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This morning I painted my fingernails hot pink and then I created an Urban Grace Interiors Facebook page.  Both might be hard to keep up with, but I figured why not!?  Come “like” us… we might even give away some fabric or hot pink nail polish!

And did we ever tell you that this project of ours hosted a party and a magazine came and took pictures?

Our talented friend Colleen Duffley took the photos.  Fresh Home is a great new magazine, lots of design, entertaining, and DIY ideas!


  1. yay- congratulations!!! :) a perfect party & it’s GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Congrats! I will see if I can get my (dark-purple-nailed) hands on a copy!

  3. Love the new facebook page! How you find the time with your little sweet pea I’ll never know (and I have a 1 year old!) but keep all the great stuff comin :)

  4. oh my word. that coffee table??? i die. please tell me where i can find it. you know, to drool over and wish i could afford.

  5. Michele says:

    love it! congratulations!

  6. i love the completed projects you’ve added to your facebook page. i tried to comment on what i’d do with the KWID fabric and i’d like to make a dog bed from it, but I really would like to make an upholstered headboard with brass nailhead trim. I’ll try to comment on FB again!

  7. whoo hoo, just officially “liked” the FB page. The party photos are really cool in the kitchen you designed. Have to check out that new magazine…

  8. I just painted my toes hot pink – I love the touch of neon.

  9. Seeing that old post reminded me of something. I don’t think you ever shared the name of the paint color you used in that bathroom last year!

    Is it a secret?

  10. Jill Cribb says:

    Yeah! I checked the other day to see if you had a facebook page-so excited!

  11. Congrats. I’ll check it out. Also, Happy First Mother’s Day!

  12. Awesome site – I’m so happy you posted so many images – some of them were new to me! Your work just continues to inspire me!

  13. I’m loving all of the posts!! I’m so glad you’re on facebook now! :) the pictures of the party from your project…perfect. I would have parties at my house too if you made it look like that! ;)

  14. Congratulations! Your site looks great and obviously your party was a hit. Keep up the great work, you inspire many.

  15. sweet! I am smiling at those fresh photos!

  16. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Glad I “like you” now!

  17. lizziefitz says:

    Happy Mothers Day! You are such an awesome example of a woman of substance to sweet Sloane. I look forward to every new post.

  18. Very cool. I just got a subscription last month. Look forward to seeing the new issue.

  19. How fun! Congrats!

  20. Dying over the coffee table, also! Please share the details!!! :)

  21. amalisa says:

    Yes please. Coffee table, coffee table, coffee table!

  22. I just bought a subscription to Fresh Home, it’s my new favorite mag! I will be on the lookout for your pics, congrats. :)

  23. ooooo. I picked up that magazine to try something new. NICELY DONE!!!!

  24. Super gorge! Congrats on another published job.

  25. these party photos are so gorgeous! i love your work! your site continually inspires me to follow my dreams and discover a career in design!

  26. Ashley Caldwell says:

    I really love the galvanized flower pots in the party pic. Do you know where I might find those?

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