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This weekend I ventured down to one of my favorite local places… Pottery World.  While I was there my friend Alan (pictured below) informed me that he is moving his business to Atlanta.  This is SAD!!

Alan has a fantastic inventory of planters in tons of sizes and colors!  He does not want to move all these pots to Atlanta… so he’s selling them at 40% off!  I bought four big pots this weekend and told him I would send my friends his way.  So, if you are local… he is on Airport Road in Destin (off of Main Street, sort of behind Target).  Go check him out and tell him I sent you!!  He is very nice and I’ll miss buying planters and pots from him, but this just gives me another excuse to head to Atlanta!


  1. i could do some damage at pottery world! sorry that it’s moving away from you:( xoxo

  2. i could do some damage at pottery world. what pretty pots! sorry they are moving:( xo

  3. As an Atlantan this makes me very excited, although I seriously wish I could get that 40% discount before he moves!

  4. love this place! so sad he’s moving to atlanta. tell him you’ll find someone to run his store there, too. ;)

  5. This place looks awesome! I so wish I could go there and cash in on this 40% off! You can never have too many cool pots :)

  6. I too am excited about the Atlanta move, but sad for you to lose a favorite shop.

  7. We have a place BIGGER than that in Las Vegas. It’s called Cactus Joe’s near Red Rock Canyon if you’re ever out here.

  8. I love that you included a pic of Alan! The pots are awesome… sad that I can’t come down and snatch one or two or three up!

  9. Those huge pots are just gorgeous! I wish I lived nearby. I’d buy a ton. Best of luck to Alan in Atlanta.

  10. Ooo. I have to check it out next time I am in Atlanta.

  11. Isn’t that a shame when a great place such as this MOVES?!!!
    That’s like a treasure trove for the garden!

  12. oh man, we love that place too…guess we’ll have to find him in ATL

  13. This is fantastic news for us Atlantans. :) Please update us to where Pottery World moves to in Atlanta!

  14. Yay!! I am in Atlanta! Do you know when & where??

  15. Kristen in Atlanta says:

    I have lots of friends here in Atlanta that will love to have Alan and his pots here! Give us the scoop when/where he is coming.

  16. so sad for you, but good for me! I live in Atlanta!

  17. Ok, I have never commented before but I just had to today. I LOVE Pottery World and am so sad to hear that they are moving! I liked to go there whenever we were at the beach , and the owner was so nice and always just let me name my price! I will have to pass this news onto my mom–she has bought lots of things from him. So sad.

  18. I know that place – it’s wonderful! Sad to hear they’re moving. They have such wonderful large-scale statement items! Lucky Atlanta :)

  19. Too bad I’m all the way in Hawaii…I’d love to buy some planters..love the blue ones!!

    I miss Florida!!!!!!!!

  20. Wow I wish I lived closer,otherwise I would be there.

  21. It always stinks when you lose a good local place like this! But you’re right a great excuse for a road trip!

  22. I’m sorry for your loss. What a fun place to visit! But… Atlanta is in for a real treat!! Look forward to meeting Mr. Alan when he makes the move north.

  23. Yeah!!!! Sorry he is leaving you, but I have been looking for a good pottery source in Atlanta….looks like it has yet to arrive!!!

  24. i hope the fine residents of ATL are worthy . . .

  25. This is completely unrelated to Pottery World, I just wanted to comment and say that I was reading old entries of your blog and had a minor freakout because call my dog “spotty-dotty”, too! Also, I love your galvinized planters, and thought I might share this galvinized beauty from bigBang studio that I saw on The Brick House just in case you haven’t seen it already. http://bigbangstudio.blogspot.com/2010/06/desert-swim.html

  26. What a great selection of beautiful pottery! I wish I could carry some of those beautiful pieces home on the the plane with me. Somehow I don’t think it would clear customs! Have a happy weekend.

  27. Nice pots, very colorful.

  28. Okay, I really need to visit this place – if I only I lived closer! Would love to pick up two really cool planters for our front porch.

  29. Love your blog…look forward to following :)

  30. does this mean you’ll need to visit atlanta to buy pots? ;-) just wrote darby, i think we are planning another trip soon. we need to plot and plan and scheme something fun.

  31. how pretty! wish i lived closer to a pottery world like this!

  32. Hi Erika, Your living room is just lovely! Would you mind sharing the paint color? I would really appreciate it! Thanks:)


    PS…this comment is in the wrong place, but I thought I’d have a better chance of you seeing it here.

  33. I hate when that happens. Looks like a place to go wild!!

  34. Erika, I am SO mad at myself! I saw you Saturday afternoon in the baby section at Zara on 5th! What are the chances I’d run into one of my favorite bloggers, and recognize her, in a city where neither of us live!! (I live in Charleston, SC) You were in conversation with your friend and I thought to myself that I would introduce myself riiiight after I looked at a cute dress for Lilly. Then, you were gone. I’m so bummed, but I felt the need to message you and let you know – this was the only way I could see how to… I’ve followed you and your sis for a long time now. Hope you enjoyed your weekend in the city!

  35. oh, how we love your blog!! such an inspiration! love your post on elements of style too!

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