radio silence

Breaking the radio silence.  Life is still moving, despite this blog standing still.  I have nothing thrilling to share.  Earlier this week Jenny reminded methat I still love Deborah Needleman’s apartment…

Some other random items of interest from my world:  Sloane loves Gillian Welch. I love The Avett Brothers (thanks to The Estate of Things (who not only love interiors, but music too) I enjoyed this video earlier this week).  When I get home from work Sloane and I often dance til dinnertime.  Our very favorite song to dance to is Wagon Wheel.  Rock me momma.  Truth is, as of lately this Momma has been working a lot, and there’s just not much left over at the end of the day for the blog.  I hate it, but it is reality. 

Might I entice you to stick around through this dry spell with some camera phone pictures?  Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Last weekend one of my very best friends came into town for the weekend.   We were given tickets to a wine auction and it was delightful.  We forgot to eat lunch,  and I feel quite certain that by the time we left that beautiful antipasto tray was clear of every last morsel. 

Can you believe this man (below) was in my backseat?  I cannot. 

Allison is employee of the month, because she sends me emails like this:

Deanna, you win client of the month.  She sent a box of gelato this week.

Baby of the century… (her father dressed her and her shirt is indeed on backwards)

That one (above) is quite old, blooms are now gone.  Regardless I do love my Red Bud tree. 

If you are still reading… love you for it.


  1. kathrina says:

    Hello Erika… I am just glad that there are more people out there who take photos of stuff they like, like to remember or of other little thinks in daily life. So it is nice of you to share these – even if you don`t have much time!
    I really like the water running “backwards” down the tile. (no idea if I expressed myself right). Can you wash your hands under it, or what is it just deco?
    All the best to you!

  2. Good for you. Babies and husbands and work are more important than blogs. Love the camera phone pics.

  3. If only I could reach out and stroke those pretty pretty fabrics…..

  4. Love all of the pictures! Sloane is getting SO big and still so cute. I’ll have to check out the music…hope life slows down a little for you soon!

  5. I can’t think of a single reason why I don’t live in the apartment in the first picture. Justice demands it!!I also really like that fabric.

  6. hey, we know you’re busy…that’s a good thing! thanks for throwing us a little something to nibble on. sloane is growing fast. such a cute little biscuit!

  7. Ah, that crazy busy working momma life – I’m typing this while waiting on a data migration right now…nothing like OT on a Friday night :( (and I have a birthday party to throw for a certain 4 yr old tomorrow)

  8. Love you and Loaney Lips! Love Wagon Wheel… listening to it right now and it makes me so happy. Justin just told me Dylan wrote it! :) Of course he would know, wouldn’t he. Will you please explain the picture of the tile with the water. At first glance, I thought it was a fireplace chimney… but then Katharina mentioned the water and I need a better explanation of what it is! Love the fabrics… all so beautiful! ANd I love you and this post!! And the muscle bound beach bunny!

  9. my 15 month old has been obsessed with barney since before she could walk. we have a barney stashed everywhere just in case of meltdowns.
    he creeped me out at first but now i love that little guy! haha

  10. Erika… we are ALL still here I am sure!! and I must say.. the “baby of the century” pic… top on backwards or frontwards..(if that is even an word)…. she is THE BABY !! how cute…. hang in….. and keep the moments fresh!

  11. Sounds like you’ve got your priorities in order: Baby Dancing (do you love “I would be sad” as much as I do?); work; gelatto. Have a great weekend (and what in the world is that water pouring out of the wall spout thing-y?

  12. Friday afternoons at the office are perfect for gorging on Ciao Bella, hope you ladies enjoyed some of our favorite flavors! And may I ask, who makes the terrific Aztec-geo print fabric?

  13. You are a dear, so real and so all over the place in a good way.
    enjoy your posts no matter how small or large.

  14. Of course we will stick around! :) I’d like some gelato sent to my door, thank you very much. Enjoy that deliciousness. Also, I love that Sloane is lounging on a piece of fabric (if that is in fact what she’s laying on?!)

  15. E-
    Love Sloane’s hootie-hoot shirt. Secret handshakes to you and all that business.

  16. My husband puts my daughter’s shirt on backwards all the time. He says he doesn’t understand “girl clothes.”

    I grabbed a copy of Fresh Home magazine in the check out line at Home Depot and was so excited to see you listed in the Resources section. I LOVE those wooden stools you provided. I need to fill out that long-distance client paperwork before you’re too famous :)

  17. Love your blog!

    My husband and I went to Sonoma County for our five year anniversary last May and visited the Arista winery. It was gorgeous, and the wine was outstanding! Seeing the bottle in your picture brings back a ton of great memories. I hope you got a few good sips of it.

    Enjoy your little bug! She’s a doll.

  18. Kelly Dokimos says:

    I feel weird commenting because I’ve stalked your blog for quite some time. Anyway, I felt I just had chime in about how your husband dressed Sloane. I have two daughters and whenever my husband dressed my first, it would always be on backwards. Even now that she is 4 years old, often, her clothes are backwards. Now with my second daughter, whose clothes are all the same (hand-me-downs) he still puts them on backwards. I think he is convinced that they put the tag on wrong.
    It never changes

  19. we love old crow medicine show too, especially wagon wheel! we even put that song on ella’s video of her first year:)

    love seeing glimpses of your world even if it is here and there. love the fabrics, especially the bold print blue one and i’m not even a “blue” girl.

  20. I was getting worried you weren’t going to include one of Sloane! So adorable!!

  21. Erika – even if you didn’t blog a word for a month, I’d still be following :) I love to see when you post something new, but I also love when you choose to focus on bigger priorities. No worries about this reader going anywhere!

    Love, love, love the fabric in the 2nd fabric shot. Just the right amount of “graphic” to be completely useable anywhere.


  22. Sloane already has excellent taste in music! Gillian Welch is a very talented musician! You need to get Sloane her first guitar!

  23. Will still be here, reading and enjoying, until you’re no longer sharing – and even then, I’ll go back to the old stuff! Love the tidbits of what you’re workin on, and love the pics of your sweetie pie even more!

  24. Ohh, we love the Avett Brothers. Seeing them live is quite the experience. :) Sloane is beautiful!!

  25. we miss you but we realize you’re super busy :) What is the fabric on your sofa in back of Sloane? love it.

  26. You are one busy momma, keep up the good work. the peeks into your work are fun as are the pics of your adorable baby girl, Sloane. Also, I love your Red Bud tree, it’s beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  27. Hello Erika! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now but have never commented before. I enjoy reading it so much. Thanks for the phone pics. Your Sweet Girl has great taste in music too! I am actually listening to Gillian while reading blogs this morning! Also, if you haven’t seen them live yet you need to catch an Avett Bros. show. It is something to see!

  28. If Sloane loves Gillian Welch have him check out this cover by one of Ruth and my favorite bands – Over the Rhine. They only perform it live but it is found on one of their live albmus –

    They are FANTASTIC live!

  29. E- Loved reading the whole thing! you are looking nice and buff :)

  30. It’s not what you share, it’s that you share. Yes! Still reading. When you’re not writing, I’m reading/viewing your archives for inspiration (deco and family).

  31. The 6th picture – I love that fabric! What is the name for it? Sloane is soooo adorable!

  32. I love the fabrics, your daughter is beautiful and the red bud tree in bloom is gorgeous! Loved the random blog!

  33. Megan Shropshire says:

    The Avett Brothers are amazing! Seen them several times. If you haven’t already, check out the song Murder in the City. It’s my favorite. :) Hope you are well!

  34. Love all of that fabric. Sloane is such a cutie!

  35. Erika! My goodness! The Avett Brothers! Where do I start… how about I’ve been obsessed with them since I saw them play a Mexican restaurant in Concord, NC back in 2004? When I lived in Scotland I rented a car and followed them on their UK tour? Scott Avett drew me a tshirt? My love for them will never die. Do you have Mignonette? It is their BEST. Also, if you like them you should check out Tift Merritt/Nicole Atkins/Carolina Chocolate Drops/Yonder Mountain String Band/the everybodyfields … ooooh I could go on and on. North Carolina roots rock is my jam. Also: Sloane is GORGEOUS!

  36. Oh please, who wouldn’t get all the way to the bottom!? Especially knowing there is a Baby of The Century pic in the mix…

  37. in your wine pic, the bottle of Arista…YUM…one of our clients’ sisters owns the winery that produces that. I sadly have drank all the bottles I got for Christmas. so good.

    I have bloggers block and too many other things going on right now too, I feel ya.

  38. Nothing new to post??? Finding the Avett Brothers is certainly worth a post in and of itself! :) I saw them in concert 3 times last year, but right now I’m going thru withdrawl. Love those boys ever so much. Also love that first apartment short. Gorgeous darling!

  39. Love the random things that you pulled together to post about!

  40. Sloane is adorable. The apartment looks beautiful and easy to
    live in, it is probably due to the soft furnishings and color. Love these posts which could be titled “all of the above” — except where are pictures of Penelope and Paisley?
    Best wishes,

  41. Cousin says:

    Love you and LOVE that baby!!

  42. Looks like a good time! Sloane is growing and still beautiful!

  43. what is it with dads always putting their kids clothes on backwards? i mean really? it cannot be that hard. just look for the tag. oh well, jared finally learned with alder and has not made that mistake (too many times) with kingston. good luck with that.
    ciao, meg

  44. love your blog. thanks for the great ideas and beautiful pics. :)

  45. P.S. Would love to hear how you would do a child’s bathroom????? I’m sure you have some fabulous ideas.

  46. I will have this in my head until I hear something else:

    Rock me momma like the wind and the rain,
    Rock me momma like a south bound train-

    HEEEYY- momma rock me.

    I love that you guys jam to that in the afternoons. So Great.

  47. Erika- thanks for the shout! Just saw the Avett’s live again yesterday at Merlefest here in NC, you gotta see em’.

  48. Oh and hey-I saw 8 yr old little girls standing in the front at the concert that knew all of the words, it was a pretty tender sight.

  49. Love all the random pics! Somehow they all make sense together like that… And you and Sloane obviously have great music taste. Gillian Welch… saw her in concert once and developed an instant girl crush. She is effortlessly cool. Much like the body builder woman pictured above. :)

  50. Love the fabrics! The baby is so cute too.


  51. still here and still a big fan! love the geometric fabric!

  52. We won’t quit reading just because you get busy. You’re too inspiring. Take a deep breath and relax. :)

  53. Love all the pictures! Those geometric type fabrics are so cool! And the Baby of the century is too cute. I love her chunky little legs in the picture of her on the grass!

  54. happy to have you back :) what’s the geometric fabric with the ziggy zaggy squares? that’s a useless description but i bet you know which ones i mean. i’m obsessed!

  55. Still reading and still waiting on ordering my wonderbar until I hear your review….let us know that you think:) Do you like it?


  56. ummm…i love you. and your fabric choices and i would cut through anyone to know what is up with that hole in the wall with water flowing gently through it..

  57. Always happy to see a new post from you Erika! You’re still my first blog stop of the day! Love the fabric swatches-that pagoda print is darling!
    fric and frac

  58. Please send me that remnant Sloan is laying on and I’ll add some plush minky and a light shiny ruffle for her to snuggle. My babies loved that!

  59. Looks like you’ve been busy! I love these photos of bits of your day!


  60. Erika,
    You and your blog are worth the wait.

  61. Ahhh!!! I love Wagon Wheel! My brother-in-law wrote it! Most of it actually happened…

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