let them eat cake

Today we have reason to celebrate!  We are celebrating the wonderfulness that is Joan, Paula, and Allison… my fantastic team here at Urban Grace Interiors!  Joan has been with me for five years, Paula for three, and Allison for one… so today we eat cake!  I am so very grateful for each of them, they are three of the most dynamic, fun-loving, hard-working, and devoted people I know.  So today at lunch you can think of us we’ll be enjoying a festive meal, sipping mimosas, and eating dessert!! 

[Chocolate Layer Cake with Ganache Frosting image from Picky Cook]


  1. Can I come? :) Y’all have a blast!! That cake looks delicious… I hope whatever you eat is equally as beautiful and tasty!

  2. it is wonderful that you create a time (and a cake!) to recognize and appreciate your team. it will make all the difference in the world to them!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Oh Goodness, thank you for the link for that cake! My dad used to get that cake for me when I was growing up. The bakery that had it went out of business and havn’t been able to find a comparable cake and this is it! Have a great day with your wondefuf team!

  4. YUM! Can I work for you?! sounds like fun!! :)

  5. What a fun way to celebrate. Congratulations team Urban Grace.

  6. How lucky you are to have such a great and wonderful group of people working with you!! I hope you girls have fun celebrating, it seems well-deserved!!

  7. Oh, I want to work with you!!!!

  8. Hope yall have fun!! Happy Monday :)

  9. ah! happy anniversary ladies! you girls do make a wonderful team! would you and joan please hug each other for me (and paula and allison for that matter – though since they’ve never met me, they may not be comfortable with that ;) )

  10. Allyson says:

    What a fun lunch!! Have a great time celebrating! Hope your weekend was good and relaxing. Love you E!

  11. Working on your team sounds like a dream! p.s. I’m sure you are already familiar with Plain English Design, but the City Sage has a great kitchen post today & I thought of you and your glorious kitchens immediately!

  12. That cake looks delish! I’m jealous! :) I know that was good. Now you are all needing a nap right about now…..

  13. What a fun way to spend the afternoon. Chocolate Cake. Champagne…I can think of little else to motivate me to work hard! Cheers to continued to success and joy at work.

  14. What I wouldn’t do for a slice of that cake right now! Kelly

  15. what a great team! that’s hard to find. i think it’s awesome that you treat them, especially to cake

  16. I was already craving chocolate and that picture is putting me over the edge.

  17. That looks like some wicked decadence. Hopefully the dessert you had was as divine as this one looks.

  18. That looks decadent! Hope you all had a wonderful celebration. Working with great people makes the hours we spend doing what work we love a pleasure, not a chore.

    Let Darby know her site has gone down this morning. Says the domain name expired.

  19. She’s back! If you worked some magic – thanks.

  20. You could pay me in cake.

  21. Congratulations!! Looks like a delicious way to celebrate!!

  22. Erika did a fabulous job of recognizing her team, she is a grateful and gracious boss. Great lunch, nice presents, a blueberry cheesecake to die for and great conversation. We did have fun. Hugs to you too Arre, miss you! Happy vacation Paula & Erika. Allison and I will hold down the fort

  23. oh yum…..now that looks delicious.

  24. I’m a blog stalker (in the least creepy way possible) and I love your posts. I saw these knobs and thought they would be perfect and SO cute for an interior designer! I don’t know any designers in real life, so I thought I would pass the link along to you:


  25. Erika: LOOOOOVE this renovation, hope we get to see the finished project! I live in Memphis and we’re looking for a contractor to come redo 2 bathrooms in our crica 1896 house…could you recommend anyone you’ve been working with on this project? Your help would be so appreciated :)

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