OCD Delight

These clients sent an email a few months back requesting spice storage on the interior side of their cabinets.  The cabinet shop had an option, but it wasn’t very cool looking.  You know, it’s always nice for things to work well and look cool. 

So the homeowners sent a link over saying… what about these instead? 


I saw the words IKEA in the link and was admitedly nervous to click.   You know my love-hate deal with IKEA.

ikea spice rack 1

Well I was wrong.  When I saw those spice storage jars (mounted to the interior side of a cabinet door) an OCD switch turned on and I can’t turn it off.  I want these in my house.  The daughters of the house left their mark with great penmanship and cool labels to boot.  {labels are Martha Stewart from Michael’s}

ikea spice rack

At my house I have the stepped spice shelves  I dislike them because other than the jars on the bottom shelf you cannot read the labels.  I don’t know where in my kitchen there would be room for this… (other than in the pantry) but they are definitely on my list.  They would also be very fun filled with sprinkles!

ikea spice jar has options

And in the event that anyone was wondering… they also have a beautiful knife drawer (not by Ikea).



  1. Love those spice jars and the knife drawer. I despise counter clutter but had no where for a knife drawer,oh if only!

  2. The bane of my existance has just been solved. Those crazy Swedes! This is a great idea– and that knife drawer is just too cool!

  3. Those spice jars are so cute! I will definitely be adding them to the wish list that I have for our next house!

  4. I just bought those spice jars in December. I love them! They fit perfectly inside my cabinet door.

  5. ooh I gotta have these. My spice cabinet is a wreck.

  6. OCD spices sound good to me. Did they mount it inside the door of the cabinet? It looks like they did… and that knife drawer… ooh la la! Show us more cabinet details please!

  7. What a great idea! And made perfect with the cute labels. This would be perfect for my OCD self! And I’m with you- I can’t read the labels on one of our shelves— out of reach/sight.

  8. This might sounds nutty, but I am wondering if you could mount those in a freezer…. that is where all spices are best stored, anyhow, and if you don’t have room in the pantry…. :)

  9. I have tried all manner of methods for organizing my spices effectively and in the end I returned to that little round spinner tray that has a second “story” you can add on top. I actually have two of these. ‘Tis true that some of the spices in the center are a little hard to see, but I have solved that problem by putting the shorter cans and extracts on the outside and the taller bottles on the inside. I also have the second spinner (my word!) loaded with my most commonly used spices so that I always have easy access. Previously, I too, used the stair step shelves but found that I could get more spices on the spinners than I could on the shelves. Hope this helps! The other looks way too labor intensive for me…

  10. wehave boon on the hunt for good spice storage for oh, i don’t know, 5 years!! these are great! and got to love the ikea price tag!!

    thanks for sharing!

  11. I love spices, but generally hate spice racks – especially if they are exposed. Spices should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place – generally not the situation on a kitchen counter. I have a “stepped” system, but it inserts into a drawer, so all the labels are visible. I’m also crazy about knife-drawer inserts.
    Guess you could easily say I too am OCD! ;)

  12. this weekend i received my southern living magazine in the mail and read “your” article. Way to go – what a great job you did with the decorating :) congrats on being featured in southern living

  13. OCD I am not – but science loving {and a huge nerd!}, I AM! These look like little test tubes of yumminess. AWESOME =)

  14. The labels sold me on the idea…Martha and Ikea are an odd but nice mix! I currently have my most used spices stuck to the side of my microwave in Ikea containers, but they don’t open/close very well (oh, Ikea). These look like they would work much better, and guests would never have to know when I am out of garlic salt again ;)

  15. I’m so grateful to have found your blog… really inspiring =)
    Please visit mine too if you have time and make a comment for me to improve it. thanks

  16. you really have the oprah effect on me. everything you post, i want:)

    have a great monday!



  17. When I need a spice, I open that cabinet and nearly weep, every time! What a mess, even though I organize it all the time. Your post is making me want to get in my car and drive to IKEA- even in the snow!!

  18. Whoa. Awesome knife drawer.

  19. love those! so convenient and space saving how they attach to inner door. think i need to check them out the next time i’m in ATL…

  20. We just renovated our kitchen, a decision that was the result of a dominoe effect resulting from hurricane Ike damage, you know – “If you’re going to take out the bottom cabinets to tile under them, cut one of them out for a new stove, etc., you might think about all new cabinets.” Well, to the right of the new stove, we have a funky angled wall. We decided to use the space in between the wall studs, boxed it in, tiled the back as if it is a continuation of the backsplash (white subway tile), framed it with simple wood trim, put adjustable tracks in the sides, then two glass shelves. This gives us three shelves for spice jar storage. The granite countertop continues into the floor of the inset spice box. The tracks aren’t that attrative but someday I’ll paint them the color of the wood trim. The spices look pretty cool on display and hide alot of the tracks! I’ve left them in their original store bottles – they’re attractive these days, especially if you use all the same brand. Not an idea for everybody’s kitchen, but we’re enjoying it! Sets our kitchen apart from the other five just like our floorplan in the neighborhood!

  21. These are just what I’ve been looking for (FOR A YEAR!). Thanks so much and I am really excited that they are glass and not plastic!

  22. Don’t mean to hog the post section, but we also had the knife drawer, but decided not to use it. Our four year old granddaughter, who lives with us, has much fun opening a closing the drawersand doors. The knives are up on the countertop instead. Just something to think about when you have little ones around, especially if they are welcomed to help in the kitchen!

  23. love it…the dorky OCD “where all the kitchen stuff goes” part of a project is secretly one of my favorites!

  24. I think you read my mind with the spice rack! I’ve been searching for the perfect one and this fits the bill perfectly… now just need to figure out where to put it!

  25. Oooh. Love these! I’m headed to IKEA today. Will have to check them out in person.

  26. agreed. they are being added to the wish list – thanks for sharing!

  27. I’m in love! Must have! Now!

  28. On Topic: I love the organized, functional aspect for me but I think the look might be a bit too modern for my taste.
    Off Topic: After your post on my blog my bff Laura who I mentioned in the post and actually commented above about Sloane’s nursury called me freaking out, “Omg Erika knows who you are!?!? You’re FAMOUS” Well really, Erika is just very very gracious so thank you times a million for stopping by. Absolutely made my day.

  29. How I found your blog, I will never know, but I LOVE it. Keep us the good work and the adorable baby! Just so you know, bulk spices are supposedly fresher and much cheaper, so this may be more economical as well as much better looking in the long run. I thought I was the only one in the world who hated stuff on the counters.

  30. The Martha Stewart Magazine had a great feature this month on organized spaces, and one the spaces was a fantastic pantry with labeled spices — you should check it out!

  31. Love those! I’m thinking they might work tucked in one of my cabinet doors. I might just have to make that IKEA trip next month! I bought one of those knife holders a couple of years ago, but my drawer was too short, but I love how organized it is. Chaos in the kitchen makes me crazy.

  32. I did a similar thing at a rental house with a simple wire spice rack from Bed Bath and some of those stick on hooks on 4 corners to make it completely removable (landlord friendly) yet not loose. It took the spices off the counter, saved cabinet space by using the interior of the cabinet door, and put them right next to the stove where you need them the most. I love the matching containers, but the above idea works for most the average person’s mixed up collection:)

  33. oh. my. goodness. these are just perfect!

  34. Hi! I just found you via your sister’s crafty blog:) I just went to Ikea today and I totally would have brought these babies home if I had known they existed!! I think a return trip in my near future is a necessity now!

  35. I need these too! totally great idea and oh so neat! That knife drawer is a winner too. KG

  36. I just blogged about kitchen organization and totally missed those at IKEA! They look great! Thanks for the eye-opener. :)

  37. I too have a love/hate relatonship with Ikea and I also have the stepped spice rack. I may have to break down and buy one of these. It’s such a clean system and so easy to read!

  38. Great idea. BTW I adore the nursery for your daughter. So beautiful.

  39. LOVE it!

  40. When I got to that part about the sprinkles I had to stop for a second and remember which MommaSissy I was reading ;)

    ~Jacci in Ohio

  41. Those are soooo fabulous! My OCD self is IN LOVE!!! Now where could I put those????

  42. Erika,

    I work for a fabric store Baranzelli/Silk Surplus. We carry the Ivory and Coral striped fabric that you posted about in the nursery. If you’re interested in getting more email me!


  43. Ok, this is my question…

    What do you do with all the spices that don’t fit in those little jars. I mean, I buy the economy size bottle of a spice and only about a third would fit in the jars. That means I would need double storage. That’s the only thing I can’t figure out about all the cute spice racks.

    Love the knife drawer organizer.

  44. I want those cabinets, and those spice girls.

  45. Those just went on my IKEA list!! I am pretty sure they’ll fit on the inside of the doors to the cabinet the spices are in!!

    I also have the step thing, and I don’t like that when I get something off of the top or middle- I knock the lower spices down.

  46. Oh my goodness! What an awesome idea! I’m so going to check those out!

  47. Willow Fan says:

    Love this idea for spices. Looks great!

  48. Hi Erika! I found this on another blog that someone had made for their camera and thought of you and Darby. I am posting a link on both of your blogs. I wish I could make one for my camera, but since I have no idea how to sew, that might be impossible! But…. I thought I’d pass it on to you two as I know you love your cameras!


  49. Saw the design work you did in the latest issue of Southern Living. Great feature – even mentions your sister! Beautiful work – very impressed!

  50. I saw these at IKEA last night – super cool!

  51. OH SUPER LOVE!!!
    I bet a feng shui master would be very happy with these :D

  52. oh, the eye candy! why do you tease us! :)

  53. pretty sure they got the idea from anna over at doorsixteen [http://www.doorsixteen.com/2009/01/28/spice-jars/] as they’ve used the exact labels she did. not sure if they mentioned that. my better half and i just installed four sets of these on our cabinet door & they’ve made such a difference. the spices are alphabetized too — i love all of their colors!

  54. Bonita Ghess says:

    Stumbled upon this blog looking at kitchen designs. Please add me to your share list. I’m moving and looking to become more organized. Love the spice RA KS. Currently I remove them from the original packaging and place them in pint canning jars which are stackable in the pantry

  55. Bonita Ghess says:

    Great idea

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