!!

  266. A. Your favorite meal? Anything involving bread and pasta!! Carbo-holics anonymous is needed in this house! I could never ever survive the Atkins diet! No way, no how!!

    B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Cherokee, NC, see answer below…

    C. Your dream job? Selling clay pumpkins out of an roadside stand during the fall and running a small hotel with old-time charm and good family values. I know that sounds rather random, but there is a pumpkin stand in Cherokee and every year we go through on trips I dream of owning it! There is also a hotel there called the Pink. It has been there since I was a little girl and I have always loved staying there. It is as the name indicates PINK!! Pink outside and the interior is all pink tile, with black accents. It is so fantastically tacky, but as a little girl I thought it was the COOLEST thing I had ever seen!! I love it just as much still because of all the great memories I have there. I would love to be the proud owner and inn keeper at the Pink!!

  267. Beautiful! If I could live anywhere (with unlimited funds, of course) I’d live on the Battery in Charleston, SC.

  268. Buffalo chicken pizza::Winter/Bermuda Summer/Block Island::Erika’s Assistant and Nanny.

  269. i’d eat real italian pizza everyday if i could!

  270. A. Chinese Takeout B. Chicago C. Nursery/Childrens’ Rooms Designer

  271. Anything mexican :: Dallas, Texas (best city in the world!) :: Storm Chaser.. my absolutely dream job since I was a little girl!

  272. If I could live anywhere I would live on a beach. As in the sand was my back yard.

  273. andrea silva says:

    i would live in maine if i could live anywhere. yummmmmm lobster!

  274. My favorite food source is a church “dinner on the ground”–I want a little bite of everything!
    I already live in the best place on earth–AUBURN, ALABAMA :O)
    and I would be a nurse (which I already am) but without all of the BS :O)

  275. anything italian : st.louis, mo or somewhere on the ocean : anything nursing related

  276. 1)anything mexican, with a large margarita to wash it down with
    2)vermont or maine – so gorgeous and laid back up there
    3)believe it or not my dream job would be an interior designer!

  277. My favorite meal is Shrimp and Grits. I’d like to say right where I am in Clemson, SC until my kids are grown. Then I’d love to live at the beach. Once again when my kids are grown it would be fun to be a travel magazine photographer. Erika, I lived in the mtns of NC (between Boone and Blowing Rock) for 10 years and it is beautiful but the winter with kids is very tough! Lots of days stuck insdie with the windchill too high to take children outside. The summers are great when it is not raining.I still love to visit but much prefer milder weather with kids.

  278. I swear, these are probably the 3 hardest questions you could ask me…

    A) I would eat everything in the world. Twice. Seriously. I love food. I cannot possibly pick a favorite, but a broad favorite meal would be Mediterranean (Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern… technically not all Mediterranea, but whatev).

    B) Probably in Sonoma County… farm/vineyard setup.

    C) Food critic (specifically, a food critic with a kick-a metabolism so I wouldn’t get chunky). Or dolphin trainer.

  279. Davenports Pizza, a refurbished farm house with a chapel on site with water somewhere in the picture, an interior designer/decorator/photographer/artist/creator of lovely elegant spaces.

  280. ohhh, I am right on track with Allison: Pioneer Woman’s Fancy Macaroni:::Livingston, Montana in the Summer and South Alabama in the Winter:::I have my dream job – Momma to two beautiful girlies!!

  281. fun questions! my favorite meal is breakfast at the donut hole: a coconut donut, followed by 2 scrambled eggs with hash browns and cinnamon toast. coffee to drink, please. yum!

  282. Bonefish’s Ahi Tuna/Charleston or Atlanta/Open a old restored barn to hold events in, and throw incredible dinner parties for my friends in.

  283. My husband’s grandmother’s big four- mac and cheese, fried squash, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken (all homemade) :: I’m torn between the D.C. area and somewhere in SEC country :: I would love to work with a brilliant designer who would graciously teach me everything she knows with a snippet of travel for installations/house calls.

  284. Anything with cheese, garlic, pasta, bread, or potatoes.

    I would live in Portland, OR or Portland, ME, but I would make my family (who live in L.A. – Lower Alabama) come too.

    Bookstore owner!

  285. My dream job would be a chef because I don’t really know my way around the kitchen and I would love to be able to cook effortlessly!

  286. A.) My brother is a chef and he makes these seared scallops with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, served over pureed cauliflower. It is the best thing I have ever had! B.) I would LOVE to live in Italy. C.) My dream job is to BE Anthony Bourdain!

  287. Fresh farm-to-table food, accompanied with a delicious big glass of wine :: I love where I live :: overpaid stay-at-home mom

  288. Caesar salad; beachside somewhere along 30A; owner of a boutique that sells only local handmade goods.

  289. Lobster Bisque! An old, refurnished house in New Hampshire and I would help train service/assistant dogs for the disabled!

  290. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I would love to live Charleston, South Carolina or Birmingham, Alabama with my sisters!

  291. I’ve always dreamed of being a professional figure skater. Is 20 to late to start trying?

  292. A. Good southern food – mac and cheese and meatloaf. B. I might choose to join my sister in Australia and C. I would love to be a full-time artist of some sort where I could use my creativity!

  293. Homemade Mac and Cheese:: Seaside, Florida or Napa Valley:: Winery Owner

  294. thanksgiving food (mashed & sweet potatoes, corn dish, rolls, mom’s desserts) and Grenache Red Win; Florence, italy; dream job = being an intern for urban grace!!! :)

  295. 1.homemade pizza or my husbands eggplant parmesian!

  296. Julie Baggett says:

    Anything from Cafe Tango; Auburn, AL; stay at home mom

  297. My favorite meal is pasta so I’d love to live in Italy and be a chef. How’s that for easily answering the questions?

  298. Favorite meal is whatever is for dinner- I’m pregnant!
    I would live in Vermont, but have a house on the ocean.
    Dream job would be a midwife for women who did not go into labor in the middle of the night… I need to sleep.

  299. Gosh, I love food. It’s like asking me to pick which kid is my favorite. Right now, I’m enjoying Pad Thai. I would live in a quaint mountain town in an old renovated farmhouse. I would create beautiful pottery on my back porch for my wildly successful business and ship worldwide … except for when I wasn’t in the mood to.

  300. Love the town I live in currently, just outside of Jerusalem. I think I could stay forever! Dream job would be travel writing for travel magazines or guide books, like Lonely Planet. Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!

  301. My mom’s french toast (never had any better), I’d move home to New Mexico, and race horse trainer/farm manager… someday!

  302. Erin Miller says:

    A: Filet, baked sweet potato, tossed salad, and chocolate dessert; B: San Francisco – love travelling there, think I would like living there, too; C: baker, as long as I didn’t have to wake up at 4 AM

  303. Another awesome giveaway. 1. Anything Italian and rustic. anything at Keith McNally’s Morandi. mmmm. 2. Charlottesville, Va – gosh I wish I was there right now. It is lovely in the fall! 3. I think I would enjoy remodeling really fabulous old houses.

  304. Cheeseburger (bleu cheese), Kauai, professional swimmer/mom

  305. Beverly H. says:

    Street tacos w/fresh mangoes and papaya on the side :: anyplace w/big old trees and lush, green rolling hills (that will let me grow tomatoes) :: mom and bakery or nursing

  306. if i could be anything, i would be a christian, fiction author for teenage girls.

  307. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal, for sure :: somewhere in the South, where I can develop an accent… or Hawaii :: interior designer, hence why I follow your blog! :)

  308. 1: Lasagne 2: Switzerland, or North Carolina 3: Lisa Ling’s job! Traveling the world, learning about different cultures, and still having the glamorous part of occasionally getting made up for work.

  309. a: really good pizza
    b: charlottesville, va
    c: something in design- with an unlimited budget!

  310. a)Big jar of Nutella b) San Francisco, CA c)I’m doing what I love :) lucky me! and I will be extra lucky if I win this spiffy 2011 calendar!

  311. i just love food in general. right now everything sounds good because im 38 weeks preggo. id live in north carolina – real winters and mountains, plus beaches! personal assistant- for someone really nice

  312. i’d live wherever my loved ones would be able to settle all togther.

  313. Elizabeth Fillebaum says:

    1)Gourmet Pizza
    2)Fairhope, AL
    3)stay at home mom who owns a cute shop (what we sell in said shop is still to be determined)

  314. a) tacos or lime popsicles!
    b) green turtle cay, bahamas
    c) too many things to list…but something ministry oriented!

  315. Meal: my mama’s fried chicken and homemade biscuits. She is elderly now and not able to cook and I miss her meals so much.
    Live: Mountains, in a nice cozy cabin with enough room for all my family to come visit.
    Job: I enjoy being a homemaker and love being available for my family. So, I guess I have my dream job.
    Love these calendars.

  316. A. Anything stirfry! B. I’m very happy with where I live – Austin – but I would add a beach! Is that allowed? C. Head honcho of the dept of education in Texas! :)

  317. A huge fresh salad!; I would move back to NYC in a heartbeat (if I had a bigger apt this time!); my dream job would be to work in fashion-maybe behind the scenes for fashion shows, photo shoots, etc styling models.

  318. A. Mexican
    B. East Coast
    C. Coffee shop Owner

  319. Grilled fish tacos; Charleston, South Carolina; model for j.crew

  320. a. bbq, pizza and fried chicken all tie for my favorite :: b. eustis, florida i love my home :: c. an interior designer, bien sur (although i have no design talent)

  321. pizza: Charlottesville, VA: own a children’s book store like “The Shop around the Corner” in You’ve Got Mail.

  322. anything with cilantro… Banger, Maine…. Children book store owner

  323. Love these calendars! With 3 littles (5yo and under) I *need* a calendar to keep on top of my life. ;-)

    Fave meal: Thanksgiving spread. Really.
    Live: I want to live in S. Carolina, preferably in one of the houses featured in any of DBF’s books.
    Dream Job: Something that brings joy to people. Like telling them good news. I’d like to be a good-news teller. ;-)

  324. Lindsay C. says:

    Veggie Lasagna (I was going to say French Fries, but that’s not a meal!)::
    Somewhere with an ocean view::
    Travel and food writer::

  325. Lobster and creme brulee, Nantucket, and a famous novelist.

  326. Sushi- Hawaii- Designer for Pottery Barn

  327. Guacamole :: Paris :: Singer

  328. Sushi :)
    New York – if I was single with no children
    A Stylist to the stars!

  329. Favorite Meal: anything mexican. :)
    I’d move back to Brenham, Tx, or Santa Rosa Beach, Fl; Dream job: Mom.

  330. a. herb marinated pork tenderloin (Ina Garten’s recipe!)
    b. the carolinas or santa barbara. but only as a second home, I love being by my family!
    c. part time dental hygienist full time mommy! I guess I have my dream job.

  331. French dips, New York, Fashion Designer

  332. Let’s see… favorite food would have to be anything that uses Brie cheese. It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be nice and simple like on a cracker, with tomatoes, or on a grilled cheese sandwich, or something fancy like cordon bleu, if it has Brie I know I will love it!

  333. Hmm these are very difficult questions! Salmon burger with mango salsa…the Italian coast (so long as my family and friends were all there too, otherwise, Charlottesville VA)…your job. :)

  334. My mom’s shrimp and grits. I would live in DC, with maybe a little villa in Tuscany…nothing fancy :) and I would own and run a restaurant with my family!

  335. Amanda Kennamer says:

    Filet Mignon and Baked Potato, Park City, UT and Chair Lift operator at Deer Valley

  336. my mama’s spaghetti :: Boston, maybe? :: professional organizer

  337. My favorite meal: gnocchi, preferably eaten in Italy, and then I’ll swing by Paris for some Tarte Tatin for dessert.

  338. A. Anything Italian

    B. The beach

    C. Stay-at-home mom…one day…I love my job {teaching}, but if I had kids it would be to be a stay at home mommy =)

  339. gnocchi with marina, garlic bread, red wine, mmmm. I would live in Florida next door to Brookey and own my own salon on 30A.

  340. 1. eggplant parmesan or anything italian
    2. savannah, ga
    3. lpga tour player

  341. The meal I had on my honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico; a horse farm in southwest Virginia; Taking care of the fictional horse farm

  342. Right now, I’m really itchin’ to go live in Reno, Nevada to go to college at UNR. I also know that I want to live in the big apple for a while, but not quite yet (it’s expensive there and I’d like to be in a position to afford it before moving there).

  343. 1) Any kind of Mexican food; 2) Paris for SURE; 3) Still trying to figure this one out…

  344. Chips & Queso / Banff / Own my own rental cabin business

  345. Lucky Charms for breakfast: the red-clay hills of Mississippi (aka home): full-time mom cause’ I went back to work after being one for 10 YEARS!!! :(

  346. Mashed potatoes, near the beach, stay-at-home mom

  347. My dream job—to be an artist, living in Key West, FL………..

    Meal………yellowtail snapper with citrus beurre blanc/cornbread/pasta from Blue Heaven in Key West :)

    If I could live anywhere……..KEY WEST!

    Notice a theme here?! lol

  348. I would live in a quaint, small town such as Brevard North Carolina, Watercolor Florida or any small town in Vermont. I would write novels and freelance articles for magazines.

  349. If I could live anywhere other than where I live, Bham AL, it would be sweet Auburn!!

  350. italy!!!

  351. We’ve been swimming through all of these fun answers ALL morning here at the shop! SO fun! And I love how many people would like to own a bakery! My answers would be:

    A) Pasta, Pasta, and more Pasta (morning noon and night is fine!)
    B) I love where we live now (Leucadia, CA) But if not here then probably Mendocino, CA – they see more of the changing seasons than we do, but are still right on the water!
    C) I’d love to teach art. Or anything creative and crafty. Or possibly own a little tea house with fun bright colors. With scones, and tea sandwiches, and all the tables would have classic styled chairs in new, fun, bright colored fabrics.

    This is officially my favorite giveaway anyone has done – just for the questions! : )

  352. Chicken Anthony from Anthony’s Market in West Point, Mississippi::Starkville, Mississippi (home of the MSU Bulldogs)::full time momma and professional Bunco player

  353. Broiled scallops: western Maine with easy access to mountains and not too far to get to the coast: naturalist….or bookstore shelf duster.

  354. My favorite meal from Lulus on Main St in Sylva–Pork tenderloins dusted with Jamaican jerk seasoning and caramelized with an orange glaze, finished on the grill with pineapple-mango chutney, with frijoles negros, brown basamati rice, and fresh grilled plantains. soooooo yummy!!!!!

  355. I love Grillsmith’s (I think we only have it in Tampa) steak, asparagus, and potatoes au gratin! And I would love to live in New York doing something with fashion or interior design!

  356. a cooked ham with all the yummy sides dishes just like we eat for Christmas!
    If I could live anywhere it would be Wyomming.
    I get to do my dream job everyday…motherhood!

  357. favorite meal changes daily, but somehow always includes cheese; would live in southern france (with all of my friends and family close by), and dream job would be owning and running a vineyard in said location that also included a french pastry shop (and I would know how to bake incredible french pastries)

  358. Favorite food is hard… especially when pregnant!! I love fired shrimp with tarter sauce though.

  359. food:: Ina’s Brownies with walnuts live:: San Luis Obispo, CA job:: Elem. Art Teacher

  360. fresh out of the garden purple hull peas, corn, cornbread, tomatoes
    on the bank of the TN River
    back up singer and/or dancer

  361. ooohhhh I love a good ribeye steak med-well with a baked sweet potato loaded brownsugar, and butter
    I would love to go to Hawaii and I feel that when I get there I will want to stay a lifetime
    And as crazy as it sounds I am working my dream job…being a teacher

  362. steak. yum.

  363. Homemade Mexican food, preferably made by my mother-in-law. A grand old house with character but none of the old house problems, and with an inner courtyard where I could grow giant pots of rosemary & lavender. Stay-at-home-mom!

  364. I love Seattle, but I’d love to live in Europe temporarily, to have that experience in my life!

  365. dana hoewt says:

    Steak, North Carolina and flipping houses!

  366. A. Our holiday dinner (thanksgiving and Christmas we have mostly the same things but it’s the only time the whole year we have them – it makes the days that much more special).

    B. I have to stick with Chicago

    C. Interior/Event Designer

  367. donuts!!!!!!!

  368. Fried Chicken! Period. The End.

  369. Britt Merritt says:

    A. Spinach Madeline
    B. Australia
    C. Just living!

  370. Nicole Howell says:

    Risotto with aparagus and shrimp. I would love to live part time in Hawaii and part time in the Swiss Alps…Adelboden where I learned to ski with my dad. I would love to be an assistant to Dolly Parton or Neil Diamond.

  371. Mary Stamps says:

    1. Cheese Dip, Guacamole, Chicken Tostadas and Corona
    2. Walland, TN, specifically Blackberry Farm
    3. Part Time Mom and Part Time Job in Southern Living Test Kitchen

  372. anything sweet, especially creme brulee’….I would love to live anywhere on the beach…and I have my dream job…I am the mother to the most amazing daughter(who will be 30 in Dec) and I am a grandmother to a sweet little girl…

  373. Chick fil A sandwich, fries and diet coke…There are definitely meals I like more, but few I would happy eat as regularly and enjoy each time. (I don’t actually eat it much, but my daughter knows I’m a push over for CFA and asks for it as much as she can…)

  374. carnitas tacos with chips, salsa & guacamole from ¿Por Que No?, disneyland- minnie mouse’s house in toontown, part time handbag collector/ recycling advocate.

  375. Fish filet meal from McD’s w/ a diet coke; a historic beach neighborhood..somewhere; interior designer

  376. Stephanie S. says:

    If I could live anywhere else, I think it would be Montana – but only if I was very wealthy and we had internet access.

  377. I would want to live in Banff, AB (Canada!)

  378. Kate Steele says:

    A.) Hazelnut field roast and emerald sesame kale (garlicy, seasamy deliciousness!). And if I’m feeling randy, a couple of dark chocolate truffle “chasers”.
    B.) Oct – April = Houston, TX; May – September = Portland, OR.
    C.) Creative consultant (graphic design, interior design, organizational guru) and lay-person psychologist. :)

  379. My favorite meal is fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, fried green tomatoes and cornbread. Can you tell I was born and raised in the south?!!!

    If I could live anywhere…..I would move back to Birmingham. I love that place! But I am happy wherever my husband and children are.

    My dream job would be to be a receptionist. That doesn’t sound exciting but I have seen so many sour people working in that field that I would like to smile and help somebody’s day go better.

  380. Meal… grilled salmon with a huge salad filled with veggies from our garden/farmer’s market. Place to live… home directly on the beach.

  381. My dream job would be a calligrapher but sadly, I have no artistic ability and my handwriting is terrible!

  382. My all time favorite meal is the shrimp boil prepared by hubby. I am living where I want to live.. right across the field from my Mom and Dad :) In the Heart of Dixie! My dream job would be owner of my own cafe and fresh veggie & flower stand.

  383. jennifer thompson says:

    A. Taco Salad {homeade or at most restaurants} Can’t.Get.Enough.
    B. Denver, CO
    C. I actually love being a at home mom, so I have my dream job {ID boy twins age 5, and a 10 mo old}….but it would be a dream if the home I was “at home” in was spruced up by the women of Urban Grace. :-) How’s that for sucking up???

  384. Chips & queso from Jalisco’s (my favorite Mexican restaurant)::the beach or mountains or both::clothing store owner

  385. A. Red Beans and Rice
    B. Wherever my Husband is :)
    C. Children’s Book Creator/Literacy Activist!

  386. BLT. Rome!

  387. Nona Fanucci’s homemade pizza; Franklin TN; Photographer for National Geographic!

  388. My grandmother’s Mac and Cheese : Either the Greek Isles or
    British Virgin Islands : to be a therapist {which I am in graduate school working towards!} :)

  389. Chicken Marsala, Charleston, and piano teacher with a studio separate from my house with two grand pianos and lots of storage!

  390. a great margherita pizza and even though the pizza is Italian, I’d like to be eating it outdoors at a sidewalk cafe in Paris; dream job would be a graphic designer

  391. anything from Mas Tapas in Ch’ville VA
    Dream location: Cabo, Mexico
    Dream job: Virginia Athletics

  392. Favorite meal – grilled steak, green bean casserole, sweet potatos

    Dream Job – I still don’t think I know yet.

  393. Terrin Wright says:

    Salmon patties and fried potatoes; Charleston, SC; Shark researcher

  394. Sushi at Domo in Denver. London or Florence. It’s a tie – I love them both. Photographer.

  395. Curry anything has to be my favourite meal. We have the best neighbours (one is an award winning curry chef), so even though we live in nowhereville and it routinely goes to -35 Celcius in winter, I’d have to stay right where I am. My dream job would be working for you. I have no vision of my own, but I’d love to help carry out your beautiful designs. Sadly, I don’t think you’re business would thrive here and I can’t leave my hood.

  396. Anything BBQ to eat, anywhere in the Southeastern part of the country, and I would open my own design business and retail store selling antiques and such with my mom and sister.

  397. a. Texas BBQ b. On the lake in Austin, Texas c. own a boutique!

  398. Shanna Scott says:

    soul food. i CAN live anywhere in the world, i suppose. a photographer and stay at home mama w. a housekeeper at my disposal anytime i wanted. i am a stay at home mama (housekeeper not at disposal at any time though ; ) ) and am somewhat working on number 2.

  399. My Grandma’s Pot Roast, somewhere in Western WA with acerage and a view of the Puget Sound, hmmm… owner of a bridal boutique.

  400. gnocchi w/ vodka sauce. paris, france. part-time teacher, part-time cookie-baker.

  401. Turkey and Dressing, Hashbrown Casserole, Lima Beans and Sweet Tea would be my favorite meal. I would love to live in the middle of Times Square in NYC. My dream job would be a buyer for a major department store! I do have a wonderful job right now though…being home with my 2 boys!

  402. -can strawberry pretzel salad be considered a meal?
    -maybe monaco, or a little village in germany called friedrichshaffen or more realistically, a lazy beach town called stone harbor, nj. love them all.
    -something creative where money is no object. really i just want to own my own store, something quaint and meaningful like the bookstore in you’ve got mail. that would be lovely.

  403. redfish jane at the mayflower cafe

  404. Favorite meal is pizza, if I could live anywhere….Glacier National Park, MT without a doubt & my dream job would be raising my girls in MT on a lovely farm w/ the beautiful mountains in the background.

  405. cereal :: auburn alabama or napa valley california :: the job i have right now! part time designer and full time mommy. but since this is a dream, give me a glamorous office space. i would also have an amazingly tantalizing voice so when i sang {which i do, a LOT} people would actually pay me to hear it. that would be fantastically dreamy

  406. Anything with falafel :: Salzburg, Austria :: philanthropist (or “professional volunteer”)

  407. i have my dream job…motherhood…but i’d like to tweak just one thing. i’d like to sleep in just once a week. that would make it that much more fabulous!

  408. A: It’s gotta be pizza. Pepperoni with olives. B: Bend, Oregon C: Just landed my dream job – stay at home mama!

  409. I would live on a farm where I could grow lots of herbs and veggies and have chickens. And have bee hives and berry bushes.

  410. pizza, nashville, tn

  411. A. Your favorite meal?

    Spaghetti and meatballs with cheese garlic bread.

    B. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

    Where there was no snow…..just cool winters that still require cute hand knit scarves and fingerless mitts but no wind chill factors or snow!

    C. Your dream job?

    Owning a cute little yarn shop with a few cats that wondered around and found comfy spots to hang out while customers came in to knit, browse buy and drink fresh brewed tea.

  412. Cheese pizza with black olives- Mountains in N.C.(only if my whole fam would go with us)- I have my dream job, staying home with my babies!

  413. #3….teaching

  414. a) potato tacos from THE best local place {Snapper Jack’s in Ventura CA}, b) Napa Valley, hands down, no question, c) dog boutique owner

  415. There’s nothing like a cheeseburger straight off the grill :: Paris, France :: Assistant Director on a film

  416. Rachel Millard says:

    Blueberry pancakes and pumpkin pie, half the year in Ireland, half the year at the beach, librarian!

  417. Peterbrooke’s dark chocolate covered popcorn:: Southern Califormna:: elementary school art teacher

  418. Definitely Struggleville Shrimp Pasta (or anything else) from Last Resort in Athens, GA :)

  419. 1-Ice cream for breakfast ( mint choc. chip)
    2-Seattle or maybe London
    3-I’m living it now… at home with my sweet baby!

  420. pad thai. cozy beach cottage on the east coast. i have my dream job – homemaker & mama!

  421. anything breakfast related :: Europe (or Auburn, AL if I’m realistic) :: stay at home mom :)

  422. My Mom’s potato latkes…Seaside, FL…professional house flipper.

  423. Really good pizza (if that counts as a meal)
    Johnstown, pa ( I’m a hometown girl)
    Interior designer ( I’m an accountant )

  424. Hands down Favorite meal: oyster, crab and avocado salad
    Dream towns: Sausalito or Tiburon
    what I want to do when I grow up (I just turned 39): Interior Designter

  425. seafood,Stowe,Vermont own a bed and breakfast

  426. 1) cheese grits, scrambled eggs, with slices of avocado and fresh sliced tomato
    2) hands down, Charleston SC
    3) I am currently a Physician Assistant but would one love to be a stay at home mom however, I don’t think it will work due to the economy.

  427. 1. Street Tacos in Mexico with fresh salsas
    2. Napa Valley
    3. Chef with my own restaurant

  428. eggplant parmesan

  429. Beef fajitas w/ a side of queso!

  430. Meredith Wang says:

    C. A coffee taste tester
    B. Downtown ATL
    A. Brunch food (with coffee of course :)

  431. Mandy Norris says:

    I love mashed potatoes! I would live in the mountains of NC too…near Asheville, so family would be near by. Dream Job-full time stay at home Mom! Happy Thanksgiving!

  432. I love this! Meal = Anything with bread and cheese!:: The Beach :: Party Planner

  433. Sara Watson says:

    Favorite meal ~ sushi
    Favorite place to live ~ Boulder, Colorado (I’m not there but close)
    Favorite job ~ teacher (home with my babes for now, will be back in the classroom in a few years)

  434. an old fashioned breakfast::small town living in the mountains::writer…..

  435. Shrimp corn chowder–taqueria del sol, Decatur

  436. Emily Hollis says:

    A burger from the Shake Shack in NYC
    Coastal Maine (Kennebunkport)in the summer, California in the winter.
    Travel writer/reviewer :)

  437. meal: Cowboy chicken (chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon)
    place: The Hamptons
    job: I teach Kindergarten which is a great job, however it would be a dream job if I had about 10 less kids and was paid about $20,000 more.

  438. A. Anything chocolate
    B. Back near my parents
    C. A mother….hopefully my dream will come true in a year!!

  439. Chocolate!

  440. Any Mexican food!

  441. How do you get through all these comments?!
    meal? seafood gumbo watching sec football
    place? Paris
    job? running a flower shop in paris, doing design on the side out of my pied a terre.

  442. Enchiladas with green sauce, black beans, and Spanish rice – I live in a beautiful area right now (near the beach on California’s Central Coast) but I’d love a vacation cabin on the coast of Maine – Architect or cupcake bakery owner!

  443. big family meals… not matter the menu.
    bed and breakfast owner in the rural Florence area… with just one couple or family every other weekend…

  444. Mexican food!…live in Northern California (Sonoma or Napa), and be an event planner for a wonderful winery!

  445. Whole Foods pizza :: the mountains :: missionary

  446. i love these questions! anything italian, but i also love fish tacos :: in a neat town along the gulf coast (we live in south ga now) :: my own interior design business – ok erika, what i really want is your job…

  447. A: Anything my mom cooks. B: Auburn. C: Working in a cute little gift shop.

  448. BLT with fries, margarita, peppermint chocolate chip shake from Chic-fil-a (but not all at the same time!!!) :: Maui in the winter, Mountain town out west in the summer :: part-time yoga instructor, take care of my kid(s) the rest of the time

  449. steak; greenville, sc; stay at home mom.

  450. Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza! Possible with a side of ice cream.
    A renowned Interior Designer

  451. A- breakfast tacos
    B- Austin, Texas
    C- Architectural salvage and antiques shop owner

  452. Good Morning Erika,

    I have been following you and Darby’s blogs for over a year now and JUST love you both. I have been spending endless hours on every site known to ME looking for a framed calendar whiteboard to keep in my kitchen to keep track of life with my busy crew of 4 boys. the problem i run into is i need it big enough (24×36) or something like that and i really want a neat frame to go with it; not the standard Staples or Office Max.

    ANY THOUGHTS????????

    P.s. six degrees of separation; i go to church with your dear friends katie and chris kirtley in winnetka il

    Thank you for opening your lives and love to so many of us.

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Amy xo

  453. Homemade tacos; Oahu; kid’s book agent

  454. My Mom’s chicken salad with Zapp’s Cajun dill pickle chips and a homegrown tomato – a home on the lake with a huge screened in porch – an English teacher for kids who love to read as much as I do (and where I could take my baby to work)

  455. almost anything from Bottega :: Florence, Italy

  456. Favortie meal – Thanksgiving home cooking; where I would live: Lake Como; dream job – I am doing my dream job, I am a med mal lawyer (Though I also think it would be fun to flip houses)

  457. Penne al forno with bolognese. and I’d live in the mountains in wyoming. :)

  458. Favorite food… tomato basil soup with grilled cheese sammie, favorite places to live… Blowing Rock, NC & Sullivan’s Island, SC (near Charleston… another favorite!), dream job…wedding planner

  459. favorite meal at the moment is hungry howies pepporoni pizza with butter cheese crust. place to live would be any charming southern small town that’s close to a bigger city for good shopping. dream job is owning my own little shoppe full of unique gifts and home decor.

  460. Filet Mignon, macaroni and cheese and creme brule’!…. LOUISVILLE KY! and stay at home mom.

  461. breakfast anytime (crispy bacon, french toast, cheesy eggs, good coffee, etc.), a beach house on the Gulf Coast, a personal shopper/photographer/interior decorator

  462. Anything that involves peanut butter and chocolate!!

  463. Any breakfast food, plus some dark chocolate on the side. I live in Paula’s pick town–Franklin, TN! It is pretty great, so I think I would stay herw. Owning a children’s bookstore where I could hang out with kids and tell stories all day long!

  464. My grandma and mom’s chicken and noodles; Hilton Head, SC; specialty food and goods store owner

  465. Amber Heidt says:

    Favorite Meal: Big as yo face Bean and Cheese burrito from Chuy’s in Dallas…along with a generous helping of jalapeno ranch and a giant margarita on the rocks with extra salt….

  466. Jennifer D. says:

    Maderia Chicken, Julia Child, yum. I would love to live in San Fran and my dream job would be an interior decorator.

  467. Great questions! My grandmother’s country fried steak, with mashed potatoes, tomato gravy and biscuits (I so miss her…); Here in Seagrove, FL (I love living here) and a second home to split the year in Sante Fe, New Mexico; Food Critic

  468. Cumin dried beef :: Copenhagen (they have the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten) :: archaeologist or baker

  469. Breakfast for dinner – with huge, fluffy pancakes!

  470. Favorite food? BBQ. Specifically Smokestack’s Baked Beans from Kansas City.

  471. Jayne Barbour says:

    anything from Maggianos!!!:)

  472. Ca Dario Ragu (in Santa Barbara) :: Somewhere close to Sewanee where I could have a garden, chickens, and cows (there is currently a chicken squatting in my yard in downtown Santa Barbara) :: a job that marries my education in environmental science with my passions for eating and design

  473. Anything chocolate, Savannah or Charleston, owning a successful design firm!

  474. ashley simmons says:

    My dream job would to be a stay at home mom. I work outside the home and feel like I miss too much….

  475. Lasagna for sure!! any place tropical as long as my family was close, and I would be a stylist or set decorator!

  476. mexican, alabama, a wealthy stay at home mom!

  477. stacey schettler says:

    loaded cheese fries!

  478. Mexican; right where I am now =); rich stay at home mom.

  479. I would live in Hawaii if I could live anywhere – it’s beautiful and my husband loves to surf!

  480. Little Michelle says:

    Bruschetta, in the summer when the tomatoes are ripe!

    Rockport, MA

    A stay at home mom!

  481. i literally eat almost everything [im a big foodie] / the same city as my boyfriend because that would mean we weren’t long distance anymore / owner of a design and home store that offered all my dream decor and allow me to have a laidback design business :)

  482. I love almost all carbs! Would love to live in a historic coastal city (which i do), but directly on the water and also walking distance to a really great downtown area. I’d like to work for HGTV doing those home makeovers for people….but I’d rather not be on TV!

  483. LOVE that calendar (always on my wishlist). My favorite meal is probably a really good cheeseburger and a cold beer (or a tasty stew and a glass of scotch). If I could live anywhere, I’d still pick my farmhouse in Upstate New York, just with the renovation complete. My dream job would be either rocking sleepy babies, editing cookbooks or a homewares designer.

  484. Anything Mexican :: closer to family :: part-time mom, part-time floral designer

  485. a. anything made by my mom…too much good stuff to choose only one meal! b. NYC c. professional ballet dancer

  486. My favorite/birthday meal is grilled pork tenderloin, baked sweet potatoes, and strawberry/walnut salad. So good!

  487. anything made by my Mom, Caribbean, an antiques dealer or dealer of mid century modern furniture

  488. My favourite meal is lasagna & ice cream for dessert :)

  489. Macaroni and cheese…CHICAGO!…and I’d love to be a country music singer! :)

  490. A. My favorite meal is a toss up….either pot roast or a cream cheese and smoked salmon omelette with freshly chopped chives

    B. I think if I could live anywhere it would be somewhere like greece or somewhere else like that where there is plenty of freshness all year round

    C. I would be a restaurant owner…

  491. smores, Costa Rica, and a Mom!

  492. Anything Mexican; Charleston, SC; antique shop owner!!

  493. charlestonmom says:

    Fried chicken and mac & cheese!

  494. I love a big huge everything bad for you in it salad… I could def live in Hawaii, and my dream job would be a part time teacher (right now I’m a full time HS English teacher)

  495. My favorite meal would be filet Oscar. I would love to live in Hilton Head in an oceanfront home! My dream job would be to design and decorate children’s bedrooms!!!

  496. Pasta-lots of it, Santa Barbara, CA & I would be an interior designer with oodles of talent like Erika :)

  497. Pizza, pizza, and more pizza!
    Charleston, SC…someday!
    Designer/Decorator…someday too!

  498. hmmm….enchiladas. somewhere in the far northwest (we are actually in the process of relocating to Nashville and the Franklin, TN area is BEAUTIFUL!). Children’s bookstore owner :)

  499. BBQ chicken and Greek pasta salad… Vancouver, British Columbia… counsellor for Victim Services

  500. A. It starts with a calamari, corn, and asparagus salad, then roasted duck in coriander sauce with a side of pan-fried gnocchi and artichoke hearts, and ends with vanilla cake with pistachio ice cream. Too specific?

    B. Though I am a New England girl through and through, I could see myself living in Nashville, TN.

    C. I would want to own my own craft business – my favorite things to do are crochet, scrapbook, make cards, etc., and I can’t imagine how blissful it would be to make it into a living!

  501. 1. Crab Cake & Avocado Sandwich – Amsterdam Cafe
    2. Auburn, Alabama – I already live here!
    3. A Mom (working really hard on this one…hopefully the Lord has the same plan for my husband and me.)


  502. Jenn Roberts says:

    hmmm…let’s see…
    1. fave food = southern~comfort food

    2. if i could live anywhere = English countryside or small villa in Italy ~where bike riding to local stores is common~

    3. dream job = Urban Grace:D

  503. My all time favorite meal is a Jimmy John’s BLT:) Oh so yummy and simple! If I could live anywhere I would move back to NC maybe in the mountains this time as I’ve lived on the coast there before. My dream job is to own my own little furniture/decor shop!

  504. NYC, with enough money to live in a nice place and eat out at all my favorite restaurants

  505. My mom’s pot roast:: Maui:: I’d love to run a one-stop event service…planning, florals, cartering and photography, all in one place

  506. So many delicious foods to choose from..my favorite would be porkchops with apples and gorgonzola with a side of asparagus. I would love to live in the mountains of Blacksburg, VA. And my dream job would be some sort of hybrid between a pediatrician and part time cupcake baker.

  507. hmm… pork tenderloin, cheese grits, spinach casserole. i have no idea where i’d live but at the moment i’d love to be in italy.

  508. Tuna sashimi: Austin, Texas: Wish I could be a travel editor….

  509. My favorite meal is my mom’s Thanksgiving meal, so I’m really looking forward to this week! However, since I’m in my first trimester of pregnancy my favorite meal has been grilled cheese sandwiches, Cheetos, and grapes.

  510. Mary Jackson says:

    snowballs (NOT snow cones) and old style cheeseburgers; St. Lucia; own a shop that sells antiques, art, clothes, shoes, and stationery, show peoples’ horses, teach literacy to adults, and most of all a mom

  511. If I could live anywhere it would be anywhere on the coast in a bungalow with lots of crisp white moldings, grass cloth & a giant front porch!

  512. BBQ Porkchops, Green Beans, Brownies (simple right?)–Auburn, AL — I’d love to work as an event planner for a non-profit kids’ charity

  513. Homemade Macaroni & Cheese followed by Strawberry Shortcake from the Kingfish Cafe; Vancouver, B.C. (love it there, miss my home); right now, I have my dream job….I get to stay home with my lovely daughter…..though I dream of owning an event planning business that focusses on kid’s parties (love, love, love all of the little details!).

  514. anything out of a cookie jar!; Islamorada,Florida Keys, and not 2 copy, but it would be a master gardener with my very own nursery and floral shop (that my children and husband would work in with me!)

  515. chocolate chip cookies with milk, Germany, pharmacist

  516. Fried Crab Claws, Santa Fe, architect

  517. Chilaquiles!, Charleston, SC, talk show host

  518. Favorite Dinner: Cafe Rio Salad
    Favorite Place to live: On the water somewhere warm
    Dream Job: A big wig’s assistant, I want to follow someone around and make sure that everything falls perfectly into place

  519. Would love to live in Boston (again)…

  520. Italian at a sidewalk cafe in Rome, Warm climate oceanfront, dream job – rehab houses

  521. My grandmother’s middle-eastern cooking; somewhere a little south of here (DC); dog-walker

  522. Filet mignon, baked potato & caesar salad. Love living in my self-designed Florida cracker home, but wish it was in SoWal Co. on 30A. Would love to rehab houses, decorate & furnish down to the linens & coffee pot with primarily thrift store & repurposed finds then sell & do it again. Oh and since this is a contest I want world peace, too. Actually I do want world peace even if I don’t win.

  523. I would travel the southeast writing for garden and gun. A girl can dream!

  524. Italian sausage pasta with spinach and red wine (YUM), Alaska, small cozy bookstore owner

  525. A. Thanksgiving. It’s the meal I look forward to all year long and then spend the next week polishing off the leftovers. It’s really the only time of the year I eat left overs! Yum!

    B. I would live in Lucca, Italy. I spent two weeks there in college and it was such a unique town with a medieval center. The people were wonderful, welcoming and the beach was just a short 30 min train ride away!

    C. I’m still not sure about my dream job! I wish I knew, so I could make it happen! Right now, I’m thinking some kind of professor or any position where you get to help people along in life.

  526. Pasta!! It has to be gluten free. I’d love to live in the country.

  527. My grandmother’s pound cake for breakfast; living in a converted barn in Eastaboga, Al; dream job would be anything involving fabulous fabrics.

  528. A. Spinach pizza from Pete & Sam’s in Memphis, TN B. Anywhere but Hattiesburg, MS (where I live now). No, I’m not bitter.. I just miss Nashville ;) C. Food critic!

  529. Fresh lobster with lots of butter, especially in the summer time, al fresco, and near the ocean!

  530. Mac-n-cheese, the fancy kind, that involves roux, perhaps with some bacon and green chiles!

    Austin, TX… home! Sevilla, Spain is a close runnerup.

    Closet Organizer to the stars!

  531. Beef stew/Franklin, TN/professional organizer by day, back-up singer by night

  532. Focipresley (Bon) says:

    PB&J (seriously!) : Pula, Croatia (my Nonna is there – I miss her plenty & it is so beautiful there) : Succesful Boutique Owner of Children’s Items

  533. Liz Relwani says:

    My favorite meal is pasta primevera with fresh young vegetables from the garden. I would love to live in Colorado and my dream job would be working as a retail analyst.

  534. Half the fun of these giveaways is thinking up answers to these questions! My favorite meal is duck anything and red wine. I would live in San Diego if I could, and be a graphic designer for a cutting edge firm… that is, until I’m too old to keep up, and then I’d retire and be an eccentric art history teacher!

  535. Burgers from Flip Burger in Atlanta; San Diego, CA; a nail polish namer!

  536. Doughnuts…does that count as a meal? :)

  537. Favorite meal: Fish taco’s at Bear Flag in Newport Beach, going there tonight. If I could live anywhere it would be here in Newport Beach, CA, the best weather in the world.
    Dream Job an editor for Real Simple Magazine.

  538. My favorite meal is spaghetti, french bread and Caesar salad. Where would I live? Boise, Idaho. I love it here and hope to never leave! My dream job? Emergency Room doctor or ICU nurse. Weird, Huh?

  539. My favorite meal is homemade dumplings… such a great reward after the time put in to make them!

  540. Pizza from my home town, san fran, my dream job would be a wedding planner.

  541. hilary chadwick says:

    My favorite meal is a Kobe beef burger from the Burger Bar in Las Vegas, best burger ever! If I could live anywhere I would live in Seattle WA with all my friends and family near me. My dream job is be an Interior Architect and Designer. I love houses and I love to play with design.

  542. Dry mexican rice and refried beans with sour cream

    Padre Island


  543. Jacqueline Smith says:

    I found the best cheesecake at the Tearoom in New Paltz, NY and it is Passion Fruit cheesecake that melts in the mouth. But I love Seitan cooked in any style but General Tsao’s which is seasoned with Mexican Pepper, and way too hot for my tastebuds. Somewhere that isn’t prone to earthquakes or Tsnami’s or other weather related disasters. But that doesn’t get too cold during the winters. San Deigo or Mendocino Calif.
    My dream job would be to work in an arts organization helping other artists and doing events in the arts and learning a lot more about arts administration.

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