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Hello friends.  I hope this blog post finds you all having a delightful weekend.  After a very long week I decided to take the day off yesterday and it was such a treat.  My parents are visiting so we did vacationy things.. beach, pool, lunched at an outdoor cafe, and at the end of the day we hit Target (which is not vacationy, but rather a weekly run around here).  And what to my wondering eyes did appear…

Caldrea has a new line of cleaners exclusive to Target.  I picked up Ginger Lime Countertop Cleaner and Hand Soap.  I was tempted to buy one of every product offered, but refrained.  I couldn’t find these products online, so I am guessing they are in stores only.  They are delicious, check them out!


  1. I wish they’d bring Target to Ireland. I miss it oh so much!

  2. Grace – I second that motion to bring Target to Ireland! Hilarious that the first 2 people to comment on this lovely post of Erika’s are in Ireland!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me! I’ll have to check that out the next time I’m in Target! Which is at least twice a week! Love you!

  4. Sounds like a great day! I’m going to have to check out Caldrea when I’m in Target next time.

  5. The scents sound terrific but it’s the packaging that caught my eye! Beautiful! Thanks for the heads up!


  6. I am going to Target shortly, will try to find. Happy Easter E!! ox

  7. Thanks for the tip! Heading up to Target this afternoon!!! Glad you had a wonderful, “vacationy” day!

  8. Jennie-Marie says:

    I was so excited when I saw it in their ad!!! Enjoy having your parents there!!!xoxo

  9. Wonderful, I will try these!! Sounds wonderful.

    Art by Karena

    It is not too late to enter my art giveaway!

  10. I saw these this weekend, too! And so reasonably priced!


  11. SO good to know!! I love Caldrea.. and am obviously a sucker for good packaging. Looks like Martha has finally got some competition! xoRH

  12. I was just in Target last Friday but I didn’t go down the cleaning isle.

    Hope you had a great Easter.

  13. What a treat. I love Caldera but don’t love having to order my cleaning supplies online. I recently switched to Mrs. Meyers but will have to give this a sniff and see if I like.

  14. I saw these and picked up one of the candles. I don’t remember the blue scent’s name for the Target ones- but it’s the exact same as their Basil Blue Sage. I guess they just changed the name for the Target line!

  15. I try to limit my trips to Target. I always walk out wondering how in the world I spent so much and brought home nothing. I have been using the Martha Stewart cleaning products, sold at Home Depot. I love the dish/hand soap for the kitchen sink. The stickers peel off the bottle, so it just looks clear, and I think it actually cleans really well. Easter was great!

  16. I saw these at Paper Affair this weekend as well!

  17. I just saw these and almost bought some, but didn’t. Now, I’m jealous!

  18. Just wanted to share that I have used Caldrea products for the last year and have been in love with them. I buy it here at a local florist/gift shop in a huge bottle for $12 bucks and dilute with water for spray bottles, my mop bucket, and other such cleaning. It really is a great degreaser and I can spray it anywhere my children are since it is all natural. My bottle looks different than that pictured above. I love “my scent” and I think it is Pomelo something. I could get up to go look, but too lazy to do that. Ha. Just wanted to shared and let ya know it works great! Oh, and one BIG bottle (maybe its 32 oz) lasted me almost a whole year.

    Ciao, Meg

  19. I saw these on an end cap at my target and thought they looked really cool! I wasn’t familiar with this brand before your post, I’ll have to check these out more! They look kind of like the williams sonoma hand soaps and cleaners which I love.

  20. I am cleaning and praying.

  21. This is the single greatest thing to happen to Target. I just bought every Herbs of Provence item there. It’s just like Caldrea’s Basil Blue Sage line! My favorite smell ever.

  22. I just bought the Olive Oil and it smells divine.

  23. Erika, I have prayed for Misty daily since your first post… hoping that since then that no news was good news. I am sad to hear she is not doing well. I left info on her blog, but was hoping you could forward this to her family… Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NYC… I am going to see him in May, he might be able to save her life… he cures many stage 4 cancers. His website is or 212-213-3337…please ask them to just at least look into him. My heart is just breaking for her and her precious little ones. May God be with her.

    Google Carey Reading to read about one of his patients with stage 4 cancer that is now alive and cancer free.

  24. ooohhh! Yummy.. Going to check them out tomorrow on my weekly Target trip! THANKS!

  25. dear erika
    i am so sorry….
    i realize i’m commenting on your post about caldrea, but i couldn’t find a link anywhere to email you.
    i left the hospital last night with your friends precious family on my heart….i am just so sorry to hear the news.
    i will continue to pray for them.

    matthew….always beautiful words to live by
    blessings to you & your precious family

  26. Hi! I am in love with the Caldrea Herbs of Provence and I can no longer find it anywhere. Not Target and not online. There are other fragrances online but not the Essential Collection. Anyone have input?

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