The Linnea Design 2011 calendar was just unveiled…. and it makes me very happy.

They now have a Garden Journal… I LOVE it.  I need it!


  1. I love these! And I’m pretty pumped to be the first comment-leaver :)

  2. That journal looks great, am working on my gardening. Love the calendars, thanks for the peek!

  3. They both look great!

  4. I recieved one for Christmas…they truly are a work of art! And a garden journal…dayum…your supposed to keep track?? THAT may be my problem!

  5. ooooo LOVE THIS!!! I guess I must have had my head in the sand but I’ve never heard of Linnea Design… thanks for sharing!

  6. Okay… second comment… just went to their website and I am in love!!! Seriously thanks for sharing!!! woohoo! I feel a purchase or two coming on! :)

  7. love these! wow, saying 2011 sounds weird! :)

  8. oh, and just saw your little sloaney in her pink car on your sis’s site and oh.my.goodness. she is a doll! :)

  9. Great finds!

  10. I love them both! I tried picking a favorite month…it was impossible.

  11. The quote in the garden journal is so true. I need that on a plaque in my garden. I also need the garden journal. So neat! I’ve always been a big fan of Cavallini calendars, but the Linnea calendars are very nice, too.

  12. Oh, they make me happy, too! My eye went right to the black cat. They are all wonderful. I am lovin’ the current May 2010. The garden journal is beautiful. I’m just afraid I would not actually fill it out! ok, I know I wouldn’t. Thanks for posting!

  13. Ooh, how cool, I love August’s! And that gardening journal looks sweet! I know you’ve talked about them before but I hadn’t been to their site. Just checked it out, I want the travel stickers now, no real purpose for them, but they’re so cute!

  14. I love these calenders my mom gets one every year! I love the picture for May this year!!

  15. I love that calendar! The December page is making me excited about Christmas already (pathetic!). Thanks for sharing!

  16. I have a terrible habit of buying all the things I need to start a task and then losing steam. Totally picking up that gardening journal and keeping my fingers crossed that I put it to use ;)

  17. Oooh, August is my favorite. Thanks for the peek!


  18. YES!!! I love Linnea. My aunt gives me a set every year… this next year looks awesome. !! When I was young I used to immediately flip to my birthday month (on any decorative calendar) to see if I liked the design. … I have to admit- I STILL do it. Is it just me? RH

  19. The calender is lovely. The month of August made me smile.

  20. Love the calendar…..August and October are my fave!

  21. I didn’t think it was possible, but I like the 2011 even more than the 2010!

  22. I love these!! I have GOT to have that garden journal – too cool!

  23. Those calendars are great! They remind me of the Kate Libby calendars. Are you familiar with them? You can find them at artforeverydayonline.com. Thanks for sharing!

  24. We have had the 2011 calendar hung in our paper shop in Kansas City for about a month now and have already taken about 100 orders for it – everyone loves it!

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