put a ring on it


Just like my boyfriend Thom used in his lake house.

Ring pulls from SVB.


  1. is it wrong that i want to put these on everything? my house is going to look like a stop on the pony express…

  2. Love them and love all their hardware.

  3. Sorry but Thom is my boyfriend! I hope he’s not cheating on me! (: I love his home, I’ve looked through his book about a million times!

  4. i heart that hardware!

  5. i’ve really been diggin ring pulls lately. perfect for lakehouse cabinets… or maybe my bathroom cabinets. maybe?

  6. Is it weird that these (like most hardware) send me into a tizzy? Love ‘em!

  7. Can’t resist a ring pull!!!! Wait a minute – I thought I was going out with Thom?? KG

  8. Love it!!!!

  9. Oh oh oh…oh oh oh..oh oh..

    Love those. I have the perfect dresser for them!

  10. You have good taste in boyfriends– and ring pulls.

  11. Thom is MY boyfriend.

  12. love the look!

  13. love me a nice ring!!!! it totally makes that kitchen too. and that staircase…swoooon. i can stare at that pic forever! I just added open shelves in my kitchen last night, and wish i had done it sooner. come visit me if you can:) hi to baby sloane! i miss her sweet face, so more pics please!

  14. I like the idea of those rings on the cabinets. I NEVER would have thought to do something like that. Very creative.


  15. Lovely! And THANK YOU. I’ve been looking for something similar to these for here… http://tearinguphouses.blogspot.com/2010/02/before-progress-historic-house-by-water_03.html


  16. Love the first one!!!

  17. karen brown says:

    These are fabulous! Any ideas where one could purchase something similiar?

  18. I found your blog thru Averill @ Odi et Amo; I think I’m in love!
    And I’m sorry, Thom is ‘my’ BF.

  19. last one is pretty simple, I love it…thanks for sharing=)

  20. love me some SVB

  21. This post comes along just as I’m thinking I need new pulls for my kitchen — thank you!

  22. Sun Valley BRonze has the prettiest hardware!

  23. love love this idea! Adds so much depth!

  24. now I’m going to be singing this song all day! well, just the chorus, as that’s all I know. love Sun Valley!

  25. Unrelated to post comment! Aren’t you loving the February poster in the Linnea calendar? I remember that it was one of your random favorite things. The lettering, numbers, blue glass, flower buds….it is such a good one!

  26. Barb Harper says:

    Love these too! Have brass ones on my nightstand, which has drawers. would have never thought of putting them on a door though. Isn’t it a bit awkward to put one in the middle of a door that opens to the side? I’ve never seen that before, but it looks awesome.

  27. Oh these are quite fabulous!

  28. Is it weird that these remind me of body piercings/nipple rings? not a big fan of these…

  29. Swooning;)

  30. Love these. There is something that feels very equestrian to me…kind of like a horse bit. Love the photo of the kitchen.


  31. Just got my new edition of Coastal Living and love the Beachy Kitchen Ideas article! Great job on a beautiful kitchen!

  32. I love the hardware!

  33. hi erika! is one of your projects featured in the feb issue of southern living? i recognize many things that i think you’ve posted about before as sneak peeks. if so, CONGRATS!! as always, incredible work!


  34. congratulations on the coastal living kitchens. beautiful!! and the southern living article. all beautiful.

  35. I loved your kitchens in Coastal Living!

  36. I LOVE that kitchen image — it’s in my files as well! So simple, perfect details.

  37. Congrats on Coastal Living…just saw it on your proud sisters blog…I can’t wait to pick it up!

  38. OMG…I just received Coastal Living and low and behold your work and my favorite kitchen from your portfolio is in there!! Congratulations! I adore your blog and style.

  39. “oh oh oh, if you like then shoulda put a ring on it!”
    :D Those are really rad, you do find the coolest things!

  40. Echoing the congratulations on Coastal Living! Mine came in the mail and I was flipping through while my husband got ready to go — I gasped when I saw you and he goes “someone use wall to wall carpeting?”

  41. Well, I just got my Coastal Living in the mail today and I guess I’ll never be able to afford you now! Congratulations and what took them so long!

  42. just read my copy of CL over the weekend – such well deserved press, erika … really stunning work! so happy for you – congratulations!

  43. Why has my coastal living not come in yet! I am so excited for you can’t wait to see it in print.

  44. Congrats! All of the rooms are elegant and inviting. Sadly they don’t sell Southern Living or Coastal Living in the UK, but I’ll check it out online. I grew up in Tallahassee. What’s the saying, Florida with a Southern accent… Well done!

  45. So, I’ve been reading your blog for several months. I found it through my sister-in-law who reads it and your sisters as well. I love your decorating style. Congratulations on receiving such credit for your work through the magazine publications. I love the ring pulls from SVB. How would I go about ordering some for my boys bathroom? I live in Durango, CO and just have Home Depot so am looking for something different elsewhere and fell in love with these as soon as I saw them.

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