take your daughters to work day

Are you tired of my lame camera phone pictures and informationless posts?  I am so very sorry, but we’ve had a craaaaazy last couple of weeks.  I am back in the saddle and look who came to the office with me today!  Paisley and Penelope.  Someone is bound to ask… they are “terrihuahuas” (a fancy name (I made up) for two mutts, both a mix of terrier (fox or jack russell?) and maybe a little Chihuahua too).  They are still loved and cared for and very much a part of our family!!!  (the dog bed)

Paula just ran to Publix to replenish our stock of Diet Coke and we are listening to Bob Seger on Pandora, it’s no Belinda Carlisle (we reserve her for Fridays), but it’s good for hump day.  Peace out blog readers, I’ll be back with something of substance soon… I promise.


  1. Your posts always brighten my day regardless of the content! Happy Wednesday!

  2. OMG, I’ve been missing those two!! Cuties!

  3. how’s the wonderbar treating you!?!?

  4. I think these types of post are full of substance! And I appreciate you sharing your life with us.

  5. Yes – I’m dying to know about the Wonderbar too! I’m still on the fence about ordering one. . .

  6. i’m curious about the wonderbar too!

  7. Could we please have a sloany-baloney pic too…? pretty please? My own daughters are in the gangly school age phase so I have to drool (in a non-threatening, hopefully non creepy way) over the pics-of bloggers and in real-life-church-friend’s babies of people I know!

  8. Too cute! I love that you put a link to the dog bed, knowing that everyone will want to know what dog bed Urban Grace endorses! You’re a celebrity to us home decor obsessees!

  9. They are so cute together. Replenished my diet coke this am, too. Love anything you post about! Any post will do.

  10. Love those two!!! What sweeties!

  11. Adorable! I’ve been wondering when we were going to see them again.

  12. Yay for Paisley and Penelope! We are leavin’ on our second annual dog trip next week, maybe we will have a terrihuahua!

  13. So glad to know that even after Sloane’s arrival these girls still have status! :)

  14. Tired of your posts? Pssh, random posts are sometimes the best! P & P look like they’re enjoying the day at work :)

  15. that makes me think i would like to take my ‘daughter’ to work today too…she’s an adorable little pomeranian.
    xoxo alison

  16. Somewhere I read about this girl named Erika who could post “have a nice weekend” and get 143 comments. I wondered who she was– and I’ve been coming back ever since! Love your blog, in all its forms– and love the girls!

  17. What precious girls! Look like good muses to me.

  18. Too cute. I love it how dogs truly are part of the family!

  19. I had two terrihuahuas growing up! Loved them!!

  20. Your furry girls and your gorgeous baby girl are all darling! So nice to hear that your daughter loves her older sisters ;)

  21. Cute pups! We’re getting a dog in three short weeks, and I can’t wait for him to hang out with me in my office all day long.

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