and for good measure…

a¬†delightful little girl’s bathroom!¬† Complete with a pull out drawer shelf to help them when they are vertically challenged.

girls bath


  1. Am I really first!? I’ll take these for Morg & Raige… they’d love them and so would I!!

  2. I love the stripes!

  3. gotta love a smart design! too cute!

  4. My little sister had one of those drawer shelves in her bathroom! It was so cool and definitely came in handy!
    What an adorable bathroom!

  5. I need that pull out drawer shelf in my bathroom…and my kitchen…and my laundry room…and my closet :)

  6. Love these…did this for a client with two girls…they are perfect!

  7. too stinkin’ cute!! How helpful! I would love to do this for my future children bc I hate clutter. And foot stools can be like clutter to me :)

  8. I agree with Beth. Step stools are also dangerous in my house. They are carried all over house and slip out from under their little dancing feet. Love the strips on the ceiling!

  9. What a great solution, love those drawers. Function and then push them away…Janell

  10. Now that’s gotta be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time – precious AND clever!

  11. What a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!

  12. That is TOO CUTE!!!! And how brills for a petitte lady! I love the pink stripes…ugh why do I have to be marrying someone who so hates pink, I want this bathroom all for myself! Compromise, compromise, compromise, I will slip my pink in there somehow…

  13. man, wish i had seen this before. i would have definitely done this in my sons bathroom. definitely a must in our next house. thanks for the inspiration!

  14. An outstanding furniture idea although I can’t agree with Beth… a pair of carefully coordinated footstools would look just the ticket for these young ladies!

  15. oh my loveliness. this is soooo adorable.

  16. i love this idea! i am vertically challenged now! :)

  17. A great idea for the little ones! I love it when function looks great and can be hidden!

  18. Love this!! Oh how I would love to have this in my girls bathroom!!!

  19. This is SO cute. Pink and green is my fav combo for little girl rooms and baths. And I love how the ceiling looks like a tent!

  20. I have this light fixture in my daughter’s bedroom and I love it! I get so many compliments from friends and jealous looks from friends with boys…it’s so much fun to have a girly room!

  21. Love it! I’ve had the pull out drawer in mind for my little ones’ bathroom but have never seen it. Are these custom cabinets? Thanks for sharing.

  22. margo sexton says:

    Congrats on your spread in Southern Living I wasn’t really reading the article just scanning pictures first and I realized it was your work! Congrats it really looks great!

  23. I had a drawer like this installed in our half bath downstairs when we re did our kitchen so when the kids were washing up for lunch and dinner they could easily wash their own hands. Seemed like a great idea until the drawer decided to go back into the cabinet with my son on top! Its too loose and doesn’t function as it should( it was custom!) I’m sure there is a way to do it right so that they don’t slip back into the cabinet but make sure your contractor knows of the issue!

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