paint the town

Earlier this year I decided it was time to spruce up my master bedroom.  I cannot believe I am showing you a picture of my unmade bed, but I want to save the finished product for a real blog post… so consider this a sneak peek.

The painting above my bed is by an artist out of San Francisco, Clare Elsaesser.  I discovered Clare’s work one day while surfing the WWW and fell in love.  I contacted her about a commissioned piece for my bedroom and the entire process was absolutely delightful.  Since finding sweet Clare, we have commissioned a few paintings for other projects as well.  You may recall seeing her work above a bed in a blog post about our current out of town projects from a couple of weeks ago (HERE).  Clare sells her work on etsy as “Tastes Orangey“.  Her sewn prints are not only charming and gorgeous, but also reasonably priced.  I have a collection started and am hoping Santa brings me a couple more.

Clare has graciously offered our readers 5 of her sewn prints.  (We will pick 5 winners.)  All  images are printed on matte paper, which are sewn with thread onto an 8 x 10 piece of textured watercolor paper giving the prints a very substantial feel.




“Pup In The Grass”


Since finding sweet Clare we have commissioned a few paintings for other projects, you may recall seeing her work above a bed in a blog post from a few weeks ago (HERE).

To win… in the comment section below let us know… what’s your nickname?  Or your children’s nicknames?

Allison: “Scoot” (Not sure why, but it might have something to do with her mobility as a baby)

Lauren: “Porridge” and “#16″ (Porridge comes from her brother and it’s origin is unknown. #16, because she is the 16th grandchild.)

Paula: “Honey Bunny” and “Paula Pooh” (Her three year old granddaughter insisted that she be “Honey Bunny”, because the granddaughter wanted to be “Honey”, without the Bunny).

Joan: “Boney Joaney” and “Joaney is full of Bologna” (People said if she turned sideways and stuck out her tongue she’d look like a zipper… she was boney.)

Me: “Brookey”, “EZE”, “Help Wad”, “Skeeter” (Brooke is my middle name, so all of my family calls me “Brookey”.  “Help Wad” comes from Darby and is just a bizarre cell phone typo. “EZE” comes from high school… a friend showed up at a field hockey game with a sign that said “Go EZE!  Go D-Bone!”, to cheer me and Darby on… it unfortunately stuck and those  names followed us to college. “Skeeter” the origin is unknown.)


  1. My nicknames are Peanut, Sara Lee and Miss Sara.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this! I have many. Ok, here we go.
    Jack: Stinker, Stink, Stinky-Mc-Stink Face, Buddy, Taz (his middle name is Tazwell)
    Mia: Sinker-Belle (bet you saw that one coming), Doodlebug, Doodles, Dumplin, Princess-Pie-Pumpkin-Bear, Darlin (said in a very southern voice). Hope I win! LOVE these!

  3. “Ka-Ka” (my younger brothers), “Kat” (friends) and “Sis” (Dad)

  4. My oldest daughter, Emma Claire, 6 – we call her grandma – she’s so slow at everything – takes forever! Eating, going potty, getting dressed, getting out of the car – walking anywhere – she just takes her sweet time! It’s so ironic, b/c I’ve always been fast at everything – running, taking tests, getting work done, driving and my middle son is just like me! She takes it in stride and laughs for now – hope that lasts!!!! :)

  5. “Ali-Pally” from my sweet dad. And “Bunkie” from my high school friends… long story there ;) And I’m loving Clare’s work!

  6. My childhood nickname was “Foo” as in, “Little bunny foo foo…” In fact, my parents still call me “Foo.” On facebook, no less.

  7. Em, Emmy, and Emmy Boo!

  8. Besides ladyloo? From my family I get Andy. From my husband it’s Sweetie or Canukistani.

  9. Love love love “Pup In The Grass”! My nickname would be Junior, apparently my Dad always wanted a boy. He got me instead and I’ve been Junior ever since.

  10. My nickname is Dreidel. My husband’s friends thought I was Jewish. I am very petite (5 feet tall) and have lots of energy. They thought I reminded them of a spinning little dreidel top!

  11. My husband calls me Pickle. We can’t remember how it started, but it stuck!

  12. My nickname is JessieBurger given by Grandpa early on. Not sure how he came up with it but I love it all the same.

  13. With a name like Mai-Brit I have heard it all. But my family calls me Brit so growing up I was Britty-Bee, and to this day that is what my dad still calls me.

  14. I have always called my husband Pickles, I have called him this so long I can’t even remember why? We now call our Littleone “Mini-Pickles” because she looks like her daddy or simply “The Pickle.”

  15. Poopsie — my nickname is Poopsie!!

  16. We are not a “nick-name-y” kind of family but we do have a nickname for our son that has stuck. :) We have three little girls and a boy – he is right in the middle and so we have taken to calling him “the boy”! Not super creative but in our world he is such a unique little creature that the name fits him perfectly! :)

  17. Alie G. (my maiden name started with a G). Everyone called me this in high scool and college, and still have friends who know me by it! Also – when I lived in Boston – I was Alie Alabama. Even people at work called me that…

  18. “Chelito” (sister)and “Chels” (friends and anyone who knows me well)

  19. Counting that my husband and I don’t have any children, our English bulldog Winston is our child. We call him “Bubbles” because he just looks like a big bubble with legs :)

  20. Apparently Denise was not a ‘French’ enough name for my school friends so the re named me “Fifi” it
    stuck all the way through to today even, I have friends kids that call me Auntie Fifi and when someone calls me Denise in their presents they look
    at me confused. I tell them my name is Denise and they get mad and say no its Auntie Fifi!!

  21. KJ, Kirst, Krystal, Coz, Chirps

  22. i don’t really have any nicknames, I guess you could say Meg is one. My kids are Booga, Mister, and Pumpkin, or Dumplin’, or Silly Billy.

  23. I have a few…Bear, Jenny-B, B, Fer Fer, Ferry (pronounced Furry), and Hibby.

  24. My nickname now is dot (my husband’s is Jot, so we’re jot and dot), and when I was little, I was called d.t. by my grandfather and both doodlebug and sunshine by my dad. I love how endearing nicknames are!

  25. I’m expecting the birth of my first baby in the next couple weeks. My last name is Rock, so in the early months of pregnancy, family and friends affectionately referred to our babe as Pebbles. In finding out our little one was a boy, the nick name transitioned to Bam Bam. We are anxiously awaiting Bam Bam’s arrival, and this nesting mama-to-be would love to spruce up my walls with one of these lovely paintings!

  26. My dad has always called me Booger. Gotta love him for it.

  27. Smashly–from high school tennis. Love the prints!

  28. Martha Carter says:

    LM – little marth. My dad came up with it because I was named after my grandma, so he called me LM when I was a little girl, and still does.

  29. My high school friends call me Spanky…it sounds so bad but I promise it’s not! It’s started from Spankin which rhymes with my name, Rankin, and it evolved from there! How unfortunate, right?!

  30. MAC; MAC Attack; MAC Daddy or Malice.

  31. My name is Diana – but many people have inadvertently typed my name as “Duaba” because their fingers were missplaced on the keyboard. I’ve even done it myself! So my nickname is Duaba and I like it ! It’s catchy in an ethnic sort of way!

  32. My nicknames are Ninsey (my younger brother couldn’t say my name when he was little) and Itchkey.

  33. Nicknames: Em or Emmy

  34. Clare’s work is amazing. The “Cabana” is my absolute favourite. My nickname: Rickle the Pickle (In middle school, I always had “cold lunch” and I’d trade my fruit snacks for a pickle from someone who had “hot lunch.”) and Ricka Loca, cuz I guess people think I’m crazy. :)

  35. Bub-My husband calls me that. Has since our first date. He kids that he will have it engraved on my headstone.

  36. my nickname is natalie schmatali- my college friends started it and it stuck!

  37. My husband and I have the same nickname for each other, but it’s too silly to type! :-) Otherwise, one I’ve always liked is Miss (as in, a shortened version of my first name, not the title).

  38. love the sewn prints!!!! nickname was jenni.

  39. “Ali” I know, not very unique.

  40. My fiance calls me “little guy” and “lunchbox”
    My fam call me Miss J
    My nephew calls me Julia Gulia

  41. My husband loves to call me Erlene in public just because it drives me crazy.

  42. My older brother thought it was hilarious to call me “Olive” (as in Popeye’s girlfriend Olive Oil) because I was tall, lanky and had dark hair and huge feet. I’ve learned to love the nickname, but it completely mortified me as a teenager!

  43. I’m Jessica B., so it’s Jezby or Jez-B. Not very original, but it’s what my parents called me as a baby.

  44. My oldest son’s nickname is Turtle. When he started playing flag football he was a fast runner. But when my husband would yell “You’re a turtle” (with love) he would run faster. Anytime someone wanted to challenge him, they would call him Turtle and he’d push harder. It has stuck for the last 7 years :)

    My middle son’s nickname is Squirrel. He used to hide his little toys all over the house, under pillows, between cushions so his brothers wouldn’t take them. But then he wouldn’t remember where he hid them.

    My youngest is Stinky. To know my youngest, you would know why we call him that. Such a little bugger, that kid. Heart of gold though :)

  45. What a GREAT giveaway! Y’all are so generous. My newest and most favorite nickname is “Cake.” My friends’ small children can’t say, “Kate” so it come out as cake, and I love it because, hey, who doesn’t love Cake?!

  46. Em or Emma-Jean

  47. These sewn prints are gorgeous!!

    And my nickname with my husband is ‘cake’. We watched some reality show where this guy called his girlfriend ‘cake’ and it was SO annoying! So we made fun of it by calling each other ‘cake’- just to be funny- and now it has stuck! Ahh, we are the annoying people now! ha!

  48. Katie Sharp says:

    My grandmother sometimes called me “Katie-marita” (my name is katie marie) and we call our son Padraig “Paddy-boy”, and my extended family calls him “Paddy-wag” which my husband hates :)

  49. My sister and I have a thing going…she Lassey and I’m Bassey…one day she said you’re such a big ass I’m just going to call you Bassey, and I said well you’re a little ass…hence Lassey…we call each other lass and bass all the time and most people are like huh?? You had to be there I guess…It’s a sister thing:)

  50. Always been called Lollygoggin and variations that have since spun off include Lolly, Lolls, Goggin, Goggs etc. Uncertain of the exact origin other than that I might have moved slowly as a child :-)

  51. Anything that rhymed with abby such as scabby abby, flabby abby, crabby abby (when I was young). Now it is just Abs.

  52. So pretty! My childhood nickname is Ribs…which my mother still calls me occasionalty!

  53. oh my gosh great giveaways, I just can’t believe it! My nickname is “brynie babes” – so embarrassing but something my mom has always called me and now my husband does too.

  54. My childhood nicknames were Kitty Kat, Kitty Kathy, Katerina, Kit Kat. (Those pieces of art ar gorgeous. She is very talented!)

  55. kara and george hebert says:

    This is great! I have so many this could be lengthy…lol…let’s start from early high school. Well, my maiden name is Miller, so naturally the boys liked to call me, “Miller Time” (bc of the beer). Also, I always had older boyfriends. When I was a freshman I had a boyfriend who was a senior (gasp! my father hated this!) and his friends called me, “Keesha Gerberface” because they said I looked like the Gerber baby and bc they liked to reference how young I was. HA, HAAAAA. Then the nickname switched to “The Thrilla in the Manilla.” And this one is too bizarre to comment on. There is no hidden meaning there, girls. Now, to my high school friends, I’m just plain ole’ “Miller.”
    The kids – Trip is often called “Jack Tripper”, and not for any particular reason. George just likes to say it. The best one for him is “Pip” because MScott can’t say the -Tr- sound yet. Our stoney surfer neighbor calls him “Trippy Boy.” Go figure.
    Mary Scott is called “MScott” by yours truly, and when Trip was little he used to pronounce it “Murry Scott.” ;)
    Jack, the rescued 4 legged species, is called “Honey Bunny” by George. This overgrown infant is totally babied by his Daddy!

  56. Are you ready . . . Toogiemonique (pronounced Too-gee-mon-uh-que). My older brother’s friends named me that when I was about 6. Crazy, I know. My son: J-Wood (his name is Jett Haywood), J-Money, J-Bones, Jett Bo.

  57. LT (me), Number #1/Matty Boy (oldest son), Peanut Butter/Danny Boy (youngest son)!

  58. My nickname is Dirty from Dirty Diana (of MJ fame). The song was even played during the garter toss at my wedding.

  59. cho chica lady sissy

  60. so much fun! thanks for the giveaways erika! thanks tastes orangey! love her paintings. nicknames from childhood are pumpkinhead, penelope and princess. husband calls me bump (i’m petite and one day when we were dating i was complaining about an abnormal bump on my body and he said “you ARE a bump”.) it stuck….

  61. Mine is Sammy. I have naturally curly hair (Sammy Hagar). When I was younger I didn’t like it but now at 40 I think it’s sort of fun.

  62. LOVE!!!

    One of my funnier nicknames is “Lowly” because some friends think I look like Lowly Worm from the Richard Scarry books – not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult?!

  63. “Darby” was my nickname in high school {originates from my maiden name, Darden} and “Steen” or “Steener” is what almost everyone calls me now. Husband calls me “queenie.” It was a joke that stuck.

  64. My very first boyfriend at the ripe ole age of 3 named me Katie Pooh, and I obviously returned the affection by naming him Joshy Washy. Not sure if his stuck, but mine definitely did.

  65. My dad in his heartwarming Southern accent has called me “Dumpling” all my life, and to all the kids of my dear friends I am “Jen Jen”

  66. Nance or Nan – ever so creative!

  67. My nickname is “Sas”

    I hope I win one of the pieces…LOVE THEM!


  68. I was a rather plump baby so I was often called Little Buddha.

  69. Lovely art!

    Strangely, my husband and I have the same nickname: Bess. It originated in Auburn, but we don’t quite know how we wound up both being Bess.

    In high school I was “Tays” or “T.”

  70. elena bottero says:

    Ginger! It’s how my boyfriend calls me! And i love it! (and him!)
    Beautiful paints, really!

  71. Leenie, Lilly, Lilly White, Miss White, Loyd, Punky… so many… Love these paintings!

  72. Nicole Howell says:

    My nickname is Tricky…I guess from Tricky Nicky since my name is Nicole. My oldest son is Charlie Bear or just Bear and we call my younger son Monkey.

  73. In college it was Becky D b/c one of my other sorority sisters had the exact same first and middle name (she went by Becky G). The name followed me to my first job (unbeknownst to my sorority sisters – totally a coincidence). Now it’s not very applicable since I’m married and have a different last name.

  74. My husband calls me “Princess” and my friends call me “Wenz”. My older daughter is called “Smarty E” and my younger daughter is called “Lil T”.

  75. my maiden name was Alberts so in college days I was “DA” (first name is Donna) but today I don’t really have any nicknames other than “nonna donna” and that’s reserved for my grandchild :)

  76. eliotgrace says:

    My nickname when I was younger: “gaye-gaye” and “shell”. My husband calls me “g”.

  77. My nicknames are Big Mando, Mandster, Mandibula, and Mands!

  78. My sweet nephew couldn’t say the letter L for months. During that time, he called me Aunt Sexie (instead of Lexie) and it’s stuck with my family! I will be sure to remind him of this when he’s a teenager:)

  79. My mom calls me Noley- not sure why? My children have a whole slew of nicknames- Zella (ZZ, Zbooty, booty girl, Z-beana, ziza, zellie) Moses (Mosie, Mosie Man-Man, Man, Mo, Mo Man…you get the idea)

  80. Her work is beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I was called “AngiePants” growing up and I call my daughter “LilaBean”

  81. I call both of my boys “Bubba,” but one I sometimes call “Moose.” My boys are twins, and when born a month early, one was 6 lbs., the other 6 lbs., 12 oz. My OB/GYN was shocked. He declared “WHAT A MOOSE!” And there ya go!

  82. Such gorgeous work–going to check it out now. Hmmmm…my maiden name was Alberts so in college days I was “DA” (first name is Donna) but today I don’t really have any nicknames other than “nonna donna” and that’s reserved for my grandchild :)

  83. With a name like Mai-Brit I have kind of heard it all but my family calls me Brit – so growing up I was Britty-bee. To this day that is what my dad calls me.

  84. I hope that this is not a duplicate comment – it seems I tried to post and it didn’t work! I call both of my twin boys “BUBBA,” for some reason. But when they were born one month early, one of them was 6 lbs. 12 oz. and my OB/GYN declared “What a moose!” So, he is moose.

  85. My daughter is Baboo taken from Charlie Brown.

  86. Love these…they are so different.
    So sad that I missed seeing you and everyone last weekend at the Chi O tailgate. I hope to make it next year!
    Nicknames: Jesser, Jesse, Jesse James, Shula, Put, Put Put…the list goes on!

  87. I love her work! Thanks for the giveaway.
    I was called Angiepants and I call my youngest daughter LilaBean and my oldest Pumpkinbutt (guess that is not the most appropriate nickname)…

  88. “kat” of course.
    and p.s….has there ever been a better giveaway?

  89. I love her work!

    My nickname (from my Dad): “Nookers” or “Little Sugar”
    My kids nickname: Wyatt is “Scoot Toot” and Dixon is “Bubba”

    I have no idea where any of them came from! Great giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

    Jennifer :)

  90. Jennifer L says:

    Oh what nickname haven’t I had…my mom calls me jennybabe, in 3rd grade a boy called me jenny-fir-tree all year long and in college my friends called me j-yo. Now that my last name starts with a “L” my co-workers have fondly been calling me j-lo. And just so the love is shared, I call my sister little one.

  91. These are beautiful!

    KASH – A combination of my first and last name (friends)
    Buddy (dad)
    Frog (Grandaddy)

    Thanks for the opportunity

  92. I once had a boss that called me “The Linds”. Luckily, that did not stick.

  93. Kedy b/c my sister’s when they were little couldn’t say Kelly. And Kelly Belly.

  94. i am the youngest of four– they are 12, 10 and 8 years older than me. my second brother is famous for his nicknames and mine was Ooney Jo Rodriguez. There’s really no explanation, but everyone called me that for years.

  95. Momma Lizzie because I was the responsible one in high school. Also, love her paintings & prints…I have otis.

  96. my nickname on my mom’s side of the family, to this day, is brutus ann. i have had it since the age of 3 or 4. my middle name is ann, but the brutus comes from ‘popeye’. let’s just say, i wasn’t the nicest little in the family. ;)

  97. Jenny Strange says:

    My husband calls me “Vitamin J” and my family calls me “nenny”.

  98. “Dra”…the second half of my name. : )

  99. I love these paintings! My Nicknames have been Dumbo (my ears stick out) ostrich (I have a long neck) and Sunshine cause I’m always smiling. But my kids are better, Monkey biz and Chlo-Chlo.

  100. Linzer!!

  101. Kat, Kitty and Kato (pronounced Cat-o…the Kato Kaelin days were rough)

  102. I’ve had Clare’s Etsy site bookmarked forever! My childhood nickname was “Bean,” from my dad.

  103. Monstro and Gavo (my son Gavin)
    G2 (my son Gregory II)
    Bay (my husband Greg)
    My Little Doll (something my maw-maw called me in her cajun accent)

  104. Me: Sher Bear, Sherry Berry, Sher

    Kids: Rah Rah, Dew-man, Anna Banana, sweet pea, sugar plum fairy, angel baby, my boy, boo boo, and big mick.

  105. My nicknames are: Manda-Panda, Manders, Da-Da – all plays off of Amanda. My rush name was “Amanda What the Faulk” and I have been getting called that since my freshman year by pretty much everyone who hears the story.

  106. CoMo- It’s the first two letters of my first name and the first two letters of my maiden name.

  107. These are beautiful! My nickname growing up, given to me by my older sister, was Madame Director. You can say I was a bit bossy in my younger years! Thankfully I have chilled out a bit!

  108. “Buck” … given to me by a friend years ago b/c of my BIG teeth! Thank goodness no one calls me that anymore!

  109. amer, amer-j, mom, ma, mommy, babe, punkin, hey you.

  110. “Monster” due to my clever antics in my early twenties. I have since nicknamed by chocolate lab puppy my “brown monster”.

  111. I was “Jo” in my youth.. as in GI Joe due to our imaginary play.. now it’s just a play on my name “Stephie Lynn”.. I love Clare’s art!

  112. can’t beleive I am posting this…but the pics are too CUTE!!

    its “MAMA” and yes I am under 30…it came in college and has stuck forever. I guess I was a bit helpful or bossy… depends on how you see it! ;) Was great when being introduced to new guys let me tell you… haha

  113. “Mellow.” Love these works!

  114. My family calls me “Shirley Verbena.” Shirley is because I loved the TV show Laverne and Shirley as a very young child (I called it “Valerne and Shirley”), and I haven’t ever received a clear answer about where the “Verbena” came from, though I think it was a character from Little House on the Prairie.

  115. amanda calton says:

    My poor, first-born son, Maxwell, has been Maxi-noodle since he was born. He’s ten now and his cousins and my husband and I still call him “Noodle” all the time. His closest cousin and school mate even shortens it to “Noodie”.

    We fear this can’t be a positive nickname for a young boy becoming a tween. There really is little redeeming about it save that I LOVE it!

  116. My niece called me “tee-tee” for a long time. I love her enough to embrace any name she gave me.

  117. Not sure how it started but my dad always called me “cool breeze”

  118. My brother calls me “toots” (short for tootsie) and my Dad always called me “Wizbang” and “Bird-bod.”

  119. My husband started calling me Goose when we first started dating. I have questioned him many times about why he first started calling me this, but he has assured me that there is no significance to this name. We have been married for 6 years now and the name has stuck.

  120. Mine: Nee Nee, which I HATE. If you call me this, I will glare at you accordingly.
    Henry: Henry Bug, Bug, Bugga
    Claire: Claire Bear, Claire Bella, Claribel
    Gillian: Gilly Bean, Bean, Gigi, G
    Fun post. Can’t wait to check out Clare’s Etsy shop.

  121. Our son’s name is Burns and his nickname is “Burns the worm”–or wormey. Strange, yes..but said in love.

  122. UKjuliej is what my friends call me when I’m in a party mood. I went to University of Kentucky and still love the CATS so it’s stuck beyond my college years and even beyond my last name not ending in a J anymore.

  123. me-Trisha-T-Star, daughter-Ingrid-IngeePingee, son-Charlie-CharChar Stinks..the prints are delightful

  124. My primary nickname is VA (the abbreviation for the state of Virginia). I also get Virg a lot and Bugg, that’s my maiden name. My husband has a thousand nicknames for me but there are too many to list and require way too much explanation. I really want these paintings!! Can you guys make the giveaway week an annual event?? Or bi-annual? Thanks!!

  125. Mine has always been Brooklyn…. weird since nicknames are often a shortened version of one’s name!

  126. Bubba is what my husband and everybody calls me
    Definitely not the sexiest nickname but, it works for me :-)
    LOVE the prints – what a talent she is!

  127. my husband gave me my first nickname when we were dating “tara byte.” he’s a computer guy and liked the play on words (terabyte). love these paintings! especially pup in the grass. It looks like my dog Grace (her nickname is the critter) when she was a puppy.

  128. Boo, Noodle, Peanut, Missy

  129. Growing up my older brothers & friends always called me LuLu…if I win I can explain how I got the nickname. Love these!!

  130. Kat Rosenbaum says:

    Mine is Kat, Katsnap, and Kappy. My daughter’s is pookie or pookalicious. She is 2.5 yrs.

  131. My nickname is BJ, my intials. I’m only called this by my brothers. They’re twins also, a year and nine months older than me. Others have called me Burgerly.

  132. spazz but i just asked my husband and he said hot mama haha!

  133. Ooh, nice giveaway, will definitely check out her art. My nickname is “Tina”, coined my my husband’s family and has now spread. It really confuses people as it’s a “real” name, but not my name at all.

  134. My husband calls me “Slick” because he thinks I’m always trying to get away with something :)

  135. Allison H. says:

    Ali, Allisony, and Skee-Lo…I wish I was little bit taller, I wish I was a baller

  136. Anne-Marie says:

    AMOB (my initials), DJ AM and sometimes just DJ (copied from the disc jockey and then AM are the initials of my first name), and any sort of reference to being short – munchkin, mini-me. I’ve got lots of nicknames. Comes from being the baby of the family:)

  137. My nickname is “birdie” because according to my mother I ate like a bird when I was a child.

  138. I’m Emily, so i get lots of ‘ems’ from friends and fam. My husband calls me ‘babydoll’, a little cheesy, but it is what it is. :)
    I was called Louisiana in college…

  139. Chels (obvious), Harry (I played soccer in high school, there were two Chelsea’s on the team and my last name was Harris. This was unfortunate.) My kids: Reese: aka Reesie Bear, Ressie Bird, Little Bird, Reesie piecie, stinky bear, boo-boo
    Ella: aka El, Ella Bell, Ella bee, Ella bean, tiny, stink-a-potamus, pookie

  140. Awesome giveaway!

    This redhead has always been “Red”. Even strangers somehow know my nickname? ;)

  141. FUN! Pookie, Turkey Butt & Sunshine :)

  142. Kendall C. says:

    My nicknames were Ket(my intials in high school and what my high school friends still call me), Goo Goo(my uncle’s name for me), and Scooter(what my family calls me).

  143. We called my niece Goo or GooGoo when she was a baby. No idea why. My sister called me Cakey before she could talk very well. And probably most often I’m just Kate. Oh, and my college girlfriends call me Trina. I love those girls.

  144. Jungle Jan – from University days

  145. My nickname is “Pokey”…not sure why, but my Daddy has called me that ever since I can remember and I love when he does :) And we all call my daughter Sofia “Beanie” but she prefers “Sofinator”

  146. Wow, I am Sully, Shae, Shane, Clyde…names are fun, I call my girl, Fred, Fredericka, Toots!!!

  147. My grandpa called me Brooker, and my Dad always called me Brooker T (for reasons he still can’t explain) Most of my life Dad just called me T. The girls are Bix (Beatrix) and Fi (Fiona). I think all other nicknames I have for them overlap and are interchangeable with each other.

  148. Britt Merritt says:

    Boney — Never had much meat on me as a child

  149. my nickname is nemmies. i know it’s weird, but it has evolved from my emma, to nemma, to nemily, to nemmies. my sister and husband always call me nemmies and i always answer, even when people give us weird looks!

  150. I’ve had lots of nicknames, for some reason they just seem to stick. When I was in middle school my nickname was Wil-Bob. This is because James, the kid who sat in front of my in sixth grade was being really annoying, so to capture his attention I said “SHUT UP, JIM-BOB!” for some reason, his never stuck, but to this day people I knew from that class still call me Wil-Bob.

  151. Mad Dog came from a boss I had and was derived from my maiden name initials. I still haven’t shaken it. :-)

  152. Tootsie – my parents always referred to me as this as a child. No clue why. Mo/Big Mo – I find that men especially like to call me by this instead of Maureen :)

  153. My husband calls me babeldabe. I guess just a really long way to say babe.

  154. In highschool mine was Bunion because my stepbrother told a bunch of kids that I had a bunion told them it was a fungas growing on my foot. Everyone would scream Bunion when I got up to bat playing softball.. eek

    Now it’s the Favoritest!! we (us siblings) have a favoritest rating. I am the oldest this the nickname the favoritest. My stepbrother is the least favoritest and younger brother is the unfavoriest..

  155. I love “Wrapped” – what great art for a bedroom! I don’t really have any nicknames these days but Brookie and Schnookie were big when I was younger.

  156. My husband calls me punkin, cakes, and my family calls me rakey snakes :) not really sure why

  157. my daughters nicknames are plentiful- favorites are “the bear” and Lface.

  158. “Boo” from the metal owl in the original Clash of the Titans.. i dunno, my dad loved it. It was a lot cooler before people started using the term “my boo”.

  159. Mine…Ali, Pooh, Al
    Son…Coley-Poley, Boo
    Daughter…Lauren B, Laurie-Baurie, Miss P

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  160. Pumpkin

    …born in October? I dunno…

  161. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous.
    Nicknames…I was Kay Kay (family only). My kids are Munchie and Finny.

  162. Murf, my friends in highschool called me this. A sound a-like to my first, middle, last names.
    Tank, when I was a baby I crawled over anything and everything.

  163. Kimberly P. says:

    kim, kimmy, kimbo.

  164. Oh my goodness, I am SMITTEN by her work. Absolutely love it. I need something of hers!

    My dad always called me Punky, and still does. No idea why, but I still love it.

  165. My nickname is Becky Taylor. I used the want to be a News Anchor so my Dad would interview me on our home video on family vacations or where we might be. For some reason I thought everyone changed their name so I just pulled Becky Taylor out of my hat one day and it stuck with the family…then my husband found out!

  166. My dad calls me Spud and my little sister Spudlet (we’re 26 and 22). I think he’ll give us away at the altar as those…

  167. my dad calls me ‘pumpkin’. i don’t know why, but i love it every time i hear him call me that.

  168. Kahuna. I was a large baby!

  169. Those prints are beautiful! My dad always calls me James(in fact, that is his name), i love it!

  170. My nickname is Rita. I need that puppy dog!!

  171. My dad called me Doop. I have had these prints on my wishlist forever.

  172. oh gosh, what beautiful prints!

    My nicknames are: Spanky (my Dad called me this when I was a little girl!), Al, and Beege.

  173. gorgeous paintings!

    my childhood nickname was “killer bee,” given by my dad.
    now it’s just “bee.”

    i call both my girls “puppy” or “pup” because they both looked like little newborn puppies when they were born!

  174. I often go by “Bob,” shortened from “Nellie Bob.” Love this art!!

  175. Kristin Smith says:

    “Hoochie Heffy” because my maiden name is “Heffner” and my girlfriends are silly, not because I was a hoochie. Com’n I should win for having to grow up being affiliated with Hugh Hefner. :)

  176. My husband thinks it funny take the “mo” in Morgan and create nicknames like, “mobot” “motown” or “mona” for me. We don’t have any kids yet, but our dog, Shiner’s, nickname is “Shiny D” (our lastname starts with a D). Love the prints!!

  177. My nickname is “nonnie”, from my younger brother who was trying to call me honey. My 4 year old daughter’s nickname is “boogs” – I started calling her that when she had her first cold.

  178. “Brandina Roe Weena” from my Mom and “Grace” from my Dad because of my not so graceful moments. My husband has always called me “Boog” and sometimes my children do too.

  179. These are great looking!!

    Being a Mary Frances – I get LOTS of nicknames because no one actually wants to use the whole thing…

    Mary Fran, Man Fran, Stumpy, Marf, Maf

    …to name a few.

  180. We call our 18 month old Noodles!

  181. Alexa Snelleman says:

    Dad called me Fra foo – as in “little bunny foo foo” song. He has a thick middle eastern accent so the first half came out “fra.”
    Friends call me Beave.
    Hubs calls me Baabee.

  182. My children’s nicknames are CADElicious and LUKEy-buggy.

  183. Ashley Pera says:

    “Smashley”- my nickname from college because I liked to have a good time! Still do..but as a preschool/sunday school teacher with two littles, I had to tone it down.
    Love your blog “Brook-Help Wad- EZE- Skeeter”!
    Ashley from Memphis

  184. Tallulah!

  185. Emmy Lou!

  186. My Dad used to call me Aimee Doodle and sing to me to the tune of “Yankee Doodle Dandie” At the time I thought he was teasing me and HATED it. But now I’d love it if he’d sing me one more verse! Love the prints. Hope I win one!

  187. My only nickname is “Nugbut”, my son is “butterbean”, and my daughter is “bubba girl”

  188. Worm–my Dad’s nickname for me since I was a baby (apparently I was very squirmy). Wiggle–my husband’s nickname for me (who did NOT know my nickname from my dad when he christened me this…apparently I still don’t sit still very well)

  189. “Haydie”, “HP”, “Haydie-boo”, or “Sida” (or Sida-lee)….not too different from my real name…”haydie” because I am named after my wonderful grandfather that is still alive—he’s Hayden, I’m Haydie. “Haydie-boo” because my older cousin is Colley, a.k.a “colley-bug” and apparently it made sense for me to be “haydie-boo”…not sure I understand that logic, but it stuck. “HP”…just because those are my initials. My parents both have the initials “TP” and all their friends call them that…when my sister and I came around, we got called my our initials as well. “Sida” because my mom and her 3 best friends call themselves the yayas, and, as the oldest child of them all I was naturally named Sida-Lee. :)
    I’ve never commented, but LOVE your blog!

  190. My mom & grandparents call me “Sis” & my husband and I call each other “Boogs”. Growing up many people called me “Tay-Tay”. I glad it’s stopped now because I hated that nickname. Ha!

  191. Macaroni or Bony Macaroni! I am not called that anymore ahem!

  192. Sis, Sister, Elizabeth (emphasis on BETH)

  193. I don’t have a lot of nicknames, and the one most call me is just “Kel”.

  194. Dinah Rankin says:

    My nicknames are Lulu{this came from my middle name Lee} and Dino{as in the dinosaur!}

  195. Cotton Top- My grandfather named me that because of my blonde hair :)

  196. I have a few with odd stories behind them but I’ll spare you! Most common are Jess, fluffy and mimi.

  197. I’m Lolly to my nieces and nephews, Punty to my husband, and we call our toddler Peepie (from peekaboo when he was a baby “Where’s Baylor?….Peepie!”).

    Beautiful artwork, so different!

  198. Our 4 month-old son’s name is McCord, and that just seems like such a grown up name for a little guy, so we call him “Monkey.” With intonation, there are so many different messages and moods you can convey with that one word – Monkey. He’ll probably answer to his nickname before he knows his real name :)

  199. I love these! I need one! I have LOTS of nicknames. For starters, my name is a nickname – Cissy from Cecily. I’m also known as Ciss, Sister, CJ, Peanut, Ole Addy, Cista, CC, C-Train.

  200. My child’s nickname is “bethie” – even though her name is not beth! Her name is Aubrey Elizabeth, which gets shortned to Aubrey Beth, which then ends up at “bethie.” We are just a little crazy :) And we need one of those prints!

  201. “Mess” — my roommate from freshman year college called me that for the obvious reasons and it has stuck.

  202. What a fun way to enter a giveaway! Ok my nicknames are Aris (friends and family), Ari (friends), Nanis (cousin), Sir (said in an english accent by my sister), Baby Cakes (my husband)

  203. Love that stitched art!

  204. Rianator – like Terminator. My boyfriend started calling me this years ago because he says I have very strong hands.

  205. Wow! I love these, especially “Undress”. My Daddy’s nickname for me is Steamboat Annie, or just Steamboat, or just Annie. It’s from a song I think? My husband usually just calls me Love.

  206. Tippers…TBone…pom pom…
    AND my dog’s nicknames (Lola)…Belly…the Belly…Stinkerbelle…stinkerbean…beano
    AND my kitty (Kippy)…eeps…Mr. Skippers…peeps…ippy

  207. Whoops. Nickname “Ree Ree” -my little sister could not pronounce my looong first name!

  208. Kat, Kattie, Mattie, etc. : )

  209. These are beautiful. I love them! My nickname was Miss M&M

  210. I am so in love with “Wrapped” and her work is gorgeous!
    Mine is “Fitta” from a family friend’s youngest son who couldn’t pronounce “Melissa” when he was first talking and called me “Fitta.” My kids are “Peanut” (because she was such a tiny peanut when born and is now, ironically, allergic to peanuts!) and “Doodlebug” or “Bug” because he is constantly on the move like bug. Hubs is Nicky-poo. ;)

  211. My dad called me “toots” – but related to my name I get “Liv”, “Livvy” and “O”. Love her paintings!

  212. anna banana, bandana, baby cakes

  213. Hoovkat because my last name is Hoover and I love cats! K to make it a little different. I am an animal lover and just got a Black Lab which is why I would LOVE “Pup in the Grass”! Looks like my Sydney.

  214. Katie-Bug. :) And then I was called Piglet in school b/c I resembled the shy & soft spoken Pooh character.

  215. My daughter’s name is Chappell. She is lovingly called: The Chapster, Chappellina, Cha-Cha, Chapstick and Chappy. She now thinks her real name is Chappy, and calls herself: Happy Chappy.

  216. Marv- I had the Dorthy Hammil cut and I looked like a boy. My older brothers were so sweet to change the last letter in my name to a v and call me Marv.

  217. ‘Rach” is what close friends always call me

  218. “Teenie Weenie” is my unfortunate nickname. My husband called me this when his friends dropped him off on our front door the night of his bachelor party over 14 years ago and it is still with me. Needless to say, the shortened version of my name, Tina, would have been a lot better. However, drunken male bonding induces a lot of things that people would rather not remember, my nickname being one of them.

  219. Stu, Catie-cate, KK

  220. BooBoo would be mine!

  221. We call our little one “Hollywood” it came from her name Holley Ann, and she loves her makeup and to play dress up:)

  222. My daughters are “Bug” (for cute as a bug’s ear, from her Grampa) and “boo-boo” (because she was her big sister’s sidekick, like Yogi and boo-boo)! Cute, right?

  223. I can NOT believe I am posting this… but my nickname as child was “butter” it was given to me by my now brother-in-law. He called me butter one night at dinner because he said my teeth looked like butter. It has now been shortened to “but” by my nephews..

  224. hum…i’ve been called britt for “brittanica encyclopedia”…terrible, i know. gotta love brothers’ creativity.

  225. I am Lizzie to anyone that has known me since childhood and lots of friends call me Lizard. Lizard transcends elementary, middle school, HS, college, grad school and adulthood even without overlapping friends. Someone always starts calling me that, kind of weird! My dad calls me Lizzie-tizzle-fritz (no clue why, my dad is just silly!). What beautiful art! Clare is very talented. I think I will be buying a few whether I win or not!

  226. My nickname is Duck since my sister could never say my name. My daughter Reese is LuLu because it just fits.

  227. Mine was (and still is) Miss P.

  228. Nicknames are so funny! Mine growing up was Cindy Lou (as in Cindy Lou Who–when I was a child, I had a similar nightgown to Cindy Lou and my Dad thought I looked so much like her in it that he called me that and it caught on). The name later morphed into Corey Lou then just plain Corey. So, while my name is Karrie, my family often calls me Corey. I have to admit I like it better than the name my sister Natasha (Tasha, Tash) got stuck with…”Fred”. We tried several nicknames for my brother but they never stuck so we became “Corey”, Eric and “Fred”. And no, we are not tomboys in the slightest.

    Nicknames from friends are “Karrie Berry”, “KB” (my first and middle initials) and now I’m K-Dub (my first and last name initials).

  229. LOVE these! So pretty! Hum, Meg lends itself to a lot… Megabucks (my favorite, given by my grandfather when I was like 4 or 5), Megster, Meggie, Babylou, Sweets, Sass (another personal fave given to me by my husband when we were dating). LOVE these fun giveaways Erika!

  230. mine from my hubs is sweet pea and my daughter’s is little bit

    i love the print -pup in the grass, her work is amazing!

  231. My mom has called me Belle since birth. I’m not sure why she didn’t just name me that! :)

    (I tried submitting this earlier and didn’t see it so apologies if I posted twice!)

  232. 5 winners?!?! Yay! My nicknames, Mer or Dith. I call my oldest Lu Lu (no idea why because her name is Ava) and my youngest El or Bella (her name is Ella).

  233. Meg Burgess says:

    My childhood nickname was ‘Meggle The Pog’, ‘Pog’ or ‘Poggle’ for short. My daughter, Amelia’s nickname is ‘Millie-Moo’ or just ‘Moo’ and sometimes ‘Moodle’. I LOVE these prints!

  234. Deb Holstein says:

    Old nickname that never stuck. Matilda…originated from my family watching me while when little dance to the 45 of Waltzing Matilda.

  235. My nickname is Hollyhock!

  236. With a name that rhymes with “booty” I have over the years, and especially during middle school, been given many, many nicknames that I’m too much of a lady to share. The tamer names include TrudiFruity, Trudster, Tick, or my favorite, Trudilicious.

  237. Sarah Rogers says:

    Ugh – Luggie. Not to be mistaken for Loogie. My sister called me that when I was a baby and it stuck! {unfortunately}

  238. I’ve always gone by Mackie but my real name is Maxine (after my grandma) and i think Mackie is just really easy to make nicknames out of. Mackie Doodlebug turned into doodlebug or doodle or just bug or buggy doo. Even my college roomate called me doodle. Theres also been Max, Maxter, Macademia (my dad), etc etc. But my husband just calls me petunia :)

  239. My nickname was JV which were my initials before I got married. P.S. The art is lovely!

  240. My name is Leah…but I’m often called…Lee, Leah-peah, weebs, and sissy. Most of those are nicknames from my husband, one of which he taught our God child and sissy is what my little sister called me growing up.

  241. Love that picture above your bed!! Issy is my nickname – as when I was little my brothers couldn’t say Melissa so Issy it was and it stuck.

  242. Memer or Baby. I have no idea why my mom called me Memer as a child. Baby is because I was the baby of the family. My dad still refers to me as Baby.

  243. “Dinger”, “Ding”, “Ding-Ding”, “Ding-Bat”, “Ding-Dong”….you get the picture. My last name is Almendinger…I have been “Dinger” since the fifth grade. In fact, there are many people who I went to high school with or worked with who didn’t actually know my first name….

  244. So cute! Mine are (in chronological order): Mudhole (my grandpa called me this because I was always playing dirt), Beanie (stems from my childhood aversion to beans), Sissy (my siblings), Caro (my gami), Clizzy (my high school friends-for some reason they made rap/ghetto names for us and this became mine), and now Aunt Sissy (my neice). I just got married and look at your blog for inspiration for our first home–one of these would look great on our wall :)

  245. Chelsea Payne says:

    I didn’t have many, but we call our two year old Bear or the Bear (we are huge Auburn fans and I don’t want anyone to get confused)!

  246. We call my son “Turkey.” The best part is when we’re out shopping and I call for him, he doesn’t respond to his real name, but if I yell for “Turkey,” he knows to come right now.

  247. my boss and a close friend of my boyfriend calls me ‘em.’ no one else. i even asked my boyfriend to call me that as a nickname between the two of us and he can’t do it. my dad and grandpa call me ‘emmylou,’ as in ‘emmylou harris.’

  248. Lindsey Hill says:


  249. I have several nicknames: Em, Em-Em, and the wizife (my husband)

  250. Dusa, short for Medusa, not-so-lovingly given to me by my older brother Douglas… because my hair looked so terrible in the morning.

    Brazilian blowout has helped with that, but the name has stuck for over a decade. :)

  251. i don’t think i have a nickname…or not one i will put on here :) i call my kids all kinds of things but the most endearing:
    sweeetie, mae mae (mary james), millsie (mills), & molly molly moo moo (molly obviously). this sounds really dumb when i’m typing it. but i looooveeee those paintings!

  252. my son’s name is kurt. we call him kurtie ann. don’t know why. my daughter is grace elizabeth. we call her grace ann or queenie

    the paintings are beautiful

  253. Either “Bailey Bones” or just “Bones” because, unlike Joan, when I was younger I was ANYTHING BUT boney haha :)

  254. My youngest daughter’s name is Draden — a family name. She’s 3, has blond hair, a sunny disposition and we call her…”Dr. Dre”…just because. My middle kid is Emeline — her nickname is “Ebby,” which is what Dr. Dre called her before she could pronounce Emeline. My oldest is Will — and I call him “Bug” — when he was itty bitty, because he was like a little bug and now because he’s always bugging his sisters! I wish I had a nickname myself…but nobody’s ever given me one!

  255. Rooster- it started after I got a really bad “pixie” hair cut in high school. When I would wake-up in the morning my hair would stick straight up. My sister dubbed me rooster, and it stuck!

  256. Kristoni Macaroni (from a family friend)

  257. My family and friends from my youth call me Heath, pronounced as if the ER is dropped from Heather and not like the candy bar! :)

    Growing up my dad’s nicknames for me were:
    Darling Precious Princess Puss
    The White Rat
    My darling daughter
    Calamity Jane

  258. All growing up, I went by Jojo. Now, it’s just Jo. And my husband calls me Josie.

  259. Amanda Thrasher says:

    Panda, Manda Panda, Mana

  260. These are beautiful! I especially love the dog one! We don’t have any kids yet, but our nicknames for our dog whose real name is Harvey is “Pepperoni Pizza Poodle” and our cat’s name is really Nola, but we call her “Chicken Bake Noodle.” Poodle and Noodle for short…so weird I know but it was really funny one time when my husband was on the phone and his friend asked why I was yelling for the Chicken Bake to get off the counter….

  261. “Rugrat” courtesy of my older brother and “Shern” courtesy of my husband

  262. Gracie. I wasn’t very graceful as a young kid (even though I like to think that I have developed drastically in that area) and so my family would tease me and call me Gracie for my lack there of.

  263. munchkin for my daughter.

  264. It was Ponytail! Guess why?!!

  265. “Rhon”, “R”, “Riswah”, “Ronde Barber”, “Rolondo McClain”, “LaBronda James” (“Rhon” and “R” are just shortened versions of my name that my friends use. “Riswah” is the sound that my maiden name initials, RSW, make…don’t ask, college days. And the sports related nicknames “Ronde Barber”, “Rolondo McClain” and “LaBronda James” are from my husband, who thinks he is HIL-ARIOUS.)

  266. Meredith Gibson says:

    “Babydith” when I was little because my cousin could not say “Meredith” and “Merda” in high school and college.

  267. My nickname growing up was “Ked” (like the white tennis shoes) because there were so many other girls with the name Kelly. Not sure exactly how Ked came along, but it stuck.

  268. Mine is Lynne Star and my kids are Looski, Spencie-Man and BooBoo

  269. My daughter’s nickname is Bean, which we started calling her when I was pregnant and she was literally the size of a bean. It stuck and now, at four, she’s called Bean at least as frequently as she’s called by her actual name (Ava). I also call her Goose from time to time because she’s so silly.

  270. Daughters’s nicknames are Rae Rae for Rachel and Ena for Kristina.

  271. EBoo
    I was always Katie Boo and then my baby sister shortened it to EBoo. As awful as it is, it stuck. I even located my parents at college graduation because I heard my dad yell my nickname. Awesome.

  272. love this giveaway!

    missy is my nickname to my family!

  273. ‘Bug’ (my name given to me by my dad & he still call me nothing else!). My son is Hayesie Bud (Hayes is his given name but everyone adds the bud and it is starting to stick….poor kid!).

  274. Given name is Elizabeth Brownrigg, Ebee is my nickname and the name I go by, taken from my namesake. Family calls me one of three things: BB, Beblet (like Piglet) and Ebb-a-lina-chili-bina.

  275. Tay, Tay Tay, Taylor Roo (thanks to my mimi) TLaugh, people rarely call me Taylor, there is just something about the name that makes people want to shorten it.

  276. My husband is a huge nicknamer. Here are two he has for me: Snow Wade (my middle name is Wade), LMICDB (Large Marge in Charge Driving Her Barge…I have NO idea where he comes up with this stuff….)

  277. Dionne Holt says:

    My significant other calls me “Professor” and I remember the first time he said it. It was because I had worn my glasses in front of him. I was so nervous and He looking at me for about 45 mins during our meeting and then he wrote on a napkin and he has called me that ever since. It’s weird to hear my real name come out of his mouth.
    I used to call my daughter “bananas” until she was five and then she pull me aside in her class and told me it was time to stop saying it around her friends…it was a sad day :( she’s 12 now

  278. My little sister has called me Kitty for nearly 15 years. i have no idea how it started…

  279. Lindsay C. says:

    Doo doo. My nickname is Doo Doo, and I brought it upon myself! My husband’s name is Glenn and he has 3 older sisters, so he has always been little Glennie Pooh. His nieces and nephews had a hard time saying ‘Lindsay’ as babies, so I told my husband how I called my Aunt Keri, “Aunt Doo Doo” because I couldn’t say Keri…who knows why I chose Doo Doo! So my husband got them to call me Aunt Doo Doo, so we are Pooh and Doo Doo to our nieces and newphews (and to his sisters) to this day. :) It’s a little embarassing in public, but they don’t even think about it!

  280. these are so gorgeous!
    my nicknames are: jojo, jojomac and binchy

  281. growing up family always called me Peanut given to me by my grandfather (not even sure he knew my real name :-) ) with a name like shannon of course the go to nickname is sha-nay-nay (i think that is how you spell it)

  282. Rames…which is a play on James. I hate that name so a friend added the R.

  283. Abigail Sherman says:

    My nickname, “Apple” was created by my niece who could not say “Abby” – my family has since adopted it!

  284. “Pernum” because my niece couldn’t say Perryn when she was little!

  285. We call my son, Peter, the “P-man.”

  286. Funky Cole Melina after Tone Loc’s infamous song, Funky Cold Medina. Logical since my maiden name is Cole. Now, everyone can thank me for putting that tune in your head.

  287. Haha! Ok, so the fact that I am writing this on a public forum shows that I love these paintings. Its embarrassing. My Dad called me Booger. I have no idea why…gross. I have twins boys and one’s name is Wait, so we call him alligator, waiter gator, and uncle alligator. The other one is George, and Wait calls him “Georgie” (I think this is because we currently live in New England and it is normal to add an “ie” or “y” to every name. The call me Becky even though I introduce myself as Rebecca :)

  288. Wow! What beautiful art! Thanks for introducing us to Clare’s work! Let’s nicknames are alli-cat, cupcake, and boo!

  289. My nickname is Wowie. It was my niece’s first word and she was looking at me. It stuck. In high school, my nickname was Jane. I really have no idea why.

  290. Lashlee Dorman says:

    Flash, Lash, Smash. And my NEW favorite… 18 month old niece (daughter of my sister, Molly Dorman Flynn) calls me SASS ( with the most adorable lisp!!!)

  291. Scratch.

    Horrible nickname given to me by my grandfather. The reason behind it is I used to scratch my booty when I was an infant :) I don’t believe I’ve ever heard him call me by my real name… just Scratch :)

  292. my teachers called me Magpie since i would talk alot, friends call me magsterpie or knox moss & my nieces & nephew call me Aunt Grits since my real name is Margaret…my parents nicknamed me Maggi.

  293. My nicknames are “K” and “Jamocha”. Don’t ask on that second one. :)

    My daughter Kendra’s nicknames are “kk”, “Rooberry”, and “Cheeks”. (She has great cheeks. :) )

    My daughter Bailey’s nicknames are Bee, Miss Bee, and Beezer-Eezer (or just Beezer).

  294. luckyjayne says:

    My dad started calling me Cheebutah when I was a chunky two year old. He still calls me that.

  295. My 2 year old daughter’s nickname is Pearlosaurus because she is OBSESSED with dinosaurs.

  296. Hogatha. Let’s just say I liked to eat.

  297. My dad has always called me “boom boom” and my step-father calls me “hef”

  298. The nickname given to me by my sister since she was little is “Tati”

  299. “Doodle”…. before Three Men & a Baby said “doodle” meant poop! My dad made it up, and he and my mom still use it… in writing and verbally. NO ONE outside me, the parents, and my brother know it!

  300. Dee (still go by this), Dee-Dee, and Dee-dee-pee-pee (my brother started this one when I was little) haha!

  301. My husband calls me Sniffles. I THINK he started calling me that because I have really bad allergies, but now whenever I look glum, he says, “Why are you so sniffley, Sniffles?”

  302. So many….Rainbow, Rain, Raines, Rainman (the list goes on and on and all are a variation of my maiden name :)) Love the prints by the way!

  303. one time i said the word cherry sort of country sounding and my friend started calling me cherry to kid me about it. now all our friends call me cherry, mary cherry and their kids call me “miss cherry”…. half the people don’t even know where it came from!

  304. My husband calls me Puppy. I don’t really know why or when this started, but it just kinda stuck.

  305. Sheera, Princess of Power! :) From the old school He-man cartoons

  306. shaver…which is my old last name. sad.

    love the prints! and we have the same sheets…that made my day!

  307. My nickname is LTL

  308. my little boy is named July Hutchings C. Since he was born we’ve been calling him Hutch and his older brother refers to him as my Hutchy.

  309. Michelle W. says:

    LOVE these paintings!
    During highschool my nickname was “ELK”…………………

  310. “Bren” our son, Brendan, “Laur Laur” our daughter, Lauren, and “Clairebear” our baby girl, Claire. My Dad always called me “Pumpkin”.

  311. My dad nicknamed me “Mayo” because I ate slow and he compare that to the way mayo comes out of the jar.

  312. My nickname as a child was Em or Emma Lou. :)

  313. My children’s nicknames are Huddie or Huds and C-Man or C-Money (I don’t know where that one came from since he is only 3) I want my nickname to be WINNER so pick me!!!!!

  314. I have several nicknames….many are embarassing….
    My mother has called me ‘Boo’ or ‘Boo Bear’ since I was a baby. My Grandmother calls me ‘Bessie Boo’. Then followed by ‘Besticles’-there is no story behind that but it wont go away. Oh how I wish it would! And last but not least ‘Merr’ for Bessimerr, AL. The artwork is amazing!

  315. My daughter’s nickname is BooBoo…and she is at the age where she now tells me not to call her that in public…she is eight!

  316. Mine was JP growing up … My husband is Travio Iglesias (Travis) which has been shortened to “Iglesias” … So, I guess that makes his name “Church”???. I have called him that forever.

    I call my oldest … Ham, my middle … Boo, and my youngest … Tater (b/c he miss-pronounces “Taylor”.

    These are beautiful (paintings not nicknames).

  317. Gracie is my nickname. When I was in about 8th grade, my mom came into my bedroom about 10:00 at night and I was (of course) on the telephone. She said, “Say goodnight, Gracie.” Not understanding the reference, I replied “Goodnight, Gracie” and kept talking. My family has called me Gracie ever since.

  318. Love your blog!

    Family nicknames:

    “punkin’” (for my daughter)
    “dubba” (for my husband)
    “bubba” (for the dog)

    And I have the most common nickname of all: “mama” (and I love it!)

  319. Boo Boo and Brantable. :) I love nicknames!

  320. Dawson, JJ, James, Tria :)

  321. mouse! it rhymes with my last name and i’m normally really quiet when people first meet me.

  322. Annieb…Bunz/Bunyon…Ist (Annieb…what I have always been called by my family) (Bunz/Bunyon..somehow came about at camp..and it even stuck on so much that some of the campers call me Bunz too!) ( sister and I have always called each other sister and slowly we have gotten more lazy and somehow ist started sticking on!)

  323. Our kids are called everything but there names it seems! Peanut, Ya-ya, sport-model, curly-sue…there are so many more!

  324. i call my kids tiger and bean. all 3 of them. don’t know why? ;)

  325. My dad calls me Shannie..

  326. My husband calls me “beets” because of an awkward moment that happened when we first started dating…also he and my nephews call me “shug” short for sugar pants.

  327. Little E, Rica, and for some reason…my Mom calls me Hannah. Said she’s always liked that name – apparently she likes it over my own! Love these prints :)

  328. Quesi, K-dog, KC in the Sunshine Band.

    Love the paintings!


  329. One of the things I miss about playing sports is the nicknames. Mine was Kee. My favorite nickname is my son’s which is Coco. Strage for a boy, yes, but the reason why is a great story and the name is perfect for him.

  330. Fathead. Awful, isn’t it? But it was for both myself and my friend Jenny because we each sat in front of the other in different classes in high school and said the other had a fat head. Unfortunately it stuck, but in college my nick name was Ditty. A marked improvement.

  331. Little Biscuit (my dad has always called me that).. Shanononononononon (a friend in high school started this one and even teachers started using it..humiliating)..and of course shanaynay (which i absolutely hate)

  332. Somehow Betsy morphed into “Bets” which morphed into “Boots”, which morphed into “Bootsie”. I get all versions from various friends :).

  333. My nicknames are Lynn (Lynett for short), flaca which means skinny in spanish and grillo which means cricket in spanish (don’t ask, but that’s what my father calls me?!)

  334. yay! A giveaway. I don’t have a nickname. But my daughter Ceara is Keeks, Keek-a-ma-jeeks and Hermione (my brother started calling her that as a joke when she was born and it stuck) and my other daughter Teagan is called Teegy, Teegs, el tigre and Farmer. (p.s. I love “wrapped” so much.)

  335. My brothers have called me “Munch” since I was little… no one knows how that started. My husband calls me “Oolia.”

  336. Care Bear, Chester, Half Pint, Small Fry.

  337. My nickname is “boo” that was given to me from my husband’s great uncle the first time I met him in 1999 as a college freshman. He past away the next year so everyone on my husband’s side calls me “boo” as a reminder of him. :) Also, my friend’s in HS and college called me “harbin” my former name because one of my best friends has the same first and middle name as me and we have been very close since we were 12.

  338. Emily Toast. My Dad coined it, and it’s based on my fondness for etiquette as a child combined with my unnaturally high metabolism (Get it? Emily Post + someone who is always warm = Emily Toast). He’s a clever one, that Dad. :)

  339. My nickname, as the third child and only girl, was WB. Whiney Butt…not flattering but now that I have my own child I guess I was just trying to be heard amongst the crowd:)

    These pieces are great–I hope i win! (especially for admitting such an unflattering (yet truthful) nickname)

  340. Modi

  341. Mine is Brewsty…because my maiden name was Brewer.

  342. Haven’t had a nickname since I was very young and was called Punkin’ by my dad….I had orangy red hair.

  343. Monique became ‘nique, which then became Nico. Sometimes Nico turned into Nico-lai-leh-lo-lai, which defeats the purpose of nicknames as it should be shorter than the original.

  344. My nicknames are “Peg” because I had knee surgery in high school and had to walk peg legged. “Rooskie” because when I was little my hair was very staticky…like a rooster.

  345. I don’t really have a nickname, maybe Meg. My kids are Booga, Mister, and either Pumpkin, Dumplin’, or Silly Billy.

  346. My nicknames are Annie and Ann (both short for Andrea). But the “special” ones given to me by my lovely brother and boyfriend run the gamut: Spandrea, Spanderella, Bonannie, Anchovie. Yikes.

  347. My nickname is “Reenie-Ro” hailing from my middle name, Renee.

  348. “mandingo” i have NO idea why. i friend called me that one day my freshman year in highschool and it stuck. it has now been shortened to just “dingo”

  349. It is and was “Looter” – and no, I wasn’t a thief. Just something my dad started calling me at age 3 and it stuck and even transformed into Loot and Lootie.

  350. Gorgeous artwork! I love the touch of sewing on these prints!

    The first nickname for our daughter – given in utero – was little bare. She’s named after her father. :)

  351. Liz McNeil says:

    I have a ton of names. Growing up I went by my middle name Keleigh, which of course NO ONE could pronounce correctly. Within my family I was called Kel or Kelly. Went to college and said no more of that name- I decided to go by my first name, Elizabeth. So I’m known as Liz, Kel, Kelly, Baby Bear, punkin, booba and Lizzy which I only allow my bff’s darling little girl to call me that.

  352. Zoid… becuase my dad says im from another planet… and leelee.

  353. My dad always called me ” Bubba” He had 2 girls and I call my little girl a made up name : Babulls (had a sound it out) I totally made the name up 3 yrs ago. I have no idea why I cal her that. It’s sounds out loud better than it reads!

  354. I never really had a nickname, but my mother would call me “Que Sera Sera” since my name is Sarah.

    I love the paintings, especially the “Undressed.” When I was little, taking your shirt off like that was called “skin a bunny.”

  355. Candace Horner says:

    My Daddy called me Can-Can, (miss you Pop!) my older bro called me “weazer” for middle name Louise, my hubbie calls me Biscayne (started as Cane for Candy Cane, morphed into Miss Cane, we love old Chevies so now I’m Biscayne; My 16 year old son would be mortified if we called him Goober-Goo in public (from back when we talked baby-talk)…18 year old Chad has earned the moniker “2280″ for his SAT scores…LOL!!!! sorry for long post!

  356. Oh my gosh, I love those paintings! My nickname has a funny story behind it. My last name is OSTER and the ladies I worked with kept mispronouncing it as “OYSTER” and so they eventually started calling me “PEARL.” We no longer work together but they still only refer to me as PEARL when we get together! Love it!

  357. My kids nicknames are “noodle” for Gracie and “flyboy” for Pete. I love that your sister calls her youngest “rover”!

  358. My name is katie, but I go by kate. My husband calls me babe:) and the family calls me kk, katydid, kate doodle, and doodle. All very glamorous:)

  359. Laney, Laney Boggs (from the movie She’s All That), Seeky (my bff started calling me that in 10th grade and she still does 11 years later!)

  360. My cousins all call me “Katie Ketchup Head” even as an adult! (Cringe) My son who is 3 goes by “sugar” and my daughter who is 2 is “ms. bug”

  361. Most sentimental was Smidge(childhood nickname derived from “sister midget” — my big sister’s name in turn was “King”). College nicknames include “Footer” because I’m 6 feet. “Stiltzy” and different variations because, in the same vein, I have a 36″ inseam. Now they are as varied as snobertson, cheeks, Katerbug, the list goes on.

  362. Christina R says:

    My name is Christina but when I first met my husband’s oldest niece she called me “Chrismina.” So it’s stuck.

    Also, my husband calls my oldest daughter B-fense or B-fender. Her name is Brooklyn (we also call her B) and it’s a play on the words “defense” and “defender.” He’s a coach. You get it. :)


  363. Oh, I have a many… sweet pea, catfish, McGillicutty, Kristofferson (or stofferson for short), sissy, blondie, Lani, K, Kris and KO (the first four were all from my dad and how I do miss hearing him call me by his nicknames for me)

  364. jennifer r says:

    My little girls name is “Tate” and the nickname Tater Tot has stuck. She is three and doesnt mind it now, but with a little age i dont think she will be to fond of it! :)

  365. mine is “lizzy bell” that’s what my mom calls me. still. i hate it.
    my kids’ are bug, nik, monkey, booger and gwennie pig.

  366. I call my husband “mush” and he calls me “squish”….but we really aren’t sappy people! Just the nicknames are:) I love those paintings.

  367. My most commonly used nickname is Shea Shea. I was Shea Shea growing up and now my neices and nephews call me Shea Shea. My dad calls me Sheaphers. My best friends’s family calls me Shea Bird or The Bird- i guess b/c i can be flighty!
    My nickname in high/school scholl was jstank…becuase of my first initial in first name, first initial in middle name, and first four letters of my last! great :)
    Any other nicknames ya’ll want to throw my way? I’ll add them to the list!

  368. Mary Jackson says:

    ‘MJ’ (not too creative) and ‘Mern’ (I mistyped my husband Henry’s name as ‘Herny’ and thought it was so funny so I started calling him ‘Herny’ or ‘Hern.’ So he started calling me ‘Mern’)

  369. Most people call me LB since my name is Lanie Beth, but in college a friend called me ‘quarter pounder’ b/c of the abbrev. for pounds (lbs) but also I was tall and thin. It then turned into ‘poundcake’ and so on…

    LOVE your blog.

  370. What a fun post! My little girl’s name is Mary Florence, so we call her “Flo Flo”.

  371. Stunning artwork! My husband calls me “Huffy”. My kids nicknames are “Cubby” and “Bugga Boo”.

  372. Megs, Meggers or M .. not too creative since my name is Megan, but I did have this horrible name when I was little… termite. Ugh pains me to say it, and I have to make my family swear they won’t say anything to embarass me when boyfriends come over. Apparently I was a little chubby when I was a toddler and how the name came about. eeeeek!

  373. MeMe to a wonderful one year old boy!

  374. My nickname – “man” for mandi and twin face because i’m a twin.
    My two kiddies nicknames are Monkey and Buggie. =P

  375. My two best friends refer to me as Susie or Kit Kat. Susie because my middle name is Susan. And Kit Kat because they think they’re clever.

  376. My nickname has been: Brandywine, Bran Muffin… mostly B.
    My son, Alexander, is Xan, or bear cub, or honey bun, or sweet pea, or Sunshine :) all courtesy of his mama.

  377. This is so crazy because my husband is king of nick names. When our son Campbell was born he started calling him Cambellina Jolie, after Angelina of course. I was horrified yet it cracked me up. He is not called that all the time, I just have to say! But occasionally my husband calls him that. The other day my 10 yr old was walking through the living room and somehow heard the name “Angelina Jolie” on the tv. They don’t watch tv, so she stopped in her tracks and said “Wait. Angelina Jolie is a real person?” I died laughing!!

  378. I don’t recall you showing pics of your master. Can you show more? I have the exact same bed. I love it. Do I spy a John Derian plate hanging over the side table? Love the lamp!!

  379. Rooster :)

  380. My nickname from my day is Skee since my middle name is Skye.

  381. WKRP in Cincinnati…Because it includes my three initials.

  382. Christina Lowry says:

    Several: “Tina-Tina-Afrosheena” (middle school bus ride in origin and b/c it rhymed; T-Belle; Tines (from my life long friend, AB); “Bibbie” or “Bib”(from my sister); and “Bear Face” (silly name my husband calls me); Finally, “Christopher Robin” (name given to me by my older brother’s friends in elementary school :( Hilarious.

  383. Me: “chic” (what my dad always called me), “JB” (my initials before married)…nothing interesting!

    my girls: Adriana is “lily girl” (middle name is Lily), “Adri” and my dad calls her “pinky” or “pink”. Soraya is “Rae”, “Rae-Rae”, “cady bug” (middle name is Cadence), “lippers” (the girl does some funny things with her lips!)…I forget what my dad calls her. he always comes up with a weird nickname!

  384. Sara Watson says:

    I have always wanted a good nickname but alas…still don’t have one. As a child my mom often called me S.J. (Sara Jennifer). Now my close friends call me Lankton (my maiden name). Our daughter Lily most often goes by Miss Lils although her Daddy nicknamed her Stinker (and still calls her that) after a particularly bad bout with Rota virus when she was a baby (poor thing). Braden goes by Brady but I often call him B-man or just B.

  385. Dita (dit-uh), lovingly given by my father.

  386. Char, char char, chas, and my niece and nephews on my husband side call me Aunt Chi Chi. My son is Beckett (2 years old- almost) and his nicknames are Big B (even though he is not big at all), Beck, Becks, and B.

  387. I call my son Cooper: Coopie Doopie, Coopito, and last but not least, Super Duper Cooper!

  388. As it happens, my parents gave both my brother (Brent) and I one-syllable names so that they couldn’t be shortened into nicknames, but instead everyone just adds-on, or gets creative!…Here are a few of mine: Quinners, Quinny, Quintina, Quinnifer, Q, Q-doll, and Miss Quinn. My husband, who is more than a foot taller than me, likes to call me Little Lady. (P.S. This is a great give-a-way! I’ve previously ‘favourited’ her work on etsy. Also, love the blog! :) )

  389. i used to be squirrel for whatever odd reason when i was really little. and now my son is bird. we used bird with his name, but now we sometimes just call him bird. we get weird looks sometimes.

  390. My dad called me “squirrel bait” growing up – get it? A nut.
    And my nephews and niece call me “Nay Nay”

  391. Love the artist! My nickname:Ladybug. I’m almost 50 and my 97 year old grandmother has always called me that and still does today.

  392. Katie Canipe says:

    Hmm… how long do I have? My husband has un unusual gift of nick naming our two girls all kinds of things…my most favorite:

    Peanut Butter Monkey Pudding, (strange I know!),
    Kateley Squirel,
    Moose Face, (our four legged baby!).

  393. My dad calls me Birdie for obvious reasons. My daughter is Milady (pronounced MahLahDiy) so she is called Lala, Loddie, Loddie Belle (Isabelle middle name)& Lali. My son is Jake and is called Jakers, Jake Jake & Big Boy. My husband is just Tyson.

  394. dizzy..which is what sissy sounded like when my little brother said it.

  395. Katestar….goes way back to my very first AOL name in middle school….kind of stuck:)

  396. “Nett-Nett” by family and small children & “Frankie” by my brother who said I was ‘his other brother’ when i attempted a cute pixie cut!

  397. I’ve got “honung” … Swedish for honey (as my husband is Swedish), but it’s not used as a term of endearment like in the USA. It’s a joke between us.

  398. I CANNOT believe I’m about to put this on the WWW, but my nickname, among a small circle of friends, was “Barfo”.

    I have been a food person for years and years, and in high school, my family and I ate lunch at a fabulous B&B on the way home from the beach, where they served Cheddar Apple Pie. There was cheddar cheese in the piecrust and baked into the pie. I was telling someone about how good it was, and another friend (with less culinary sophistication, I might add) overheard it, and replied, “What are you, barfo?”. The name stuck – you can probably guess that the person who coined the nickname was a HS boy.

  399. I did a blog post on nicknames a week ago. No one in my family goes by their real name. Mine is little LaurieLouLou Bird. My daughter is Loulie Bug.

  400. Megan Srygley says:

    My nick name has always been Meg Pie, given to me by my dad. I love this artist!

  401. i was missy pooper because every time my mom left me with my dad as a baby i would apparently poop! they still call me missy or missy poo or tootles.
    my kids are liza bug or bug and jack bean or bean!! Awesome prints! thanks!

  402. Beautiful work!

    My nickname from my Dad was Pinky Poo Poo and as far as I know the goods were never pink! We called our oldest, Gram, Nacho when he was gestating. Our second, Palmer, his daycare mates call him Pooh Bear. I still wish to call him PJ, but it just doesn’t fit him.

  403. Esmeralda W. says:

    We call eachother “schmoopie” after a hilatious Seinfeld episode

  404. My husband calls me Boo-Bah.

  405. Annie Bananie. My daughter Grace is Boo and my daughter Maeve is Bulldog. Not sure of any of the origins! Fabulous artwork, really lovely.

  406. Tootle bug and Bibba

  407. Nicknames… Moon (my dad), Cat (my husband), Fatcakes (college friends), Sherri (my sisters)

  408. Wowie. It was my niece’s first word and she was looking at me when she said it. It stuck. My nickname in high school was Jane which was totally random.

    Your giveaways rock. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. Tried to post earlier…

  409. I was called Sam by some of my friends in high school
    ( Sheila Ann M…..)

  410. My full name is Victori Josephine. My grandparents have always called me Jo. My parents and aunts and uncles all call me Fred. I have recieved may concerned looks in public when my family members calls out Fred and I answer. I have no idea where it came from.

  411. Growing up my dad would call me “Big E”. My initials are EMY so my husband calls me Emy.

  412. Dre as a shortened form of my name, and Booga Bear from my sweet husband.

  413. Either Grace (because I am not too graceful) or AirMe (toddler speak for Erin).

  414. “Ero”

  415. jerr-dan (pronounced like auburn’s jordan-harre stadium)my grandfather always called me that. JK – my initials, my husband has called me that since the day we met. george b/c in highschool everytime i heard someone say the name george i thought they were calling my name & i would respond by mistake. jo-jo given to me by my precious little cousins. and osha – what my little sister would say when trying to say my name when she was litle…??

  416. My best friend Lori calls me Eazy E. I guess because of my mad rap skillz.

  417. Whit, Whitty, Sis, Whitter, Walker, Momma Walker– a couple of the many!

  418. my son, amos, is lovingly referred to as either munchkin, chicken nugget or just nugget for short

  419. now its mommy ;) I was also known as pj and p-dogg (don’t ask) :)

  420. Love her work! Nicknames growing up… “Special K”, “Goose”, “1/2 pint”

  421. mine was becky..have no idea why? :)

  422. My mom and my sister call me Nik. My husband calls me Little Honey, which some of our friends have picked up on and use sometimes. It’s quite comical. :)

  423. judy wallace says:

    My little granddaughter (3yrs)is named lucy june…(my first name is JUdy and my husbands name is NEd = June!…they combined the first two letters of each of our names as a surprise)..we call her junie bug….

  424. I never really had a nickname but people call me “adri” for short. My sister is “popia”. her middle name is sofia but she couldn’t pronouce S’s so whenever she would say her full name she would state popia. To this day everyone calls her that. As for me, nothing too intriguing.

  425. My husband give our little girl the nickname of Ceci pies-a-pies-a or Ceci pies for short. It is so cute how this big man melts every time she says the word daddy!

  426. Amber Heidt says:

    My mom always called me “ambergini” My husband calls me A.J. – Amber Joy, I was spaz for a looong time in middle and high school….

  427. Gracielou Freebush (or just Freebush, quite often), Gretal Petal, Graceful, Grace-face, G-Money, Canard (from a good friend back in French class in high school), Pooh (as in Pooh Bear…I hope!), G-Dawg, Irish, GracieK – I’m sure there are many more!

  428. My son’s nickname from me is ‘sugarpie’! He is 2 years old and it’s so sweet when I say, ‘who does mommy love?’ and he yells, ‘SUGARPIE’! melts my heart. I’m sure that he will be outgrowing it way too soon, but I love it! :)

  429. oh boy. this is not a joke, but my nick name was “sh*t sh*t” that lovely swear was my first word, and it stuck!

  430. Good morning!

    I had several nicknames growing up. My mother, who is very southern, called me “Darling” or “Sugar” more than she called me by name. My father called me “sweet pea”. My friends gave me the most ridiculous nicknames, though: “Bethie-Boo”, “Bertha”, and my favorite, “Buffy”. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”~the MOVIE with Kristy Swanson~had just opened, and aparently since I had a cheery personality and bouncy hair, it meant I prowled the dark corners of New Orleans with a stake in hand and fought the forces of evil…in a cheerleading uniform. Or something like that!

    God love my friends, I know I do. Thanks for hosting some awesome giveaways!!

  431. I don’t really have a nickname. But my youngest daughter is called The Avster by me and my husband. Her real name is Avonlea (any other die hard Anne of Green Gables fans out there?)

  432. Mine has to be the most embarrassing…given to me by my stepfather as a joke..BB…short for Bottle Butt. There you have it, I had it long before J-Lo made hers famous. I am probably the original, and I can promise you it’s a lot bigger now than it ever was then!

  433. I have a son named Taye, who much to his nine year old dismay still gets called Taye-berry all the time. My dad grows Tay berries in his garden and we’ve been calling him that since before he was born. Someone asked me once if Barry was his middle name. Nope, just a nickname. I can’t wait to cheer on my big old buff high school swimmer – go Taye-Berry!!!

  434. Robin Grey says:

    Don’t ask.

  435. Ugh…mine was/is meatball, which was then shortened to “meat”

    Oh, and did I mention I was a chubber?

  436. Hoolie. It started with one person and has caught on to about everyone I know. I don’t even know where it came from.

  437. My 4 older brothers still call me “Hurricane” because I guess I just barrel through life. I have since learned to stop and smell the roses though.

  438. my childhood nickname was always Mandee Ree, because my middle name is Marie. :)

  439. “Lollie Pop, LB, Pound, Duck”. (I am the youngest of three and when I was born my brother wasn’t old enough to say “Loren”. So, out of the blue one day, my mom heard my brother start calling me “Lollie Pop”. The name has stuck over the years, and there are a lot of people from home who know me by no other name! My pledge sisters call me “LB” and their boyfriends call me “Pound” – because that’s what the initals “lb” stand for! My fiance calls me by none other than “Duck” because I have inherited twin toes on both feet – from my mother’s side… but, no, they do NOT make me swim faster :)

  440. “Missy” by my father (after a rant in kindergarten that I wanted the name change, it stuck…), Aimers by friends, and something new about every three weeks by my husband.

  441. Asher or Ash-hole( which I do not answer to) my dad calls me AJ (middle name Jeanette)

  442. My name is Julie, but some of my people only know me as Jules. My husband even introduces me as such. But I LOVE it!

  443. Dianne Hill says:

    when I was little it was Buffy (from the show Family Affair, I had pig tails like the little girl in the show)…my daughter Maggie is Maggs, Magna Doodle, Maggers, Magnolia or Magnum PI…

  444. My nickname “Neally” started in college due to my maiden name Neal. It kinda stuck and I love it! We hope to name our first little girl Neally so I will have to retire the name when that happens! =)

  445. I had a few nicknames growing up…my parents called me Peanut, my grandma called me Kel-Bell and my sister called me Clock-Lee, which was somehow easier for her to say than Kelly. :)

  446. I love these!

    My nickname has been “Chilly” since I was a wee one. My dad used to call me “Silly Girl” and when I started talking, I’d repeat it but couldn’t say “s” correctly… = “Chilly Girl!”

  447. Catherine Tucker says:

    My daughter’s name is Anne Parrish and somehow from when she was just a baby a nickname of “Boogie” came about. My husband jokes about how we are going to spell Boogie when we enroll her into school one day!

  448. Jennifer L says:

    I know I commented earlier but I was in the car and I remembered my husbands pledge nickname and I had to post it! They called him Sally (he’s a little high maintance) and I love that 14 years later the guys still call him that!

  449. Our nicknames are Mimi, Ethel and Maynard.

  450. My name is super original, as are my nicknames :) Jess and Jessie :) I LOVE these paintings, especially pup in the grass!

  451. Laura Kirch says:

    people call me “lbk” my initials. My son is “Pickle, Sammo, Sam Sam,” twin daughters “Sarah Bera” “Marin Berry” and “the boobaloos” Lots of nicknames for the muffins.

  452. kt-bug (loved lady bugs and VW bugs in grade school), room (my college roommate’s and my nickname for each other), valentine (another college friend and i were single on v-day one year and are now forever are each other valentines even when we are miles apart)

  453. My little brother couldn’t pronounce my name when he was learning to speak, so he called me Cha-Chi. Growing up I traveled to Spanish speaking countries where they couldn’t pronounce my name either. Again, I went by Cha-Chi. Just last Christmas I was shopping with my grandmother and as we were walking by a window display she said “Ugkk…that tree is so Cha-Chi!” Apparently to her that means tacky. :)

  454. lori berry says:

    “Lorilocks” would love these!!

  455. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Ha, so funny to read all of these! Everyone since High School calls me “Deacs” a shortened version of my maiden name – Deacon.

  456. I heart “cabana”. Love these paintings! Lots of nicknames for me . . . Kel Bel, KB, Sunshine, KK :)

  457. Stephanie Andre says:

    High School Nickname: P.H.A.T. Phanie
    I was a volleyball player who needed a nickname as Stephanie was a mouthful on court. I was never a fan of “Steph or Stephy” so they called me Phanie. Somehow P.H.A.T. came along which stands for Pretty.Hot.And.Tempting. Only people from high school still refer to me as Phat Phanie.

  458. My nickname is Woo Woo. When I was younger I couldn’t say ‘You’ and so I said ‘Woo’! Love reading the nicknames!

  459. The only nick name I’ve ever had is “Sa,” (pronounced: Say) which doesn’t seem like a nickname at all when you consider that Im married to a man who has spent his entire life answering to (his nickname) Frosty. My girls are Pea (as in Sweet) and The (self proclaimed) Great Kater.

    We love what you do, and we want “Pup in the Grass” REALLY BADLY!

  460. Stephanie Clanton says:


  461. JJ is my nickname for Jan Jan.

  462. Jayne Barbour says:

    Patoot, Tootie, Tootsie and Toot. My dad and mom still call me these. My middle daughter is named Beatrice but we call her Bea. Somehow that has turned into Beatle and almost everyone calls her that now.
    Gorgeous Art!

  463. I have been eyeing those prints on Etsy for a while! Love ‘em. Nicknames: KK, Double K, Kris by my dad and Kristal by an old friend…we can’t remember why.

  464. Mary Neill says:

    My nickname, and the only name my mom has ever called me for the past 27 years, is Boog (or Boogie, Boogs, etc).

  465. Sue bear and Sue bee

  466. A.J.
    Billy (for a short time in college)
    And a ton of others as a kid.. my mom used nicknames for us all the time.

  467. Jane…not sure why since my name is stephanie???

  468. Pfeff, Pepper, and Dr. Pepper (My maiden name is Pfeffer, which is German for pepper…and I have a Ph.D., hence the Dr. Pepper)

  469. i have been “boop” since college, from betty boop. i don’t want to tell you how long ago that was! some college friends still call me that. i have teen-aged boys, whose nick names are jordo or aveo for jordan and avery or jordmeister, jordarific and avemeister or avery davery. SNL has been a big influence. since we live in paris sometimes we frenchify their names: jourdan et ahh -ve-reee. and athanks so much for pointing us to tastes orangey. not sure i remember that from the earlier post w/ her work. i will def order something.

  470. My nickname is Teresa-Bug…thus the name of my blog! {Bug for short}

  471. Runt – I was the smallest pledge in my pledgeclass. Measuring in at 5’3″. Everyone else was 5’7″ and above.

  472. Stacey Mills says:

    My oldest son is G-Man and my younger son is Macaroni!

  473. my big girl, Allie – “delicious”
    my little girl, Kate – “tot”…which is short for her original nickname, “kater-tot”.

    collectively i refer to them as my “chickens”, or “crazy turkey burgers”!

  474. My own nickname is Gracie, but my little one has many: Pumpkin Muffin, Squirmy McWormer, and Bubs to name a few! Thanks for the giveaway, love your blog.

  475. my nickname: JB

  476. I call my kids: kitty cats

  477. All through childhood I was called ‘Missy’ and I HATED it! Just recently my 5 year-old daughter has started referring to me as Misssy, too. Still hate it!

  478. I read your blog regularly. I also read your sister’s on a daily basis. I love them both. On to nicknames: “Fer” for Jennifer. “Weezy” my middle name is Louise. “Ike” because of my maiden name. I answer to them all.

  479. Sexy Lexi -believe me it is only because it rhymes.

  480. Schmeb

  481. My most common nickname is Nat but I also get called: Tatu, Nattie, Natu, Natster. These canvases are beautiful!

  482. -”B” (middle name is Brooke)
    -Popey (play on my last name)
    -Amanda Jean (not sure where that came from)
    -Amanda Panda (my mom or grandmother started that because it rhymes; funny thing is that I pledged AOII at Auburn, whose mascot is the panda!)

  483. “Hambone” – also from high school & having to do with my maiden name, which is Hammit :)

  484. Husband: Slappy (his friends), Honey (me)
    Me: Ames, Cassidy(former last name)
    Daughter: Pumpkin, Mrs. Poo poo head and EC
    Son: buddy, bud, “the prez”

  485. ‘Wing Nut’ by a cabinet builder on a job years ago. He still calls me that when I run into him – guess he thought I was ditsy, but oh – nothing could be farther from the truth! No, not me!

  486. Me: KerBear, though at this point only my mom calls me that! The hubs usually just calls me Babe :)

    Kenley (our daughter): KenKen, The hubs isn’t crazy about me calling her that (Because he thinks it makes her sound like a man.. haha) but one day I started and it just stuck!

  487. Sugar Baby and May-May

  488. “Deeps” – I am Elizabeth, so naturally Libidis to a younger sister who couldn’t get Elizabeth out…this morphed into Eepadeepalous, which is not just Deeps.

  489. My beautiful daughter, who just happens to share a birthday with your beautiful daughter, is named Anna. While pregnant, we called her Anna Banana all the time, and once she arrived it somehow was shorted to “Nanners”.

  490. First of all, do you make your bed every day
    Secondly, I LOVE all the prints but especially Island
    Thirdly, the nicknames…
    My nicknames: G-love, Glover, Becca, Beck, Flicka (don’t even ask, I don’t even know!)
    My girls’ nicknames: baby Late (Leighton was 8 days late),
    Missy (I spent every single minute after we decided on Elliott’s name making sure that no one would call her Missy Elliott but it stuck with me! Poor baby!)

  491. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this artist!!!! I am going to the website right now!!!
    My nickname is Meg or Megster with the family. Very origianl, I know ;).

  492. When we were little, my sister called me Onnee because she couldn’t say Alyson. My boyfriend has nicknamed me Turtle.

  493. My daughter (22) is Muffy and my son (19) is Boobly Goob. My golden retreiver is Professor Woofie. LOL!!!

  494. Elizabeth Fillebaum says:

    “E” or “Easy E”…most of my guy friends call me by my maiden name!

  495. ScaryBeth (maryBeth)

  496. French Frye. My maiden name is Frye.

  497. Help Wad…I love it. I am Bexo to my husband.

  498. Sharona

  499. Lspray, Lo, Loberry, and the list continues. Different variations of my first/last name.

  500. My nickname is Weebie {unfortunately, exactly how it sounds}. Growing up with the name Elizabeth was very difficult to say as a child and “Weebie” was all I could get out. I am now 24 and my sister still calls me Weebie, or “Weebs” for short.

    Side note: This is my first time commenting on Urban Grace and I could not adore you or your sisters blogs any more. I hope one day I am as happy in life as you two. Thanks for keeping me entertained, interested, and always smiling!

  501. We had to put nicknames on our high school powder puff football t-shirts. Someone put Sprocket on mine. I to this day have no idea why. I do, however, like saying SPROCKET really loud and fast!

  502. I love the artwork! The “Pup in the Grass” is perfect.

    I have tons of nicknames. Most of them have to do with having red hair and were mainly picked up in high school. I won’t bore you with the whole list. These are just a few: “Red”, “Reddy Red Red”, “Scarlet” (this one came while reading the Scarlet Letter), “Big Red” (like the gum), “the red dragon”, “Stetcie” (from my neices and nephews while they were too young and couldn’t pronounce my name), etc. etc. And the list continues…

    I love your blog and all your work. You are so talented!! Thanks for keeping me entertained while at my desk job. :)

  503. BrettAshley says:

    My nicknames are B.Ash, LBA and Baba.

  504. bunny

  505. Me – Minnie. I call my husband Mickey. We call our house Disneyland, when really we live in Idaho. My oldest son is Boog or Boogerus Maximus because he’s my sugar booger. My middle son is Banjel or Banjelicious because he was my baby angel, angel banjel. My youngest son is Teeney or Teeney Man because he’s the littlest man in the house, naturally. The dog is Goggie or Goggie Gone Goggie or Poozie. Thanks for a chance to win!

  506. Lauren Wyatt says:

    Foo Foo- My mom has called me foo foo for as long as I can remember. Not completely sure why… But in the morning she would wake me up by singing, ” little Laurie foo foo hopping through the forest, scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head.”

  507. “Weenie Joe” from my husband – long, dumb story as to why, but it stuck, also sometimes “Tup” (pronounced Toop) short for Stupid for when I do something that fits the name. My son is Puddy or Pud, shortened from Pudding. And the dog, Murphy, is Goose – which I like to say is is gang name.

  508. My daughter’s are more fun than mine:
    G, Gigi, Little Bit, Punkin’ Head, Bitty,
    G Momma, Boo Boo (her name is Georgia)!

  509. I love these. Kiki is my nickname. My cousin called me that as a toddler and it stuck with me into adulthood.

  510. My dad calls me CD, which stands for numerous things I have done in my life…like
    { Cool, Dude, Competition Dancer, Curly Doo, Certified Diva, Cosmic Defector (when I had braces), College Darling} and the list keeps growing!

  511. My nickname is Kaboo. I created it for myself as a baby when I couldn’t pronounce my own name :-)

  512. Lissa, Lissy, Missy, MB, Babycakes!

  513. My childhood nickname was Annie (middle name is Ann), My daughters are Kenzie (real name is Kendal) and Tay Tay (real name is Kaylie…long story how she got that one!)

  514. My old friends call me Missy (because everyone wants their lawyer to be called Missy) but my dad calls me “Mitchell,” because he not-so-secretly wanted me to be a boy. Thank goodness I grew up in SF where everyone is relatively cool with the inevitable gender confusion that results when he calls me Mitchell in public…

  515. Care, Bear (rhymes with Care), Sunshine (because I am the opposite of sunny), Jenny (from the show Flipping Out), Meanest-Stepmom-In-the-World (from my 13 yo stepson). The list goes on….

  516. sissybirdie :)

  517. My nickname is “bubbie” from my husband.

  518. “Motor Scooter”…not really sure why, as I have never been speedy or prompt!

  519. My whole family has always called me “C”. My Best Friend’s little girl calls my husband “Turkey” because that was the way she pronounced our last name…Terhune. So now I am officially “C Turkey”.

  520. Barbara — not Barbra — nicknames Babs, Bobbie and, yes, Barbie,
    sometimes B.G.

  521. Despite being named Alison because my parents thought it could not be easily nick-named, I ended up with “Ali-cat” “Ali-bug” “Al,” and strangest of all… “Poohtamus”

    For our baby girls, it’s “Pumpkin” and “Munchkin”

  522. My family doesn’t have exciting nicknames, but our dog has a cute one :) His name is Huxley (After the Brave New World author) which was shortened to Hux, then somehow Hux-Deluxe. We often just call him Deluxe now. (Sometimes Dr. Huxtable ;)

  523. anna frances bradley says:

    “tunia” (my older brother was “porky”, so people started calling me “petunia”, and it’s been shortened…sometimes even shorter, to “toon”. my dad refuses to call me anything but one of the two!)

  524. My nickname is Mer Mer, pronounced like mare. My brothers also call me Merf, because I introduced myself with my mouth full once. I did that a long time ago and the nickname won’t go away! Erika, when do we get to see a post about your new kitchen?! Also, I love that Darby calls you Help Wad!

  525. My best friend calls me “clelol” after an oddly-named relative

  526. Mandy Norris says:

    Hey…My name is Mandy, nickname “MandyPandy” “PandyPoo”
    My daughter we call “Muffin” and my son we call “brother”

  527. Let’s see — Kel, Kells, Kel Bell, Schottie, Schottzie, McTall…there’s quite a few!

  528. Mary Loyal says:

    I have a double name- Mary Loyal. My favorite nickname is May Lo. . . kinda like J. Lo :) Those prints are gorgeous!

  529. Fappy or Fap. When I was a baby my dad said that I was fat and always happy..he pushed the two words together and Fappy stuck! I’m 21 and my family still calls me this!

  530. We call my 3yr old “Bull” b/c she is stubborn. But she sure is a cutie!

  531. ME…PUNKY ROO from my parents, hun from hubby, Aunt Weisy…Lauren … her brother calls her Lauren Dauren, Mark is Markie Bear!

  532. Boo Hartsell says:

    Boo is my nickname-Beulah is my given name. See why I go by Boo.
    Thanks, Boo

  533. Bird. Plus a few more pretty embarrassing ones from the fam. :)

  534. Melissa Willard says:

    most of my family calls me Mel, one of my brother calls me Smells, sometimes my husband calls me Violencia Busterelli.

  535. Kelly Thompson says:

    My oldest son’s nickname is “the Noodle” and younger son’s nickname is “the Bean” :)

  536. I don’t have a nickname…is that sad? Will you give me one :) Jeremiah calls me “baby,” but always in a funny way like, “Baaaaby, did you really think you eat an entire bowl of cheese dip and then spend the rest of the night complaining about how fat you are?”

    I call my girls “chicken wings.” No earthly idea where that came from, except for maybe saying, the first time I was away from them, that I felt like a chicken with my wings missing. What am I talking about right now?

    IF I don’t win any of these prizes this week I am going to be PISSED. :) Awesome giveaways Erika! And speaking of nicknames, I almost just called you “E,” straight out of my subconscious. Does Darby call you that?

  537. Rebecca Ives says:

    My name is Rebecca, yet my boss started calling me “Reba” one day (as if I was a country music singer), and it didn’t take long before everyone in the whole company started to refer to their Human Resources Director as Reba. Have never been able to shake it since!

  538. Sadly I never got a nickname; and only one of my five children got a nickname. Perhaps to make up for the fact that he is a middle child?? His nickname was Tootie. I wouldn’t dare whisper it around him now that he is more grown up.

  539. I had lots, but the one that has stuck is Fifi (Frances was too hard for a little girl to say)

  540. We call my daughter K.K. or Danaezer. Short for Kalyn Danae.

  541. I love these images…so I’ll play!
    Here you go!
    “JRo” is mine. I asked my college friend for a nickname, becuase I never had one, and he came up with this. It was during the JLo period (obviously, perhaps) and the J is for Jessica, with the R and o being the first and last letters of my last name. It has stuck and all of my friends are now calling me this…even my young nephews have dubbed me “Auntie JRo.”
    My daughter is “Biscuit” though she started out as “The Bit”; and my son is dubbed “Monkey” but I want to change it to “Yummy” cause he just is!
    Have a great evening!

  542. Love these paintings and can’t wait to check out the Etsy site. Here are my four kids nicknames: P-diddy, Glee-Glee (before the show ever surfaced), Cry-Baby Johnson and Bug!! If you knew them, you’d see what I am talking about. Thanks for the chance to win.

  543. Okay, here it goes…I’m not sure if I should be sharing these….shorna (brother), fran, franerd, france, frannie (friends), and frankie (work)!!

  544. Mellie Melon as a child.

  545. Hogatha. Suffice it to say that I liked to eat. When you are from a family of five food is a priority!

  546. My husband’s nickname for me is “Perky”!! Haha!!!

  547. Jennifer Chick-Gray says:

    I was always called “chick” or “chick-a-dee” because of my last name. It is definately a built-in nickname for sure!

  548. Beautiful paintings!

    Mugs, magoo, mags, baracuda (don’t ask), fragle

  549. Several nicknames–all of them from my boyfriend. He calls me la wera (spanish for white girl), figlet (cross between piglet and fig), and musette (a take on muse).

  550. Mine aren’t too exciting … JJ, Jonesy (from my maiden name), and my dad still calls me Jennifee (which is what my sisters called me when we were little).

  551. my sisters have cute nicknames like, Brooker-pie, Holly-hugs and Claire-bear…I got stuck with ash-bomb…don’t even ask, I have no idea…guess my mom was crazed with 4 girls under the age of 4 driving her up the wall all day…my middle name is ashley.

    My latest nickname is mild-fun. and it is so true.

  552. Frabs (given by my twin sister!)

  553. Me: Shug, Boog
    Lovey and Massey Moo

  554. Even with 551 comments, I gotta good feeling;) My nicknames are Em – obviously…people who I don’t even know that well call me “em” and I love that…it makes me feel like they like me even though we just met :)Caroline – only my dad calls me that. It’s my middle name. The girl – I was the only girl on a street full of boys when I was little. Pancake – a nickname I got in college after (stupidly) revealing a very embarrassing story about myself involving pancakes. If I win, I’ll tell you the story.

  555. It’s always been Shaybird – however on a 6th grade fieldtrip to Washington DC, my roommates (and close friends) thought it would be hilarious to call me “sexy linger-shay”. I don’t even think we knew what that meant at the time! It still comes up over 20 years later!

  556. My nickname is “Meff”…Beautiful artwork!

  557. Tweety bird

  558. Julie Briggs says:

    Jewel, my dad has always called me that and he’s the only one who does!

  559. Our kids…Jake, Katherine and Lauren Leigh are more often called Jakey, KitKat and Lolly!! Love the paintings, hope I win one.

  560. My Mom use to call me Sweet Pea..I never knew why..I asked her one day if it was because “I wet the bed”. (I was young) Even then I was sensitive.

  561. “Nasha” unfortunate shortened version of Natasha, given me by husb. Thanks, dear. =)

  562. My nickname is Tub-Tub. I was a fat baby.

  563. Abby Mullins says:

    My 3 year old, Amelia, is absolutely crazy about dogs and would adore the dog print in her room. And it is her nickname that is so great. Since she was 10 months old she has called herself “Ya-ya”. She is completely crazy and it fits her perfectly. Good luck reading all these comments :-)

  564. Fiddle Fern. That’s my nickname. Long story. Still, it’s pretty unique, dontcha think? I’d love one of these fabulous pieces. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  565. “E” b/c my sister couldn’t say Erin until she was 6 yrs old and “Ernie” my husband started calling me that before we were even dating.

  566. Katie or Katie Bear or Katie Did from various members of my family.

  567. Her work is part of my favorites on etsy!
    The only nicknames I have ever had are Car and pumpkin =]

  568. these are b-e-a-u-tiful! the nickname’s oopsies – came from my dad, not because I was an accident, but because I am pretty accident prone.

  569. Whitney- whit- very obvious, but i know i’m in trouble if my parents or husband call me whitney. husband dan’s is dano- don’t exactly remember how it started. Daughter reese ann is reesie-piecey courtesy of her uncle.

  570. Boom Boom Blair Kins – my dad LOVES nick names! my dad is a tennis fan and the famous boris becker was called “boom boom” right around the same time I was two and scooting around, thus “boom boom blair kins” was born and always stuck.

  571. Well… My nickname from my dad was “Tweedlebug” because I apparently used to make him read a book about the tweedlebugs (you know, the ones that lived in Bert & Ernie’s flower box?) over and over again. My dad, brother, grandpa, and husband can call me “Lea” without me cringing (and only those 4). And the other main one is Lekken (because of a horrible mispronunciation of my name in high school).

  572. “Sary” was my nickname! Started in high school, no real reason :)

  573. oh i love that pup in the grass! when i was in high school i got the nickname cupcake because i wore vanilla from the body shop and it smelled like cake. :)

  574. oops – forgot to include my blog….

  575. I’m usually just called ‘MB’… my darling little brother calls me Scary Breath. awesome.

  576. Macaroni & Maxi Pad. The latter is quite embarrassing when used in public, but it is what it is.

  577. My husband calls me Snapperhead… or TOF (toef) stands for tons of fun. Hahaha

  578. Peg-a-Leg Peggy – my uncle nicknamed me and even had a song made up with it. Peg a leg Peggy ain’t nothing but a sh*t on a stick…. never quite got it but makes me smile every time. :)

  579. This is somewhat embarrassing, but I’ve never had a cool nickname growing up. My given name is Jennifer/nickname is just “Jen”. I’m a teacher, and a few years ago some students christened me with the nickname, “JWagz” (my last name is Wagner), so there I finally have it—my “cool” nickname–lol

    My daughters’ names are Caroline and Sydney. Caroline’s nickname is “Winny” or “Winny Poo Poo Pie” :) Sydney’s nicknames are “Sydoney”, “Sida-na-no-no” and just “No no”—love me some good nicknames :)

  580. Shimmey Shammers. Or just Shimmey for short. Or when my husband writes me a note to tell me he ran an errand, he just writes, “Shim.” I love it! It originates from an evening at a little hole in the wall bar in Deep Ellum in Dallas and the Randy Rogers Band. The greatest thing about it was, that I was not even at the concert and somehow got pinned with this nickname! Would love to win the art! Simply Gorgeous!
    - Shimmey

  581. My nickname is “Snooze” … short for “Snooze-Poop” because as a baby all I did was snooze and poop. Lovely, I know.

  582. My dad always called me Bubs or Bubsa because that is how I pronounced my name as a child. My freshman year of high school, my best friend started calling me Frazzle when I got a perm. It stuck through college some. The last time I was called that was when I recently went to the hardware store and ran into one of my friends nephews who I hadn’t seen since he was about 7 years old. I heard someone say “hey, you’re Frazzle!?” which was weird b/c it had been years since I heard it. Love your bedroom by the way. It sorta reminds me of my bedroom with the paisley duvet….and Im wanting a similar headboard too!

  583. cal… so original, I know.

  584. My nickname from my mom is Tumpy… not sure why but it’s been that since almost day one.

    I have a couple nicknames for my daughter (Kailee Rae) most of the time I call her “little chick” or K.Rae.

  585. Growing up, I was “Robie-Dobie” to my family. Then for some reason, my sister called me “Roberto-Fan” in gradeschool and it stuck for a while (she claims I liked the band Menudo). Now I get a lot of “Robere” (very french, non?) or “Robina”… all good in my book :)

  586. I love these. Can I have all 5 if I win? My nicknames as a child were “squirt ball” given to me by my father and “ish potatoe” given to me by my uncle I guess because my name is Iris. Plus, I’ve birthed a Meech, Moskie, Trey and TayTay of my own.

  587. We call our yellow lab, Porter, many things. Pooh Bear & Poo Poo are the most commonly used. Think it just stems from the Po in Porter. I call my oldest boy Bubbie, Q or QP, and youngest one Bugs or B or BB (name starts with a B)…Hope I win!!!

  588. My nick name was dooky bird when I was little. I have never received an explanation but I hope that it doesn’t have to do with dooky! I love these, they are gorgeous.

  589. Kara Mia Santa Lucia and Kara Mia Mine. My three boys go by Blakey or Boo Boo, Lukey or Lou Lou, and Brooks goes by Brooksy or Peanut.

  590. My nickname when I first started working was Grace….short for Graceful. Can you believe I married the man that called me that and named my daughter the same name. Still makes me laugh to this day!

  591. I don’t have a nickname but I call my daughter, Claire, Bunny.

  592. I refer to both of my children as “buckets of love”, because they are.

  593. My son’s nickname is Pepito. For some reason or another, probably just because it was fun to say, we called him Pepito Burrito when he was itty bitty, all swaddled up, and perfectly adorable. Love that kid… :)

  594. amazing giveaway – love that piece of artwork above your bed!

    My nickname was actually tepper – my maiden name – it was so hard to give it up when I got married!

  595. Those are gorgeous! For some reason one side of my family always called me Champa,not sure why, sometimes Cat from a grandmother. My granny always adds er to the ends of names so I was Chander. Funnily enough my aunt who is two years older than me was Leah. So when Granny hollered for us we were ChanderLeaher.

  596. We call our daughter Madelyn “Maddy Cake” after ‘Patty cake, Patty cake baker’s man.’

  597. Just one… “YaYa” which is what my nieces call me!

  598. Brigie, Brig, B, B-woman for me. My kids-Kathleeny Jellybeany (also Beanie & Queenie-she is the oldest;), Maddie Mads, Madster, Moo for my middle daughter and my son is Michael McSeamus, McBoyo, The Seamus, ( and my oldest calls him Schmiegs-????!!!!)

    BTW, love your site and love the paintings!

  599. My Mom has always called me “Little Miss”. Would love to win one, I’ve had her favorited.

  600. E – my friend’s children could say my name. They called me Enya. Another friend shortened it to E…it took me 22 years to get a nickname.

  601. My daughter’s name is Mia, and she has two older brothers. When she was born they always fussed over her the way a 2 and 4 year old can, saying goo goo ga ga constantly. Well, 2 years later and the nickname “goo goo” has stuck! I will occasionally find myself calling her Goo Goo also…and she responds to it!

  602. Tina Espinola says:

    Nickname”’ Snoppy, not Snoopy,,, I have 6 daughters, the youngest is now 20,, when she was two years she was a dream toddler, always happy, BUT one day, she got in trouble for something I do not remember, because what she said was so funny and adorable, we forgot right away her crime. She found herself frustrated and wanted to let it out, she stood there trying to yell something out and came up with, “you, you, you are a …..”SNOPPY HEAD”! Well we all laughed, and then she laughed, and since then, her nickname has been “Snoppy”!

  603. Jennifer J. says:

    My dad nicknamed me “J-squared” since my initials are J.J. My 3 kids are nicknamed: (1) The Biggest (my oldest became a fat, fat baby after being a very tiny premie), (2) Zachy Boy (my oldest couldn’t pronounce Zachary), and (3) Baby Girl (she is the youngest after all!).

  604. I have three nicknames that are used pretty regularly: Mims, Mimi and Chub…all of my college friends call me Mims (not sure where it came from but every single person I know from college calls me this), my younger siblings call me Mimi because the youngest one could never pronounce my full name and it stuck and my dad calls me Chub and has since I was about 5 (I’m 25 now) because he says that I was the skinniest kid ever and he thought it was funny…either way I love them all! :)

  605. “Cara Mae” – not sure how it happened, and it’s not my middle name, but I’ve had family, friends and even teachers call me by this nickname.

  606. My dad calls me “Nickle”. When I was young I couldn’t say Tickle and would ask him to “Nickle me”. From then on every milestone or silly/outstanding thing I did was added on to the nickname. It’s now “nickle frickle, tinkle pinkle, stinky poo, pearly squirrely girly, barf snorkle bug, ghecko girl, mangrove mongoose, noggin knocker scooby doo, mariannie oakley, jaw jackin’ tin tooth, sci fi butterfly, el presidente, graduate, superior interior war eagle, wife.” It ends with wife because he recited it aloud at my wedding rehearsal dinner. He can recite it from memory in record time and loves telling the meanings behind each part.

  607. I’m quite a bit older than my siblings and when my sister was first talking she couldn’t say “Stephanie” but made solid effort with “Bob-a-dee.” So, for years (long after she could properly say my name!) I was officially “Bob-a-dee.”

    Oh, and my husband, he’s my pumpkin-butt. I don’t know why or where it came from, but I like it!

  608. My nickname in high school and college was given to me by an old boy friend – it was “Ned”.

  609. My step dad called me “Blubs” growing up. I wasn’t a fattie, and I never knew why he called me that. But I loved it. My room was in the basement and so was his office, and around 5am every morning he would come down the stairs whispering “blubs”. It always made my morning…even at 5am!

  610. I have two boys. My oldest is named Corley and he is the IV. So my husband calls him C4. My youngest is named William and his brother calls him Willy Wonka.

  611. LEW (initials) pronounced Lu

  612. My dad has called me ‘Moi’ for many years. It has to do with my love for all things french!

  613. Sharon Bernard says:

    My daughters nickname is “Bean”

  614. Jennifer D. says:

    We call our son, Boo.

  615. Kristen Campbell says:

    What a great giveaway. My nick name was Cricket when I was little because I jumped around ALOT! My nickname now is Krusty from Krusty the Clown.

  616. Missy (my middle name is Melissa)
    Little Debbie, sweet face, Fultzie (my maiden name is Fultz)
    My kiddos are…sweet baby girl, doodle bug, punk, punkins, sweetness.

  617. BUG

  618. My mom always called me Lady Astor. I’m pretty sure it was when she thought I was being high maintenance! And, I’ve always been “sis” to my two brothers.

  619. No idea why but my older brother called me “Relly” for years and still does. I have 2 daughters and one we call “Punky” and the other we call “Nonna”. She referred to herself as nonna when she was learning to talk(her name is Anna)

  620. My husband calls me Egg. :)

    At first I thought it was strange, but I now find it endearing. He just made it up and it stuck.

  621. I love these paintings, My aunt always called me Kare-da-bell.

  622. My husband’s friends starting calling me “Boss” when we were in college, and it stuck!

  623. Well this is really embarrassing but I am obsessed with these prints.
    My full name is Amber Autumn.
    In a quaint little town, in a hospital that no longer exists, the nurses in the nursery nicknamed me “Amber Autumn Stinky Bottom”.
    I will hide my face in shame because it has stuck. Nearly 30 years.

  624. “Raz, Razzy, Raz ma Taz”.. My initials are RAZ so my friends just took that and ran with it!

  625. My husband calls me “Zinskybergers” after my maiden name of Zurinsky…not romantic, but true. The name came about when one of my children asked about this “Zinsky” name people had called me.

  626. All my friends called me Say-Say. I may or may not talk too much!

  627. “Coco” to my college friends, “button” to my mother

  628. Cammo, Suze, & Pea-pie.

  629. Kids: “bear” (which is odd considering we are Auburn people), “bubby”, “sissy”, “tatonka”. Me: “san”

  630. My father still calls me “Cruller”. I used to somersault from room to room as a kid. One day I came somersaulting into my dad’s room just as a Dunkin Donuts “Time to make the donuts……” ad came on tv and there was a guy in the commercial called Cruller. For some reason that tickled my father’s funny bone and I have been called Cruller ever since. A few other names….Lola and Lo, Skinny Minnie (I was skinny with a ravenous appetite).
    PS. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I’m renovated a 150 year old house and often look at your work for inspiration. Gorgeous!

  631. well, “airhead” was mosts favorite. i did not appreciate that one but whatever. i gave myself “easy e.” i gave that one to myself at church camp. we had to pick something that started with the initial of our first name. i believe “easy e” is totally appropriate for church camp, right??

  632. My nickname has always been “Kelly Bell”.

  633. oh and of course, cousin. :) and rin job is a new one. also totally inappropriate.

  634. Terrin Wright says:

    Blair (middle name) and tuterpunk(crazy aunt):)

  635. We call one of our boys “Bub-bub” and the other “Tri-ton” but I’m not sure how that got started!!

  636. We call our girls Sissy Lou and Missy Moo, my three month old son hasn’t acquired an unusual nickname yet, we just call him Jack Man :)

  637. Love these! Especially Island and Pup in Grass. Island because it reminds me of my oldest … Pup in Grass because my sweet Patterson will be 7 tomorrow and has cried and cried because she can’t have a dog. (and I heard the sighs you all just made, but I’ll remind you I have 5 under 12, I homeschool and my husband will be gone for 18 months starting next year … army … so I’m thinking a dog is not really a part of reality for us right now).

    Okay, my nicknames … from my husband “a buck o five”, as in $1.05 because I am little and “mary sweetness” (yes, after all these years together, he still thinks I’m kind and no, I cannot believe I just published that info!!).
    Our oldest daughter, Hanson Ellis, is Pete (my Grandma used to say “Oh Peter Rabbit” and so Petie became her nickname, but now that she’s 12, we mostly call her Pete.
    Parker, our second daughter, is Sully (her middle name is Sullivan)
    Patterson, our third, “110″ because she is WIDE OPEN and very intense, hence 110 percent is given all the time
    Kate, our fourth, is simply “Kate the Great”, but upon hearing of the royal engagement, she prefers “Princess Katharine”
    Olivia, our fifth, somehow gets called Lucie a lot, so my husband has dubbed her “luie”
    Love the headboard and lamps, btw … and still curious about the green fabric on that ottoman from the out of town post:)

  638. My son was a very large baby (and has never slowed down, and my daughter called him Big Bo- which came out as Beebo. We still call him Beebo 4 years later, and he is still big!!

  639. Brooke…as in Babbling Brooke. I talk a lot.

  640. My kids are Oh-ee, Sis and Peanut Pie!

  641. I am in LOVE with her work!! Thank you so, so much for the introduction and I’m definitely thinking I need a big piece, too. E, she’s amazing!

    So onto nicknames…Doobie (though nothing to do with hash, I assure you), Doey, Dipper and CB. I have some lousy nicknames, eh?

  642. I’m Native American and my husband says my Native name should be “No Patient Nicole,” or No Patient “Nickel,” and my nephew calls me Auntie Cole.

  643. My son’s nicknames are “Bubba”, “Drama” and “Boo”. I am Mel, Martha (as in Martha Stewart). My husband is called Big Daddy!

  644. Did – short for KatyDid from my dad. I’m in my 30′s and my favorite voicemail messages start, “Did, it’s dad.”

  645. I have three boys, and my precious baby, Teddy, I call my little “Teacup”…..I have no idea why – he is just so cute and sweet….

  646. my daughter, Natalie, has a nickname of Nat or sometimes Nat Nat…

  647. rew. . .my initials, before i got married. . . pronounced “roo” – to distinguish me from the other “rebecca” on my high school cheerleading squad – it’s followed me for 13 years

  648. Mary E Feagley says:

    Mine as a child was “Buffalo.” (no clue–my dad’s strange sense of humor!) My daughter’s is Puddy (we called her lil’ puddin’ for so long, that it just became Puddy.

  649. Mine is Abby (When my brother was younger he couldn’t say Ashley, so it came out Abby, and now EVERYONE in my family calls me Abby!) and Ash-smacker which cracks me up. My best friend in high school Ashleigh gave that one to me!

  650. LaLa

  651. My dad has always called me pumpkin head. Friends call me Linz :)

  652. Traci-in college, my friends would encourage me (Staci), to drink enough to become Traci-a very entertaining version of myself. I would dance to whatever music was playing in the background and embarrass myself. But it was fun:) Now I am grown up and not nearly as much fun as “Traci” used to be.

  653. Fiffi – my younger brother couldn’t quite say his “s”‘s yet so sissy came out fiffi…and unfortunately it stuck.

  654. Dee, Bop, and DeeBopper

  655. Biscuit or Biscotti – my brother calls me these. Origin unknown! KP – my firneds call me this – my first and middle initials.

  656. Vanessa Walton says:

    My nickname for my daughter is snuggle boo.

  657. When I was little my mom’s side of the family called me “Jilly Mae”. I have 2 girls now- Sophie gets called “Soph/Sofe” by most of her friends; Emmeline is mostly called “Emme” by her friends, but has got nicknamed “LuLu” at daycare by one of her teachers (like EmmyLou Harris) and daddy usually calls her that now. Occassionaly, she also gets called “Em”.

  658. I was born in June and was called JuneBug by the Grands and my daughter started calling me JUJU when she was in college and now all her sorority sisters call me that. My husband calls my daughter squirrel, no idea why and I have always called her baby girl. My son is Brandon and he is called BB or Beebs. No nickname for husband.

  659. Oh my girdle! I love these prints- I had to quickly hop over to add her to my favorites on Etsy.
    OK I have no children so… I guess it is my nickname/s. Joybob (you really don’t want to know my DH gave it to me and his name isn’t Bob!), another one he calls me is “my little taco” and my family and close friends call me J, Joy or Joycee (not my favorite, but oh well)and my neighborhood girls call me Spacey! I think that about covers it in the nickname department.
    I have a couple of blank walls to fill and after my recovery this summer I think I need to buy myself a gift. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist! xo

  660. Well I’m finally coming out of lurker-ville to post! I love Clare’s work so here goes…my 3 kids’ various nicknames are B, Bb, Lamby, Lamberson, Trevy, Beby, Baby, Moo, and Moo Moo. I’m sure there are plenty I’m missing since the existing ones seem to morph into new ones all the time. And btw thanks for your blog (and for your sense of humor!), I love both. If you ever get a hankering to decorate in the coastal areas of Los Angeles, we’d love to have you!!

  661. KT or Katie Beth or KC

  662. dubs. i had to go by my middle initial in high school because there was another sarah with the same last name as me. mine is w… which became dubya… and eventually just dubs. it continued all through college and most of my friends still call me dubs.

  663. tab…someone once called me tabby. put a stop to that…i am not a cat! :0)

  664. To name a few: Lish, Lisha, Lish Kabob, LishMom, Shasha, LuLu Manunu..

  665. My high school friends used to call me Harps (a spin off my last name) and my college friends call me Nursing Child because I’m the youngest one on the hospital’s clinical team! :) (lol but I’m not that young- I’m 21!)

  666. Berber…yes, sounds just like the carpet….

  667. “danaburger”, “d-day”, “D”, “dane” or “pookie” :)

  668. My dad calls me deebadee or deeb. Long story. :)

  669. Since I was born my parents have called me Allie Oopie… Which has turned into Oopie or Miss Oopie… Haha only families come up with this sort of stuff! ;)

  670. “Pixie” (my uncle still calls me this b/c I was always petite). Also, “Berrie” & “Air” from my name.

  671. Nana

  672. My 19 month old has several:
    Bubba, Bubby, Booter, Duder, Bubba Boy, Bubbers, Tootsy-Pootsy…I could go on & on…we are always making up new ones, but these are the ones he is called most often!

  673. My dad was very anti nicknames and always made sure to use our full names haha. Regardless, Jordan calls me “bear” (more a pet name than a nickname I guess) and our friends think it’s hilarious to call us “Jourtney” (the combo of Jordan and Courtney after I made fun of the nicknames Brangelina, etc. Guess I deserved that one :) )

  674. When I was little my dad called me “Karma-leeta-with-the-dirty-feeta” ~ I hated it then but smile when I hear him say it now.

  675. My son, Thomas’ nickname is Tucker, as in “Little Tommy Tucker”.

  676. my husband gave me the nickname “holls” when we were in middle school….he loves that it has stuck around this long! my dad used to call me and my sister his “dubs” so we still throw that one around now and then too!

  677. my nickname is “redi” combination of Rebecca and diva – my children nicknames are Boo and Roe and I saved the best for last my husband is Sloaney Bolgney….

  678. My nicknames were G (which only makes sense because Haydee is the phonetic spelling of my name, my real name starts with a G) and my kids nicknames are Daniel:angel pie, d-money (it’s ironic. trust me), monk Isabelle: Izzie, honey pie.

    This is the awesomest friggin giveaway–btw.

  679. Wow her work is beautiful! My nickname was always Jk, real original. It’s my initials.
    My oldest sons name is Rhett and we call him Rhettskie. =)

  680. “little kate”

  681. My goddaughter calls me Tiz, my nephew calls me Cici, and my sister calls me Sissy. I guess I’ll answer to just about anything!

  682. i have a boy named, Walker – we call him walkie talkie lot, b/c he’s a talker – should have named him Talker (btw, he’d die if he knew i shared this info ;). my other angel is named Ryan, we call him Ryno – b/c he is stubborn like one. love, love, love your blog. xoxo

  683. The nickname given by my 4 older sisters is/was “Carrie Bell” (Caroline). They loved their little baby sister to pieces and would say “Carrie Bell” so sweetly. They still do all these decades later. I loved being the baby of the family.

    My daughter, Cornelia, goes by “NeeNee” with her little cousins. They could never quite get her name right when they were teeny tiny, so this is how NeeNee came to be.

    My son, Alexander, has been “Xan” from the get-go. He is called Xan for my husband’s great grandfather. He is very proud of the X in his name and calls it out to us whenever he sees it while we’re out and about.

    My favorite nickname goes with my mother-in-law. All the grandchildren call her “Gagoo”. The oldest (NeeNee) started it and it stuck. Everyone calls her that now.

    I do like this artist. I like the contrast of the angular lines and the soft feel of the subjects. Colors are lovely. I am especially thrilled with the sewing on these prints. Thank you for sharing! I hope I win them.

    Also, I love your blog. I don’t usually comment. I’ve been visiting regularly for what might be a couple of years now (not exactly sure how long you’ve been on my feeder).

  684. Since my name is Susan Elizabeth but I have always gone by Libby, my family has never used both syllables of my name, only ‘Lib.’ But somehow I started calling myself ElizabusSchoolBus, so I have friends that call me Bus. A cousin who couldn’t say my name started ‘E-ah.’ And those are only the ones I know – ha!

  685. My husband calls me “Willis” as in “What you talking about, Willis.” Great artist…thanks for the introduction.

  686. Colette Parish says:

    My nickname is Coco!

  687. Rebecca Patterson says:

    My dad has called me “pooke” all my life. It used to mortify me growing up. My family and I have asked my dad forever where he came up with this name and his only answer is that from the first minute he saw me he blurted out “its my little pooke!” So the big question has always been what is a pooke?? I am so in love with all of the paintings, but especially the pup in the grass. If this pooke wins one of those fabulous paintings all those mortifying years will be sooo worth it!!!

  688. Icecube (dating back to my high school tennis days). Yikes!

  689. my mom always called me “lolly”…my daughter’s name is Olivia and i alternate between “liviloo”, “livi the loo”, “livi the loo with a shoe” or to keep it simple, “livi scivi”…my sweet 12 year old dog is Buster, but we call him an assortment of nicknames starting with “bus” which leads to “gus”…which leads to “bus gus”…or if he’s in trouble…”buster james”.:)

  690. We call my son Butters. I think it’s a derivative of Buddy, but Butters is funnier and always reminds my husband of South Park.

  691. My mother calls me ‘Pickle’. She got it from a children’s book where this kitten was always “getting herself into a pickle”.

  692. My son Harry is Harooshi or sometimes Le Harry, my daughter Sabrina is Nina or Sabrito and my son Carter is Cartier…

  693. My oldest son’s nickname is D because it’s cute. My middle son’s in “Sweet Potatoe” because he was actually so orange from eating so many sweet potatoes (I had no clue.) And my yougest son’s is “Chocolate” (pronounced in spanish, That’s what just popped into my head when he was born.)

  694. My nickname was honeybun.

  695. Depending on who is saying it, I get Kimmie, Kimbo, Kimlet, and Boo. What a fun series of blog posts these are! And I love the prints. They are all beautiful, but I especially love “Undress” and “Wrapped.

  696. I love Clare’s work!!

    My nickname as a kid was Mandy Moo and my mom and uncles still call me that!

  697. Kathy Dwyer says:

    These are amazing! My nick name is Kiki. When I was young my Dad called me Beans, cuz I hated veggies, now I love them…He doesn’t called me that so much any more!?!

  698. those images are amazing and that unmade bed of your doesn’t irk me its stylish you know. Well my family and close friends call Magi-chan, that has something to do with my hobbies i guess?

    buy ffxiv gil

  699. Boo. It still sticks now and again and when my dad calls me Boo I absolutely love it!

  700. My nicknames are Mo (Mom & sister) and pumpkin (which my Dad still calls me sometimes and I love).

  701. michelleb. says:

    I don’t have one, but I have them for my husband – “Daddy-O”, and 3 daughters – “Kay-la-la”, “Maia-Pizza-Pia”, ‘Alyssa-Kissa”. Yeah, they’re not always thrilled being that they are 18, 15 & 12y.o.

  702. Mine is JRO, like JLO!

  703. nicole bell says:

    My children have always been called by nicknames:
    B, Sissy, Griff, Rix (Mary Barton, Eleanor, Griffin, and Richards).

  704. My parents nicknamed me Tutti Fruity when I was two weeks old because I was a very colicky baby. Since then, I have only known my name to be Tutti (I only divulge my real name if I win because it’s a doozy). I have answered to: Tutti, Toot-a-lou, Toot-Toot, Tootalicious, Tootunkamen, Toot-a-roo, Tude, Tootsie, Toots, Toots-alot (not true), and Tittie (my least favorite).

  705. My nickname is Tudie, named after a jazz singer. My family has NEVER called me by my birth name! Love, love this artist!

  706. What a beautiful idea. I love her artwork!

    My nickname, even now when I’m home in my hometown, is Chele (Shel, or Shelly) for Michele. I had to move away to ever get to use Michele, no one there will use it!

  707. When I was little, my dad started calling me Bobalu and sometimes my family just shortened it to “Bob”. I always hated it, but I would love to hear him to call me that now :-)

  708. My nieces call my Aunt Hay-Hay.

  709. Tara Verdigets says:


  710. me: “Kate-Kate” James Henry: “bear” Eli: “Eli-da-be-li”

  711. I am so embarassed to tell you this but here goes. Baby Ree it was my “breakdancing” name. Lol! I call my son Richie Roo or Rooster.

  712. We call our 5 year old daughter, Puddin’. Which makes me smile everytime I say it…

  713. What beautiful work.. would love to win! My mom and late Grandmother (and now many of my friends!) call me Birdie. No idea where it stemmed from.. my family is famous for nicknames!

  714. I get called Kelbel all the time by family and friends. My oldest son (Noah) is “Bear” (no idea!) and “Bud”…we got a little more creative with the second one though. Baby Liam is, “Chunky Delicious”, “Liger” (cause he sounds like one when he gets really excited!) and “lil LT” (his full name is Liam Taylor).

  715. Me: Cranky. I don’t know why, I am usually pretty giggly.

    Xavier: Buddy. He’s scrappy and always wants to be in the middle of what ever is going on.

    Olivia: Pretty or sweet girl. My husband got her to say pretty when she was still a baby. It was so sweet, hence sweet girl.

    Matt: Babe. He’s pretty much the nickname giver, so the one we gave him is pretty lame.

    Love the art. It is fabulous!

  716. Love her work!! Mine: Shazzy Maris: Mare Bear Jack: J-Boy

  717. My dad always called me “Annie” and it stuck.. as well as “sis”. When my daughter was born, I called her “the little puddin” and it has shortened to “pud”. I love it… hope she does too when she is older!

  718. Shea Bryars Design says:

    My husband calls me “pig pen”. sadly, I think ive earned it!

  719. Hello.. I’ve been following you along with your sister and love you both… my nickname in middle school was poodle and high school i managed to get pooder as my nickname! awesome!! thanks for letting me share.

  720. Elangatang. 3rd grade. A boy that apparently had a crush on me was doing a report on Orangoutangs (omg, i didn’t know that’s how you spelled that!), and instead of saying Orangoutangs, he said Elangatang every. single. time. I think I went home and cried.
    E (first letter of name), Giant Lady (not a nice one from my hubsb/c I am 5’9″ and if I wear any kind of heel, of course it makes me taller). I can’t think of any more right now but I bet my friends could!

  721. My dad always calls me scooter and my brother calls me beboey. We have no idea where beboey came from, he just made it up one day!

  722. Amelia is my name, so I guess my nickname is Amy. My daughter’s name is Savannah, and her nickname is Savvy. Something we started when she was about 2 and everyone calls her that.

  723. irene toohey says:

    Bean – I drank soy bean milk as a kid! Everyone still calls me it today!

  724. You bedroom color looks like mine (Harbor Haze, BM). LOVE these games and LOVE those prints! I am realizing that I have a lot of nicknames, just depending on the person/season of my life…Sal, My Gal Sal, Sally-bet, Whiskey-Sal (probably needs further explanation, but I’m not going there), Downtown Sally Brown, Hotrod, Tater, Mater, Sal-dogg, Sally Ann…Also, a funny one for my daughter that kinda stuck is BetsyBA, which stands for Betsy bad-ass. That girl has been sweet, YET SPICY, since day one!

  725. Heather Spencer says:

    No nickname here….Heather doesn’t lend itself way to a nickname!

  726. Megan Kelly says:

    Meg! My best friend gets territorial when anyone else calls me Meg.

  727. nie nie – grandmother (for stephanie…my grandmother has a habit of shortening names)

    From that, spurns various versions…
    nie noh – brother and parents
    noh noh – brother
    nie nah – aunt

    ah sum – some friends from high school

    and a whole other bunch….is it any wonder that i’m not a fan of my name?

  728. My family has always called me Emmaline. A combo of my name, Emily, and my sister, Caroline. Caroline has a much more unique nickname. First she was line, that morphed into Luna, which turned into Luna Tuna. Now, with love, we call her Tuna!

  729. My nickname doesn’t get used now, but when I was a kid, my family called me Lara Jean Jellybean. Don’t know where that came from–my middle name is not Jean.

  730. Nicknames are so funny to me! I love them even more when they make no sense! Mine was smitty (last name Smith) from my PE teacher in grade school!

  731. my nickname is “phig.” given to me by my brother, and it has stuck! my dad also calls me “roo.”

    i call my dog savannah, “skeeter” & “squirt”
    sophie is “potato girl”
    husband charles is “W”

    that’s it!

  732. my mom calle me “kb”, my friend’s mom always called me “smelly kelli”- but i promise i’m not stinky ;), my dad called me Norton from the honeymooners, but shortened it to “nortie”, and my college softball team always called me by my full name, but as one word…”kellirichards”

  733. Doody, Doddo or Doody Beans – all stem from my last name Dodd.

  734. My dad has NEVER called me by my name. Since I was born, I have been “MONK”. sometimes “monkey gail” (middle name), but usually just MONK. And I dig it :-)

  735. My little girls name is Corina after a good friend but we call here COCO or COCOBEAN. she is our little bean and its suits her perfectly!

  736. “May May”, Megapie, Wells (my maiden name)and Megaboo…I love nicknames…I give everyone one! :) ps-the paintings are GORGEOUS!! I am absolutely in love with the one above your bed!

  737. When I was a kid, I was called Izzy Poo!

  738. My neice and nephew call me “Doe”. When my neice (the oldest) was a baby, she called me Doe Doe but later dropped one Doe once she was a little older and too cool. All their friends (young and old) call me Doe as well.

  739. Lulu-it was started by my brother when I was just a tot! Ashley Bug-I think my dad started this one. Daughters nickname Laynee Bug!

  740. Your contests are always so fun! I love that print with the dog. It looks like my Labs. Anyway, I’ve had several nicknames, but the one that’s stuck is, unfortunately, the worst. When I was in sixth grade, a bird pooped on my head. As a result, my older sister started calling me S***head, then S****y. She was a senior in high school when I was a freshmen and all her friends called me that whenever they’d pass me in the halls. Some of them still call me that.

  741. Love the prints! Some of my nicknames are Lindsey Ann Greenspan, started from a drunken night and a cousin being funny. My Neice calls me Ya-Ya bc she couldn’t say Lindsey. My husband either calls me Babe or Poo Bear when he wants to annoy me, it comes from the movie Legally Blond.

  742. WIGGY – that’s it. My beautiful, blue-eyed scoop of dreaminess (and dirt) was “given” a very proper .. an even one day potential candidate for Congress sounding Southern name – William David, III.. and it has resorted to Wiggy. Much in part to his sister..and his aunt (my fab sista who turned me on to you and Darby). They love watching “Run’s House” on MTV. One of Run’s boys is named Douglass, but they call him “Diggy”… and out of that came the name that will follow my adorable sugarloaf who is in preschool through junior high, playing ball, going to prom, college applications, frat house parties… He is forever Wiggy. And he rocks it.

  743. Lauren Cook says:

    My older sister started calling me “Lois” when I started college. Now, people think its my real name. I often have people asking me “Why did (she/he) call you Lauren??” Everyone from my father-in-law to my insurance agent call me Lois. It’s ridiculous. My nickname even has a nickname, “Lolo.” I am certain that my nieces and nephews will never know who Lauren is…

    Love the blog!

  744. My son Joe is Joe-Joe Jellybeans, daughter Keeran is Keery-Beery and son Colin in Colin Magollin.

  745. My nick names growing up were ashy and little bit!

  746. Meeeeeg (mine). Boogie, Boogs, Boogie Juice (my son).

  747. Beautiful work! My kiddos have much cuter nicknames than I so here it goes…”Cadeuce” (is on the loose), “Emma Bear”, and little “Jolly”!! As busy and hectic as life is with 3 kiddos, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thanks for all the offers this week, can’t wait until you announce WINNERS!!

  748. Jennifer Gessner says:

    My nickname in my family is “mother hen”. I constantly followed my little brother around our whole childhood and watched over him to the point that I drove even my parents crazy with updates about what he was doing. Now, even though I still have the nickname and don’t follow him around, I still offer up plenty of advice & opinions for him. :) I guess I’ll always be a “mother hen” to him.

  749. I have a few.. SaySay because when I was little my best friend couldnt say Sarah, SRog somehow came to me in college and stuck, and my brother calls me sister – original right?!

  750. McRae Hogan says:

    “Bird” (Whenever it was time to eat, my Mom said I would hold my mouth open like a baby Bird!)

  751. I was called Phoebe because people said I looked like Phoebe Cates

  752. Beans, Beaner, Leaner Beaner- I think it came about when I was little and loved green beans. :)

  753. My niece and nephew call me Lu Lu :)

  754. Would love to win one of these paintings so I’ll play! My nicknames are Emmy, Sprite (small but mighty)and Toots (pronounced both like Toot-sie or boots with T)

  755. As a Jennifer, I accept any variation of the name. Jenn, Jenny, J, etc. My dad has always me “Jenn-John” because my middle name is Johnson. Thankfully that one didn’t catch on outside of the family.

  756. My sister and her kids call my son “show show”. He was a crazy baby and she would say he was a freak show…but I guess that was a little to mean.

  757. turtle, goody & megadeath…
    nice, huh?

  758. My husband has called me “Little Mama” since we started dating 8 years ago. Now it has been shortened to “LM”. Slightly embarassing in public!

  759. My name is Melanie so Mel, of course!
    When I was pregnant with our son, we could not decide on a name, but we knew it was a boy, so we called him Blu- it stuck, we still call him Blu. Ever seen Old School? It kind of came from that:)

  760. i love these prints!
    my most common nickname is just “bek.” but my sister calls me “becky” because she knows i hate it…or she calls me “bunny”

  761. “fir tree”…well it was “tanne” which means fir tree in German.
    …don`t ask me about the reasons!
    PLEASE Erica, how can you show us SO BEAUTIFUL paintings!!!??? Now I want one so bad (I really loved one pic) but I guess it has to wait moneywise :(

  762. my boss calls me M.B. My full name is Mary Elizabeth, but I go by Bess. So he started calling me Mary Bess, which got shortened to M.B. On a side note, I recenly got married and did not want to drop ANY of my names. I kept them all! so now my full initials are M.E.A.T. Lovely, huh?

  763. I have two pregnant daughters-in-law, due within a week of each other! Two granddaughters on the way after having two sons – woohoo! My new nickname is going to be Kiki, a variation on my “real” name. I can’t wait!

  764. Oooh! Pick me! My mom always called me MandaBoo, not totally sure why. My 3 year old is Parker Grace and we started calling her PG, which quickly turned into Peeg. My six year old, Ryleigh is often called Ryleighdoodle, just because it’s cute.

  765. Kids’ nicknames are “Eddie” and “Gay-gay” because they couldn’t say each others names–Aaron and Grace–when they were little.

  766. My name is Pamela Louise and my daughter (now 20) has always called me “Pammie Lou”. Anything I do crafty is called “Pammie Lou Designs.” I bottle my own wine as “Pammie Lou Wines.” Plus all my daughters college friends referred to me as “Pammie Lou.” They especially like the “Pammie Lou Wines!” It’s a knickname that very special to me.

  767. JLAW … first name Jenna, maiden name Lawrence. I love a good nickname.

  768. Gorgeous art – the one above your bed is so dreamy. And we have a bedroom makeover to look forward to… yay! My nickname is JJ for my name (Jennifer Janell) and my daughter’s nickname is Chloebelle, just because it rolls off the tongue. In secret though, I sometimes call her Scout. To Kill A Mockingbird is my favourite book and I would have loved to name her Scout, but the husband wasn’t on board with that so secret nickname it is ;)

  769. Maynerd – my dad called me this while trying to feed me while watching a Malt’O'Meal commercial… “yeah Maynerd, Try it, You’ll Like it”

  770. My mother named me Jill so as never to have a knickname – and then she started calling me “J”. One friend calls me “Jillsy”. My kids are called “Bologna” and “Harry”.

  771. Ok…I not gonna win on this one…but I have to laugh because there were 8 children in my family and my mother ALWAYS called us by our given name…always………Ellen,David,Anne,Martha,Mark,Elizabeth,
    Jenifer and Paul. No nicknames. I always thought nicknames were kind of fun. Oh well…..

  772. Nancy Menninger says:

    I’ve been called “Nance” and “Buffalo” (a high school friend tapped me with that unbecoming nickname), and “Agee” (my maiden name). But my most favorite is my current nickname: “Nana”. This comes from my 7 grandchildren and, by extension, my children and their spouses!

  773. Brookie; Tall Brooke (bizarrely, to distinguish me from another equally tall friend from grad school, also named Brooke, who got the unfortunate “Other Brooke”); B/BK

  774. My nickname as a child was Bookie, which started as boo pookie and my parents shortened it I think. My sister was punkydoodle! Don’t know why. Most of the time I call my son ‘punky’ or ‘stinker pete’. I have no idea why either!

  775. My sister used to call me “Ging Gong” when we were little. I have no idea where that came from!

  776. My dad calls me, “Sis” and “Bub.” When I was younger and to this day (when I get to visit home) he says, “Good night, Sis. Dream of how much Jesus and Daddy love you.”

  777. cinderella, my great uncle always called me that, kind of odd since I was such a tomboy! thanks for the giveaway, she does beautiful work!

  778. My friends jokingly call me Rynn, because I’m Asian. I call my child (i.e., my 85 lb German Shepherd, Cooper) bubby a lot.

  779. Oh fun… My childhood nickname (that’s still stuck around) is Buns! And for some strange reason we’ve taken to calling our baby girl “mooshkin”. I have no explanation except that it fits!

  780. The only nickname I’ve ever had is “A”

  781. my children have a million – b-man, benetian, benoit, em-bop, pretty, and a million more
    and for me, natty – pretty obvious :)

  782. My dad (and no one else) calls me “Rams”….and none of us have any idea why.

  783. riri. i used to nanny for 4 sweet girls. the youngest could not pronounce “anne marie” so she always said “ri”. it became riri and just kinda stuck!

  784. Most of the time people just call me SJ but my family calls me either Sary, Sashy or Smurna. I’m still in the market for an ultra cool nickname.

  785. My nickname is KK. My kids’ are Annie Boo and Mattie Moo :)

  786. My mom calls me Em Bem :)

  787. Thanks for the opportunity. My nicknames or Ang and Angelina.

  788. X-Lax because Lacks is my maiden name. No, it’s not some gross background like you’d think.

  789. Widget…my husband started it when we were dating. I was so nervous on our first date, I guess I was very “fidgety”. So it started out with fidget and ended up widget or widge and it stuck.

  790. My nicknames are Carlos and C-Lo!

  791. My dad’s always called me, “Sweet Pea”. As for my little 3-month old baby Seamus, he’s warming to “Sea-Pooper”(what can I say, babies poop a lot!) and “Pumpkin”.

  792. Mine? Bird. Daughters? Hannahbelle. Son? Dupe.

  793. Jame Jame is what I am affectionately called by my nieces and nephews.

  794. In college a friend of mine started calling me “fallaway”. Combo of my first and last name, Autumn Holloway. Somehow it stuck!

  795. I am a chronic nick-namer, Its kind of ridiculous how many I have for my husband ;-)
    But my fav’s : Babers, Big J (Jeff)
    My kids: Cadence: Cadsy, Cadsy-Lu, Lu-Lu
    Shepherd: Shep, Sheppy, Shepero-Majero
    And I’m called Lindser, Linner and Diddy (that started by my younger sister when she couldn’t say my whole name)
    Aren’t nicknames the best way to feel loved?!

  796. Little Bit by my dad, Na-Na by my little sister and Kathryn by my husband (it’s my middle name….not sure why he calls me this!)

  797. I love this! Me-Shelby- my grandfather has always called me this, Smelly Shelley- only from my uncle, Boogie- guess I liked them when I was little! …my mom still calls this.
    Quinn (my oldest)-GQ, Mr. Boogie, Quinny the Pooh.
    Bennett (my yongest)- B Bop, Benito, Doak.

  798. I’ve been “Red” since I started dating my husband as a teenager. He was just starting as a rookie firefighter and his superviser began to call me that(I have red hair). Now all these years later, all the guys at the station call me that and also the guys I work with, I even have “Red” on my hardhat!

    I began calling my son “Scooter” before he was born. About a week after he was born, it was shortend to “Scoot Scoot”, because he would scoot in circles in his crib. He is only a year old, but I still find it hard to call him by his given name and not Scoot Scoot.

  799. My nickname from my husband is Pete…sweetheart to peteheart to pete…or Stef, Steffie, Steffie-Lou-Lou, etc..

  800. Princess, Starflower and Boo Didley (all from my dad–I know the last one is hysterically awful) & my husband calls me Birdie

  801. My Daddy called me Lady D and my sister and Chi O sisters called my Niecey.

  802. Only one of my children has a nickname. His name is Sam and we call him Sambird.

  803. For some crazy reason my sister calls me Cricket. She use to have a doll that talked named Cricket from the 80′s. You would put a cassette in her back and she would talk. Cute doll with a cute name! Hope I’m a winner – - I’m commenting on all these giveaways hoping I win at least 1!!!

  804. I don’t a nickname (*insert pouty lip here*) and through high school always yearned for a good one! I’ve since given up the dream and come to terms with the fact that I won’t have one. Haha We named our son Boone, which we adore, and don’t want to nickname him because then we couldn’t use it (poor kiddo). Of course he has little pet names, but as for a really cool, funny, or clever nickname, he got jipped!He has been dubbed “Bucka” by my mother, she calls him her Bucka-Booney. I’ve always called him My Misser Man (there’s even a song that goes along with this), and my husband calls him his Boone-Skillet. I’m sure he’ll be equally as embarrassed by every single one of them!!

  805. Caroline Evans says:

    Care, EVANS!, Mo Gumpus, and Pugger all for Caroline (from my sister, college friends, my dad, and my aunt…) LOVE those prints!

  806. My name is Claire, so I had sevral: Claire Bear, Clairabelle, Clairesy Bear, Clairee, Claireese. Best of all, my Dad called me (and still does call me) Punkin.

  807. Karen Brown says:

    squeaky, peanut, miles of smiles…

  808. me: Ali, Ali Pallie, AP, Sissy, Kids(3): turkey, lulu, lu bear, pooh, booger bear, maa maa

  809. Beautiful work!

    Lucy(from Peanuts), Cat, Cattalack, Cath and Caty.

  810. Crissy Perham says:

    It seems like everyone in our family has a nickname! I’m Kitty b/c a drunk guy in a bar couldn’t say/hear my name ages ago. My husband is Chuddy b/c his bro couldn’t say Charlie. My kids are Boog and RyDog. Even my dog, Cooper is Coop Doggie Dog! Love the art and hope I win! Happy Friday!

  811. Well,I like 6 names…brookie brook,brookie,sissy,sis,little bit,because I play softball and i am the catcher,and (i am really tiny) so when i put on all my gear you cant see me! So that is where i got little bit!

  812. Oh my gosh, aren’t those incredible! They feel like Alex Katz to me. Anyone else? Anyway, my nicknames are embarrassingly awful! Sussypants, Crabby Abby, Sookie, Miss A.

  813. “wack” which is a derivative from calliewacker. given to me by the staff at the most random pizza place in athens, georgia where i waited tables oh so long ago!

  814. You know, I’ve never really had a nickname. Prob b/c my name is so short anyway! Great giveaway!

  815. My best friend calls me Elsiebeth and my college roommates call me Turbo. :-)

  816. beth murray says:

    Danger Mouse!! We were in DC and had a guest on the show that had Secret Service detail. The two secret service guys were stationed standing right behind my desk while waiting for everyone to come out of the studio. It was so awkward b\c they were standing there for about half a day in such close quarters with me. Tried chatting with them, didn’t work. Would barely say a word. I asked them what they thought my SS nickname would be if I had one? No response. So serious. About two hours later in front everyone, one of them leaned down and announced “DANGER MOUSE.” Entire newsroom just died. The only two words they said to us. It stuck- my boss kept using it (even on office wide e-mails) and now, even our prop guys on set call me Danger.

  817. my son – Noah Bug!

  818. Embarassing, but the hubby calls me HoneyBear! He’s let the nickname slip in front of friends before, and they just shoot him a strange, sideways glance!

  819. Feda– because that it the best my little brother could do with pronouncing my name :)

  820. “whooper.” no one knows why…it’s a family mystery!

  821. Suzie or Suzie Q was and is still a very popular nickname (of course!) As a child, my older sister would call me Sooey which I hated. She informed me that that is how you call a pig home!

  822. Beenie, as given by my older sister. I resisted for awhile, but its stuck now :)

  823. My daughter’s name is Kylie. When she was born, my 2 year old couldn’t pronounce Kylie and called her Dolly. 7 years later, she’s still Dolly.

  824. “Hil Bug” comes from my mother, & “Hiraly” Comes from a cousin who couldn’t say my name :)

  825. My darling father still calls me “Lyssie Lou Lou” which was my nickname growing up – - I’m 27 now but I still love it a million times a million.

  826. Nicknames are Wendel, Wendy Cakes, and Wender Bender!

  827. Totally blown away. These are stunning.

    So, call me Ricky or Scoop if you like. My sweet Daddy would sometimes call me Ricky as a little one. Scoop comes from my college years as the editor of the paper and a journalism major. For some reason it stuck despite that I’m now a graphic designer and photographer. It’s the only nickname I’ve ever liked enough to encourage. :)

  828. Maria Martin says:

    My family calls me Mares (short for Marilou). My furbaby Max has many nicknames: Puppers, The Maxter (from the UPS guy), Mr. Snug (his original name from the shelter we adopted him from).

  829. My mother still calls me ‘Goo-Goo Gah-Gah’ (I am 31)… absolutely mortifying.

    To pass on the tradition my two rescue cats have similarly unfair nicknames:
    Nick– ‘Sticky Icky Nicky’ (he is handsome, soft, fresh-smelling and an absolute gentleman of a tomcat)
    Cameron– ‘Camerina’ (he is a boy and does not resemble a ballerina)

  830. Jennifer Boland says:

    Pooter Pie. Given to me by my dad. Apparently the first thing I did when I came out waspoot. Embarrasing.
    Scrubbs. Because my maiden name is Grubbs. And the TLC song came out while I was in high school. I guess it was a no brainer :-)

  831. My siblings call me Mimi or Meemster, my husband called me Lovey, and my neices call me Muffin. And I love this artwork so much I just bought one on etsy!! Can’t wait to receive it.

  832. Ga-ga (but pronounced guh-guh) or Sessa because my little brothers couldn’t pronounce my name when they were little.

  833. Rach or Rachers

  834. pea- my husband starting calling me sweet pea and somehow it has shortened to just “pea”…he uses pea more than he does my name and people alwasy ask “what did he say”? i love it though.

  835. My dad called me Ennajay growing up (my name in pig latin), and my hubby calls me Little Bird or Little Mama Bird.

  836. My dad always calls me “Junior” which makes little to no sense but he likes it:) And my daughter’s name is Katherine, but we call her “Kit”…and “Little Muffin.”

  837. I’m not frequently called by a nickname, but Que Sera stuck for a while there in college!

  838. my nickname: sadie, auntie sadie, boo my son: monkey, peanut, peanut butter, monks, bugs, babes.

    i love this work!

  839. Nickname for me from my mom? KellyGirl. Still holds. I am 41. :)
    Kids at school stared with ChickenBone, processed to BoneChick, and the boys in high school mixed my height with my last game and called me Treego.

    My own boys? My Baby J and Payne-O.

  840. great giveaway! my nicknames are miss jane, janey, gianna (italian) lockers and one person calls me (v occasionally) knockers!

  841. andrea silva says:

    my maiden name is wappel so all my friends growing up called me WAP….most still do and i’m 29 :)

  842. As a family we are known as The Bear Family. Each individual has a bear suffix after just about every and all nicknames. The standards are; Hunnie Bear (my husband), Julesie-Bear (our son Jules), Katie-Bear (that’s me) and Mealie-Mouse (that’s Amelia). (OK, so she doesn’t get the bear suffix.) And, depending on the day, the task, the moment … baby-bear, angry-bear, funny-bear. Or just plain old BEAR, which is said with loving familiarity — like “Norm” on Cheers, if anyone is old enough to remember that show. The dog? Why, dog-bear, of course! And let’s not forget kitty-bear (whom I also call kitty-dog, just to keep him on his paws). So silly. [My brother started this.]

  843. The Evil twin (i have a twin brother and one of my middle school teachers called me this bc i am the more likely to get in trouble) also Red (haircolor)

  844. My nickname is “Bear-ah” (when I’m being grouchy) and Grace (that I’ve had since I was tiny because of my klutz tendencies:) My kids are: Virginia (“Genny Bug”, “V”,) Evelyn (who goes by her nickname of Evie..but is also known around here as “doodle-bug”) and Thomas (who we call “Big T” or “Thom Thom”)

  845. Janet Boudreaux says:

    My nicknames are “JanJan” and “lil Pooter”. My nieces and nephew gave me JanJan and my wonderful, loving husband gave me the other!

  846. mine: LOU
    my kids: CC, Helly Belly and Kitty

  847. I love Island and Pup in the Grass. What amazing work!

    My nickname is Ray… because I always sign stuff “RA” because I have an old lady name… Ruth… and I’m only 32. :-D

  848. “LJ” for Lisa Jo and “Frog” – the result of an epic fail in a basketball game that was suppose to be an awesome defensive move :/

  849. well mostly koosh by my friends baby beluga which I hate from my hubby and we call our daughter poopsie – woopsie and sometimes referred as kaash by the rest of the family.

  850. My girls are Georgia Grace {Gigi for short} and Charlotte {Charlie}

  851. Margaret Dixon says:

    My charming Papa called me “honey face”. In his eyes I was a sweet and smiling lass.

  852. My nickname is Bicho, which is a Portuguese word. I was told it meant little bug. I was thinking bumble bees and ladybugs. But I realized it wasn’t so cute when my mother-in-law was in from Portugal, and my husband wouldn’t call me this when she was around. See how he is! ;D

  853. kaper! This one was given to me by my husband.(pronounced the same as caper) and katie-did when I little from a friend of the family! I love these prints, especially the cabana print.

  854. Mine are Kizzer or Skizzer…I have no idea why!

  855. My oldest is SweetPea, my middle is SugarPlum, and we are still figuring out one for our 4 month old…in the running are Bubba, CutiePie, or little O (for Oskar).

  856. My own nickname is weak… just “Hales”, short for my name. My dog, however, has tons of nicknames including Charlie Bear, Pumpkin Face, Doodle Bug and Little Dog. :)

  857. ratfink – i don’t even want to explain that one :)

  858. Shanna Scott says:

    Our daughter’s name is Annabelle and we call her “tooter pooter”. It stemmed from when she was a baby… you know how baby’s just toot alot… ; ). Our son’s name is Luke and we call him Lukester. My husband calls me Ricky, it came from a movie that he and a friend watched before we ever met and they called each other Ricky andthen began calling my Little Ricky and now it’s just Ricky or Rick or Randy or Randall.

  859. Lz, zeytooj, lis, zinky, fatha, and zee. Kids: callicious, monkey, munch, Ollie, cal

  860. i’m occasionally referred to as wu gui at work… it’s Chinese for turtle since I can be slow at times getting things finished:)

  861. I can’t seem to get away from the “Kat:” “Katipus Platypus,” “Katamus Maximus,” “Katski,” “Kateran,” “Katara”… I’m sure I’m forgetting something!

  862. We are super boring. Neither of us have nicknames… my husband calls me sweet thing, more like a pet name though.

  863. Lots of people call me yeni…like jenni but with a y.

  864. children’s nicknames:
    Jujubee (for Jack)
    Roo or Rooroobee (for Rachel)
    Z or zoozoo (for Zachary)
    For dad – “doodoobee” See a pattern here?? Sadly, mom doesn’t have one!

  865. Kids – Bear Bears (daughter), and Bengie Boy(Son)

  866. “Bethy” (my parents and siblings), “Mom Please” (my two year old)

  867. parents call me ‘mouse.’ my sisters call me ‘keek.’

  868. My nicknames can be numerous and mostly come from my dear husband. BeBe , wen, dee (from my nephew alex),wewe, Wenders….those are the most common ones!

  869. 1. My parents called me Little Loly
    2. At work I’m often called Lolita or La-la-la-la-lola (after the song)

  870. jennyrae

  871. Barbara Youngblood says:

    My nickname is “Babs”. It was popular in the 40′s and 50′s due to the famous Woolworth heiress named Barbara Hutton who went by Babs. She married Cary Grant in 1942. Only my family calls me Babs, ha. Most Barbara’s I meet are born prior to 1960.

  872. Loon and Kiki. Beautiful art!

  873. my husband calls me “HB” for honey bunny. it’s even part of the string of letters engraved in our wedding bands. we call our 14 month old Hannah “Monkey” stemming from Hannah Banana.

  874. My last name is Fink… I mean seriously. There are a million nicknames out there for me… Finky, Finster, Finkle, Finklestien… I think you get the point.

  875. Elizabeth L says:

    I don’t have any nicknames (or children to give nicknames to)! This will be a boring entry if it wins :-)

  876. Gorgeous art! So original! My nicknames are “Mere,” “Mere-Bear,” “Mary Beth,” and “Sissy.” :)

  877. My son Cooper’s nicknames are: Stinker, Stinkie, Stinks, Pooper, Poops, Sir-Poops-a-Lot, McPoopster, Coop Dawg, C-Dawg, Coop Doggie Dog (to the tune of one of Snoop Dogg’s songs).

  878. we call our little ones: grahamers and lucy goose!

  879. Maria Pami says:

    All my friends from Argentina call me Meri, and i love it:)

  880. My daughter Lilly’s nickname is “smooshy” or “smoosh cake”. She is 5 years old. I called her smooshy one night when were were playing around and squeezing her soft smooshy belly! :)

  881. LOU! My mom calls me lissy lou, and now my friends just call me lou :)

  882. LOVE this!!! Okay…my childhood nickname is “Fanny”, from my brother’s since my name is Dani. Lovely. and “Pook” from my husband from the movie caddy shack. My middle boy is nicknamed “Diddle” from singing nursery rhymes with his older brother…”A diddle, diddle the cat and the fiddle”. His name is Aidan…it just stuck! And there is our last name “silver” that everyone uses as a nicknamed for any family member…I kinda of like it…it was a 90201 nickname too. Funny.

  883. My sweet grammy called me Jillie Pooh Pooh Pooh.

  884. jennifer Alves says:

    my nickname, jennalynn, is longer than my real name but everyone says it fit’s me better.

  885. Sara-sponda, Sara-sponda-ret-set-set

  886. charlestonmom says:

    Too many to count for my twin girls. Boo Bear, Pumpkin Pie, Bunny Rabbit, Sissy, Doodle, the list goes on.

  887. Beeba, my little sister couldn’t say Deborah. Now I’m Beeba to all my family.

  888. Mano- My dad called me that growing up and now my nieces call me that as well as the 2 little boys I nanny for. My sisters call me Manda though!

  889. puddin’…goofey, but that is what my dad always called me…

  890. My grandpa used to call me “Squirt” because of an unfortunate diaper accident. My daughter’s nickname is Pete (real name: Edith) and my son’s nickname is Fred (real name: Eric). My mom’s real name is Dale, but she’s always been called Suki, and no one knows why (she didn’t even know what her real name was when she started school!).

  891. Nothing too creative…my nickname is Nickel!

  892. My nicnames were: Carlota, Quelinha and quely :)

  893. My nicknames are verrry strange: Voss, Vossalet, Teev’s, squeaky, squeak, tevus voss a let, My daughter Clara: Monkey, Muppy, Pants ( yes just that word), and Lou. I love these prints!!

  894. Tanna, Totts, Tater-Tot,
    Anyone that calls me Totty- Potty is instantly disowned!

  895. Unfortunately, we didn’t do nicknames in my household. My hubby calls me “lil sweetie.” Does that count? Ha! I love this artist! Pick me!

  896. My daughters name is Macaela, when my son was little he called his sister Tia. It was so cute! Another is Mac-a-doo.

  897. i love these prints! i don’t really have a nickname, but a few friends call me “mabes”

  898. mine is and was “quack” because I walk like a duck… & yes one time I opened my locker in high school to little wind up ducks falling out.

  899. Jilly and Jillybean

  900. My nicknames are Genevieve, Love and Mama.

  901. My parents have always called me JoJo, JoBella, Kristabella Josephina….my name is Krista Jo. My college roommates called me Caje (like K+J combined) & my husband calls me either KJ or Freckles.

  902. My dad has always called me Elmo Nuttly.

  903. these are gorgeous!! is the giveaway over??? i want to win!!! my nickname is “sumo” because i was fat in as a kid and it stuck through high school. my parents call me “bing”. long story. and my kids nicknames are munch, jam and sassy. munch is from munchkin and jam is short for benjamin who we call our jam and sassy is just because she is so sassy. too many kids over here!!

  904. Beautiful work! My nick name is Geri or Ger… Real name is Geraldine.

  905. my nickname is Boo. My mom has always called me bekah-boo
    My daughter is Charlotte- we have never called her Charlotte. To most she is Charlie- to my husband she is Chuck. Go figure.

  906. “Lou”- when my husband and I first started dating, my now MIL called me Laura Lou. My husband dropped my first name and just called me Lou- he almost never uses my real name now.

  907. I’m not even sure how it ever came to be, but I’m Mouse.

  908. Leigh Barter says:

    I started out Leigh. Then Lee Lee. Then Lee Lee Bird. Then Bird Bird. Then Leigh Bird. When I played sports in high school, it was nothing for my Father to yell out, “Go Leigh Bird.” Those kind of nicknames don’t need to leave the house.

  909. “Rider.” My maiden name and what I am forever known as to my closest buddies.

  910. BABS!!! It’s my alter ego. She likes to dance like crazy, doesn’t care what she says, & LOVES to laugh!!! Not that my other ego doesn’t like those things…. Babs is just on a grander scale!

  911. I was “muffin” growing up. Our daughter, Gillian, is “Gilly Bean” or just “Bean.” My son, Teddy, is “Teddy Bear.” And our youngest, “Tommy” is “Swammy” (poor guy).

  912. Danielle B. says:

    Oh great give away! I have many nicknames, but they all seemed to come from high school I never had any when I was young…D, D-dogg, Dani-boy, Dani-shmanz, dani-bean.

  913. Focipresley (Bon) says:

    I do not have any children yet… so let’s talk about me… I’ve had a slew of nicknames (name is Bonnie)…most popular is Bon Bon…least popular (in my books!) is Boner *hmphm* [as in ROGER! - I'm so sorry - trying to keep this PG].

  914. megan robinson says:

    pebbles and punk (me and my son emmett)

  915. Really enjoyed discovering Tastes Orangey through your post. Are there other Etsy artists/sellers that you enjoy?


  916. My daughter Emily, now 21 years old and attending university in Paris, has always been our Spunky Punk. It turned out to be an apt nickname-she’s a fearless world traveler with big dreams who knows how to make stuff happen.

  917. (Is it too late to enter??) My nickname given to me by my sister is “Ace.” My sister used to say my name (Lisa) really fast and in a way that sounded as if my name had a “p” on the end. She laughed one day when I pointed this out and said it reminded her of Aesop’s Fables, which were always a favorite read of ours as kids. So she called me Aesop for a while, only to subsequently shorten my nickname to “Ace.” Weird, I know.

  918. Snortney…I snort when I laugh!

  919. Linyer Zieman says:

    I honestly have too many to count but the ones that have stuck are Linny Winny by my friends and Pooh from my parents. Pooh is shorted from Winny the Pooh which came from my younger sister being unable to say her L’s and Lin coming out as Win.

  920. Poopfoot :-( You step in cat poo once and the name lasts forever. Sometimes my friends add ‘Angel’ for Poopfoot Angel or PFA. We get a lot of strange looks in public!

  921. Karen A Vogt says:

    “Olive” from my husband, due to my olive eating obsession and “sweet pea” and “little buddy” are my little boys!

  922. Hoodlum. My mom started calling me this when I became a teenager…

  923. Fobot and Foton!

  924. deb meyers says:

    my daughter? pidgey. morphed from her middle name Elizabeth.

    love your blog

    d meyers

  925. haha … my nickname was DeeDee, as a little kid my bff couldn’t say my name … and it stuck! These prints are so gorgeous – and the pup looks like mine!

  926. Maggie Nell says:

    Magpie. Which has morphed into Piepie. My grandma always called me Popeye because she misunderstood my mom. After my mom finally corrected her, she said she always wondered why they’d call such a pretty girl Popeye.

  927. My boyfriend calls me “Turnip” after we found out that my last name is also a variety of the vegetable. And it doesn’t hurt that we both love to cook.

  928. Me: Messy Nessy

    My daughter, Audrie: Audball, Audzilla

    My son, Finn: Finnigan, Finny Max

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