hot fun in the summertime

Goodness!  Y’all worried about us?  We are alive.  We celebrated our various working anniversaries and then got back to the grindstone.  No rest for the weary!

Lauren started today… a newbie and we are so very glad to have her!!  Today in our “let’s not scare her off light-hearted” conversations Allison told her, and I quote, “I didn’t drink coffee before I started this job!”

I’ve driven Allison to drink.  I told her I would help her through caffeine detox and pay for Crest White Strips.  It isn’t all fun and games around here, whew, we work a lot.  And we also sing and listen to music and laugh.  But we mostly work.

Last Wednesday Allison and I set our alarms for 3:20am so we could jet set to Memphis for the day.  My alarm woke me, but her alarm setting was unsuccessful.  Luckily my wake-up text message at 3:45 woke her.  Off we went.  She’s  a great traveling companion.  And together we had a wonderful time and enjoyed checking on the progress of this project that we’ve both put in many long hours on.  Obviously it’s a few weeks away from finished, but still so fun to see the progress!  My first visit to this house could be classified as “frightening”.  “Run down” and “unloved” are adjectives that come to mind.  An addition (kitchen and master bedroom) were top of the list, while preserving the character and charm of the home’s original bones.  This beauty came complete with operable transoms, intricate mouldings, original doors and hardware, cremone locks… all things I LOVE.  Ahhh the details!!!

In the kid’s bath (below) we designed it so that bottom “drawer” is actually a shelf, so the wee little ones can brush their teeth!  We wouldn’t want to be blamed for any teeth rotting!

The master bathroom glass shower enclosure was installed while we were there, but I snapped these photos before it was installed…

After a full day in Memphis I headed for a mini-vacay (without my voice, been a little run down and under the weather lately) to my parents farm, and Allison headed back to the beach.  Bless her.  An emergency landing in ATL, and she wasn’t home until 1am.  I was going to try to give you a recap of my farm weekend… but whew, I’m tired. I’ll save that for tomorrow!


  1. Wow, Erika!! That is amazing and wonderful. You never cease to amaze me. Congrats

  2. Lizziefitz says:

    Spectacular!!!! The paint colors are so yummy. Would you consider sharing with your groupies? I hope you feel better soon:)

  3. That house is beautiful! We have family (sister-in-law) that lives in Memphis and visit there often. They live in Germantown….wonder if this is close! It looks dreamy….as in, my “dream home”. :) Saw some farm pics on Darby’s blog and oh my goodness, what a wonderful place to go home to!

  4. Wow, what an incredible home to work with! It looks absolutely beautiful. The master bath tile is beyond gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous project! I’d love to see the before pics.

  6. another kitchen with a copper hood! i dont think i can take it….stunning. i love older homes and all the little details that give it such character. this is absolutely gorgeous. i hope you share more once it is furnished….ok, i’m going back to look again. i’m sure i’ll be back again after that too! oh, and by the way try to get some rest

  7. love the details~
    looking forward to the farm update, too.

  8. As a historic home owner, this home should be in the AH-MAZING! category!! Really, really wonderful.

  9. oh dear! Are you going to pay for a new laptop for me? Cause I am drooling over my keyboard here! AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product…you have such a great “eye!”

  10. WOW!! This home is looking swanky! You (and your peeps) do such beautiful work. Operating transoms?! My heart is starting to palpitate.

    I saw your vacay pics on your sister’s blog and your parent’s house looks just as dreamy. Nothing like hanging with the fam. Hope your summer has been fun so far!

  11. Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this is in a magazine. I know you work hard, but you are one talented gal. I hope you’ll share finished pics when it’s all complete. Congrats!

  12. This is, in one word – STUNNING! You never cease to amaze us! I can’t WAIT for the final product!


  13. Can we please discuss the locks, faucets and registers in more detail?! I AM DYING!!!!

  14. Oh, my goodness! Your work is absolutely breathtaking!!!

  15. Drop dead gorgeousness!! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  16. We must discuss the locks, faucets and registers in more detail?! I AM DYING!!!!

  17. Absolutely beautiful!!! The details really make it. Yet another fabulous project!

  18. Oh my gosh – I am in love with this house already! The black doors in the living room and master bathroom have me swooning! Gorgeous!

  19. wendy mangone says:

    Wow. I’ve never left a comment before but these bathrooms are seriously beyond lovely. Question: the tub in the guest bath is original??

  20. I’m so jealous! I want this house as a project! Lucky girl and it is looking so gorgeous! Great job darling!!! *hugs*

  21. MaryBeth says:

    OMG! This is beautiful, please keep the pictures coming. I can’t wait to see the finished product. xo MB

  22. Beautiful!!!

  23. Gorgeous so far! I love an old house made new!!!

  24. erika,
    i live in an old house in atlanta. we restored it in 2007 except for an upstairs kitchenette (it used to be a boarding house) and our sleeping porch. in 10 years or so we’re wanting to make that kitchenette a master bath…and everything that i thought i wanted to do with it–the hex tile (we have it in the other bathrooms), those sinks, carerra marble, the double-headed glass shower–you did on this job. it’s beautiful! i love the soaker tub in the corner. we have an unrestored clawfoot tub that we put in there to save and man, i can’t wait!
    so just give me 10 years or so and i’ll be calling you to help me! :-)

  25. What is the color of the kitchen cabinets? Oh, I could look at these images over and over. Beautiful!

  26. Oh. My. Goodness. Is it weird that those images make my heart go aflutter?

  27. I love these bathrooms! The tub is awesome! Maybe someday you’ll pay me a visit?

  28. The details are to die for! I love the tile work, the faucets, the paint colors, the copper hood in the kitchen, and that tub – all I would need would be a good book and a glass of wine. The entire house is unbelievably gorgeous! You (and your team) are super talented!

  29. Erika, that house is gorgeous!! I love it, and it’s not even finished! Awesome work!

  30. Amazing! All the marble is gorgeous (I’m a fan), and the kid’s bath looks so fun!

  31. this house is absolutely beautiful. you have such a gift! thanks for sharing with us today!

  32. hello dream house paired with dream designers :)

  33. This house is beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  34. There are so many beautiful things going on in this home- the plumbing fixtures are my favorite and those air grates…you have very lucky clients.

  35. oh my goodness!!! I’m in love. the transoms, the bathrooms, the kitchen…all of the little details that are just perfect! You are amazing, Erika! I want to come work for you. :)

  36. That house is beautiful! I love all the architectural details! Your work is truly amazing!

  37. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  38. that’s breathtaking. everything i imagine in my future home.

  39. I love seeing your work, thank you for sharing! You are such an inspiration to me and one of my very favorites. I met Laura Casey the other day and I told her – “and you worked with Erika! I LOVE her!!” I think she thought I was nuts.. but had nothing but great things to say about you :)

  40. Insane… this house is so incredible. You said you thought I’d like seeing it… oh my goodness, I LOVED seeing it! Everything about it is FABULOUS… the sconces, the bathrooms, the tile, the kitchen, EVERYTHING!! I love it! You {and Allison} are AMAZING!

  41. This place looks phenomenal — love the bathroom fixtures, it looks so luxe!

  42. I would so wake up at 3:20am every morning if I had the pleasure of seeing such a beautiful place. This home is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  43. Erika, you always blow me away! The house is absolutely stunning. No one designs better kitchens and baths than you. Gorgeous!

  44. Erika- this house is fabulous! You blow me away with your ideas. Beautiful! The family that bought this house is a friend of a friend. I wonder if I could finagle my way into a tour one day :)

  45. Absolutely beautiful! I love all of the little details!

  46. OMG, OMG, With each progressive photo, OMG! What a beautiful gem. The historic detail is to die for, and the modern fixtures still blend seamlessly with the old house. Wonderful! Thanks.

  47. Erika-this was such a treat. Thanks for sharing and loved that pull out step in the bathroom.

  48. Its not even finished yet and it is simply gorgeous! Your work is stunning. I hope that you’ll give us a peek at some finished photos in the future.

  49. So much awesomeness! Can I get a share button? Let us brag on you!

  50. I want that Niermann Weeks Chandelier so bad, It’s on my list and I’ve been thinking of how I can make a look alike. Those register vents remind me of Scalamandre’s Falk Manor. Great job!!

  51. I love all the little details but I think the handle with shower and bath arrows is my favorite! Black and white print gets me every time!

  52. Love this house so much! It could definitely be my dream home!

  53. Hey Erika! I was actually in Memphis this past weekend visiting family and I have a close friend here in Birmingham (Meredith) who is great friends with Candace! I actually got to drive by the house while we were there and I know once you finish it, it will be amazing!! So glad you posted pics of the progress. Oh and I must comment on how adorably precious Sloane is, she gets cuter every time I see pics!

  54. Ok so that chandy may not be Niermann Weeks (for $4500), the one over the tub, but it’s a pretty close match. Could you share with me where it’s from?

  55. Oh my goodness, that house is insane!! I love every little detail of it – new and old! Great job!

  56. what I would give to live in a place like this! You did a wonderful job at combining old and new. Absolutely amazing.

  57. Beautiful! What is that yummy color in entry and living room?
    Hope you feel better soon-summer colds aren’t fun.

  58. your detail is amaaaaaazing. this house make me happy. :)

  59. Lauren R. says:

    Wow- what a house! Love it all especially the fabulous lantern in the library and the gorgeous wallpaper in the dining room(?)! Can’t wait to see the it when it is finished!!

  60. GORGEOUS! Simply and amazingly gorgeous!

  61. OMG. This house is going to be amazing. You have really done such a fantastic job. I am totally blown away! I love your choice of paint colors – “neutrals” without being boring!

  62. I see another magazine feature in your future! Your style is impeccable, amazing and timeless, this is an absolutely beautiful home!!

  63. Beautiful! I love how the register detail mimics the floor in the master bath. –Gretchen

  64. WOW, WOW, WOW. Gorgeous beyond words!!!

  65. Let us all know when the magazine peeps show up and this house goes to press! Your designs never disappoint!…I just used those bronze industrial pendants in a much smaller project of mine :-)

  66. That house is amazing! And your work makes it look even better. I am jealous.

  67. The details in this home are absolutely stunning! It’s so exciting to see some of your new work!

  68. I’ve never commented before but this house is just too good! Your kitchens and baths are always perfection! I can’t wait to see the finished product

  69. honey?! i’m home!!

  70. It is all just so beautiful!

    I love the mixture of new and old – and everything looks SO practical. I love the vanity step stool idea.

  71. I’m a Memphian!

    That HAS to be in Midtown! SO gorgeous!

  72. Absolutely stunning, Erika! I love everything about it, especially the crown moulding!

  73. Julie Ann says:

    The floors, the doors, the molding, OH MY! So beautiful and you get to walk the halls. One can almost feel the history of that home. Is there any way you would post the floor plan main and upper floors. It is so much easier to visualize. Thanks for sharing.

  74. Absolutely, utterly, unbelievably FANTASTIC!! So many details that are absolute perfection – the marble, the tiles, the faucets, the doors, the floors, the woodwork…I could go on and on! Gorgeous:)

  75. DYING over the doors and hardware!!!!

  76. Your ability to capture the essence of a house evolving over time is pure perfect! You never cease to amaze me!

  77. The owners must be over the moon – it’s gorgeous. Do remember to take care of yourself.

  78. Your latest project is beyond gorgeous! What an awesome house. Love, love it!!

  79. Looking forward to seeing the completed project but so enjoy the progress update. I love all the original touches. The bathroom floor in the kids bathroom is great and that bottom drawer genius.

  80. Sooooo pretty! I love everything about these rooms. Of course my favorite is the vanity shelf for the little ones to brush their teeth. May have to consider one of those in my own home. Genius! :)

  81. My dream home!!!!

  82. beautiful as always!!

  83. I fell off my chair…

    Ok, well not really, but the details in that home just blew me away. What a great project! I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s so going to be in a magazine, I know it. : )

  84. It’s breath-taking! I love all the details – you have FAB-ULOUS taste!

  85. LOVE the details – stunning!

  86. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum-eeee!!

  87. wow-ZERS! gorgeous finishes. love the little step thing for the kidlets.

  88. Wow, incredible! A perfect house!

  89. gorgeous as usual!

  90. Wow, what an amazing home. I am completly in love with all the Carrara marble, it’s such an amazingly beautiful marble. All of the tile flooring is beautiful too. I can’t wait to see the job all finished up. Great job!

  91. LOVE this house! Where is the wallpaper in the dining room from?

  92. Wow, it is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  93. Barb Harper says:

    Oh my gorgeous. Thanks for the great pics. Beautiful bones indeed! Hoping you’ll post the finals with furnishings!

  94. You’re killin’ me. I didnt think I was such a fan of “neutrals”, but holy mackeral!!!….When I win the Lotto, I have an ugly house with a killer view in the mountains….until then, thanks for the vicarious thrill.

  95. Dianne Rainer says:

    Pls share the creamy or taupey color

  96. I want to move into that place NOW! Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe that home. We just don’t have places like that in Southern California!

  97. what a beautiful house! i love all of the subtle details – they just don’t build them like that anymore.

  98. Alright…this post just confirmed it. I’m going to start saving now so that you can design my house when we build in a few years. Or at the very least the kitchen. Beautiful!

  99. love the floor tiles! But that kitchen looks suspiciously familiar… hmmmmm…

  100. Awesome work! Beautiful home, lucky homeowners!

  101. I actually came to the computer thinking, “I need to see some house eye-candy. Wish I knew some design blogs besides Erika’s, because she hasn’t done a post in forever…” I still thought I’d check in just in case. Hope upon hope, and just LOOK what my diligence was rewarded with :)! This is just beautiful! Those first pictures of the original doors are just scrumptious. Thanks for the treat this afternoon!

  102. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m in LOVE with every single detail in that house. The beautiful tile work, the cabinetry, the faucets…amazing, Erika! I just can’t get over it! Cannot wait to see the finished product!

  103. ummmm… this heaven?


  104. This is amazing! Where do you live? I am in Mckinney, Texas. Hoping to buy an old home to renovate when my husband’s school loans are payed off!

  105. So wonderful! I can’t get enough! I love that you put the copper farm sink with the that faucet! I want to do that in my new kitchen but was worried if it would look good together – thank you thank you for letting me know it looks awesome!

  106. Dee Walker says:

    Beautiful!!! Your details in this home are amazing and the colors are perfect.
    Would you be comfortable sharing the paint color in the entry and living room?
    It is just what we have been trying to find for our little California Cottage!
    I sure enjoy your blog and your sister’s as well.
    Happy Fall! :)

  107. Oh I love this! I live in Memphis, and I’m wondering, what part of town is this in? Is this project done yet?

  108. I love the changes on this house! Could you tell me the color of paint used on the gray vanity in the bathroom? Thanks!

  109. What a beautiful house, and the work you’ve done is incredible! So many details to appreciate! I love the vintage hardware, original or reproduction, and have found Look in the Attic & Company to be a great resource for these types of projects! Highly recommend!

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