and I thought I had some good stories…

Read THIS.

Prepare to be entertained.

Found here, via my ghost writer.

Happy Weekend.


  1. wow…i could totally see this story going to the big screen. haha! thanks for the entertainment!

  2. WHOA – that is one story. glad my clients are a little less complicated than that! KG

  3. Can you imagine? That is cah-razy!!! Hilarious!

  4. Funny stuff! Here’s another site that you might like:

  5. CRAZY, but so funny, too! I always wondered if stuff like that really happens–obviously, yes!

  6. My Federal Agent husband wants me to tell you that, yes, they ALL induce those sorts of fantasies! ;)

  7. holy shitballs of craziness!
    that was both hilarious and scary. thanks for that. i am passing it on.
    alison i didn’t know ben was an agent!?!?!

  8. This is great! Perfectly entertaining on my snowed in Saturday night! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh. My. Word.

    Beware of women in *housecoats* and flips. Too funny!

  10. Amanda Thrasher says:

    OK this is too funny. It made me think I need to get a ghost writer and tell some of my client tales as their realtor for the past 12 years. I have some pretty wild stories too. Wow—-what makes the world go round. Hope you and yours are well and snuggling through these winter months.

  11. Thanks so much for this post! I must admit, during my conversations with this designer, I’ve nearly fallen off my chair laughing. This lady is naturally hilarious, and I’m encouraged to know that her voice is coming through my writing. We expect to put up at least one post per week from here on out, and we’ll see where it all goes!

    again, thanks so much for the publicity! — Jennifer

  12. i’ve lived in south florida for the last 10 years… unfortunately, this isn’t surprising at all…


  13. Wow…crazy! I’ll have to send this to my parents because they’re convinced their next door neighbors are drug dealers. They always have brand new BMWs and Mercedes and are constantly having their house remodeled and professional landscaping done, yet don’t appear to go to work. Hmmm…

  14. Thank you for the recommendation!!!! This lady has talent and the vivid descriptions have kept me laughing all morning. I look forward to the next post. However, I feel for the designers who have had to put up with these type of clients because designers are SPECIAL people who should be treasured!

  15. wow! those are outrageous.

  16. Love the blog!

  17. Oops…love the rug..too!

  18. Renata Graf says:

    Beautiful room – congrats!!

    Would you be able to let me know where you got the bamboo roman shades?
    thank you!

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