I took a staycation, my baby turned ONE, and other news…

Sorry for my sudden disappearance.  I’ve been relaxing with my family.  And working on my kitchen.  And First Birthday Partying.  And enjoying every second of all of it.

I guess I’ll recap on the staycation I enjoyed last week.  My nephew had a blast sharing popsicles with my daughter.  Her first popsicle… she loved it!  She wore her Italian bikini all week… thanks Erin!!

I had lots of qualified help with Sloane last week. For some unknown reason she suddenly hates getting her jammies on and having her diaper changed.  I had a team effort here- my mom and my sister… and I think Sloane thought we had all lost our minds.  I’m sure my sister is saying something about how I need to take charge and handle the jammy dressing with authority.  She’s got two more kids under her belt… so I just stood back and watched her in action. We stayed at the most kid-friendly, fun house on the planet!!!

My sister did a tribal dance across the beach every night as she brought the beach umbrellas back up to the house.

Sloaney B and I spent a lot of quality time together in the baby pool!

Sloaney and my Mom.  I say “pat your Momma” and that’s what she does… pats her Mom.

I shouldn’t post this makeupless photo of myself… but that sunset… it was magnificent.  Thank you Lord for sunsets!!

And another of my little birthday girl.  She loved her beach vacation!  She misses her cousins!  I miss my family!

My loving husband stayed back at our house most evenings to keep the kitchen remodel trucking along… because after all there was a little birthday party deadline approaching. I went home on Thursday night.  We worked our buns off.  Two hours of sleep.  Got the kitchen presentable for Sloaney’s little birthday party.  It was just family and a couple of close friends, who of course love us regardless of our kitchen, but it was a good reason for a deadline.

I worked with sweet Megan @ Toast & Laurel to design her birthday party invitations.  I had a large piece of Sea Cloth’s “Beach Stripe” fabric that I planned to use as the table cloth and let it set the color scheme.  I mailed Megan a swatch so she could match it up!

Thanks to our sweet friends in Arkansas (Jennifer & Erin) at Nesting for Sloaney’s adorable plates- the colors couldn’t have been more perfect!!  (they sell the plates, if you are interested!)

I’m not prepared to do a full kitchen remodel post just yet, but here’s a sneak peek…. and a big party mess and my father.

I cannot believe my little Bologna Sandwich is already a year old… time flies when you’re having fun!  I am blessed beyond measure.


  1. Happy belated Sloane! Staycations are just wonderful. Love the sneak peek too.

  2. She is beyond adorable and I love sneak peek of your kitchen!

  3. precious family!

  4. Deliciousness!!!

  5. ‘Very cute photos of the party. I can’t wait to see the completed kitchen. The sneak peak is really intriguing.

  6. She is such a pretty pretty little girl and looks very happy. Extremly jealous of the beach vacation.

  7. Your pictures melt my heart! Happy Birthday to your little cutie!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Sloane! She is so precious. :)

    Your kitchen looks fantastic!

  9. Happy 1st Birthday Sloane!!! looks like a fun party! I can’t wait to see more of the kitchen – I love what I can see and I know the rest of it is just as gorgeous! how do you look just as pretty without makeup? not fair! :) love all of the pics…Soraya makes it impossible to change her diaper too – I have to hold her down so she doesn’t roll away.

  10. Im so glad youre back!!! So excited to see the new kitchen!!

  11. Loving the change in your kitchen! You took down your KWID too!! Happy Birthday, Sloane, and it looks like y’all had a grand ole time. Sloane looks so much like DaddyBoy!

  12. What a precious little girl. Happy 1st Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your time off, it looked fun.

  13. I LOVE every single picture {and story} in this post. Happy Belated Birthday to Sloane!!! I hope year 2 is just as sweet! :o)

  14. She is adorable and I love the party decor!

  15. She is so cute! All your pictures are beautiful! Enjoy her because before you know it, she’ll be standing in the door telling you “I told you no” when it comes to bedtime ( I am speaking from experience with a fiesty two year old)!!!

  16. Happy 1st Birthday to Sloane!

  17. happy birthday to sloane! this year has flown by ….

  18. love the kitchen sneak peek, can’t wait to see the full finished project!

  19. Happy Birthday, Sloane! She is adorable!

  20. Sloane is absolutely adorable, and it looks like a great time was had by all!! Can’t wait for the kitchen reveal…

  21. Those photos are adorable. Congrats on the birthday! Reminds me so much of my oldest turning one (she’ll be two in December). I was so nervous and unprepared to be a first time mom, that first birthday was more a milestone for me that I didn’t kill or otherwise maim my kid.

  22. Happy Birthday Sloane. Such a cute party. Beautiful photos of you and the baby.

  23. Cute post E! My littlest one is 3 today so I know the feeling…xo LC

  24. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Cannot wait for the kitchen reveal.

  25. First birthdays are the best, as are staycations, and family! Great post. And the sneak peak is looking nice! –Gretchen O.

  26. what fantastic photos!!!
    such a gorgeous family. every single one of ya’ll

    the kitchen looks amazing!

    happy birthday to your sweet baby girl

  27. Love the invitations, the mini bunting cake and your KITCHEN! And your cute one year-old. And posts like these.

  28. annie anderson says:

    LOVE the plates by La Plates!!! Happy Birthday.

  29. That girl is gonna have some style, I tell you. All of it, absolutely adorable – makeupless you, Sloane, the party and the kitchen slice. Love it all.

  30. Happy 1st birthday Sloane! And happy birth-day Erika! One year! What a joyous occasion.

    Family vacations are the best, aren’t they? Looking forward to seeing more of that kitchen.

  31. I don’t comment very often but I LOVE this post! Love the invitation, love the plates, love the party hats, the table cloth, the pennants on Sloane’s personal cake, your bud vases! Love your new open kitchen shelves (& especially the brackets), the undermount lighting, the curtains, and the wooden table? pushed up against your island. First birthday parties are SO fun! Can’t believe it’s been a year already! My son will be 2 in Oct, and I can’t believe how it has flown bye!! I’ve met you a couple of times and am friends with Darby and Gaye. I regularly stalk your blog and love it! :)

  32. How fun! Love the invitations and the sunsets!

  33. The photo of you sans-makeup is beyond gorgeous…don’t doubt yourself beauty for a single moment!

  34. I love this post! Your family vacation, Sloane’s birthday(!) and kitchen sneak peak…glad Martha has moved on! Your kitchen shelves are perfect. Very perfect.

  35. Ok, my comment is worded funny…proof that I should proof read better…I meant to say don’t doubt your beauty for a single moment…oopsies!!

  36. Those are sweet, precious pictures :) I love Sloane’s face in the last one – like, “Hmmmm!” Too cute! xoxo

  37. happy birthday sweet baby girl! :) she’s so cute! as was her party! And, the sunset photo is beautiful! we too are having diaper changing issues. i’m sweating by the time i’m finished dressing her each day. :) My Meme turns one on sat. it’s bittersweet….

  38. Such a precious little girl!! Can’t wait to see what you have done with your kitchen!!! I really enjoy your blog. You are so talented!!

  39. They get a mind of their own when they turn 1.

  40. Sloane is beautiful! Looks like a fantastic staycation with the family.

    I’m a regular reader and I just love your blog. I have a question about Sloane’s clip-on high chair. I’m pregnant with my first little one, and my husband and I have been comparing clip-on high chairs. Is Sloane’s easy to clean? Would you recommend it? Thanks for your input!

  41. Could you not find a more attractive picture of both Mom and I? We might even consider UNSUBCRIBING over this true life reveal of us both without make-up… could you not work a little PS magic on my brow wrinkles…. at least?!?! Where’s the love!?

  42. aaawwwww, I can’t even believe it’s been a whole year! She just keeps getting more and more yummy, I love her! From one Sloaney to another … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  43. Sloane looks so big in your mom’s lap! What a great celebration. I noticed your kitchen; before I read the caption, I was thinking “gee, they didn’t waste any time on that project!” Having people over will motivate you I guess. I love the shelves!

  44. Love all of it!! Can you share the name of the fabric in your kitchen? I love it – gorgeous. Nothing is more gorgeous than that baby, however!

  45. Hi Ericka, I love this post! I am a new blogger and recent Urban Grace follower. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I am a fan. Take care.

  46. Looks like yall had an amazing trip and FIRST birthday party! What a blessing!

  47. I am in love with the curtain fabric in your kitchen and the color of your shelves. Can you please let me/us know the color you used?! That may be the fabric I have been looking for the past year. Thanks a lot. And like always, your family is beautiful and I am super jealous of your staycation. Amy King

  48. kitchen looks great (can’t wait to see the rest!) and party looks even better…happy birthday Sloane!

  49. I love “pat your mamma”!!! Our little Lela 13 mo. pats her belly (really hard). So funny.

  50. Wow! What a fun time you’ve been having. Your bologna sandwich is such a cutie pie! Happy first birthday to the sweet girl. That sunset is amazing. The Lord certainly gives us some beautiful gifts!

  51. happy 1st birthday to Sloane. she is gorgeous. i’ve got an older boy for her who’ll be turning 2 in oct. in case she ever decides she’d like a long distance relationship. :) the pic of her in the blue and white striped top on the beach in the fog is SOO LOVELY! oh and that whole not wanting to be diapered business… both my boys went through that. it seemed to happen over night and then one day they were all ok with it again. she’ll get over it too. no speical intervention required.

  52. Love this post – love your beach pictures and your party decorations – hope she had a happy and special day! :)

  53. Precious, sweet cheeks, Sloane!! What a wonderful first birthday week she must have had! Love the pics!

  54. I can’t believe she turned one!!! I remember when she was in your tummy. Guess I have been following you that long.

    The beachy birthday is simply adorable!


  55. What a great staycation those are always the best! Your kitchen looks beautiful!
    Sloane is so adorable! It does go by way to fast my little peanut is turning one on Saturday and I feel like I just brought her home!

  56. I WANT YOUR KITCHEN!!! so pretty.

    i also love the baby bunting you so intricately place on her cake :)

    we sell a lot of those inglesina high chairs at my baby boutique…nice choice!

  57. Happy Birthday, Sloane! What an adorable one year old! Love the sneak peek of your kitchen – can’t wait to see more!

  58. ah…one, the jammies and diaper thing is the beginning of her independence, :(!? My sweet Zoe, now 6 almost 7, from age one and up began walking, running (without understanding the word “stop”) and refusing to hold my hand (tears, yes) I had a super independent one my hands and she began to demand to do things on her own. I got the “leash” on her after she attempted to bolt into a parking lot after refusing the hand holding, and when I say refuse… I mean screamed at the top of her little lungs and dropped to the ground! (omg!) then got up and bolted! Those little legs are waaay faster than they look lol

  59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLONE BOLOGNE!!! :D Many precious and wonderful wishes to you on your very first birthday! (way to go mommy!)
    (btw, the sunset no makeup photo of you is incredible! You and the sunset :)

  60. one more… I know you are amazing at finding the coolest stuff, but here’s a link that has a lady bug backpack/leash ;)


  61. This is a lovely post and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!! Cherish it, my Sloaney is 12 years old and I remember her first b-day like it was just yesterday!!

  62. Congrats! Love the blog and all your design inspiration. My little girl turns one soon and I’m having way too much fun planning her little party too. I have a really random question that is probably too comical to ask, but here goes. I’m trying to find a great beach hat for a trip next month. I seem to recall you have a cool one (of course!) and think I see it peeking out in the porch photo. Maybe? Any good ones to recommend for a 30-something mom trying to stay out of the sun without looking like my mother? Thanks for entertaining such a silly question.

  63. Aweeee!! Love all you pictures! Thanks for sharing and blessings to you and yours!!! I can’t believe a year has passed since you posted the pics when Sloane was born … she is SUCH a cutie pie!!!

  64. What is the cake recipe? It looks delicious!!!

  65. sweet & loving post, as always. What a treat–and that kitchen is killer.

  66. Laurin Maddux says:

    That is a good looking vase on your table at Sloaney’s birthday party. :) Love you!

  67. The first birthday! Wow- my little guy is 6 months and I can’t believe how much he’s grown already. I love the “pat your mama”! So sweet!

  68. Love it, love it, love it! We are all about family around here as well! I have lived in Nashvegas for many years and made yearly trips to spend time to Northwest Fla to spend time with my sisters and mom. It has afforded my children so much more than just a beach experience. Sun and fun with family are dreams to remember and cherish. And the next generation is carrying on the tradition with little or no prodding on my part. Your little Sloane is beautiful! Have a blessed one. Hold every sweet moment close to your heart — they fly by!

  69. Your daughter is adorable and love the plates!

  70. Boy it seems like yesterday that you posted Sloane’s birth story, time flew! Happy Birthday Sloane!
    I love your clip-on high chair/booster seat-would you mind posting which one is it and if you like it? Do you have a traditional high chair in addition to that? My little one is 4.5 months now so we need to make some decisions on that! Thanks!

  71. Love that Sloane had La Plates for her first party! The Nesting girls are fabulous – glad they got your little lady proper tableware for a big girl!

  72. Those photos are beautiful! She is precious.

  73. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

  74. Happy First Birthday to Sloane…a beautiful celebration.

  75. Love your blog and inspirations as a designer. I am working on remodeling our 1926 kitchen and would love to know the fabric name of your new roman shades. Thanks.

  76. Looks like an absolutely amazing week!

    I love the italian bathing suit comment.

    I cannot wait to see the full kitchen reveal – loving that open shelving!

  77. so adorable! She is the perfect bubble model. Wish you were in Nashville. My models are too big for the bubbles.

  78. We went through the pj changing and diaper changing fiasco at a year too, it will pass! loved the 1st birthday invites, the color combo was perfect.

  79. Great pics! The party theme is so much fun and colorful! I looove it Thus you are beautiful without no makeup.

  80. Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your designs.. I fell in love with the February issue of the house you decorated featured in Southern Living. I found your blog when another blogger posted a picture out of that house and credited you. I was so excited to see more pictures of the house. Any way.. I love your taste. Your daughter is adorable! I have a two year old and a four month old and oh how time flies. I can’t wait to see the kitchen reveal. Thanks for the insipiration!

  81. ONEderful birthday party! I can’t wait to see more of the kitchen. I’ve been doing mine at the same time and was shocked at how similiar they will look. Exposed shelves, oyster colored walls, roman shades in modern floral…

  82. Cutest pictures… Happy Bday Sloane! Pat your momma,.. for throwing a precious birthday party and renovating her kitchen in record time! Amazing. Can’t wait to see pics of the rosemary cabinets.!

  83. Happy 1st b-day to Sloaney Baloney! her party looks darling. And you two on the beach at sunset looks adorable no make-up and all. Love the sneak peek of the kitchen. You are blessed beyond measure.

    me too.

  84. Glad you guys had a memorable time at the beach. Happy Birthday Sloan!

    We celebrated our trio turning 4 at McBeach. A perfect family house indeed. Lots of great memories. Thanks to your sister for the great vacation tip. We hope to make it an annual tradition.

    And love how your kitchen turned out – fabulous! looking forward to seeing the full reveal :)


  85. already!!??? wow times flies. she is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. I would like to lick the kitchen shelves. yummmy! (after licking sloane of course . . .)

  87. What a sweet birthday girl! I love the sneak peek at your kitchen reno too. What is that fabric you used on your roman shades? I really likely likely!

  88. I agree… What is the fabric you used on the roman shades… I LOVE IT….

  89. Waahh! I miss seeing your posts, but I know you’re busy.

  90. What a sweet little girl! Love her name too! Looks like a special birthday!

  91. Erika,

    The pictures of the party look awesome! My baby is about to turn one as well and I have been looking for a good recipe for her birthday cake, something relatively “healthy” and good for a baby. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the cake you made for Sloan?
    Also, if you get a chance, would you be able to blog a few words about how’s life on the beach after all the tourists are gone? We are seriously considering relocating from Atlanta. Thank you!

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