beetlejuice is coming to live with me

Thank you Jamie, I promise to take real good care of him.  I know some of you will think he is creepy, crawly, and downright weird.  And that is okay.


  1. Weird in a good way.

  2. love it! Have you seen the bugs cast in lucite…so cool!

  3. i was “this close” to buying a pillow with crawly bugs on it yesterday!

  4. The word is electic.

    And every southern town has to have one. ;)

  5. I want the zig zag!!!

  6. I think the colors are great…..but don’t know if a bug pillow would fly in my house. ha ha, get it…..FLY!? (ok, I’m the one that’s weird….)

  7. My niece Keila is interning with Jamie. I LOVE FURBISH! Congrats on the pillow. :)

  8. I love your blog (and your sister’s too). I haven’t commented before, but I had a quick question for you. I received my Wonderbar today in the mail (and it is, like you mentioned, very very tiny). After reading the material that came with the bar, I am not so sure I want to try it. I was wondering if you have tried yours and how it worked (me hoping that you tried the Wonderbar and love the results) and if you had any adverse effects? I have normal skin with little to no problems (and from your pictures, your skin looks beautiful), but figured if this bar could make my skin even better, why not try it.

  9. Cool Bug!

    Oy! I am also interested in reading a follow-up on your Wonder Bar usage! I am tempted to buy one, but that extra $15 international shipping fee has me hesitating. $15 for a 25g package!??

  10. I commented to my sister about the wonderbar & she ordered it immediately… sis is from AZ & now resides in NYC- she always has a smile & her eyes twinkle with the joy of life, one day last week as she was walking in a hurry to cross the street a man walking the opposite way made a comment as to “what a beautiful woman you are”…..her response “it’s WONDERBAR!”….needless to say she loves the bar & keeps urging me to buy it….perhaps this week….lol

  11. Love! I’ve been scoping Jaimie’s pillows out lately, too.


  12. Totally not about your post, but did you know that there is an article about you in this month’s Delta Magazine!! Just wanted you to know. Your blog got picked as one of the FAVORITES!!! Good pickin if you ask me!!

  13. love. I am okay with bugs, but only the kind embroidered on pillows, framed behind glass, etc.

  14. MaryBeth says:

    Oh that sofa, I am in love!

  15. He can come visit me! He’s adorable!

  16. Love it!

  17. I know my fam thinks a lot of my decor is kinda weird, but I love it and that’s all that matters!

  18. I like it!!

  19. that’s funny. my six year old just did her insect report on that beetle. i think it’s a bombardier beetle that shoots boiling hot chemicals at its victims. definitely earns a place on any couch, in my book.

  20. Uh no not weird at all – love it! Where do I get one? Very summer.

  21. I love it too! It’s super fun!

  22. I love BEETLEJUICE and I know Mom would too… and MOrgan she loves BUGS! :) I love you! xo Beetlejuice

  23. Me likey beetlejuice!
    I’m trying to come back…blogging that is…my little shop is keeping me focused on positive things: much needed!

  24. Is edward scissorhands far behind?
    I have a hermes scarf with bugs….like that – which I think you would want to live with you too.
    working on plans to send…..

  25. Just saw the photo of Mr. Beetle on your settee, GORGEOUS!! Is that for you or a client?

  26. Love the pillow!


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