dream jobs

Jenna Lyons will be on Oprah today.  Should be interesting.  Glad we have cable tv at the office, we’ll be tuning in!

(thank you La Dolce Vita)


  1. Def tuning in…I could use some career inspiration right now!

  2. I wish I had a dream job. I love her house, totally cool. I think it has been featured several times.

  3. Thank you for the heads up! Setting the DVR…would have been bummed had I missed this.

  4. Ohh I really want to watch this!

  5. Thanks for the tip! I just set my DVR!

  6. can’t wait! I love the story of how J Crew’s transformation (from preppy and boring to fab) started. There was a new boss and he was not loving the style direction. He looked at Jenna Lyons in her rolled up cargo pants and high heels and said something like “give me that” for a new style direction.

  7. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be sure to head over to the gym at 4:00 to catch a little Oprah! I figure if I’m working out I won’t feel bad for watching it!

  8. Thank goodness for DVR :) I am looking forward to seeing this.

  9. Me too!

  10. Dang I’m sorry I am missing it!

  11. i can’t believe i missed it! somebody do a recap pleeease :)

  12. e!!! omg…yes “dream jobs” = perfect title. my mom called me today to tell me about her on the show. im obsessed with her and jcrew (and maybe you too!!) i love that little sloaney girl of yours!! xo

  13. she’s so cool

  14. Darn.. I did not know she was on today! would have been a great interview!

  15. She looks just like Joey Lauren Adams!

  16. I’m loving that outfit. So adorable and chic.

  17. I can’t wait to see if her dream job is as dreamy as mine! :)

  18. J.Crew stock hit 52wk high today. Thanks, Oprah!

  19. Definitely a dream job!

  20. Love the color of that desk…


  21. Hi Erika. Love the blog and can’t stop reading yours and your sisters. A while back you posted a few things you can’t live without now that you are a mom and I was wondering if there is an updated list :) Im currently pregnant with my first, due in July, and getting the registry together is overwhelming. Thanks so much!

  22. Dream job is right. I missed the episode, of course. Will have to look for it online or something. I think Jenna and the guy who travels the globe looking for cool things for Anthro have the Cool Jobs thing on lock.

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