I needed to be inspired.

Last night I came across this and it was just what I needed.

Mary Ruffle always works too:

Please tell me, where do you turn for design inspiration?  I’m all ears.  [And eyes.]


  1. Fine Stationery has a pretty good flickr photostream, http://www.flickr.com/photos/finestationery/with/4908282628/ but this lady’s concept is brilliant AND beautiful!

  2. I turn to nature… And ANYTHING British!….the Conran Shop… The tower of London… Oxford Street…. Etc

  3. This is so fantastic! I look at all different sources for inspiration: fellow bloggers, all kinds of magazines (even outdoor magazines, newspapers, store windows…you name it! Love, love, love your blog!

  4. Hmmm, well……sometimes I turn here. As in urban grace. sometimes, well….you’re just gonna have to visit my iLove page on my blog. EVERY single blog on there is what inspires me. A few more than others, but all of those! :) http://iblogmoore.blogspot.com/p/ilove.html (especially the ones under the title “I’m inspired”.

  5. I’ve been hunting some good inspiration myself. These are almost overstimulating to my parched eyes!

  6. oooh la la… so much inspiration my mind might explode!

  7. This is just too much goodness all in one place!

    Blogs for certain are a great source of inspiration for me – and anywhere you can find loads of beautiful photography (flickr) is always great as well!

  8. I love to go to antique stores for inspiration…and old magazines. Since I am a magazine hoarder, there is always something to trigger the brain:) Hope you find some, and suziebeezie is awesome, thanks for sharing. –Gretchen

  9. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Of course I love home boutiques and of course mags and blogs. But my BEST inspiration comes from nature. Particularly on the beach at sunset. It is impossible to not be constantly inspired and amazed my the colors that exist together naturally.

  10. Those are some awesome inspiration boards! I love to look at window and store displays for inspiration. And crazily enough, listening to audio books has brought me a lot of inspiration. I think it forces you to really hear the words and this really lets my imagination run wild.


  11. Urban Grace!

  12. Wow! What an amazing collection of images.
    I find inspiration from so many places…blogs, magazines, TV, etc. This site will definitely be a go to spot for wonderful inspiring images. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow, that’s a ton of inspiration! Here’s what’s currently inspiring me, since you asked:)


  14. I find inspiration from lots of places, but one of my favorites is old quilts. It’s like your entire palatte in one place, and helps decide what pops of color to use. Sometimes I just browse online or at flea markets, sometimes I actually buy them (then use them somehow in the room in question – at the foot of the bed, or hung on the wall like art). Good luck!

  15. Regina Hoyt says:

    Not that this is going to be helpful, but…I turn to you for inspiration! Your blog is great.

  16. Garden and Gun magazine or website! My husband is even more inspired, as he is the {industrial} designer in our fam. Hope it encourages you too! There’s nothing more chic than sophisticated, Southern style!

  17. I come here!! I have no art background, no design background, I have never bought anything to decorate my house because I have no clue where to even get started! Your blog has been my first little taste of the design world and it has given my a ton of ideas and inspiration!

  18. We all come here!

  19. I visit blogs mostly for inspiration or magazines. You provide a lot of inspiration and somehow have the Oprah effect on me and I think I have to have what you post about. Not good ;)

  20. I was about to say I come visit your blog, but it seems that’s pretty much why we are all here! :) Can’t beleive your baby is tunring 1! She’s such a cutie!

  21. WOW!!! Thank you so much for posting these! I’m about to dive in and get lost for an hour or two.. :)

  22. I have YOU on my rss feeder for inspiration! There are a good number of standouts that I love but I’ll just mention two: One is called ‘Desire to Inspire’ and the other is ‘Petits Bonheurs’ (I’m mentioning it since you have a little girl).

  23. Laurie Harper says:

    Hey Erika! Hope you are doing well. I have had so much fun this past year or so keeping up with you and Darby through your blogs. Little Sloane is absolutely adorable. I know you are having the time of your life! Got a quick question for you. We are currently building a house here in Clearwater and I’m totally stumped on the exterior paint colors. It’s craftsman style and most of the neighbors are doing some form of the typical taupe with black shutters. I’d like to do something different and still be classy but add a little punch of something… just not sure what that something is… So I’m wondering if you have time and what you charge to basically just look at our plans and give me a few paint color combo options. I totally trust your taste and know I would love anything you came up with. Let me know if you have time to take a look and just shoot me a ballpark price for a little “professional intervention” Thanks, Erika! -Laurie

  24. i turn to you my friend for inspiration… Sloane is one gorgeous girl. You can tell she’s sweet by those big happy brown eyes. Miss seeing you!

  25. usually inspired by a bit of nature or a mistake or a wrong turn.

  26. What a great question! I am always looking for inspiration and often find it on fellow bloggers sites as well as: J Crew, Real Simple, & Apartment Therapy.

  27. Thank you! You have no idea how much I needed a pick-me-up today!!

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