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Hello friends… let’s keep rolling with Marla’s house.  You may recall we styled her dining area for a recent feature.  If you missed that post you can catch it HERE.  I received many questions and I hate to leave you all hanging, so here it goes…

(a) Paintings came from my living room… I hauled them down to Marla’s for the shoot.  It’s actually a triptych… one painting was left in my house by it’s lonesome.  I painted them.

(b) I bought two Pier 1 wreaths and took one apart and stuffed it’s berry branches into the other wreath so it would be more full… then I painted with gold metallic spray paint.

(c) Dining chairs purchased at a local store that was going out of business.  They were cheap. They are usually in our design studio around the conference table.  Marla ended up buying these slipcovered chairs (4 of them for the sides of the table) and then bought two of these wicker chairs that are a very pretty gray color for the ends of the table.  It looks great!

(d) Mercantile Dining Table.  You can order through us if you are interested.  It’s zinc and very cool.

(e) Candelabra is discontinued.  Wisteria used to carry these.

(f) Slipcovered ottoman/bench… similar.

(g) Bounded seagrass rug from Fibreworks.

{Not tagged: The gallery lights over the paintings Marla purchased from us. Her rustic console tables beneath the paintings are from Wisteria. The seagrass baskets that are on the bottom shelf of those console tables came from Target (this but rectangular shape).}

(a) Green goblets came from my kitchen… I cannot remember where I found them.

(b) We made the table runner out of excess ticking stripe fabric we had in stock.

(c) Gold chargers I found after Christmas a few years ago for half off the original price.

(d) Silver flatware provided by a friend of mine, thank you Kelly.

(e) My china… inherited from my great grandmother it is Noritake, Green Bay.

{Not tagged: the flowers are Mexican Sage from my backyard.  The teeny, tiny glass vases came from Target – sold in a small set of 4.  My favorite. Bundled with the silverware with twin is Rosemary from my garden.  The white hemstitch napkins came from Crate & Barrel.}


  1. It’s all soooo beautiful!

  2. I love it and love that you shared the details. Thanks for giving us the scoop.

  3. Love the table!

  4. LOVE IT ALL!!!

  5. Thanks so much for all the info!

  6. Thanks for the scoop. I love the triptic!

  7. cute, cute (of course)! is the ottoman handpainted?!

  8. very invting, love the details. thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing all the delightful details! It’s such an amazing space!

  10. love it all, thank you for the details.

  11. I feel like Christmas morning came a few days early… unwrapping all the sources and details! Thank you Santa, eh..Erika!

  12. Love that you used your grandmother’s china. My kitchen is overflowing with inherited china, from my mother and grandmother. But it is always so wonderful to use!

  13. gorgeous.

  14. Gorgeous!!! Love the paintings and what you did with that wreath was a great idea! I like berry wreaths but the ones I see always seem so bare!

  15. Fantastic! You’ve helped me decide to continue collecting my china so I can pass it on one day. I love that.

  16. I love, love, love the zinc table. Who can I email for more details on how to go about purchasing it through you and its price?

  17. Gorgeous! Love it all and thank you for the details on this post and Marla’s kitchen. Target has gold chargers (they are plastic but look great) for cheap right now. I think they are 4 for $1.99 or something ridiculous like that — they come in gold, silver and shiny red. We have the ikea henriksdal chairs in my office. i love the look and they are actually really great desk/table chairs. My only complaint is they are cheaply made and after 1.5 years we need to replace them. Scooting/moving in and out has caused them to wobble. So they are “lift and push” not “scoot and push” chairs, in my opinion! Love it all! Thanks Erika!

  18. Everything in this photo-shoot is SWEEEET!
    But I am officially freaking out over that table. I am also wondering about the price/availability? Could one comfortably or semi-comfortably fit 3-4 chairs down each of the long sides? or are the legs in a wonky position?

  19. Could you BE any more creative?!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  20. Erika, you are so talented and Marla is very fortunate to have you as a friend as I know she feels the same. One of my favorite parts of the whole room are the paintings….I noticed them in the pics from Morgan’s party from darby’s post…, love, love. You should be very proud of yourself for creating such an amazing space with such style! Thank you for sharing during such a busy time..Merry Christmas!

  21. Love it all! You gave me those little vases and i used them a ton this summer with rose buds from my yard. So cute!

  22. You have serious talent!! I love that you are so down to earth and that many of these items are available to just about anybody! I adore the zinc table and will be contacting you for dimensions and a price:)

  23. love it! I loved your golden pumpkins so much on your original post that I made them for my Thanksgiving place settings. In fact, I recently blogged about it!

  24. i love the zinc table. marla’s house is gorgeous. i love the horizontal planking. i’d love to see how a photographer displays photos in her home….or even you, erika. we have a small photo wall display….i’d love to have more space to expand it. i never know what to do with the older photos when we have newer ones to replace them. ideas?

  25. Rochelle Sinderbrand says:

    You and my “baby” Marla make a great team.

  26. I love the kitchen, and am saving ideas for my rennovation in spite of the fact my taste is more English Country.


  27. Beautiful! Now I feel inspired to paint up a little something for my own home!

  28. I LOVE the paintings! Wish you would make more, and sell :)

  29. thanks for the scoop- I LOVE YOUR paintings. You are so very talented!

  30. I love it all! You have such a good eye for decorating. If I ever have the funds, you will be the first decorator I call to help me with my house!!! Could you possibly show the full triptych? I love the two but would really like to see the full effect! Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!

  31. I want to see the full triptych!

  32. gorgeous work, as always!!

    when i glanced at the first picture, i thought that “c” with the circle around it was carved or burned in the back of the dining room chair. of course it wasn’t, but it would look SO cool!!


  33. Brooklynn C. says:

    I love the table!It is so Pretty!

  34. I love the rustic look of this design. Very unique!

  35. You painted those?! They are beautiful! Wow, Erika, it’s not fair–you have too many talents :) Merry Christmas to your family!!

  36. I can’t wait to see your Christmas table after seeing this post! Wonderful work! Merry Christmas!

  37. I really like how everything came together. I recognized some of this from previous pictures that you shared. Maybe you should sell some of your artwork, the pictures are wonderful. Marla has a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing these details with us. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  38. love it! can we please please please have a closer look at the paintings and a tutorial-ish on how to do our own!

  39. Love the table decorations – different colours used for christmas which is fresh!! love it

  40. I could eat it all up! Pretty please tell the source for the pendants in the entryway! Also, the paint color and any DIY tips for installing horizontal planking.

  41. Love all your details and work. I’d love to see a photo of that fabulous table with the Ikea chairs too. :) Happy New Year!

  42. LOVE it all… love all the table details & your paintings. fyi – i know you’re a big fan of TOMS. in case you’ve been eyeing another pair, i posted on my blog about a $5 off code. i’ve never seen a discount code for TOMS before, so i thought i would share :) happy new year!

  43. love it all!

  44. yes, LOVE IT ALL.

  45. Hi Erika!

    How can I order this zinc Mercantile Table? And . . .how long is it and how much does it cost?

    thank you!!!!

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