Last week Meredith mentioned Bill Ingram.  Which got me thinking.  Wasn’t he the one with the little lake house with pine paneling?  Pine paneling that I really liked.


 Yes, yes he was.  His lake house was featured in Cottage Living photographed by Dominqiue Vorillon. 

And then I thought about it a little more… and wasn’t he the one who had those beeskeep light fixtures in a kitchen?

Ah, yes he was.  Looks like he upgraded his little pine clad lake house for this one… or maybe he has both?  Regardless, both are inviting and I’d gladly retreat in either of them.  This one was featured in Southern Accents photographed by Antoine Bootz.




 And just because I like the design, here’s a Bill Ingram designed carriage house.  b4


  1. wow! amazing photos. I think i’d like to live in that room with the dark floors and light walls.

  2. So loving all your posts these days! Getting ready to start house plans & love coming here for inspiration! Your little one is precious, precious!!!

  3. I live really close to the Carriage House in that last image…I love it. The inside of it, from that Southern Accents article, is just as amazing as the exterior.

  4. you’re such an inspiration. i love your photos and your taste!

    i live in new hampshire and pine walls are common near the lakes here. i dont usually like them, but i actually do in the top picture. it looks more like oak with the wood grain- maybe thats why i like it so much.

    thanks for all the great photos, its a welcomed break during my baby’s nap!

  5. That carriage house is to die for! Wonderful exterior… We need more of those here in Southern Cal.

  6. The carriage house has me swooning! Please tell me he didn’t paint the pine and it is indeed another house. xoxo

  7. i can’t stop staring at each and every pic! there is so much beauty and design in each one. love this post:) hope you have a great day erika!

  8. Oh, love the white walls paired with the dark floors, stunning yet casual! Janell

  9. i wish in commercial projects you could have open riser stairs like those. but understandable-especially with kids=not so safe!!that carriage house rocks. the proportions are splendid!

  10. It’s a beautiful home, thanks for sharing. I recently discovered Bill Ingram and his work and have enjoyed browsing through his portfolio. I found out that Bill is a McAlpine alum and you can see the Bobby McAlpine influence in Bill’s work.

  11. I love those beeskeep lights, light fixture in the living room and the carriage house. All great images!

  12. Great photos. It looks like the cozy “farm” style is really in this year. Pottery Barn is all over it. The beeskeep lights are adorable, but I’m loving the chandelier in the living room!

  13. loved that kitchen … both of his lake houses, really. and that carriage house used to be on my running route (but then I moved – boo!). love it too! his office space in Birmingham is totally sleek and modern, which amuses me for some reason.

  14. Wow, that carriage house is nicer than my house. MB

  15. That carriage house is cuter/cozier than my current HOME! I love it!

  16. Is he the same person who did the design of the chapel at Red Blount’s home in Montgomery? I remember that lake house, but hadn’t seen the others. Love those “beeskeep” (I just learned a new word!) lights.

  17. Love wood on walls and warm and cottagy! Especially love the bedroom with the fabric canopy!

  18. I’m currently working on a cottage and getting rid of all the panelling – BUT this paneling does look nice, you are very right! Very cozy and inviting!

  19. so beautiful! I love that living room, wood all the way!

  20. p.s. LOVE YOUR BLOG :))))

  21. ooooh! Love the carriage house and combo of materials! Didn’t he also have a crushed ice machine that ROCKED? (As in…neighbors came by for cups of ice? – if we ever redo our kitchen, I’m holding out for a crushed ice machine. hands down. {it’s the primary reason I pushed to join the swim and tennis outlet in our area…crushed ice!})

  22. Love the images. Thanks for posting them. Helps me get past the sadness I feel when each month my Cottage Living and Country Home don’t come to my mailbox. I wish they would come back and you would be featured in them! Have a great day!

  23. Erika,
    Bill Ingram has totally rocked that pine, as far as I am concerned.

  24. I love every single photo in this post. Lovely! Thanks.

  25. I love all of these couches, and the nailheaded ottoman-great shape!
    Gosh, everytime some mentions Cottage Living, it makes me want to cry :(

  26. I adore the kitchen. I think it would make me want to cook!


  27. delicious. eye porn for sure.

  28. bzzzz

  29. Bill is the best!! I used to work for him in Birmingham and I have to say he’s just as nice as he is talented! And I’ve always loved his exteriors -the color palettes are always beautiful and calming. xoRH

  30. i love looking at your blog. bill indeed moved into a new lakehouse and did not paint the pine. :) he can take ANY space and make it look great. his home in bham is another one of his stunning transformations.

  31. I can’t believe I’m saying that I think the pine paneling looks good. I grew up in a house where our living room had this, the last place I rented had it in the kitchen….I loathed it. Now, the house I just bought has it upstairs in the attic/loft area, which could be a really cool room one day. I had planned on painting it. For now it’s just used for storage. It seems like men are more into wood that women because any time I’m showing the house and say I’m going to one day eventually paint the women will nod in agreement, while the men usually say, “No, don’t paint this wood. I love it.”

  32. Hey! We make chandeliers like that! I have to tell you I absolutely adore your blog! You’re the kewlest!

  33. i miss cottage living. :)

  34. I love the kitchen island under the beeskeep pendants! It looks like it’s going to get up and walk away on those quirky little legs. Thx for sharing.

  35. Ahhh…can I order that carriage house and have it sent? I LOVE it.

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