Yesterday morning I woke very early so I decided to walk down to the bay to see if I could catch the sunrise.  I caught it alright; and it was nothing short of spectacular.


  1. Absolutly awe-inspiring! You live in paradise!

  2. Those are beautiful shots! You are so lucky to live so close to the water!!!

  3. How beautiful!

    What a wonderful designer our God is! ;)

  4. that’s worth every minute of getting up early!! god is amazing!!

  5. Mornings like that you can just FEEL a higher power! BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Breathtaking…and I’m sure the pictures don’t even come close to its true glory!

  7. i want to go to there!

  8. OH beautiful!!!!!

  9. Gorgeous E! Thanks for the mid-day calming break :)

  10. Breathtaking.
    This is what true peace looks like.

  11. beautiful! love waking up early. This reminds me that i do love it and need to stop pressing snooze. :)

  12. our favorite were the sunsets we saw every night while we were down last week. I was asleep for any rising :)

  13. What a peaceful way to start your day!

  14. So pretty!!

  15. Breath-taking!

  16. Hi Erika- Beautiful! I’m glad you got up early to capture your first treasure of the day! When I wake up extra early or during the night my mom says “God wants to talk to you or show you something”. Enjoy! xo

  17. I just love it when God shows out!

  18. …how anyone could ever doubt there is a Lord…

  19. breathtaking.

  20. Spectacular view and pictures.

  21. Beautiful! Those photos kind of make me want to get up early to see the sunrise…but I know it won’t happen. It’s more likely that I’ll see an amazing sunset rather than sunrise. Thanks for taking time to share!

  22. To say the sunrise is inspirational is an understatement…thank you for sharing!

  23. Completely gorgeous! You are a lucky girl to have that as your backyard- nothing like a bay at sunrise:)

  24. Those first two shots inparticular are unbelievable- they look like paintings from the Hudson River School- gorgeous!

  25. Amazing God’s glory in it’s finest! Reminds me of my daughter’s name Amber Skye :)

  26. Amazingly beautiful, Erika. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Don’t you love it when you decide to do something, like try to catch a sunrise, and you get something as amazing as this? Absolutely beautiful, God truly is amazing. Thanks…

  28. Beautiful indeed. What a spectacular way to start the morning. Your photos are great!

  29. I am never up early enough for that! HA Lucky girl!

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