Blue Horse Inn

We love having projects all across the country.  Keri emailed us earlier this year requesting help with her apartment.  Well… it wasn’t just any apartment, she and her friend (Anna) run a bed and breakfast in Vermont.  Keri and her husband have an apartment is within the b&b,  The Blue Horse Inn.  They needed help with their space, but when we saw pictures of this place we had to tell her we weren’t interested at all ;) .

From their website:

Built in 1831 by Joel Eaton, the house at 3 Church Street has seen many incarnations. It is rumored to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad and local lore has it that General Lafayette may have slept here. The east wing was added in the 1860’s and was later used as a recovery home for civil war veterans.

Ms. Eleanor Paine converted the house to a bed and breakfast in the early 1990′s. Known simply as “3 Church Street,” the house became a beloved local landmark, and Ms. Payne is still fondly remembered by former guests and Woodstock residents as kind and full of good-humor. In 2006, 3 Church was rechristened ‘The Lauren” under the proprietorship of Jack and Nicole Maiden. The Maidens carefully updated the old house, combining a classic aesthetic with a modern twist. The house became The Blue Horse Inn when it was purchased by the current owners in August 2009. The new owners are excited to see their own interests and enthusiasms contribute to the history of the house at 3 Church Street, and they look forward to continuing its tradition of conviviality and hospitality.

About Keri & Anna:

Though our backgrounds in modern European history and ancient religions did not explicitly prepare us for the hospitality industry, we (your hosts, Anna and Keri) delight in opening our home to kind people, good food, and fun gatherings.

Keri has a great affinity for Southern foods and historical fiction; she plays a mean game of scrabble. Anna, in turn, has a great affinity for German foods and historical fact; she plays a mean game of Trivial Pursuit.

We are joined by miniature Schnauzer Monkey Haas Kolchinsky and Norwegian Forrest cat Snorri Cole Ford. Monkey and Snorri enjoy carousing in their owners’ apartments but are always happy to entertain guests.

As recent transplants to Woodstock, we have taken great joy in exploring the area and are delighted to share our favorite places with visitors. We hope our guests come to love The Blue Horse Inn and Woodstock, Vermont as much as we do.

We can take no credit for the design of the b&b common areas or bedrooms… but check them out:

I have not been to Vermont and I think it is high time I go!  Keri’s apartment is still a work in progress… but earlier this week she sent us photos of her bathroom.  Keri, when I visit, do you mind if I shower and get ready in your bathroom? ;)  That Toto Lloyd is my dream toilet.  (that’s right)

You can follow the Blue Horse Inn Blog HERE and if you need a fun summer getaway – check out the Blue Horse Inn!


  1. That bathroom is going to be a dream when it’s done!!

    I’m so close to VT, I need to get up there and check out this Inn, it looks so charming!

  2. Okay I think I need to plan a trip to Vermont.. purely to go to THIS Inn and to eat cheese until I am sick. Our anniversary is coming up… hmm. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That Gramercy sink is my dream!

  4. I’ve always wanted to live above/in/next door to my own business – this place would be amazing to live and work in! What a dream. The exterior and interior is crazy charming – the history really adds to it’s “cool factor”. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be hopping on along to their site now! Might need to plan a getaway for this fall when I’m sure it’s at it’s peak of loveliness!

  5. Swoon-worthy, fo sho!
    (Dream toilet – HA!)

  6. Oh this looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I think you should come to New England this week, help Keri with her apartment and then come to Boston next week for Brimfield!

  7. The tile in the bath is fabulous. The Inn looks so cozy and fun – hope to have a reason to visit Vermont sometime soon!

  8. Oh my goodness. I love Woodstock. Definitely putting this on my places to go list now that I live in Boston…maybe next weekend. Hmmmmmm Do they give an Urban Grace blog reader discount? Hehe

  9. You just sealed the deal…I am headed to Vermont the next time I need to escape the hot humid South…which is looking like any day now!

  10. Ohhh, I love that bathroom! I would love to visit this inn! Would love to see what you do there!

  11. Gorgeous work, as always. I love your blog – the mixture of design, family, and life just makes me so happy to see it updated when I paruze my favorite blogs.

  12. Keri has indeed got a wonderful bathroom in the space she has to create one. As a ‘tub’ aficiando I comp,ilment her for doing wonders in a small space in a great building…but her chums over the river have more heritage in European bathroom design and have created some amazing bathrooms… check out the inn at where tubs light up or you get two claw foot tubs in one room! One thing is sure we BOTH love our bathrooms!

  13. Wow! Let me know if you need a travel companion!? :) I love you and the Blue Horse Inn!! Mmmmm!

  14. OMG!!! What a dream!!!

  15. Alathia says:

    That’s my dream toilet, too! Even with my sisters’ employee discount, it was a budget buster for us. I thought it would be cool to trim out the shower in wood stained the same color as the seat.

  16. What a great spot! It is all so well done – love the bathrooms (and the toilet!) and their garden is so pretty! Woodstock is a really cute town – you should definitely visit! And you’d be welcome to come stay at my house, too! Come see VT! :)

  17. BEAUTIFUL! How lucky that you get to visit :)

    I love that you have a dream toilet.

  18. How fun to work all over the country! That bathroom remind of one I just did and instead of the usual pale blue walls I used the softest pale lavender- dreamy!

  19. I live super close to VT and it’s probably the greatest state especially if you love B&B’s. We have a tradition of staying in B&B’s for our anniversary I’ll have to check it out!

  20. A lot of my husband’s family live in Woodstock and Queeche, I will put this on my list to check out next time we’re up, it looks beautiful! Enjoy yourself! *Amy

  21. WOW! What a breathtaking b&b!!! It is worth a trip to vermont to see it! Also, I can’t get enough of that all carerra bathroom, can’t wait to see it finished.

  22. Gorgeous gorgeous bathroom…and the house isn’t too shabby either :)

  23. i never thought I’d say the words “I want that toilet” but I do! That inn is just lovely!

  24. I wish I would have known about this place for my honeymoon! I would have loved to have stayed in the states. I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont since I was little! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thanks so much for your kind, enthusiastic comments – and thanks to Erika for sharing our project! We’d love to see you all in Vermont soon! (And so would Lloyd; he’s very excited to have such a devout fan club.)

    Keri & The BHI crew

  26. Love this post! I am going to research that gramercy sink and toilet right now – in the process of remodeling my bathroom – thanks!

  27. Gorgeous tile work! love the toto lloyd too!


  28. staci gilbert says:

    love Woodstock vt. and am so happy to hear that other flatlanders have fallen in love with woodstock vt. Love that bathroom sink!!!

  29. I thought Keri looked familiar and sure enough, we were in the same graduating class at Furman! Small world!

  30. looks like they have some great style all of their own! I can’t wait to see what you came up with for their own spaces

  31. What an absolutely gorgeous property! It must be so much fun to take on projects like this. Please let them know that if they ever need to flip that pile of bricks, I’d be happy to put in a reasonable bid ;)

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