B is for Book

And bookshelves are for books…










These images all came from iSuwannee who posts bookcase photos often.  She also invited me to participate in a Pick 10 items from Overstock post… you can see that HERE!  Thanks for having me Jamie!


  1. Hi there, I never comment but wanted to say I literally just looked at your blog earlier this morning for your old post from over a year ago on bookshelves – and now I see you have posted on bookshelves the very same day! so funny! were you reading my mind or what?! I have bookshelves being built in my living room, so perfect timing. love your blog!

  2. Love books in rooms…I love when they are organized by color, such a great graphic statement, but I think I would go nuts not being able to find them and trying to remember what color they were…

  3. Congratulations on your work in Southern Living!! Before I read the article, I said to my husband, what a beautifully designed house and how cozy it seemed! I saw your sisters blog post on it this morning, and realized it was you! Beautiful work! I wish I had some of that talent!!

  4. Love your Overstock finds! :)

  5. You know that I have taken your books on bookcases wisdom to heart :)

  6. My four and seven year old would LOVE that tented area for reading books…so cute!

  7. Congrats on the Southern Living story. I can’t wait to see the issue…also, lovely bookcase images.

  8. I just found your blog and am thrilled. If Ican find a way I will sign up as a follower. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog and if you like sign up too. Looking forward to you upcoming posts.

  9. Love the sofa in the second to last photo…. and all the bookshelves too!

  10. I love this post. I based my sons room around an entire wall of books. Would love for you to check it out when you have time!


    have a wonderful day!!!

  11. Erika,

    Congrats on the Southern Living feature!! I’ve been obsessing over bookshelves lately, too.

  12. I love the bookshelves in the bedroom. And congratulations on the SL feature – I can’t wait to receive my issue!

  13. The 4th picture down, for some reason, everytime I see it I think of you. It must be the brass pulls:) I love love that kitchen!! I saw it after we redid ours, and it made me want to replace all our hardware.

  14. I love all the cookbooks in the kitchen. What a fun idea.

  15. I am loving all of these. But, I think my daughter needs a tented area for reading…at 20 months…she’s all about being read to at the moment.

  16. Great pics! Love all those cookbooks!

  17. Love all of these images!

  18. Oh… I saw your work in Southern Living! Lovely!! Congrats! :)

  19. Hi, I love your style. Yesterday I read on a blog (which I now can’t find!) about how wonderful your SL article was. I ran out and bought SL and I agree. I also live in a beach community, St Simons Island…now the crazy favor I have is that I’d love to go back to the blog that referred me to you. It showed a pic on it of your kitchen and some cool Nancy Thomas calendar plaques…do you know who that might be. Thanks for the great blog, and best of luck!!!

  20. Love books, but love the shelves they sit on even more. I would love a wall of shelves one day.

  21. oH WOW – I love the “reading tent” at the end. We’re trying to build something just as cozy for a reading nook in our house as well – these pictures get me excited – can’t wait till it’s finished!

  22. LOVE love love books AND bookshelves! Thanks!

  23. I love these pictures! Books add so much to a room.. and it bothers me when people don’t fill their bookcases with books! A lot of B’s in that last sentence… xoRH

  24. love these! i want a path of bookshelves leading to a tee pee in my house! my first grade teacher actually had a tee pee for reading in our class room. it wasn’t quite this chic though.

    p.s. get ready to SEE me because with this many days in the same town at our disposal we are going to do this!

    & xo (those are for Sloane)

  25. Thanks for putting the “B” back in bookshelves. I have often felt guilty that my shelves were cluttered with my books (whom I consider old friends)and were not more decorator friendly. I have attempted to bring more order and symmetry to their display but it is always shortlived. The books end up taking over, which I believe, is precisely as it should be. Thanks for validating my choice!

  26. Your project in Southern Living IS beautiful! And liveable! I’m so impressed with those drapes on either side of the fireplace, how the horizontal stripes on each panel line up with the on the other side! About tents, http://www.justduckytents.com has cute tents for kids! Our granddaughter has the brown with pink dotties and butterfly one! And they’re so easy to move around the house and outside!

  27. How I love the tent! :-)

  28. ohh I dig that reading tent!


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