can you smell my confederate jasmine?


  1. Heather says:

    Confederate jasmine? Is that what’s taken over your handrails? It’s absolutely gorgeous! Me Likey!

  2. awe! i looooooooooooove the seahorse pacifier! :) happy spring/summer!

  3. I JUST planted some to grow up the handrail on my deck…I hope mine gets that big. I’m coming down there next week, these pics are getting me in the mood for some 30A!

  4. my favorite is the seahorse binky !!

  5. Yay! We haven’t seen your other babies (the doggies) in a while! Looks like you live in paradise!

  6. Holy moly! You have quite the green thumb.

  7. love the confederate jasmine!

  8. and it is Confederate Memorial Day….the jasmine is beautiful…is that creek in/by your yard?

  9. Mine is in full bloom too, and I love it!! Gorgeous photos, Erika!

  10. Mine is blooming on my front porch. Such a heavenly smell! Yours looks amazing.

  11. I can smell it! In fact today I got the urge to plant myself (trust me, it requires much, much effort to be motivated to plant anything in Kuala Lumpur!). Picked up a trillion varieties of succulents and went to town shoving them in as tightly as I could. Will take pics of the planters and post for you. Though mine don’t smell like your jasmine.


  12. great bananas YES! every time i walk outside. love it.
    good to see youre back on the posting bandwagon…i myself am getting back in the swing of it as well {finally}

  13. I LOVE THAT STUFF! It’s all over the place here! I don’t remember seeing it in South Florida?

  14. oh I wish I could smell that jasmine! Looks beautiful!

  15. Confederate Jasmine is EVERYWHERE in Nola right now….taking over the place. The smell is so specific…I wait for it each year. Yours looks fantastic!

  16. Erika, I’m super jealous of your beautiful confederate jasmine!! We got a few new things to plant…I might have to go on a hunt for some jasmine though because I love that! the pictures are all gorgeous…Sloane’s seahorse pacifier and embroidered owl are too cute.

  17. yeh i can! mine is pleasantly overwhelming me too! love, love, love it! and you! xx

  18. mmmmmm I totally can :) I am patiently waiting for the rails to go up on our deck before planting my own! can’t wait.

  19. Yes I can! My 2 year old daughter and I like to walk around Augusta State University (here in GA) and it’s everywhere, smells divine!!!

  20. I want to go to there. Gnomes, Sloaney Balogna, and jasminneeee. Now I am homesick for the south!

  21. Megan Shropshire says:

    I LOVE CONFEDERATE JASMINE!!! We always had that growing up the the handrails to our front door growing up and I loved the smell! It was always a sign that spring was here! :) Hope you’re well!

  22. that’s all I could smell while walking all through rosemary last week. LOVE them!

  23. Oh my goodness… it is out of control! I can’t imagine how good it must smell! Beautiful! And the water… oh my goodness… gorgeous!

  24. I wish I could smell that jasmine, but our giant one accidentally got axed in our re-landscaping (sob). I’ve never heard it called confederate jasmine–must be a Southern thing! In California we just call it star jasmine

  25. Oh my gosh, gorgeous! And I love how it looks against the blue doors. Happy belated Mother’s Day, lovey! I wish we could have a play date, TOO! xo

  26. i’m awfully jealous of that paci…

  27. Oh my how gorgeous!!

  28. Love the jasmine if that is what is in the first photo! All those photos are gorgeous. I am so ready for full fledged summer!

  29. Is that a toy fox terrier? We have one and love him.

  30. Maureen says:

    Beautiful shots! I can smell that Jasmine from here, or maybe its the crop on my deck…. Yours looks so full and beautiful! I’d say you have a green thumb or maybe two.

  31. says:

    So it’s really called Confederate Jasmine, eh? And here I thought you were just being funny? Glad you’re back to blogging. You’re a hoot and your sister is too.

  32. Be careful! Confederate jasmine is super poisonous!

  33. Hmmm…. I wonder if this is what I smell on my morning walk. It almost looks the same the scent I smell is heavenly. xo

  34. Your “backyard” is beautiful. Looks like a drinking fountain for Penelope or is it Paisley. Sloane is getting her close up.

  35. No….’Cause I can’t get past mine! Great Jasmine year, eh?

    Beautiful outdoor…and baby…pics!

  36. Can you smell mine?? Ours is in the back yard creeping up a huge trellis wall. The other day I was walking up our driveway (in the front yard) and could smell it! I was completely on the other side of the house and the smell was wafting over the roof! Our one plant is about 8 or 9 years old and it’s HUGE!

    In response to the poisonous comment… I believe it’s the yellow (Carolina) jasmine that is so poisonous to people and animals. The Confederate (or Star) is supposed to be ok.

  37. Sometimes when I’m looking for pictures to take I wish I could capture the scents. I could almost smell the jasmine.

  38. My family has a house down in Watercolor- I adore the confederate jasmine! We don’t have much of it here in the mountains, and it smells so delicious.

  39. Jessie P. says:

    how did you get your confederate jasmine so big?! it’s so beautiful!!!

  40. Your Jasmine is incredible. I wonder if it would grow in Illinois? The scent of Lilac is intoxicating at the moment. The photo of your wee one is delightful!

  41. Beautiful! Love that seahorse pacifier : )

  42. oh my goodness am I ready to head your way or what……

    your pictures are beautiful and your jasmine is lovely!

  43. i’ve been loving smelling that lately, your views are gorgeous!

  44. I have always wondered the name of this plant! So beautiful! I remember that smell well from the house I grew up in! Such wonderful photos..harkening summer!!!! Happy Thursday!

  45. I love the smell of Jasmine….

  46. Wow… beautiful… What a lovely garden.

  47. I have those same jasmine bushes in my backyard! “Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine” tends to be my reality every single summer when that jasmine starts showing off and seducing everything that has breath.

  48. Hi. It’s my first time to see Confederate Jasmine vine. I’m in Illinois and I’m aware that it’s not hardy here. I’m planning to grow it as annual. Will it bloom in my area?

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