When flipping through magazines there is one design element I flip to the resource pages for more than anything else…  RUGS.  It’s been exactly a year and I’m still not over the fact that this rug on the cover of Elle Decor from last May was nothing more than  a white wool area rug and I quote… “Wentworth used fabric dye to create the pattern on the wool rug.”

The rug is the best thing in the picture, and I’m not even a big fan of purple.  Forgive me because I struggle to accept the starfish and sealife accents for a house in Washington, DC.  You know what husband lives in that prissy purple room… George Stephanopoulos.


  1. I think I saw his wife talking about this on Oprah actually…she said the rug got a few stains in it, so she dyed it to cover up the stains. Funny!

  2. I am not over it yet either…

  3. Pieter says:

    If my wife wanted a prissy purple room like that, heck even a prissy purple house like that, I would gladly live in it!

  4. I totally want to try this – though probably not in purple! Maybe grey or cream?

  5. I think you’d need nerves of steel to attempt to dye a pattern like that on a white rug. I love the teal color bihind the shelving though.

  6. the rug isn’t so much my taste but the idea of dying your rug in an awesome patter DEFINITELY sounds perfect. i’m with jenny…gray would be my dream! thanks for sharing…

  7. Hah I actually love this room! The only thing I’d change is the fabric on the couch. It reminds me of velour… which is bad enough on Juicy Couture track suits. But the coffee table, the blue shelves, the art above the mantel, the pouf – it’s beautiful!

  8. “struggle to accept the starfish and sealife accents for a house in Washington, DC”
    Yeah, I did the same thing when I read this article.

  9. You know what I loved about it? She didn’t just say “George I need a new rug” She did what I would do and try to make the old one work and dang!! It looks even better!! I want to hang out with Ally.

  10. Kathleen Cox says:

    Washington D.C. is practically surrounded by water don’t cha know. The Potomac River for example ,the reflecting ponds near the monuments and well it is really close to Baltimore — and Annapolis is not that where the naval academy is located?. Everyone in DC( The Georgetown Ladies Social Circle ) has a Beach House for the weekends no doubt– and one you have seen salt water, had the sand between your toes– well at least the marine life in the house won’t have a BP Oil spill to cope with she said from Florida. Is not Cape Cod the go to place Martha’s Vineyard and the like the stomping grounds for the Washington elite- in August the place is deserted DC that is everone is on the Cape or at M.I.

  11. one of my faves of last year…
    had no idea she was a crafty beaver…clever girl.

  12. Every time I see him on Good Morning America (his new gig) I ask the television when he is going to move his cute family to NY and decorate another fabulous apartment!

  13. The shelving and wall colors are the best things to me.


  14. loved their house. not surprising that stephanopoulos lives there. but hey, i have a pink dining room that is screaming “prissy”, too.

  15. I love their house and George Stephanolpolous!!! I kinda have a crush on him…have forever.

    I think it is okay to have some shells and starfish as accents even if you don’t live at the beach. Of course, you would not want an entire beach house motif in the mountains. But I have a few starfish in a bowl on my coffee table during the summer because I LOVE the beach. I also have a mason jar in the boys bathroom filled with shells we have collected on various vacations. I think it is most important to surround yourself with beautiful things you love and that can happen anywhere you live.

  16. I don’t know, I just don’t see the prissy in this room. I mean, sure there is purple but I didn’t realize colors were gender specific. My husband wear purple and looks damn good in it. Perhaps if there was lace and frills but what I see are a lot of masculine lines.

    And I guess I disagree that you can’t have seashells outside of a beach home. The accents are there but I don’t see beach house or seaside living in this image. If anything, it beats having a room that looks like every-other-room out there.

  17. I saw her on Oprah discussing the rug. Inspired… and a little bit crazy! I’m to nervous to try it myself!

  18. I am just too scared to try this!

  19. Great color palette – blues, purples, wall color, white accents, brass/gold make a pleasing atmosphere. (opposite of purple is yellow, so it’s a nice contrast) I agree about not so many shells, and the solid purple ottoman needs a make-over (soft pattern or something not so in-your-face.)

  20. alcira says:

    I thought this home photographed beautifully and was a great combination of youthful yet refined eclecticism and exotica — perfect for a young, sophisticated family.
    From what I recall, the marine life collection belonged to her grandmother and was once in a museum.
    A natural thing of beauty is a joy forever, in my book, and to me this home felt quintessentially citified and somewhat formal — a far cry from beachy.
    There was that touch of the British eccentric’s cabinet of curiosities about it all that I just loved.

  21. Ha! Stephanopoulous would…

    I’d be TERRIFIED to try dying a wool rug!

  22. Lindsey says:

    Great room. I’d like to know what to do with a sisal rug that is stained. Whoever said getting your natural fiber rug treated and it would stand up to 2 dogs is seriously mistaken…or knows something I don’t know!

  23. Haha, for some reason I am finding it hilarious to picture George Stephanopoulos in this room! I agree, what’s up with the seaside look in this DC room?? Maybe George likes it that way :)

  24. I love this image – I really enjoyed the majority of their home. She did talk a lot about it on an Oprah episode last year. And for those of you who don’t watch her every Fridays on Oprah – Ally is freaking hilarious!

  25. This house was listed right after they relocated back to NYC and promptly sold. Not sure if the rug was included. Ha!

  26. Funny you should mention this right now! I was inspired by this article last year, and am attempting to copy a dandelion motif rug in the formal living room of the Atlanta showhouse featured in Southern Accents Nov-Dec 2000 issue (decorated by Dilger Gibson). I will try sage green on a cream rug from Home Depot. I’ll e-mail you a picture if it turns out!

  27. Just saw this post while going through your blog, yet again (love it!). I am from the DC area and you would most definately see sealife accents in DC homes. DC is right on the water (Potomac), and just a short (under 2 hour drive) away is the eastern shore of MD, and just a 30 minute drive is Annapolis, MD with is the epitome of all things starfish and sealife, it is the east coast capital of sailing.

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