Back. In. Action.

I’m baaaaack.  I’ve been in the Big Apple working a teensy bit, gallivanting, and lollygagging. Mostly gallivanting.  I’m working on a post of substance… but in the interim here a few fun tidbits for you.

  • Do you know how fantastic my sister is?  Well if you don’t… let me tell you, she is FANTASTIC!  She had this brilliant idea to hand sketch designs and screen print them on super soft vintage weight childrens tee shirts.  Honey Bee Tees .  Cutest things you ever did see!  Go buy a shirt!

  • Thanks to Meg I discovered a new blog last week… as a result I lost a few hours, but gained much inspiration.  James Farmer is a good ole Southern boy.  An Auburn graduate (Landscape Design + Art History) and he now has a landscape and interiors business and a BLOG.  A phenomenal blog.  All Things Farmer. So well written it makes me want to give up on my own!  And the recipes, my goodness at the recipes.  They make me hungry.

  • A month or so ago my friend Erin Gates @ Elements of Style included me in her Product Junkies series.  You can check it out HERE.  Just this weekend while I was in NYC I sat across  the table from my friend Marla and said “why does your hair look so good today!?”… her reply:  “Because I helped myself to that Paul Mitchell Quick Slip I found in your bag!”  Hilarious.  She introduced me to the mascara and I introduced her to the Quick Slip.  Our hair couldn’t be more different, hers is curly, mine is straight.  It just works people.  Trust me.  Tames the hair.  Whether straight or curly.  We also both LOVE Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.  Surf Spray + Quick Slip = True Love

  • La Dolce Vita.  I’m sure you read.  It’s gooood.  Paloma is a blogging machine.  How she does it, I do not know.  But she does it well.  And she included me in her Style Files series not too long ago.  Thanks for having me Paloma!!
  • A little while back Jamie of iSuwannee opened an online store… and yes, it’s good.  FURBISH. Go shopping!

  • And let me close this on a serious note.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I flew Delta to and from NYC, and instead of the normal red and navy their flight attendants and pilots wear, this month they are sporting PINK.  Pink and Navy.  It’s preppy and cute and an awesome way to bring awareness to the fight to find a cure!  Mrs. Blandings does her part every October 1st and invites her friends to join her in posting pink, I’m always tardy for the party… but better late than never!


  1. Missed your posts, Erika! Next time you are in NYC, please host an Urban Grace design seminar for us NYC girls :)

  2. Linley Paske says:

    I have driven by Furbish several times since we moved and have had it on my list to stop by… I thought I remembered reading about it somewhere and I’m guessing it was on your blog a while back!! Yay, hopefully I will make a new friend in Raleigh. Thanks E!!

  3. I was at AU with James — he was a tad older than me so I’m sure you were too. A friend of mine took him to a formal, but I doubt he remembers our brief enounter — not sure why I do! But yes I recently found his blog — he’s going places!

  4. You never cease to inspire me. Thanks, Erika!

  5. Love your posts. And I adore your sister’s blog too. I have you both linked on my new blog. Y’all are such inspirations. The photos, the decor, the cupcake flags. Love! I found you through @spiceandsass. Glad to see you are still blogging. We’d miss you. xoxo

  6. I did a product junkie for Erin too. So fun. But so hard to narrow it down to a few. Love your picks.

  7. So glad you’re back, m’dear! Missed your posts! xo

  8. Great to catch up and enjoy all of your finds. Thanks so much for the pink mention.

  9. So glad you’re back!! The blog world is exciting again :) Love all the little tidbits. Can’t wait to go check out that blog you mentioned. And I love the Delta pink uniforms. Too cute and definitely for a great cause.

  10. I’ve missed you blogging! So glad you’re back! :) We may move to Raleigh at some point in the future – now I’m hoping we do so I can check out Furbish in person!

  11. I was just reading our (SF Chronicle) Sunday paper this morning (yes, I realize it’s Tuesday, I’m a little behind) and saw you were mentioned – great article, congrats!

  12. This post just made me want to go buy a whole lot of things!! Also found All Things Farmer from Meg, and read a ton of it all weekend!!

  13. We are turning Council Bluffs IA pink on Oct 29th to promote awareness. Our fire dept is wearing pink all month even!

  14. So glad you’re back. You’ll have to make it up to us with many new posts :)

  15. Must get me some of that ‘qick – slip’ – sounds like it will do the trick for my unruly hair! KG

  16. Glad you are back, I was having withdrawls. Glad to be introduced to James Farmer… very fun! I’m a new subscriber!!!!! Congrats on your pub… you are a rockstar! And thanks for the plug!

  17. Was also having major E and UG withdrawls, so glad you’re back…pics from NYC next please! And videos of SB walking too! Merci for the mention and when we meet James T. Farmer III for the first time, I hope we can do it in tandum :)

  18. So sad to have missed you in NY this weekend. Hope you had a ball. We sure did…tons of pizza in the Village and French fries at Barneys with the ladies who lunch!

  19. Welcome back! I’m doing the Snoopy happy dance!

  20. Good roundup! Off to order a Darby-tee!

  21. I like the Desperate Housewives of Atlanta reference that was slipped in at the end of this post! Can’t wait to add these blogs to my list of favs. Thanks for the hookup.

  22. Sorry “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Guess that was a Freudian slip.

  23. Chelsea Watlington says:

    Were you at the D&D on Friday morning? I could have SWORN I saw you (but didn’t want to seem like a stalker and ask if it was you, ha!)

    I follow you and your sister’s blog and love them both! We have a mutual friend.. the original Jonas brothers from Auburn.

  24. James is a friend of my husband. Watch for big things to com his way! Very exciting! He is awesome! He did the design show in Cashiers, NC recently!

  25. congrats on your blog shout out!! & love your new fb profile!

  26. Loved this post! Can you tell us about the white board with nailhead trim in your studio? Was this a DIY project or purchased somewhere? Thanks!

  27. You are amazing. Your blog is amazing. How you juggle an actual interior design career, a family, and this AMAZING blog is beyond me. Now, I’m going to go check out your sisters tee’s and daydream about dressing a little kiddo in them :)

  28. Totally missed your postings!

  29. Thanks so much for the “All Things Farmer” rec!! LOVE it!! I can’t indulge now with two little ones running around, but I’ve already devoted a couple hours tonight to look around. I think we’ll be having some apple cake this week!

  30. Did you know that Melisa means honeybee in Danish? Hence, the lil bee. I’m sure I’m already in love with your sis’s prints and am going to check ‘em out now! xo welcome back:)

  31. I have to say surf spray + defrizz + tonic = wonderful. Not just saying that because that’s what my salon sells, Bumble and Bumble is wondeful. Glad you had a good NY trip. So sad we didn’t get to meet up but I’ll see you in November!! I’m so excited!!

  32. congrats again, rockstar

  33. Welcome back! It sounds like you have been having fun! Congrats on the article! And thanks for intro to James blog. I met him years ago, but never knew about the blog. The recipes are splendid!

  34. Love the post, Erika! So happy you’re back :-)

  35. So excited to see a new post from you! :)

  36. I love that mascara, it truly is amazing!

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