out of town project sneak peeks

Thank you for your very kind responses to my Monday (day in the life) post.  I am blown away by your interest in the everyday, who knew blogging could be so simple?  I will follow myself around more often and give you a daily glimpse on a regular basis.  Some sneak peeks of a few of those projects tagged on our map.  Most of these are not completed yet (some folks waiting on rugs, some on pillows, some on bar stools…), but  you get the idea.  We love these people…

Some of our people live like this for weeks on end, but we offer moral support and assure them it will all be worth it in the end…

Stay tuned… I’m dedicating an entire post to an out of town kitchen remodel that I think you will enjoy!

Oh, and if you’ve sent us an inquiry through our “Contact Us” page on the website, we are having issues (not receiving them!) if you are interested in working with us please email allison(at)urbangrace(dot)com


  1. YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!

  2. you blow me away!! you work so hard, you are super talented and kind of modest about the whole thing..you rock, do you know that?!?! can’t wait to see more.

  3. Oh my goodness… what an awesome Help Wad you are… I lOVE all of it!! Come see me soon, I’m so totally upset that my contact form I filled out last night didn’t come through… I don’t even think I can re-create it! xoxo

  4. If you only knew how inspiring you are…

  5. I LOVE the first bathroom with the dog paper and green tile- AMAZING!!! The Farrow and Ball paper in one of the other bathrooms is also so gorgeous- I have a sample of it in pink and yellow and the hand painted textural quality of it is amazing. Great sneak peak all around- thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE seeing your in-progress work. The dog wallpaper is genius with the 1930s green tile! Can’t wait to see more.

  7. Oh I lOVE that bedroom up top! Also the monte carlo art in the bathroom looks great!

  8. These are all so awesome! I want that Farrow & Ball Lotus wallpaper, the gray & white bathroom is perfect, I love the gray vanity, the marble (dang I should have opted for marble instead of granite!), the bedroom with the black bed and super cool painting is fantabulous! I will send your office better pics of my spaces once we have them completely complete:) Thanks for all of your hard work, I just want to tell everyone how awesome you are! I am really excited to see Elizabeth’s kitchen because it rocks.

  9. What beautiful spaces. Great job!

  10. Thank you! Beautiful. I especially love the dining room, the one with the pumpkins on the table. Simple but perfect!

  11. Love your blog & your taste! I adore the bed & linens in the fourth photo. Where are they from? I could crawl in there right now!

  12. Loving those matching cream drawers in the bedroom/bathroom door photo. Are those antique? New? Love them!

  13. Fabulous! Everything is fabulous! I am so inspired by the beautiful large scale wallpaper in the small washroom- it would be fabulous in our mini downstairs bath!

  14. Beautiful work! I love your style. Wish I could hire you full-time!!

  15. Beautiful work! I love your style. I wish I could hire you full-time!!

  16. It makes my day when you give us updates like this. Can’t wait for the out of town kitchen post.

  17. oh la la! thanks for the lovely eye candy this morning. UG is awesome!!

  18. LOVE that dog wallpaper. Who is it by? Also love your blog and all of your work!

  19. I love, love, love your style! As in interior design student, you are truly an inspiration! I had to post about the dog bathroom on my (newish) blog. I can’t wait to see the kitchen remodel.

  20. I love, love, love your style! As an interior design student, you are truly an inspiration! I had to post about the dog bathroom on my (newish) blog. I can’t wait to see the kitchen remodel.

  21. So many gorgeous rooms! I love the dog wallpaper…genius.

    Erika, what material are those kitchen counter tops? (white kitchen w/ the hot pink flowers…9th picture down) I love the sleek finish. Any commentors know?

  22. The dog paper is fantastic. It’s playful yet classic. It would add charm to my upstairs nondescript bathroom.

  23. OMG you saved my marriage SO many times during our remodel! We are about to cover our entire kitchen in grasscloth! I can’t wait! Still so much to do but it’s coming together… all thanks to you! xoxo! I will have to send you better pictures.

  24. Erika, these photos are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I adore that painting above the bed. I also adore the subway tile backsplash in a herringbone pattern…beautiful! Those botanical prints are amazing as well. I also forgot to comment the other day, but I really enjoyed reading your day in the life post.

  25. this just reconfirms my decision that i NEED to wallpaper a bathroom. NEED. TO.

  26. Gorgeous. Love how your updated the old bathroom with out havin g to rip it all out. Sometimes a totally re-do isn’t in the budget…I love how you were able to give it a new look with some lighting and wall paper. Beautiful.

  27. These photos are wonderful….such talent. That dog wallpaper is just killing me!!!! Love it! BTW, how are your dogs?

  28. Erika, I love everything you design! Please continue to share pics. Also, any chance you could tell me what brand/model that fridge is in the last few photos? We’re going to do a kitchen reno and need a slender fridge like that one. Thanks in advance!

  29. I would kill for that black bed. Is it readily available somewhere? I live in central IL, so I’m sure you know how hard nice furniture is to come by.

  30. One word… YUM!

  31. you are so good at what you do. it’s insane to me. did you always know you wanted to be an interior desinger? where do you get inspiration from or does it just come naturally?

  32. Oh my goodness! Swoon swoon swooooooooooooooooooon!!! I love all of it. I would so love to be able to hire you to do my house… maybe one day…

  33. Misty Jones says:

    My laundry room is screaming for some dog wallpaper!! Where can I get it??

  34. I’m on the edge of my seat for the post about your kitchen remodel!

  35. Everything is looking good! Can’t wait to see the final products

  36. All so beautiful! Can’t WAIT until ours is done. Although after seeing some of the rooms in progress, I should be thanking my lucky stars that we are not living in the house during the remodel. Even though our baby has to sleep in the bathroom. For a year. ;)

    Do you think we might have a chance at the award for “the most dramatic before and after picture ever”? You know, the room with the 60′ pine tree that grew up the center of the room? Fingers crossed.

  37. Ah! Thank you!! I love these kinds of posts! I recognize a few of those rooms :)

  38. And, btw, the dog wallpaper?

    I DIE.

  39. What fabulous photographs. I can’t wait to get home from work to examine each one over and over. The dog wallpaper reminds me of the paper that hung in my grandmother’s home (built in the 20s in Phoenix, AZ). Her guest bathroom had paper that was white with black drawings of a man frolicing in a bathtub. When my gradmother died in 1983 my dad and his siblings sold the home and it was torn down. Ever since then I have been trying to find a reproduction of that paper and kicking myself for not saving a sample.

  40. That dog wallpaper! That dog wallpaper! Oh my gosh, that dog wallpaper!

    I NEED it.

  41. This post was so good for me to see today – I am working on some things for our house, and the inspiration here is just perfect! I know you may not see this comment, but if you are able – I would love to know the type of fabric shown on the sofa/chair in #4805 (not exact name, but type: linen, duck, twill, etc.). I am wavering b/w a couple of similar fabrics for a sofa I am having recovered…w/ little ones, I need to be SURE I get the right thing :-) Again, such beautiful work, Erika!!!

  42. You are so talented!! Those pictures make me want to redecorate!

  43. Classic and classy, Erika.

  44. i love that bathroom! the wallpaper is fantastic… very similar pattern to the fabric i chose for my nursery, except the fabric is in color. you are so talented!
    here is a link to magnolia fabric company in tupelo. http://www.magnoliaco.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_ID=2013

  45. Great pics! While you are very talented and your design is inspiring, I think the reason we like posts like your ‘day in the life’ is because there is something completely adorable and genuine about you that is obviously natural and not anything you are putting on or overly editing (except for your ‘photoshopped’ kitchen…hysterical!). That is so rare and and endearing and draws people to you. Thought you should know. :-)

    I’m also so excited about the commenter who just inspired me to wallpaper my laundry room. I wouldn’t have thought of that in a million years. Yay!

  46. you’re amazing…I love seeing your projects! they’re all beautiful. Someday I will hire you :)

  47. I am love with those chairs in the sixth picture. The ones that sort of like sweep arm chairs or parlor chairs. Where are they from? In love with them!

  48. Erika,

    Love your style and Love the couch/chair!!! Could you tell me where it is from and what fabric? Thanks for sharing you and your life.

  49. I love the kitchen table and chairs in the photo with the green imperial trellis. Was it custom?

  50. love love love your blog. im dying to paint my doors dark – what color/brand of paint did you use on the door in your pic? thanks – keep posting project updates, they are so inspiring!

  51. Oh my gosh. . . the painting, that picture – the art! Loveeee. Do you have any idea where the painting above the bed / or the Monte Carlo picture is from? If so, please share!

  52. Sara Watson says:

    Love, love, love that bedroom! How do you handle projects that are out of state? We just moved into a new home in Colorado and it would benefit from your magic touch. :) Absolutely beautiful!

  53. Amazing! Amazing! Charcoal doors are genius. I have to inquire about where you got the grey and white striped rug? Love your blog!

  54. I love it all. The silhouette dog wallpaper is wonderful. You are so talented. And I completely agree with Lauren who commented on your endearing qualities. I just love to see your work and hear your take on life.

  55. oh my goodness! Increds!!

  56. Everything is gorgeous! You have amazing taste. I don’t think the kitty (in the last picture) minds living like that for weeks on end. He’s super cute!

  57. Ridic. Can’t even stand ANY of it!! The ottomans and rugs???? Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Erika, you do pattern and colour SO well. I love the paint colours you’ve chosen for the kitchen, the door, the bedroom walls. So lovely! There is a bit of inspiration in every one of these photos. More, please!

    On your last post, one comment I forgot to make was that it actually read like Darby had written it! Love your sister’s meandering day-in-the-life posts, just as much as I loved yours.

  59. Fabulous! Hard to decide what I love more?? The dog wallpaper? The kitchen? The fantastic ottomans? Awesome!

  60. Amanda Thrasher says:

    yumminess–every bit. I need urban grace!! BTW–just saw your Kayce Hughes icon below—pink gigi dress–another yummy that just arrived on my doorstep.

  61. You do amazing work! I love the mixes of fabric patterns and colors. You are such a wonderful designers and one day I swear I will be able to afford you at my house!!!

  62. Love, just love.

  63. These are all FANTASTIC and they are still unfinished!!! Love your work. I would love to know the source of the beautiful suzani fabric you used it the drapes.

  64. Loved the day in the life post. Quick question, of course fashion related, where are the gold flip flops from. I had a pair from Victoria Secret and wore them forever, but then they busted. I would re-order from VS but I heard they look cheaply made now. The ones you have look so similar to my old pair. Please let me in on where you found ‘em.


    Also, you’re daughter is so adorable!

  65. I love all the rugs. Any suggestions where to find them?

  66. LOVE all the pics! I’ve been eyeing that dog wallpaper. I want it badly.

  67. The sneak peeks are AWESOME- you and your team are so very talented! Keep it up-love the pictures!

  68. You do amazing work…What a talent to have. I am losing sleep over this black bed..:) COuld you share where it is from? It’s so different. I love everything about it! It looks perfect with the paint color too…I’m in love!!

  69. I love the pair of dressers on the 12th photo from the top. Where did you find these and what is this style called so I can search for something similar? Thanks!

  70. I love the O&L wallpaper in the bathroom!

  71. Hi Erika! I LOVE all of your projects. They are amazing. I am looking for a paint color for a very small bathroom in my house. I love the dark grey color on the vanity in the bathroom with grasscloth. Would you mind sharing the paint color? Thanks so much! Have a great day. Staci

  72. You are so dang good at your job! The doggy wallpapered bathroom took me by surprise—love it.

  73. loving the dining room and the room with lots of lavender. hope to see the finished product!

  74. OMG! Who is the designer of the teal, white, blue and gray fabric?

  75. Okay, no one really commented about the green print ottoman. BUT I LOVE IT. Our floors on the downstairs are identical to the ones in this room and we have a sofa similar to this one and really need some finishing touches. My husband and I both love that ottoman and fabric. Two questions, 1.how can I find info (pricing/measurements) on the ottoman and 2. can I get a swatch of the fabric? My favorite thing about this photo is that it convinced my husband that we really need to paint our kitchen cabinets:). Also, please post an updated photo if you can when they add the rug. I’m curious as to what they picked (and throw pillows, too). Thanks!!

  76. Hi, I just discovered your beautiful blog! Would you please share the paint color used in the bedroom in the 3rd and 4th pictures in this post? I have fallen in love with it!

  77. OMG OMG OMG! I am just now catching up on some major backlog but I had to comment, I USED THAT SAME DOGGY WALLPAPER IN OUR HALL BATH! And I love it and am completely obsessed with petting the pretty flocked puppies.

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