Many of you inquired about the print behind Allison (from the last post).  It is one of my favorites… I purchased it here.


  1. thanks! other people read my mind. I was wondering where that came from as well. so cute.

  2. hilarious. i’ve thought about that print three times since i read your last post. everyone must love it!! thanks for sharing the details!


  3. I really do need this print – sometimes I have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak. Perhaps a lovely reminder like this might keep me in line! Thanks for the tip (I forgot to ask!)

  4. I love that!! I’m a therapist and that would be PERFECT in my office. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cute find E! Thanks for the source.

  6. Love it. Succinct and true!


  7. Katie McHugh says:

    Loved this as well as the roller shades behind Allison in the one pic. Can you provide a source on these? Thanks in advance!

  8. Sparked a memory of a personalized eye chart I found through Ohdeedoh. They are free! https://www.vsp.com/cms/prospective/prospective-home.html The link is on the right hand side of the page.

  9. Wow, Erika! You really are like the Oprah of the blog world. :) You could do a post on all your favorite things, and the stuff would fly off the shelves.

  10. I love these! I posted awhile back about eye charts as art, there are some pretty fun vintage ones on etsy too!

  11. I was going to ask you too…..
    I am happy you posted it!
    Thank you~

  12. Thanks for sharing. The poster is great and Keep Calm Gallery’s work is excellent. I’m particularly smitten with their tea towels:)

  13. So true! This is a clever presentation of the quote as well.


  14. Thank you for sharing where you found this print. I love it!

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