Dear Santa

Earlier this week I had this not so brilliant idea for us to make Christmas wish lists.  I had just told my husband I didn’t really want anything for Christmas, then I came into the office and said “let’s make wish lists for the blog”.  Well, that was easier said than done… but without further adieu, a few things we have our eyes on…

(a)(b) —  (c) —  (d) —  (e) —  (f)  —  (g) —  (h) —  (i) —  (j)

I do not know a thing about sewing machines (other than the kid-friendly one my grandmother gave to me when I was younger!). I would just wish for a good sewing machine to get me through my projects. Emissary “Crisscross Lamp” – I can’t get over the silhouette and color! Baggu No.6 “Constellation” – just a favorite between Paula and I. Trench coat -I LOVE COATS. I am in love with these vintage-inspired earrings. Auburn Tigers #90 jersey – if you know who is selling them let me know, WAR EAGLE! “Mary McDonalds Interiors” She has such an elegant design style – I would love to peruse through this book. TOMS! “Recipes from an Italian Summer”- I love Italian meals. Fresh “Citron De Vigne Eau De Parfum” – Erika brought us all back a sampler after her New York trip, and this scent smells heavenly!

(a)(b) —  (c) —  (d) —  (e) —  (f) —  (g) —  (h) —  (i)  —  (j)

The flats, good (comfortable) flats are hard to find. I bet Frye knows how to do flats, if Santa brings them, I’ll let you know. The simple little earrings, versatile. The Katie Ridder fabric, fresh pillows for my sofa perhaps?  The throw is 100% cotton and that turquoise stitching… yum.  I think I need two of these.  The watch, I have one similar with a green face, but I like the white face. The ipad case, truth be known I need the ipad to go inside too.  The boots, I think these would be a nice addition to my collection.  Spoon rest… I have one of these and love it,  but sometimes your pot needs a lid and that means you need a traditional spoon rest.  The plaid Shaw Couture Carpet would be nice bound for an area rug for my bedroom.  The rain jacket, mine died this year and my mom has this one, simple and practical.  I like practical… most of the time. ;)

(a)(b) —  (c) —  (d) —  (e)  —  (f) —  (g) —  (h) —  (i) —  (j)

I have been in love with the supple looking Lucky purse forever. That Soap and Paper factory Roland Pine scented candle was updated this year in a fun, new package. It has the perfect non-fake Christmas tree scent. One of Katrina Schmidt-Rinke’s dreamy watercolors would be the best Christmas present ever. That spindle leg table- obsessed. My Dad’s old Seiko watch, which I stole and have been meaning to get repaired and resized…sorry Dad! I can’t help but want these moose mugs… Christmas Vacation classics. Essie’s “Steel-ing the Scene” is my favorite winter nailpolish. My childhood is filled with recipes from Tea-Time at the Masters. Norma Jean’s Ham Rolls, which has to be one of the best recipes of all time, are always present on Christmas morning. I love my Lucchese boots and these have such great detail. However when you get down to it, what I really want is for my grandma to hand over that loveseat she’s been hoarding and to get it recovered in this Mally Skok fabric.


  1. Great lists! Erika, I love those flats and boots.

    Lauren, check out our High Gloss giveaway series. We’re giving away a copy of the Mary McDonald along with some other fabulous gifts!

  2. Ooooh such fun goodies! I might have to steal a few of your ideas for my own wish list… :)

  3. Oh my! Switch out the Auburn Jersey (go vols) and I’d swear Lauren and I were the same person. If you need a nice little machine to learn on grab a little kenmore or the basic singer. Perfect for beginners but will last forever.

  4. love your lists. but, um, is that the proper link for the spoon rest? pam

  5. Dear Santa,

    I’ll take one of each please! Love it all!


  6. Oh, I love these lists. I’ve been wanting that J.Crew watch for ages, and I just added the Lucky purse to my “one day when I don’t need money for groceries” list.

  7. Christine says:

    Love the lists, but I have to laugh. That must be the wrong link for the spoon rest. However, the video is hilarious!!!!!!!!

  8. Brilliant. Love all the goodies.

  9. Those lists are super fun. I hope Santa brings you each at least one fun thing from your wishlists!

  10. thanks for the eye candy (and a few gift ideas!)

  11. Fab list ladies! The question still remains…have you been naughty or nice??

  12. Totally unrelated, though I love your Xmas list post! I just had my very first baby, a girl to my complete and udder shock while I thought it was a boy, and through reading your blog, I aspire to dress my Georgia Rae (Georgie for short) like little Miss Sloane. Can you update a sister who hates too much pink and clothes with words on them (aka “princess” and “adorable”…yuck) where you shop?

  13. Santa, can you please bring me one of everything?! I was hoping you’d post your wish list at some point this month~thanks!

  14. You can actually get the jerseys in AU at the athletic complex, they make any number you want and i think* you can get the players name on the back- the run about $70 last time i checked :) happy holidays!

  15. Great wish lists! I love earrings in Lauren’s list, the iPad case and the wall paper in Erika’s list and the great bag in Allison’s list. Fun post ladies! :)

  16. Such fun lists! Toms, boots, fabrics, oh my! Love it.


  17. I will take it all! Erika I found a watch just like that at walmart, yes really. Although they don’t last years but for $9.99 who cares.

  18. oh and war eagle!!!

  19. Allison… You shouldn’t spend that on a purse… just ask Erika… she’ll clean out her closet for you! :)Love all the lists… y’all rock! xoxo D

  20. Love it all E!! XO

  21. Hi Erika, 6PM carries your boots for a little less:

  22. These are all so fantastic. I’m wanting the Katie Ridder Gray Leaf wallpaper for my office. LOVE, LOVE! I am laughing out loud at Allison’s moose mugs. Hysterical! Such a fun post.

  23. As always, love your picks Erika!! :)

  24. Thank you for this post!!! Now my parents are getting moose mugs for christmas… :)

  25. Okay – now my list just quadrupled! Who makes the throw? I’ve been looking for a new one with aqua for awhile and this one’s perfect!

  26. Angela Alwine says:

    Erika, tell Santa to check out those ballet flats at I just saw them there earlier this week on sale (less than $100). They are so cute, and I LOVE my Frye boots. I may have to get those flats.

  27. Lauren- Try this for your Nick Fairley Jersey!


  28. Good lists! A helpful hint if you do get the Frye boots-I have had the tall boots for three years, and they are still NOT comfortable. Go up a half size so you can wear thick socks with them!

  29. I always look forward to, and love, your lists. Merry Christmas!

  30. I NEED those boots in Black Erika! Thanks for reminding me to remind Santa Clause!

  31. Stumbled upon those Frye flats tonight at a store in Buckhead, and ohh, are they lovely!

  32. Wow, had never heard of until several posted about it here…those flats are almost $50 less and the boots are $100 less, there!

  33. Hi Erika!
    My husband and I want to vacation in the Florida area for the last 2 wks in Dec. and I was wondering if you know of anyone looking to rent their house? Thanks for any advice you can offer! :)

  34. I told my husband I did not want anything either, then I just bought myself some riding boots:) Great lists. Helps me think of ideas for others.

  35. ho ho ho!

  36. So, I was pretty content with just buying my little ones gifts for Christmas. My husband and I usually don’t do big Christmas gifts for each other since we’ve had kids. Now I have a bad case of the wants, ha! I may have to drop some hints to him about some of the things on your lists. Your lists are great, but that’s no surprise since you guys have great style!

  37. Allison, the spindle leg table is on my wish list too!

  38. I want a little bit of all of these!! That ipad case is marvelous, and that Essie polish hue is just charming for the holiday parties.

    Great finds!

  39. Amy Dennis says:

    Great, fun gift ideas!

  40. Erika,
    Brahms Mount is the bomb, unfortunately the price tag can also feel like a bomb just dropped on you–doesn’t mean a girl can’t wish. Love your shoe selection as usual.

  41. I love the moose mug. I have looked for years for Christmas Vacation collectibles for my dad. Thanks so much!!

  42. Lauren–great choice with TOMS… LOVE THEM!!!
    Allison–you’re bag is 30% off… makes it an even better wish list item!
    Erika–you make me want to buy shoes :)

  43. Love all of it! Erika, I have been wanting over that Katie Ridder fabric as well. I want to do a whole room in it, wallpaper and fabric!

  44. Love the lists…obsessed with the Frye boots, and who can pass up a chance to help others and get a pair of Toms too…perfect!!

  45. I have copies of Tea Time at the Masters coming out of my ears! I’ll be glad to send one right on over.

  46. Can I just say I love your blog? I always am excited to find a new post. Since you mentioned the ipad holder, I had to mention this company I just found. Planning on getting my Mr. a Muzetto for his MacBook for Christmas (despite of the wait until January). Thought you might appreciate the quality/design…

  47. Allison, I have the same cookbook and do not see the Ham roll recipe. Please share where it is???

  48. Ditto what Michele said above – I have the original Tea time athe Masters (the one you have pictured) and I can’t find the Norma Jean Ham Roll recipe anywhere…???? Now I’m dying for it!!

  49. Ashley Caldwell says:

    Hey gals,

    I work at Perspicasity in Seaside, just noticed that you had several Frye Shoe options for your lists. I know this post is a little late, but our buyer Morgan can special order Frye shoes for you… anything available on the website she can order for you and have them sent to the store. Also, we are re-opening the store for spring at the end of January and we will have tons of new merchandise coming in every week. If you get the chance, stop by and see us!

  50. Just got a heads up that I you had one of my fabrics featured on your Xmas wish list…… saw there were a lot of hits to my website via the Urban Grace route.(Ahh the wonders of today’s technology for stalking!!) Please email me if you really want some of my Julia in Wheat. Would love to make your old Xmas wish come true!!
    Kind wishes, Mally

  51. Those are great Wish Lists! I’ll take Lauren’s Wish List and I would take the Auburn Football Jersey. I like it because it’s new to me. Did Lauren want to switch to another College or University? If Lauren gets a chance, stop by and see me anytime! Merry Christmas!

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