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Good afternoon.  Might I interest  you in some images of children’s rooms? 

My snuglet is officially 4 months old and we are truly enjoying and utilizing every inch of her room.  You likely think I’ve forgotten all about the Nursery Diaries?  I’m sorry that I have left you hanging without a nursery reveal.  Alas, I have not forgotten.  In fact, I think about it often.  But I also know that in order to photograph the nursery I gotta hide all the c-r-a-p that isn’t pretty… like the monitor, the humidifier, the diaper champ… then I have to find an hour to take photos, then an hour (or more) to edit them (because I’d probably forget some c-r-a-p and have to photoshop it out).  You know the story.  Time is hard to come by these days… but it’s on my to do list, I promise. 

So, to hold you over here are some inspiring spaces for the little people in your life… 

























































All of these images are from Desire to Inspire and I’m a bad blogger for not properly creditting each photo, but if you hover your mouse over the images, more likely than not – you will get a hint as to where the image is from.


  1. Makes me want to decorate a room;) Cute! Hope you and the Bologna are well! Love and miss you!!

  2. Oh my goodness…. the goodness just kept coming and coming…. they are all so unique and lovely in their own ways… LOVED them all but WOULD have loved to see all the little people in their spaces!!! Love you!

  3. I was just oogleing some childrens rooms at Tracery Interiors today and I always swoon over the girls room (because I have boys). I think it’s just so hard to find swoon-worthy boys rooms, don’t you?

  4. Oh, thanks! I am trying to talk hubby into moving our big wall unit into one of the kid rooms so that it can be more functional, so i loved the first two pics.

  5. These are all fabluous rooms. I especially love the nursery with the bright walls and pink butterflies flittering around!

    Have a great week!

  6. Have one nursery, and one pint-sized person’s room on the brain these days, so loved these fun images!

  7. Wow, topic of the week…just posted two little girls rooms on our blog. Love these, it’s so fun to get to go a little crazy in spaces like these. And I always love how a pair of twin beds looks in a room so especially enjoy these pics.

  8. These rooms are fantastic. I saw the rope tied hanging twin beds in the Coastal Living show house last year. I had artwork hanging in that same house. What I really want to see is your Amanda Talley painting in the nursery. Lucky baby to start off with originals. Love your blog! xoxo Dianne

  9. Hello,
    I am so grateful for these images as I am in the process of gathering inspiration for my 6-year-old daughter’s room! Thank you!

  10. E- I love all of these, thanks for posting. I am about to start working on two boys (not mine) rooms so I love the ideas some of them have. The girls on the bars is a cute idea, knowing my boys they would figure out how to get stuck behind them. Can’t wait to see the nursery! xoox

  11. I love them all! Makes me want to have 2 or 3 babies right now! Thanks for the great post!

  12. I love how different each room is. Thanks for sharing. I need all of the inspiration I can get as I am about to decorate a gender neutral nursery in my house! -Brooke

  13. Wow – you were reading my mind today. I’m 25 weeks with my second girl and the nursery is kicking my fanny :). Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  14. I love the modern light fixtures in a child’s room. They really update the space.

  15. Beautiful! This might come in very helpful when I have to re-do one of our rooms to fit Anja plus the new baby in a couple of months. Inspiration is always nice.

  16. I love every single one! I can’t wait to see yours :)

  17. I love how good the white walss look with all the kids stuff and colors. Have you designed kids’ rooms as well?

  18. “Some” images? That was a pretty all-inclusive showing! :) I recognized some of the rooms (especially the Domino ones), but lots of them are new to me. I love so many of them! Thanks for the inspiration, Erika!


  19. What a site for sore eyes, given that 2 of my 3 girls are teenagers who occupy rooms overflowing with c-r-a-p!!

  20. how cool would it have been to have your bed suspended from the ceiling on ropes?! i love a room when there are two twin beds! can’t wait to see the nursery!

  21. Holy Cow! That was fun! I love all the inspiring ideas, I’m likely to come back to this post over and over. And you know what? I think I’d like to see Sloan’s room, wipe warmer and all! That’s the ‘real life’ stuff you know? I’d probably look at the pictures and say “Now, I know that girl has a wipe warmer!!!” ;-)

  22. fun spaces! especially the circular crib.


    p.s. i say boo to a staged nursery! reveal the crap. we won’t look. too long. :)

  23. Eye candy overload! I especially love that most of these rooms look like they are actually inhabited by a baby/child creature, not just an intimidatingly perfect showroom!

  24. hi erika! i don’t think my first comment went through but anyhoo, i just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this kiddie eye candy! I just posted pics of my son’s new big boy room, but it doesn’t even come close to all these. WOW, do I need to step it up! haha. would love for you to check out his new space when you have time. it’s nothing special, but I tried! have a great week.

    and ps. if you already got my previous comment, then feel free to delete this one. i didn’t see my original one though.



  25. Erika! I am with you on the nursery thing – we LOVE our nursery. I wondered just how much time we would spend in there, but it seems like Kate just enjoys that room more than any other! Plus, I can keep all the toys confined to one space (we don’t have a playroom) and shut the door! But, I have already cleaned out and organized her closet SEVERAL times – sheer volume of clothes!!! Ah!!!

  26. I want to move right in– it makes me sad that we are finished with babies because I really want a girl to do some PINK!

  27. I’m getting ready to decorate my 2 year old son’s big boy room and you gave me some really great ideas. Thanks!

  28. Please take some photo’s of your nursery c r a p and all. It will make the rest of us feel normal. I’m sure its beautiful with all the baby paraphernalia.

  29. these are fantastic- many of them I’ve saved and loved, but many I’ve never seen. Still want to see your pumpkin’s room! Thanks for so many images!

  30. now that’s a lot of inspiration. I could so see my little ellie dangling from that ladder.

  31. So many great ideas. Thank you. I was never allowed to decorate my childhood room so I let my kids have free rein in theirs. While their rooms aren’t blog-worthy, it was surprisingly good therapy for me to watch them express themselves.

  32. WOW – those are all great rooms! Makes you wish you were 6, again! -Trish

  33. Love them all! Makes me wish I had a need for such rooms! I thought I had missed the final reveal of your nursury…so glad to learn I didn’t miss out and can’t wait to see it!

  34. Alex Putnam Cabri says:

    Hey Darby,

    I have a question for you….and PLEASE do not go to a lot of trouble because I know you have your hands full…but I was curious…in picture #20, who makes the blanket/throw with the H design on it?? THANKS! Hope you are having a great day!

  35. love those pink lockers.

    oh and we dont care if the diaper champ is makes it more authentic;

  36. A mom of 4 girls, LOVE the rooms with the 4 bunks! Is there more pics of the gray room with the large pic of all the girls between the bed? Thanks.

  37. What an amazing and thorough post! I am pregnant with number two, so I am already day dreaming about what the nursery could be. Thanks for a whole lot of inspiration!

  38. I love all the pictures. They are beautiful. I am not looking to decorate a childs room but they were fun to look at.

  39. I loved these and I can’t wait to see yours!!!

  40. Loves all these rooms! Each so unique and creative! I am expecting our first (a little girl) in April and have been working on her nursery, so these are so fun and timely! Thank you!

  41. oh my! there are some goodies in there. too many favorites to name, but i’m inspiiiiiiired!

  42. Wow- I love this post. Thanks for gathering it all together!!!

  43. They are all so clever!

  44. Oh my goodness! I will take one of every room! Thanks for posting these. I have three kiddos(same age as your sister’s!) And their rooms are about ready for a change but not really sure to start. I am certain that I kid find some kind of inspiration from these beautiful rooms! Thanks!

  45. Wowie Kazow Wow!!!!! I love those rooms. Thanks for the post:)

  46. Yes please! I will take one of each.

  47. I love this post, what would we do without fun rooms like these, to make us smile when they are “straight” and smile even bigger when they are a complete mess!!! xoxo

  48. I think you shouldn’t have to worry about taking out all of the baby items from the nursery for the final reveal! It might not be as pretty, but can you really have a nursery without diapers?

  49. i am smitten and swooning! we are doing a home refresh this year and you’ve given me loads of ideas for the kids’ rooms. happy new year!

  50. goodnight, that is alot of photos. so much to love. I know where I am going for inspiration on the next child’s space I design:)

  51. Thank you for that wonderful post!!! LOVE. There are a million fabulous ideas for my little ones rooms.

  52. Great pictures! Kids rooms are so much fun to decorate… Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see your nursery.

  53. Wow, thanks so much for this post! I am in the middle of decorating my son’s room, and I found this so inspirational. In fact, I used a couple of these images on my own blog post about children’s room inspiration:

  54. Ann-Haley says:

    Erika, I am Katelyn T’s (Chi-O @ AU) cousin who lives in Nashville. I have LOVED reading your blog. I recently posted on my nursery which is nothing like these, but I still love it! Feel free to check it out at I also love reading about your little one as I have an 11 wk old girl.


  55. If you’re ever in the ‘hood there’s a great shop in South Florida called Genius Jones. A number of the pictures you put up made me think of it. I bought a couple of pillow shams with super large girls on them in different costumes – it sound silly trying to describe it…here’s a link

  56. wow.
    that was a lot of beauty in one post. i am feeling the decorating itch again…i think it’s time to do another room soon!

  57. Wow, so much to inspire here! I’ve been thinking about doing my daughter’s playroom (I just posted her nursery on my blog today) as she’s 20 months and the toys are slowly taking over the house. A chalk board wall feature is top of my list! Wow, I could spend another hour looking at all of these images.

  58. Wow, these rooms are amazing! Where did you find all of these inspiration pics?

  59. Great phots and a ton of ideas. In love with the round crib in the nursery photo above the bright pink little girls room. Any idea the vendor? Thanks!!!!

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