coastal and southern

Coastal and Southern.  I do believe I fit into both those categories.  Born and (mostly) raised in the South and I do live on the Coast. 

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m willing to work anywhere. 

I’m flattered, honored, humbled, and a little shy about it all.  You see, the fruits of my labor were recognized in Coastal Living this month (March 2010) and also in Southern Living last month (February 2010) and I’m so very grateful.  So, if you missed either of them and wanted to see the stories, here they are….

Coastal Living (March 2010)


Southern Living (February 2010)


  1. Delurking to say Congrats! Love it all.

  2. Congratulations! Your work is awesome, it’s so fun to see these rooms that you did!

  3. Catherine says:

    Kathy Linder’s kitchen might be one of the best I’ve ever seen. I love this- it’s bright, grand without feeling over-bearing, and clean without feeling cold. It’s a perfect kitchen. I think I’m going to have to file it under “Dream House.” Great work!!

  4. Don’t be shy about it. Congratulations. Well deserved. Everything looks fantastic!

  5. E- congratulations on such well deserved press!! It all looks fabulous, as always! xoxo

  6. Candace Horner says:

    Stunning!! So gorgeous, thanks for sharing – I can’t find Coastal Living in NJ so I’d have missed it. Your designs are so beautiful and inspiring – Congrats!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I want that kitchen (first one)! I love it. Congratulations on the recognition and on the beautiful kitchens you created!

  8. I’ve never commented before, but I just wanted to say that your work is simply beautiful. (And your attitude and humility are incredibly refreshing as an added bonus!) Congratulations on your hard-earned successes!

  9. Alison Bohannon Todd says:

    E, this is so fabulous!!! I’m behind on my Southern Living reading…I can’t wait to come across this. Congrats!!!

  10. Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and your success. You are so talented! The Coastal Living issue was one of their best…because of the you! Honestly, I felt a little Cottage Living love going on. I really like the Fowler’s kitchen the most. I feel like there will be a Powell design in my home one day. I sure do hope so!

  11. I’ve been waiting for this!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! May this publicity mean good things for you. We know you won’t be affected by all the attention. And can’t wait to see what’s next…your own show??

  12. Congrats Erika. Your work is amazing and I am drooling over that second kitchen. You are so talented and all the works shows it!

  13. Congratulations. Very well deserved. The kitchen with the copper hood is my all time favorite kitchen.

  14. I’m absolutely speechless! I don’t think I can pick a favorite kitchen – I love them ALL! And, the Drew’s home reads perfectly-warm, Southern hospitality!
    Your humility is endearing, but truly, you deserve this recognition – Congratulations!

    (And thanks so much for sharing the scans for those of us on the receiving end of the epitome of Snail Mail!)


  15. Wow, These are just amazing!! I am always filled with such awe when people can pull together spaces like this! I live in a somewhat cookie cutter home so I always feel like I can’t accomplish this kind of unique-ness (is that a word?) Especially since I have no clue what I’m doing! lol

    You are a real artist…I am going to pick up both these magazines for an even closer look! :)

    Congrats to you!!

  16. As always, I love your work. Congratulations!

  17. oh my gosh, Erika, I have the Southern Living, but must go right out and get Coastal Living, as that white and blue kitchen is my all time favorite room that you’ve done {that I’ve seen}. I go back and look at it on your website all the time, and I have already renovated my kitchen. I just love it, though. Youthful and fun. COngratulations. You are so talented!

  18. WOW! these kitchens are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Your sense of style in these rooms are classic, i Love it!

  19. SNAPS lady. Serious snaps.

  20. Wowzers!!! Cpngratulations Erika!!! Now, you need your own show on HGTV ;)

  21. You are very talented!

  22. Sara in SF says:

    Really REALLY love the glass iridescent subway tiles!!!

  23. congratulations to you! you have such a great style and these publications were definitely deserved! can we see more of your design work? :)

  24. Erika, I have never commented before (total lurker), but count me among your admirers. Congratulations. Someday, it would be a dream to have you design my (nonexistent) kitchen in my (also nonexistent) beach house.

  25. kelly rainer says:

    Congratulations-your humility is what is so endearing about you! Can’t wait to get my Coastal Living!

  26. Oh, I’m so glad you shared with us! Your talent is incredible!
    ☺ Celeste

  27. Wowie wow wow!!! I’m blown away, Erika. Seriously, those are some of the most beautiful kitchens everrrrrrrrrrr. Congratulations on a job well done. Now, I’m going back to read more…

    : )

  28. That first kitchen is my favorite kitchen EVER. I KNEW it belonged to some fabulous woman. And then there are the other two… equally gorgeous. I love that they’re all different but all represent your aesthetic as a designer. Bravo!


  29. I already ripped your articles out of my magazines for my design binder! Loved them both.

  30. Mary Frances says:

    Like I said yesterday on Darby’s blog, I know I startled the poor bystanders at Barnes and Noble Saturday night when I opened the Coastal Living magazine and saw your work and picture…I very loudly exclaimed, “I LOVE HER!!!!” Your work is so unique, and although each room/home you do is different and special, they all have your special signature on each one! You must have boundless reserves…a new baby, your own business, and maintaining such close ties with your equally industrious family and friends is impressive! I love your humility and genuine lack of airs, but don’t you do the “happy dance” when you realize this is such a great life God has blessed you with? I hope so…we do the “happy dance” for you out here in Blogland!
    Mary Frances

  31. congratulations erika! gorgeous, gorgeous spaces. pam

  32. Fabulous! I left a comment on Darby’s blog that I wanted to run out and buy this month’s Coastal Living, but I’m 0 for 2 on trying to find it. It hasn’t made its way to Target or Borders just yet. I’m on the lookout for a hand-held copy of your gorgeous work!

  33. I saw you in Coastal!! You are famous….and we knew you back when…..

    Everything is beautiful! WOW!

  34. Wow how excited you must be! This is incredible I love each space that was showcased, you are so incredibly talented! I need to go back to your post and read it again for some tips!

  35. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing, I’m running out to my local Barnes and Noble to snag a copy so I can drook all over the photos.

  36. You do beautiful work! I LOVE it! Especially the first kitchen :)

  37. saw it, loved it, told my husband, “i read her blog and she’s fabulous…you should see her adorable baby girl too!” :)

    he thinks i’m a nut. oh well.

    i think your work is amazing! those spreads were well-deserved.

  38. That is so cool. you are a fabulous designer I love your work.

  39. How exciting! I have the Southern Living mag, but didn’t realize that was your work. I remember loving seeing the little girl sitting on top of the kitchen island. That house is amazing. Of off to pull it back out of my stack and read every word. LOVE your blog and your design work. Can’t wait to go pick up Coastal too.

  40. You are so talented and I’m so happy that you were recognized for that. These kitchens are A DREAM!!!!! Maybe one day you can design for us in Kentucky ;)

  41. I don’t believe I have ever had the nerve to comment here, but I felt I should today. I have been stalking you for some while enjoying all that you share. Then I was going though my SL mag this month and ripping out pages (I rip the pages I love and keep them in a notebook) when I looked down a realized all the pages that I was ripping out were your work, I felt so honored to have some how know you work without even reading the article. Your work is beautiful and comforting all thing that I think a home should be. I am so glad I got to see it.

    Cha Cha

  42. just read my copy of CL over the weekend – such well deserved press, erika … really stunning work! so happy for you – congratulations!

  43. Thank you for sharing. I love your blog. It is fantastic to see your beautiful baby one day and your amazing professional achievements the next! It is inspiring to know that some women can make it all come together. :) Congrats.

  44. lizziefitz says:

    Perfection! You are so talented. I love your style.

  45. Erika, this is such fabulous press! Congratulations!!! I love your work!

  46. stunning
    oh yes
    & congrats!!

  47. Congrats! Your work is wonderful and deserves to be featured. Your rooms are so realistic and livable too. Good job!

  48. Congratulations, Erika! Beautiful work !! Well done indeed!

  49. This is so wonderful! I love your work – congratulations!!! I’m off to the store to find the March issue and (hopefully) still find a Feburary SL!!!!

  50. Gorgeous spaces. I will be picking up copies of both magazines. Congratulations!

  51. beckyBrodbeck says:

    You are amazing! Congratulations on the wonderful work and write-ups. Love ya!

  52. BEAUUU-TI-FUL *bowing down* Amazing spreads! Two national publications in two months, you should be so proud!

  53. Your work is beautiful and I just got my Coastal Living a few days ago and was pouring over the beautiful rooms you have designed and loving every one of them! Truly gorgeous and well deserving of every bit of the recognition!

    Kat ;)

  54. A million times CONGRATS!!! Your talent is endless!

  55. Just linked over from your sister’s blog. Wow! Gorgeous! Amazing! Congratulations and keep up the beautiful work. [Would you come all the way to Arizona??? :-) ].

  56. Wow!! Love it all!! Now how do I get one of those kitchens?

  57. So stinkin’ excited for you… glad you finally posted this you little stink pot!!! Let’s go tropical!

  58. That was me, Momma Sis…. logged in as you! Oops! People are going to think you are proud of yourself! :)

  59. Congratulations – your work is absolutely beautiful! Having just finished a kitchen reno, due to Hurricane Ike damage, I’m in awe at how designers like you pull off a totally finished, cohesive, functional, good-looking project. It’s one thing to look at the designer’s beautiful project in a magazine. It’s something totally different when one has experienced all the little decisions, problems, roadblocks, budget constraints, changes, working with subs and GC that lie behind the finished project, never to be seen – it’s very difficult at times. I can only imagine that adding client expectations/communication on top of all that – well, that’s why you’re the professional you are. I am in awe.

  60. Natalie Godwin says:

    AWESOME! :)

  61. You are the most talented person I know~ or pretend to know through blog land! CONGRATULATIONS on your hard work and dedication. Your talent is endless. I wish you lived closer to the Boston area…….I would have you design a house for me! Thank you for sharing. You and Darby are so stinkin’ funny BTW.

  62. Congrats! I read about you being in these magazines from Darbys blog. I tried to get the southern living one but they didn’t have any at walmart when I was looking. You should be so proud!

  63. I saw this on Darby’s blog (and I’m asking my mom – another coast dweller and artist – to hold the issue for me so I can see it in real life)!

    Your work is beautiful and you are totally deserving! Amazing!

  64. i read that article in SL. so inspiring. great work!

  65. You are so very talented and I just love all of your concepts! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  66. Absolutely A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  67. I love Kitchen #2!! The article is going into my inspiration binder for future use.

  68. OH MY OH MY!!!!! Girl, OUTSTANDING!!!! What an honor, you totally deserve. I absolutely love everything. Now, if I could only get my house sold, so I could hire you to design me a new pad! My wheels are a turnin!!

  69. Congrats. You have so much talent and it’s exciting to see your hard work published. They are all so beautiful and liveable.

  70. Christy says:

    That’s awesome! I love those kitchens. Your a awesome designer. I glanced thru my copy but didn’t read the articles yet.

  71. Congratulations! What a well deserved reward for a job well done. I have followed your blog for a long time and am very happy to see you published!

  72. Your work is amazing!! I am a BIG fan!! Congrats on the magazine!!

  73. I love that your talent and hard work were recognized in this wonderful way! Congrats!

  74. oh, just saw your comment on my blog. Thankyou! I wish I had that handy dandy thing where I could just reply back. Anywho, Michael actually took the picture, he’s getting pretty good!

  75. LOVED see both of these great features!! big, big congratulations!

  76. Christine says:

    Congratulations!!! All of these kitchens are fabulous! Definitely well deserved! :)

  77. a big congrats erika! so amazing. you really deserve it – your work is quite inspiring

  78. So exciting for you and well deserved! They all look amazing. Super fun to see your work in a magazine I would imagine.

  79. chelsea b says:

    I love your design style! In the top picture, it almost looked like the countertop material was a metal….but it was just the bar stools. It got me thinking….have you ever considered using zinc, or stainless steal for countertops? I ham intrigued with that look…which I saw in a restaurant–the bar had a zinc countertop. It was a french restaurant.

  80. rockstar! congratulations again, great work and great articles.

  81. It’s all really great! Congratulations on being published!

  82. congrats ericka!!!!! your talent deserves to be in the spotlight. i can’t wait to show my husband that you mentioned oceanside glasstile too:) the owners of OGT will be so proud!!! i really do admire your work, and you have been such an inspiration to so many. keep it up! xo, grace

  83. If I had a house and/or any money, I’d hire you today. Gorgeous stuff! I am wild about those frame groupings in the Southern Living house!!

  84. Stunning! Love your work and your blog.

  85. Awww, Brookie! I’m so proud of you! I tried to buy Southern Living when we were in Florida but they already had the March issue out:( I would’ve gotten the Coastal Living if some little stinker would’ve let me know she’s famous! This is so exciting! I always knew you were super talented, now everyone does!! Love you!!

  86. Erika! OMGosh girl! I have never been able to pick a favorite designer because I think to have a favorite you have to adore most of their work. It has always been one or two things here or there for me but I LOVE EVERYTHING you have created! If I could, I would disregard all of my things and have you come into my home and design it for me, every room… I am so sorry that I didn’t realize this before, I have been missing out! Can’t wait to see more. I am rushing out to find these magazines by the way :)

  87. Erika! I’m so proud of you…bought Southern Living last month and Coastal Living yesterday! You are really in the BIG TIME! You are incredible! Dave and I are getting started building here in Clearwater and I’m for sure copying some of your beautiful looks (the ones I can afford…ha!) Nice work, my friend!
    War Eagle!

  88. Candace Echols says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! We are super excited for you!!

  89. ummmm, hello, this is amazing. congrats!

  90. So amazing!!! :)

  91. I bought them both! Well done, huge fan!

  92. You da bomb . . . tho I guess we already knew. Congrats – it’s all dreamy!

  93. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet deal Erika! You rock! You’re very talented and have every right to be proud of yourself. Good on you.

  94. I’m so impressed! I love all of these spreads, but I gotta say that first kitchen is really to-die-for. I’d take it all, no changes necessary. Congrats on the much-deserved coverage!!

  95. Congratulations! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come with your career. These are wonderful spaces and you have a lot to be proud of!

  96. Natalie says:

    Great job, Erika! It is so nice to see that you are getting some really nice work published!

  97. Lovely to put the “face” with the place after reading the Coastal Living article. Those glass tiles are making me rethink my backsplash choice. Congratulations on the press!

  98. awesome! congrats on the magazine features. love everything you do-i dream of winning the lottery and having a kitchen like that first one and hiring you to help with the rest of my house! on another note…as a mom of three little ones and trying to work at a creative job, i know it’s hard to keep the balance and it all running smoothly. you seem to be doing a great job!

  99. Sally Wheat says:

    I am so excited for you and WAY IMPRESSED!!!!These rooms are gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!!

  100. Alcea Alba says:

    Well deserved coverage Erika! The homes/kitchens are stunning. Congrats.

  101. Sweet stuff. Loving the white clean elegance.


  102. I so love your style my friend! Congrats and many hugs!! xo

  103. Each and every one of these projects is absolutely fabulous!! You have a great eye and talent for helping your clients achieve the best of their hopes and dreams. Congrats on all the great press, well deserved! xoxo Julie

  104. Meredith says:

    So beautiful! I am so proud of you! This is just awesome and I love how comfortable everything looks and feels! Great job! I hope we can meet sometime in real life. I went to high school with Justin and feel like I know you. Take care and kiss that sweet Sloane for me!

  105. Congratulations! It is so wonderful to see truly talented designers recognized.

  106. I love how humble you are about this. But I REALLY love your designs…that is A LOT of great press. You truly deserve it!
    Kudos kudos kudos!

  107. You are so incredibly talented! I aspire to have just a fraction of your vision and style. I’m saving up all my pennies so I can afford to hire you when I move into my “forever” house someday.

  108. i saw you in coastal living and just about squealed! that is so fabulous and i am so happy that you are getting recognized for your wonderful talent. i love looking at the rooms you design. LOVE.

    congrats girl!

  109. Hey Erika-Pretty alright! Glad you finally decided to say something about all the recognition your designs have been receiving.

  110. How awesome are you!


  111. Sooo fantastic and sooo deserved! Your work is breathtakingly beautiful…rooms I dream of! Congratulations :)

  112. Congratulations on this much deserved press! I love seeing new photos of these beautiful kitchens with the homeowners using them!

  113. It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  114. What wonderful and well deserved recognition!! I love your work, you are so full of talent, and I’m sure this isn’t the last time we will see your work in print. You are coastal and southern, but also fresh, classic, timeless, and humble (which is nice to see). Congratulations Erika!

  115. I saw the home you did in Southern Living and immediately recognized it from the green bench and art wall! Congratulations!

  116. Congratulations!!! Your work is awesome and it’s so exciting to see it published.

  117. So happy for you!!! I have admired your designs for a couple of years now… it is great that the rest of the South (and beyond) are getting to see how very talented you are.

    Wow, what a big year for you… precious new baby girl and now this. I know you must be on cloud nine….Congratulations!

  118. So inspirational! I am off to buy the Coastal Living issue…Southern Living has already been devoured:)

  119. I screamed when I flipped the page and saw your smiling face! I even interrupted John’s Rock Band drumming extravaganza to show him (we were at a friend’s house, yup I read decorating mags in a group setting sometimes- especially to avoid Rock Band-ing). Amazing job as always. And I wouldn’t expect anything less from a talented and charming chica like yourself. Congrats!

    Sherry (& John)

  120. Congratulations! Your work is stunning.
    Paula Grace ~

  121. thick plank wood ads more to a house than can be described. beautiful beautiful work!! i aspire to be doing this one day!

  122. Congratulations!!! This is a huge accomplishment. That first kitchen is a dream.

  123. Amazing work! Congratulations!

  124. Erika! I’ve been a long time reader – and sadly, I have never left a comment! Just wanted to come out of hiding and say congratulations! The blue kitchen has always been my hands-down favorite!!! -Melissa

  125. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Such a dream!

  126. Erika,
    I am inspired and so proud to have been your colleague ! :)
    Keep it up and give us some more pics of sloaney bologney!
    Love, Joy

  127. You have impeccable taste. Congrats on getting published — I am running out to buy BOTH today! I wish you were closer so I could hire you!

  128. jen quinn says:

    love them all!
    love you too!

  129. What talent you have. All those spaces are well designed, livable, and very family-friendly. My dream house is one designed by Erika!

  130. Ok, just yesterday I perused Coastal to see your feature. I LOVED the 2nd one so much!! Awesome work. One day my husband will make enough to afford your services!! :) I missed the SL one so glad to see it here; lovely.

  131. congratulations! your talent amazes me! i looked at each of these in such detail! i can’t wait to buy “coastal living.” and hopefully still get the “southern living.” :)

  132. WOW! Erika, this is so huge! Congratulations! You deserve all the best, your work is great!! I can’t wait to see more of you in the future!

  133. Congrats Erica on your magazine features!! You designs are amazing!! Love your work.

  134. Congrats! How amazing for you.

    Such lovely rooms. I love the idea of using the iridescent tile for the backsplash.

  135. Cindy Krutz says:

    Wow!!! You are awesome at what you do. Definitely going to pick up the magazines.

  136. Hooray for Ericka! Who rocks the world’s best design? Yeah! That’s RIGHT! it’s Ericka! I am so excited for you! (and for Texas Lightsmith!) We have been getting quite a few quote requests from this article!
    *v*Saffron sing’n praises for Ericka and all that she creates!*v*
    tweet! twoot!

  137. Ashley Williams says:

    Congratulations, my friend!!! :) I LOVE Annmarie’s idea about your own show! I think that is a GREAT idea! You TOTALLY could pull that off! SO PROUD and happy for you! Love you!

  138. Had to come out of the shadows to say how beautiful your work is! I can only dream to reach the same success as you someday!

  139. Lindsey says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of you! I literally want to frame it myself! Well done, and love to you guys!
    Lindsey O

  140. CONGRATS Erika!!! Both are stunning and well deserved! I picked up my copy of CL in the Denver airport yesterday!

  141. Beautiful! I love the kitchens. I saw the Southern Living article. The pictures looked so familiar (because I’ve seen your potfolio). When I looked at the resources, there was your name! Love your work. Congratulations!

  142. FINALLY You blog about it! I LOVE IT ALL!

  143. Congratulations! So awesome to see you in press!

  144. I haven’t gotten my Coastal Living yet, but I loved the spread in Southern Living! I am getting ready to start designing/building a house, and your designs look like just what I want!

  145. Congratulations! Your work is absolutely amazing. The Drew’s home is my idea of a dream home – so beautiful!

  146. I love this! A couple of girlfriends and I went to Barnes and Noble the other night to hangout and read your articles :)

  147. i was so excited when i saw you featured in these mags! since i feel like i know you by lurking around your blog, it was like a close friend became famous! :) you are the bees knees. congrats!

  148. Chrissy says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing!!! I LOVE your style. Every single room on the design portion of your website is totally inspiring. We are building right now and although I couldn’t totally customize my kitchen, several of the things I could change are directly “inspired” from your work!! I really hope one day I can have your help in decorating our house!!!

  149. How talented are you?? Congrats on your well deserved magazine spreads. They look amazing.


  150. Jessica says:

    It’s wonderful you were acknowledged for you talented, hard work. Thanks for sharing. What a treat

  151. Hey, I love your blog and saw the Southern Living first and was so impressed. Then, two days later, I got the Coastal Living and you were all over it!!! Congratulations. Job well done!

  152. It’s exactly the style I love! They are all perfect.

  153. WOWSERS!! Glorious, really Ericka. I’m going to get a copy tonight!! What beautiful rooms!!

  154. Your work is breathtaking. You are truly blessed with a talent. Congradulations on all your achievements!

  155. These kitchens are AMAZING! All the little details… I am SO impressed. I love your cabinetry designs- they are always so unique and beautiful. I’m glad these mags finally picked up on your talent! Way to go!!

  156. How so very very special! Congratulations!!!

  157. COngratulations Erika!!!! You are so talented. You deserve this fabulous recognition!

  158. Congrats on all the good press! How exciting for you!


  159. Susannah says:

    Congratulations Erica! I was hoping you would post the articles so those of us overseas (Australia) that don’t get the magazines would be able to see your beautiful work. Always an inspiration!

  160. Congratulations!!!! I read of your great news over on Darby’s blog and then when I was running errands on Sunday popped into Borders to see if I could get a copy of the Coastal magazine but alas it wasn’t out in the shelves yet!

    Congrats again!!!

  161. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Oh my, so beautiful!!! I LOVE your work! I’ve been following you and your sister’s blog for about 9 months now. Even though I don’t “know” you, I felt so proud for you seeing your work in print. What an honor. You are very humble which only adds to your charm! Congrats! You deserve the recognition! When I strike it rich, I’ll call you to decorate my new home:) Ha!

  162. congrats- well deserved!

  163. christina says:

    Congratulations! Your work is inspiring and I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  164. Congratulations Erica! You definitely deserve the recognition and praise.

  165. Congratulations! So lovely!

  166. Congrats, Erika! Your work is so beautiful and should be published for more people to appreciate!!

  167. Congrats! I love the bright greens in the Southern Living article. And I picked up the issue of Coastal Living this week and am looking forward to looking through it! Great work!!

  168. Congrats Erika! great publications and your work looks amazing!!

  169. Congrats! You are so talented!

  170. I don’t even know how to say how lovely these spaces are. You perfectly capture the way I view a home. Sigh, one day I will have a home that looks like something you’ve designed.

  171. erika!

    so glad you “told me” about this so i didn’t miss the coastal living feature.

    congratulations :)

  172. Congratulations!! Your work is beautiful!

  173. What beautiful work you do – you are so talented and I am thrilled for this well deserved publicity! Sending much admiration and congratulations from Ireland!

  174. Ericka,
    I just opened up my Coastal yesterday and saw you and your work there. Congratulations!

  175. I love to look through magazines – again, and again – but I had no idea you created ALL OF THOSE!!! I love your style!

  176. I live in Northern California and my mom visited me from Virginia recently. She brought with her a Southern Living magazine from which I tore out the house you designed in Tallahasee, not knowing you had worked on it. I see this now on your blog and put two and two together. Just perfection. My dream house. I love your style. Keep up the great work and congrats on your continue sucess.

  177. YAY!!!! Mega congrats!!!! They are gorgeous, though I had no doubt. What a satisfaction, and a very deserved one at that:-)

  178. Congrats! You do BEAUTIFUL work!

  179. Love all your paint choices. Everything you do looks so appealing and cheerful. Congrats!

  180. Erika, your designs are just gorgeous! Congratulations :)

  181. Wow Erika, hats off! I love the holes in the counter for the trash, and the cool lines of those silver barstools against the blue island. Makes me wish for warmer weather. Bravo!

  182. That’s so kind of you to post this! But I had to have the magazines to hold in my hands and absord every little detail. I live in Arizona, so both issues required special trips to Borders. So worth it. I’m so excited for you – well done!

  183. You are so talented! I think the first kitchen is my favorite. The light blue island lured me in….so bright and fresh. I wish that was my own kitchen!!

  184. Congrats, Erika! I’m so proud of you!! (and incredibly beautiful work. You have such talent!)

  185. Hey Erika! Wow! These are amazing! What a beautiful talent you have. I hope you are well. Hopefully Dave and I will get to the beach this summer with our boys in tow. We would love to see you! I’ll keep in touch!

  186. Angela Williams says:

    Congratulations! Your talent is so deserving of this spread!

  187. Coming out of the lurking shadows to tell you congratulations! You are so talented and it is so exciting to see this amazing spread all about y-o-u!

    By the way, you’re right…the Belinda Carlisle station on Pandora = awesome!

  188. Congratulations! Your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your success as I don’t subscribe to either of those magazines (might need to check them out now!) and wouldn’t have seen the spreads otherwise!

  189. THRILLED for you! All the pictures and articles are amazing and fantastic! Great job!!

  190. ps-gave you a shout out on my blog today! :) thanks again for the pandora tip!

  191. Just rec’d my issue of Coastal Living and was blown away by your kitchen designs. Bravo!!!


  192. Willow Fan says:

    Congratulations, Erika! I’m so proud of you. I’ve read your blog for years and always knew you were magazine material. Not just any magazine either! Two of my faves.

  193. so beautiful – each space is absolutely stunning! congrats on the great press – well deserved!

  194. Hi! Congrats… the designs are stunning! It is so exciting to see your hard work pay off, isn’t it? I have enjoyed following your blog. I am new to the world of blogging and hopefully you can visit mine too @

    Looking forward to becoming “design blogging buddies”!


  195. So wonderful! Such elegance and style!!

  196. Hello there!
    I am a blog contributor for Coastal Living. They contacted me sometime in 2009 to write reviews on my blog coastal nest. I have to say that this months magazine wow’d me to no end. Your kitchens made the magazine this time. SERIOUS.
    what a talent, sister!! The issue reminded me of my very favorite and long missed Cottage Living. Your blog is amazing and I am glad I tripped over it today..
    Coastal Nest

  197. You really captured the heart of Florida living in all of those designs! Absolutely beautiful! Congrats:)

  198. I stop into your blog occasionally but I had not made the connection that this spread from Southern Living is you! Um, hello RSS and daily visits from now on! Your shiplap touches have totally inspired me! THANK YOU!

  199. Congratulations! What an amazing experience this must be for you!

  200. Caroline says:

    These are FANTASTIC, I am very proud and excited for you. I love seeing your work; it is always so inspiring and soothing. Congratulations, you deserve it! :)

  201. Congratulations! I saw it over the weekend – what a great spread! You did such a nice job. Always do.

  202. I just picked up a Coastal Living at my work. Congratulations, your work is absolutely stunning and so inspiring to a young designer like me! :)

  203. I can’t even tell you how happy we are for you!!! More than well deserved and I can’t wait to watch the success and your talent grow. Love you!!!

  204. WOW! this is incredible! Erika, I don’t even know you, but I am so proud of you! Congratulations on such great press!

  205. WOW! Congratulations on this wonderful event! Two features! Everything looks great (as always) -even if we didn’t do those cabinets =)

  206. oh my. not sure how i missed the coastal living story, but omg! omg! three kitchens! you are the best. the best! your talent amazes me. congratulations girl – you deserve the world.

  207. Donna Glenn says:

    Love your style! Love your colors! Fabulous.

  208. I love your work and I remember seeing these features. Question for you, I have scoured the article and didn’t see this anywhere, but do you mind telling me what the countertops are in the first kitchen above? The one with the blue island? I love that look and would really like to try and recreate it. Thanks!

  209. Tara Teverbaugh says:

    I love the cream and tan curtains in the living room of the last house shown. Can you tell me where the curtains are from or the fabric? All these houses are just stunning!!!

  210. I think this is among the most important info for me. And i am glad studying your article. But wanna commentary on some general things, The website taste is wonderful, the articles is actually excellent : D. Excellent job, cheers

  211. Good evening Erika!
    I have long admired your talent and style! I took the plunge 3 years ago and gutted my kitchen. I had a small kitchen with formica and ugly counter tops, oh and soffits. I hated the sight of it. So, I hired some men to haul it away. I am still putting it all together and so far it looks gorgeous! I had 4 x 8 sheets cut to 6 inch wall boards for the walls leading from my kitchen all the way to the sunroom 20+ feet – all painted Manchester tan from Sherwin Williams, a pot filler of course, and I installed a Kohler cast iron double deep sink over man made marble tile and purchased two large Pendant lights from restoration Hardware with lots of recess lights! Would love to send you pics when it is finished as your kitchen featured in Coastal Living (March 2010) was my inspiration!

    May I ask where you got the polished shelf brackets? I may have to settle for the Home Depot set, but would much rather have the type that you used, if possible to still find them.

    I look forward to hearing from you. If you ever find your way to Virginia Beach, I would be honored to meet you and would like to take you to lunch!

    All the best, Rebecca Keeney

  212. Highly enlightening….looking onward to visiting again.


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