party time

Happy 36th Birthday Sweet Jeans!  (How do those pockets work?)  I love you!


  1. Victoria says:

    Love it! Have a great birthday!! Happy long weekend too!

  2. Oh my! What a cutie!

  3. I think my older brother had a pair of those stylish jeans.

    Happy Birthday party and long weekend!


  4. How cute and I was wondering the same thing about those blue jeans! :)

  5. Aww so cute! Happy Birthday to your sweet husby!

  6. Haha, what a cute picture! Hope you and the hubs have fun doing some birthday celebrating!

  7. Happy Birthday to your hubs! Have a great celebration and a nice weekend!

  8. Aren’t those called Chuck Norris jean? I think they actually called them action jeans? Cute picture!! Have a great weekend.

  9. The jeans are great, and I love the hair cut. I’ve seen photos of my husband at that age (he’s 36, too), and I think every little boy in that generation had the exact same hair cut. Too cute! Have a great weekend!

  10. Happy Celebrating-wow Sloane looks alot like him at this age!

  11. happy bday to your hubs! that is such an awesome photo. also, happy memorial day weekend! xoxo grace

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANCY-PANTS!!! XXOO, From all The Finkles!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So cute! the jeans are hilarious. Have a great weekend celebrating your husband’s birthday! :)

  14. Wow! I sure see Sloane when I look at this pic of Chance. Hope the birthday is fun!

  15. Wow, I would have tackled him too, those pockets, those pants, those eyes.
    happy day!

  16. What a sweet photo!

  17. Rockin’ a front seam! Hope he had a great birthday!


  18. Cindy Krutz says:

    Happy Birthday Chance!!! Definitely see Sloane here! I think Willow needs to find some jeans with those pockets.

  19. WoW! Sloan looks EXACTLY like him!
    Happy Birthday!
    P.S. love love jeans too!

  20. Those jeans are so awesome I was able to guess his age now just by looking at them! Gotta love the 70′s early 80′s baby!

  21. Those jeans are hilarious, maybe you have to cross your arms in front of you and put your hands in opposite pockets?! What an adorable picture!

  22. Due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to comment on sweet jeans on Friday. I am here now to tell LDC Happy Birthday and he’s rockin’ those rad jeans! And SCP has the same mouth as BCP!! Love you! xoxox

  23. You both are absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday! Now I’m inspired to make sugar cookies for my birthday.

  24. Hehe! Your pocket comment made me giggle :). Love the blog!

  25. Is your new intern single?

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