i love my sister.

I wish we were next-door neighbors.  We may (or may not) be identical (never been tested).  She has a couple of inches on me… so I got on my tiptoes for this one below and she thought I was being stupid.  She’s never been the shorter one, so she’s not allowed to have an opinion on my tiptoe action.  I thought it was great.  Sloane was indifferent on the matter.

A spontaneous trip to visit her was just what I needed.  She is so dang hilarious, I nearly wet my pants everytime we are together.

When I get there she immediately goes into “let’s get out of here” mode.  I suspect this is par for the course for any off-duty mother of three. 

So, where do we go on our big adventure?  Pedicures? No.  Shopping? No.  Movies?  No.

She wanted to take me to a used car lot.  (I mentioned that maybe a newer car was in the cards for me.)  Here are two she picked out:

Both would turn heads.  I can’t decide if I want to be sporty or tough?  I still haven’t picked one yet, but must admit the ”Big @ss rollback” is tempting.

We stopped for pizza, then she wanted a snowcone.  After the snowcone, we headed home.  It was an eventful evening.  On the way home she brought her car to a screeching halt. ”Did you see that!?” she exclaimed.  Me: “those gas lanterns?” Her: “no that trash pile!”.  Me: “back up”. 

She threw it in reverse… then she hopped out to inspect:

My creative brain never stops.  Not even on weekends.  While she dug, I dreamt up a couple of suitable designs:

Please note the Mickey Mouse shirt.  She said she put it on just for Sloane!  Yeah right.  I don’t believe it.  I imagine she arrived at that outfit by sleeping in that t-shirt the night before and then got busy with her babies, and then… end of story.  Outfit!  She wears it well.  You can barely see it, but it reads “This is my happy shirt!”

She quickly looked both ways.  Coast was clear! 

I believe it was at this point she looked at me and said “put your d-a-m-n phone down and help me load this thing up!”

I’m still not even sure what it was she scored.  A box on wheels with short little handles.  A rolling toy box? A decorative wheelbarrow? A planter?

I hope you all have a Darby in your life.  There is no doubt that she is the coolest person ever.  Heart of gold and not afraid of digging through someone’s trash.  My kind of girl. 


  1. This is soo hysterical especially considering I just got done reading her take too!! You guys are both incredibly beautiful, talented, and funny such a winning combination and remind me of my sister who’s just a year younger born on the same day!!! great photos!

  2. I never knew Darby had a tattoo. She is fierce! ;)

  3. I have to wonder if this is payback to the maternity bra/Cat cable conversation, LOL. You girls crack me up and looks like an adventure for sure. xx

  4. One of the best things my twin and I ever did was genetic testing. For 35 years we thought we were fraternal (even though we heard, “oh, you are identical!) Here they were right. So worth the $140!!!! We got the test through http://www.proactivegenetics.com There isn’t a better gift in life than to hear you have an identical sister!!

  5. she’s so cute and ya’ll are even cuter together.

  6. You are both hysterical. There is no way you’re not identical.

  7. You are so dead. You know what they say about paybacks.My sweet 5 year-old just asked to see my back because she thought Mommy got a tattoo and didn’t tell. I’m going to throw that iPhone into the pool next time I see you. I’ll have to see what I can muster up on you… maybe a tripod shot. Seriously Clark, those are just about the ugliest pictures I’ve ever seen of myself. And… that Mickey shirt… just wait ’til Sloane is old enough, I’ll get you one and she’ll think you hung the moon. My kids go bonkers over that shirt. Worth the pennies I paid for it… YEARS ago! Love you and I will get you back… dork– you slept in that and then walked in it!!

  8. as someone who is an only child, i ACHE for a sister. that looks like so much fun!! :-)

  9. And… my husband just SERIOUSLY asked me if those pictures were POSED. Has he lost his ever living mind? If I was going to pose I’d at least pick a more flattering side of my body and open my eyes and take down my hair… or SOMETHING. I know someone is going to send this to Ashley and she’s going to come over hunting for her trash.

  10. i have a darby… her name’s kim and she’s 2 years older. and unfortunately she lives 2 plane flights away. she’s the one who can crack up with me in an instant at the slightest thing. here’s to sisters. pam

  11. I wish that the 2 of you were neighbors because when you get together it is double trouble, double fun. I would love to live on the same street just to laugh at your escapades.

  12. having 2 little girls who are thick as thieves makes me ache for a sister of my own – so envious!! i so enjoy reading your posts @ one another – warms my heart!

  13. Laurin Maddux says:

    I can’t wait to see BOTH of you in June. I think it has been about eight years since I was with both of you. So excited!!

  14. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious. So glad you guys got some time together. Can’t wait to see the payback pics that I’m expecting on D’s blog! Sloane is so adorable!

  15. Hilarious. Truly a post only a sister could write. Those tatoo shots are priceless. Can’t wait to read about how she pays you back!

  16. Love this!!! My sister and I live too far apart and this post makes me miss her and appreciate the laughter…only with a sister.Those tat photos are priceless:)

  17. No fair – I want to be you all’s other sister. You know the Spanish one? When are you coming over for some good Dallas shopping. Bring all the rovers and bolognes – Geoffrey can handle them all ;)

  18. You two need to host a morning radio show. You wouldn’t even have to live in the same town. And of course no one would care if you slept in your clothes and then wore them to work. Seriously. Hilarious.

  19. Barb Harper says:

    I loved this post! you girls both seem like the sweetest, most fun and talented people! i don’t have a sister, but i can only imagine that the closeness factor between TWIN sisters would only be even greater. it’s refreshing to come across people that appreciate the things that are most important in life–and you seem to be one of them. that’s awesome!!! love your blog!

  20. Of COURSE you are not identical! Your insides might be identical, but your outsides aren’t! Or maybe I’ve just been reading your blogs for too long and can tell you apart too easily. ;) You are both beautiful, but I see definite differences in you, too. Maybe that’s common with identical twins; I don’t know enough about twins to know. Regardless, it’s clear that you are best friends and love each other as much as two sisters possibly can. Yea for family!

  21. I have a sister like that too, she’s far from me. We are lucky to have them! xo

  22. Dayum…That was SOME tat artist! And the wheels? Perfect!

  23. This post made me smile. You guys are awesome. :)

  24. Heather Spencer says:

    Love the tramp stamp artistic work, if the economy goes bad you have a new profession! P.S. I totally think you guys look different and get being the “short one”, ha!

  25. haha! I am sure she loved the tat action.

  26. The tattoo had me cracking up this morning. Nice work!

  27. Ha! She reminds me of ME when we lived in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (an upscale beach community). Every night before trash day I yelled “Okay, it’s RICH PEOPLE TRASH DAY!!!!!!” (ALL exclamations points are necessary!) And made my husband take me in his truck around the nieghborhood!

    (I never thought I’d admit to that on a great design blog like yours, but since you obviuously have an appreciation for the crazy type….)

    Trash day where we live now is okay, but no NEARLY what it was there :)

  28. This is a hilarious post! I now have a smile on my face. Thanks for the play-by-play action.

  29. this is hilarious…THAT is why she is invited to my house this weekend….i don’t feel quite so alone in quirkiness when i get to read about darby’s….what a hoot….
    wish you were coming this weekend- although i would be in trouble because i couldn’t tell you two apart…

  30. It sounds like a fun visit! you are so lucky to have each other :)

  31. omg this post is too funny! It makes me want a sister. No, a twin sister. And dannnng Darby, despite the bad tattoos (wink) you are HOT for a mom of 3!!!! I’m 25 with no kids and would kill for that behind :)

  32. Yall make me so happy :)

  33. Yeah, sisters are the coolest. Mine is 5 years older….and I never let her forget it. My Mother in Law was an identical twin (Thelma & Velma) At least you guys have “normal” names!

  34. So Darby has a tramp stamp! That is so attractive. :) You guys look like you have so much fun together. And Sloane is beautiful!!

  35. I read Darby’s post yesterday and was dying to see the iPhone pics – they are hilarious! It’s funny you mention the identical issue – I was finally able to tell who is who in these pics – after reading both of your blogs for about 6 mo. My vote is for identical but I think you should find out for sure! Your readers would hold their breath to find out! Thank goodness for sisters and brothers – I have 4 brothers and sometimes wish I had a sister – but my brothers are my best friends! My best (girl) friend is like the sister I chose for myslef and she’s the funniest person I know. I always look forward to your posts! Glad you had a fun time – even if it was really short! PS – I’m getting Photo Shop after seeing that bullseye tat action you added in on your sis! Oh the humiliation I could wreak on my friends and family!

  36. Aw, you two make me smile! Too funny.

  37. This post is hilarious! I don’t have any siblings, but I do have a sisterly bond with my close friends. None that have ever dug through trash with me……that would be my mom. I used to get so embarassed when she did something like that but now I find myself doing the same thing! Thanks for the laugh:)

  38. I sure hope my daughter Patterson reads this post! I’m her Darby in the trash and may finally get some credit for doing so! I also have a Rover…and he has made it to 18 years, 9 months…his baby pictures are EXACTLY like Rover’s…I have a cowboy naked guy…just hope he’s outgrown that as he is exiting for college in the fall! I love y’all life!

  39. hilarious! you two crack me up! and i thought rover’s booty was cute but his momma’s is pretty darn cute too!

  40. O.k I don’t have a Darby, because I have all brothers, but my brother Chris is the closest thing. He cracks me up endlessly. My reason for commenting today though is that you two are so funny and special and I just had to share that with you. I know you both bring such a bright spot to alot of people’s days. You do mine. Thanks for making me laugh again.

  41. Ernestina says:

    I thought you were a professional.

  42. I have to think she’s dying over the p-shopped tramp stamp! Looks like a perfect sister’s evening out – love it!

  43. Hilarious about the trash and amazing you two share such a bond. Priceless.

  44. Awww! How adorable.

  45. Jennie-Marie says:

    OHhh my E thank you for the great laugh (much needed) this a.m. Ya’ll are too darn cute and I can only imagine how that whole conversation went by the trash pile.

    We are headed to orange beach today, we may have to take a little afternoon trip to get my hands on Sloane (carlton will treat her to redbar!!!)

    Thanks for the laugh! glad you had a good visit!

  46. this totally cracked me up and i love darby’s tattoo ;)

  47. Y’all are too funny! Looks like a good time!

  48. I just love to hear of yours and Darby’s exploits! Y’all are so blessed to have each other and I know that you know that, too!

  49. love it! trash-picking sisters are the best!

  50. Love it! I “dumpster dive” and I am on day two of wearing the same tank top (wore it to bed as well). This Bon Qui Qui isn’t afraid to admit it! ha! You girls are awesome.

  51. Y’all are both so hilarious! Glad you were able to spend the day together and obviously the laughs!

  52. Tara Verdigets says:

    I needed this today. This is freakin hilarious! I’m so glad to say that I know Darby! It makes the stories so much better!

    btw..coming your way May 15-22.

  53. you two are so cute! and photogenic!

  54. Well you two both know by now how much I love y’all (virtual love is still real!) and I am so glad you got to catch up with your sweet mommasissy! Her post is up on my blog today and my mother already called me being like, Ok, who are these two adorable women and from whence did they come? I said I dunno, Momma, but they are magical and their bloggyblogs make my day!

  55. I thought you were a professional.

  56. Ismerelda says:

    I thought you were a professional.

  57. too funny — love the tatts!

  58. I hope my twins keep each other laughing for years to come, like you and your sister.

  59. beckyBrodbeck says:

    Crack me up! I literally laughed out loud-those tatoos are too funny! I think you both are hilarious! Love you ladies!

  60. Oh my goodness, this post cracked me up…and made me jealous!

  61. You guys are so funny! I really appreciate your humor.

  62. I think y’all are both pretty great…not that I actually KNOW either of you, but I feel like I do! ;-)

    Okay, that sounds really weird and stalker-ish…

  63. kelly rainer says:

    Ok so taking other people’s trash runs in the family. G-O-O-D to know!

  64. I love this, and you two ladies! I have almost 2 year old identical (we think) twins girls and every time I read your, or your sister’s, blog I find myself hoping that they when they’re all grown up they will have a relationship as wonderful as yours:)

  65. Thank you for the good laugh this morning! Just wait until little Sloane is big enough to read about all of your little adventures! :)

  66. Ok…..would someone please adopt me? I have one brother, no sisters……..and I myself have 5 boys! I have always longed for that sisterly bond I hear so much about. Never had the opportunity to have it……so I will live vicariously through it through you two in blog land. Found you guys through Seleta’s blog awhile ago. Stumbled onto hers as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs~
    So , if anyone’s interested in adopting me……… LOL, but they need to be as funny as you guys~

  67. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. Aren’t siblings such a blessing??

  68. Had to read your post after reading your sisters…haha

  69. hilarious. those faux tattoos made me laugh out loud.

  70. wow…you two seem exactly like my sister and myself! Y’all crack me up!

  71. I love this story and seeing two sisters that really love each other is so sweet. In my heart I wish it was that way with my sister, but it’s not from her perspective. The children are picture perfect, enjoy every last moment!

  72. Erika — you know your sister was picking out cars that will turn into Transformers, right? I can totally see Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime there (yes, I’m mom to two boys). I sypathize with Darby’s shirt — I have a 70′s-style Curious George shirt that my boys love. Do post pictures of what she does with that rolling cart/box!

  73. I wish I had a sister like that. I am an only child so I don’t have that girl that would do those kind of things with me. Looks like yall had fun!

  74. You are positively completely blessed to have each other! And damn…you are both so thin with all those kids between you too.

  75. laughing my ass off…not sure what you scored…a rolling toy box, hilarious!!! and the big ass rollback – sooo soo funny – thanks for the laugh, i needed it tonight!

  76. oh and the mickey shirt! dying laughing here – still. my husband thinks i am weird for laughing “with” two strangers who are so freakin funny (and who i dont know! ha!)

  77. I was just writing a sweet comment about how lovely it is to have sisters when I spotted Darby’s comment about payback… and that’s what it’s really like to have a sister! And I think it only gets better with age… I’m lucky to have three of them and even though they drive me crazy, I love them to death!

  78. i just choked on my coffee… you two are too funny for words. simple as that, you should have some sort of tv show together. erika and darby’s antique roadshow?!?! ;-)

  79. I have to admit it – I love your sister too! She always makes me smile and is a great mum…..I love her blog and its look inside her life!I would love to meet her in person! KG

  80. interesting. just noticed your blog from coastal living last month.
    any tips for outdoor lighting for spring/summer? we are changing things up in a major way…

  81. You and your sister are so funny! I am sure you cherish these moments together. I could not imagine living away from my two sisters.

  82. Gotta love sisters, they’re the best! This post is cracking me up….the tattoos, LOL!

  83. darby kicks ass. i am jealz of the sister thing. i have a brother. and kind of sucky one.

  84. hahaha! Love the tramp stamps! Go with the Pontiac. It’ll be perfect when you want to cruise the strip.

    Having a sister is so much fun!! I wish every girl could have one.

  85. Is it weird that I teared up during this post? I love how much you guys love each other–it’s inspiring!

  86. I laughed so hard! You guys remind me of how my sisters and I act. I want so badly for my little girl to have a sister so she can experience the connection of having someone you can be totally silly and totally you around. Priceless!

  87. Oh!My kids just stared at me as I giggled!
    Thank you!

  88. OOOh…that is awesome!!! But I dont know who would be more offended at the tramp stamp- the sorority at AU or the plainsman girls! ;)

    Seriously, I am an only child, and I hope and pray that my two daughters grow up to have the type of relationship that I see in you and Darby (so I will ask yall what I ask any mom/sisters that seem to have a great relationship)- Do you have any tips? Any suggestions on how to foster closeness as the girls grow up? My girls (6 and 8 right now) are really close and I would love for that to continue. THANKS!

  89. You guys are hilarious. I am loving both of your blogs. I have twin daughters, (one year) and hope they have as much fun as you two.

  90. I love that you and your sister are so close, my sister and I have these kind of shenanagins also, isn’t it crazy?? I mean wonderful??! Love your blog, it’s so nice to be a small part of your world. *Amy

  91. i have that shirt. :)

    sisters are the best.

  92. jeni bailey says:

    Is it too late to comment on this post. You almost made me cry missing my own sister. Same tactics! And some ask us if we are twins … however she is 3 inches taller, 15 pounds heavier and 9 years older (should I be offended??!:) If we ever finally get time to finally hang out:) I think our sisters must hang as well – mine is in pcola and family in Perdido -lets head west one day!

  93. jeni bailey says:

    Oh and did I mention it has been a goal of ours in life to do a nasty coffee table book on cruddy cars?? Oh yes, every trip for the past 10 years we have been taking pics of cars – each of us gets a “bullet” to shoot one car for each other every few hours. Oh there are some lovely lovely thangs ready to be published and have their debut!

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